Monday, November 24, 2014

Stephanie Okereke Issues Statement Regarding Her Relative Who Was Arrested For Rape Of UNILAG Student

Stephanie Linus has released a statement addressing the rape allegations against her older brother, Daniel Okereke, who was arrested for allegedly raping a UNILAG student named Arinola (read here). Like any right thinking woman, Stephanie is devastated by this. See her statement below..
"Rape is Rape, Regardless of Who the Face of the Accused is” - Stephanie Linus
I am distraught and devastated to hear of the recent allegation of rape brought against a relative of mine, Daniel Okereke (my brother).
While it is a very difficult time for me, and my family; I feel the need to make clear my position, lest there be any doubt. Rape is rape, regardless of who the face of the accused is.

Indeed, the irony is not lost on me. I have spent my lifelong career advocating and living my conviction that women around the world should be able to live free of violence, sexual harassment or any form of abuse against their persons. This conviction led me to be involved in numerous initiatives combating violence against women in several countries including the U.S, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The conviction also led me to place much of my energy on my work with Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF), a passion that dates back to my time at the University of Calabar.

As a student, I heard a story about young girls who had been forced into early marriage and were suffering the negative and embarrassing effects of VVF. The story stayed in my consciousness and drove me, for years, to seek ways to raise awareness on the condition; leading to my work with a team of dedicated doctors to carry out repair surgeries for VVF victims across the country; and my self-produced, soon to be released movie, ‘DRY.’

So, again, it is indeed heart breaking for me to receive and deal with news alleging a family member of mine is an alleged perpetrator of sexual violence against a woman. I am devastated.

This case is now in Nigeria’s criminal justice system as the accused awaits arraignment. I have also encouraged and assured the alleged victim of my stance against rape and applaud her for her bravery to upset the culture of silence, in Nigeria; even as I accord deference and patiently wait for the criminal justice system to determine the guilt or innocence of my brother.

For Nigerian press and blogs; I call on you to please report this case in an ethical manner. I am a married woman living my life. The alleged transgression of my relative does not make it mine. The focus should be the impact of rape on the alleged victim, and resources for other alleged victims, not me.

Some members of the press and blogs have turned me into the accuser; using my name for sensational headlines and putting my images, exclusively, in their stories. This is a form of victimization of me as a woman, its unethical and extremely hurtful. I am not the alleged accused.

I therefore please ask all bloggers and the media who have placed my pictures and name to this story to refrain from further using me to sensationalise this story. 

I thank my fans, and all well-wishers for your continued support and ask for your continued prayers.

God bless.
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

75 Year Old Man Impregnates 13 Year Old Girl In Oyo State

75 year old Pa Muse Alabi is currently at
the State Criminal Investigation Department
of the Oyo State Police Command, for
defilement of a 13-year-old girl (name
withheld) allegedly committed by the old
man, and which has resulted in pregnancy.
Tribune reports that Pa Alabi was doing
carpentry work for a lady under whom the
victim was an apprentice. The young girl
seized the opportunity to tell Pa Alabi to
build a safe for her. After giving her the
safe, Pa Alabi wooed the girl and she
agreed to his proposal. After the first
sexual intercourse they had, it was learnt
that the suspect gave the girl N200. When
she also demanded for a handset, he gave
her N1,500 to buy i-tel phone.
Four days after, they made love again. Both
times were in September this year.In an
interview with Crime Reports, Pa Alabi
admitted having sex with the girl and the
paternity of the baby. He also agreed to
marry her and take care of her and the
baby when born. According to the man who
lives at his family house at Oje area,
"I am a carpenter  and I still work till
the present time. I even take roofing
jobs. I am very strong.I have two
daughters and a son. My first wife
gave birth to the female children but
had to be taken away by her people
when she developed mental illness. My
second wife is the mother of the boy
who is an SSS3 student but she has
left for another man. Currently, I have
no wife."
So how does he satisfy his sexual needs
when it looks as if he is very active?
"I don't go looking for any woman. I
usually have sex with any of the
married women who like me and come
to me for sex. This is not always
Speaking on how he came in contact with
his victim, the elderly man said
: "I used to do carpentry work for her
boss who sells tailoring materials. That
was where I knew her. One day, she
asked me to help her build a safe in
which she could be keeping her
money. When I finished it, I asked her
to come to my shop for the safe late
one evening and I gave it to her.
"She used to pass by my shop
whenever she was going home and
used to stop by to greet me. On a
particular day, I expressed my interest
in her and she promised to think about
it.She later consented and on one of
the days she stopped to say hello to
me, we had sex when I had an urge.
And it was mutual. About five days
after the first time, we had sex again
and she stopped coming.
"One day, she came to me and told me
that her grandmother said she was
pregnant. She stopped coming again
and I didn't see her again until
policemen came to arrest me."
When asked whether he knew that his
action was in contravention of the law, Pa
Muse replied that he didn't know, describing
the outcome of his relationship with the
young girl as "an act of God". He said:
"Mistake has no master. I pray that
God should forgive me."
The suspect said he doesn't use any sex
performance enhancement drug before
making love to a female
"I don't take any herbal drink for
enhancement of sexual performance.
They are alcoholic and I don't take
alcohol as a good Muslim. I observe
my five-times-daily prayers faithfully."
Pa Alabi said he was ready to take
responsibility over the pregnant girl and the
baby she is expecting.
"I can take care of her adequately. I
have a nephew who is a medical
doctor and he has promised to help
too," he stated.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Olabisi
Okuwobi-Ilobanafor however said that the
suspect would be charged to court.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Breaking News: Popular Anchor Of "Sharing Life Issues", Chaz B Is Dead

Popular OAP Charles Bruce Chukuma, also known as Chaz B is dead.

The shocking news which was made known by DJ humility on twitter, has also been confirmed on STV.

He died this morning November 22nd, 2014 from kidney failure.

The beloved OAP rose to fame with his radio interactive show on Inspiration FM.

His show allowed his listeners to call in to discuss and share touching life issues . He however moved to Rythm in April this year where he continued to touch lives through his show.

His sudden death has left many of his fans in shock as he was said to have still been on radio yesterday. It was business as usual until when at a point during the show he excused himself, saying that he wasn't
strong enough to continue the show, and told Chike his colleague to takeover. He
signed out by saying: "See you on Monday" .

Sadly, this afternoon, Silverbird television broke the news of his death.

I'm just in shock at the moment. Chaz B was such an inspirational person. May his soul rest in peace.

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APC Spokesperson, Lai Mohammed Warns Inspector General Of Police Over Arrest Of Aminu Tambuwal

The All Progressives Congress (APC) on Saturday warned that the reported plan hatched by the Presidency to arrest House
of Representatives Speaker Aminu Tambuwal could trigger a crisis that will be fatal for the nation's democracy, hence
there is the need to jettison the plan out of abundance of caution.

Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abba, had reportedly instructed that Tambuwal be
invited for questioning and that where he refuses to honour the invitation, he should be arrested.
In a statement issued in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the
Federal Government will be pouring petrol on a naked fired by arresting the Speaker, following the failed attempt to prevent him from accessing the National Assembly to preside over the affairs of the House of
Representatives on Thursday, and also in an apparent attempt to halt the current move to impeach the President.

"Published reports have corroborated what we know: that the plan on Thursday was to
prevent Tambuwal from entering the National Assembly to pave the way for his Deputy, Emeka Ihedioha, who had already been allowed into the House, to preside over the removal of the Speaker. Were it not so, why would the police even try to
seize the mace from the Sergeant-at-arms, as reported?

Why would the police detain
the Sergeant-at-arms for his refusal? What is the business of the police with the mace, which is the House's symbol of authority?

"It has also now been corroborated that the plan hatched by the PDP and the
Presidency was to give Tambuwal the 'Ekiti treatment', in which seven PDP members
removed the Speaker in a 26-member House of Assembly.

"But for the quick thinking and action by the Honorable members who scaled the gate to
access the Assembly, that plan would have succeeded and Tambuwal would have been
removed as Speaker, the consequences of which no one would have been able to foretell.

"Therefore, instead of pillorying those who scaled the gate, we should be commending them for risking their lives to save our
democracy. Those who shut the gate against the lawmakers and barred them from carrying out their constitutional duties
are the villains, not the honorable members who acted in the nation's interest," it said.
APC said the ceaseless hounding of Rt. Hon Tambuwal by the President and the PDP is patently provocative, to say the
least, and calls into question the stated commitment of the Jonathan Administration to the rule of law.

"In the eyes of the law, Rt. Hon. Tambuwal remains the Speaker of the House of Representatives, despite his defection from the PDP to the APC. No matter what the PDP and the Presidency may feel, they are not the court of law, which is the only body that can make a definite pronouncement on the fate of the Speaker.

"The Speaker also remains the number two man in the hierarchy of the Legislative Arm
of government, which is distinct from the Executive Arm headed by the President. It is therefore not only unconstitutional but
also anti-democratic and anarchic for the PDP-led government of President Goodluck Jonathan to continue to hound the Speaker and desecrate the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly, using the police force that has now become the
enforcement arm of the ruling party, having dropped all pretences to neutrality and professionalism," APC said.

The party said at a time the political atmosphere has become so charged by the government-backed police assault on the National Assembly, it is a perilous game to seek to arrest the Speaker, for whatever reason, unless of course the Administration is bent on deliberately plunging the nation into crisis.

"It is difficult to fathom the reason behind the government's increasing resort to recklessness, but it may not be
unconnected with the rising desperation by the ruling PDP to hold on to power at all cost.

"Perhaps now that it has started seeing the handwriting on the wall with Nigerians clamouring for change, this government may
be tilting towards its last option of throwing the nation into crisis to prevent the 2015 elections from holding.

"We are therefore calling on all men and women of good conscience, especially those who have the ears of the President, to prevail on him not to push the nation into any worse crisis than it is currently
encountering. With terrorists daily killing and maiming Nigerians, forcing more than 1.5
million people to flee their homes and threatening the nation's territorial integrity.

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Inspector General Of Police Orders For Arrest Of Aminu Tambuwal

According to a new report on Punch, the police may arrest the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, over Thursday’s crisis at the National Assembly in Abuja. Sources told Saturday PUNCH on Friday in Abuja that the Inspector- General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba, had ordered that the Speaker should be “invited” over the crisis.

The Department of State Services was said to have given a similar order asking that the Speaker 
should be invited by any of its commands. This was sequel to information that Tambuwal was sighted in Sokoto State on Thursday evening where had gone to pick the All Progressives Congress governorship expression of interest and nomination forms for the 2015 governorship election.

But the Force Public Relations Officer, Emmanuel Ojukwu, said, the IGP had yet to give an “express order” for the Speaker’s arrest. Ojukwu said the officers investigating the crisis would determine those to be arrested for prosecution.

A source at the police headquarters confided in one of Punch's correspondents that the signal from the IGP’s office specifically directed the Federal Capital Territory and Sokoto State commissioners of police to invite Tambuwal and that if he resists, he should be arrested.
“The involvement of Sokoto State Commissioner of Police is likely because the Speaker was in Sokoto yesterday to pick the APC’s governorship form to contest the 2015 election,” the source said.
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Toke Makinwa (@tokstarr) Hangs Out With 'Love And Hiphop Atlanta Star', Karlie Redd

Last night at Kwam1's concert at Eko Hotel,  beautiful popular OAP, Toke Makinwa ran into Love and Hip hop Atlanta star, Karlie Redd.

"If you know how much I love my reality TV, then you will get this picture. So it's a bathroom selfie, I ran into Miss Karlie Redd of "Love and hip hop Atlanta" while I was powdering my nose. #funevening"

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Cousin Of Former DG Of Nigerian Stock Exchange, Arrested For Raping 300l UNILAG Student

Arionla, a 300 level student who alleged that she was raped by a man, later identified as the cousin of former Director–
General of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), President, Ndi Okereke-Onyuike.

The suspect, Prince Daniel Okereke, 37, was alleged to have lured her into his home at Mende, Maryland, Lagos, subdued her with the aid of his security guard before he pounced on her and raped her severally.

"When we got to his house, I told him that I was not interested in having sex with him, he called two of his security guards to help him to tie me up and seal my mouth. He then brought out
his belt and started flogging me,"
Saturday Sun learnt that after the several rape sessions which lasted for more than 30 minutes, Prince Daniel ordered Arionla to
pick her bags and get out of the house.

Abused and bitter, Arionla was said to have started destroying the property in his house and also flinging same out of the
compound. In the process, the car that belonged to one of the neighbours was destroyed.

Not aware of what could have led to the fracas, the angry neighbour alerted the police attached to Area F, Ikeja who arrested Arionla and accused her of assault. On listening to both sides and overwhelming bruises on Arionla's body, a case of attempted rape was established and Prince Daniel was arrested and later released on bail while Arinola was rushed to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja for examination and treatment.

Still recovering from the scars that had disfigured her beautiful body, Arinola, 6ft tall, and who can be best described as a
model, claimed that she saw Prince Daniel as a harmless elder brother who cared about her ailing health.

According to Arinola, 22, and a student of University of Lagos, Akoka, she met Prince Daniel through an online dating site, early last month.

"We became friends online and I gave him my number. He kept calling requesting to see me in school and I kept giving him one excuse or the other. He actually said that he wanted me to be his friend and I declined that I am a student and should be allowed
to face my studies.

"On November 6, 2014, he called me that he was in my school compound. I was sick and told him that I was about to head to the pharmacy to get drugs.

He volunteered to drive me to the pharmacy. I was impressed and grateful for such a kind gesture. After buying the drugs, we drove to the fast food and bought food. He asked me to join him to a seat out joint where I can relax and eat the food. I was surprised when he drove straight to his house at Mende, Maryland."

He said that I will be the one to the bear the shame since the world will ask what I was doing in his house when I was supposed to be in school,"
Arinola narrated.

When it dawned on her that the prince is a beast in sheep's clothing, Arionla stopped truggling and parted her legs for the Prince.

"He raped me severally till he was satisfied. He later removed the ropes and ordered me to get out of his house. I was in pains and knew that since the law will finally release him because of his status, I needed to destroy anything within reach. It was
the neighbours whose car was
destroyed that alerted the police at Area F, Ikeja.

"I wrote my statement and went to the hospital for examination. I was not sur­prised when I was told that he was granted bail the same day. My family had to report the matter to Panti and
he was re-arrested."

Still dressed in his royal white dress as at press time, Prince Daniel, a businessman, who is also related to Nigerian actress,
Stephanie Okereke, blamed the devil for the act.

"I am so ashamed of myself. We are family of professionals whom you know very well. I don't know what got into my head. I am sorry and plead for
forgiveness," Daniel, who said he was single and still searching, pleaded. When asked why she
destroyed the property in his house, Prince Daniel said:

"She thought I was going to force her to have sex with me. She started destroying everything which is so
expensive," he said specifically
referring to his Chandelier lighting hanging in his living room.

When further asked if he eventually slept with her, Prince Daniel said "Yes, I did. I am very sorry, I need a way out."

Confirming the story as at press time , Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu said that the suspect would be charged to court for rape and assault.

He will be arraigned along side with one of the security men who assisted the suspected to subdue Tope.

Meanwhile, the police is still on the trail of one of the security guards who also participated in assisting the man to tie her up."

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Spanish Club Valencia Sued By DC Comics For Using 'Batman' Logo On Their Crest

La Liga outfit Valencia could be on the verge of being sued by DC Comics due to their apparent attempt at copying the Batman logo, according to reports in Spain.

Valencia have had a bat on their team crest since their formation in 1919 but that has not stopped the American comic book publisher from suing the Spanish side.

DC Comics are said to have become unhappy at Valencia trying to register an image of a bat with outspread wings as an official trademark.

California-based company DC Comics, who are owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment, were formed in 1934.

Well-known comic book characters such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman all fall under their umbrella.

Source: Daily mail UK

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