Saturday, 26 July 2014

Nigeria Places All Entry Points On Red Alert Over Ebola Virus

Nigeria says it has put all entries into the country on red alert after confirming the death of a Liberian man who was carrying the Ebola virus.

The man died after arriving at Lagos airport on Tuesday, in the first Ebola case in Africa's most
populous country.

Surveillance has been stepped up at all "airports, seaports and land borders", says Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu.

Since February, more than 660 people have died of Ebola in West Africa - the world's deadliest outbreak to date.

It began in southern Guinea and spread to Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The Liberian man collapsed on arrival in Lagos last Sunday. He was taken from the airport to hospital,
where he was put in quarantine.

Officials have identified the 40-year-old man as an employee of the Liberian government.

Mr Chukwu confirmed that the other passengers on board the flight had been traced and were being monitored.

The patient had "avoided contact with the general public" between the airport and the hospital, he said.

Health specialists have been deployed at all entry points into the country, he added.

The virus, which kills up to 90% of those infected, spreads through contact with an infected person's
bodily fluids.

Patients have a better chance of survival if they receive treatment early.

Nigeria Wins First Gold At Commonwealth Games

Nigerian weightlifter Chika Amalaha has given Nigeria its first gold at the Commonwealth Games which started in Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday July 24th.

Chika won the gold medal today after pulling a total of 196 points in snatch and clean and jerk in the 53kg class to beat her competitors from New Guinea & India who picked the silver & bronze medals.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Troops Arrest Bomber Connected To The Explosion Targeted At General Buhari As He Disguised As A Woman

Troops are holding a man suspected to be connected with the explosion
targeted at General Buhari on Wednesday in kaduna state. The young man who was apprehended by military patrol team that swooped on the area immediately after the explosion, had disguised as a woman, clad in female garb to exude femininity with a brazier affixed to his chest.

It was gathered that the suspect was arrested while trying to fizzle into a crowd of onlookers when the patrol team arrived the scene.

Youths in the area attempted to mob him while he was being arrested, but were restrained by troops who quickly whisked him away in an armoured personnel carrier.

He is currently being interrogated by security agencies in a bid to ascertain his links.

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Patrick Sawyer, Liberian Infected With Ebola Virus In Lagos Is Reported Dead

The first known carrier of the deadly Ebola virus in Nigeria, Mr
Patrick Sawyer is reported to have died. 40 year old Mr Sawyer, a WASH consultant at the Ministry of Finance, Liberia had been quarantined since falling ill after arriving in Lagos for a conference last Sunday.

According to Front page Africa, A Liberian government official, speaking on condition of anonymity said the news of Sawyer's death was relayed to Liberia by the Nigerian embassy, early Friday morning.

It is reported that Sawyer may have contracted the virus from his sister, who died at the Catholic Hospital some three weeks ago.

Sawyer had told friends that the sister husband had fled the home after the wife died and that he(Patrick) convinced him to report to health authorities to check for signs of Ebola.

There is no cure or vaccine for Ebola which can kill up to 90 percent of those infected.

Lagos State adviser to the Governor on Public health,Dr Yewande Adeshina, said in a statement today "keep personal and environmental hygiene" and urged those who notice "strange feeling or symptoms similar to those of Ebola virus, which ranges from fever, headache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, sore throat and joint pains, which are all symptoms of other ailments, to visit competent
health facilities.

"Help numbers - 08023169485,
08033086660, 08033065303, 08055281442, 08055329229.

Gay Saudi Arabian Man Sentenced To Three Years And 450 Lashes For Meeting Men Via Twitter

A Saudi Arabian man has been sentenced to three years in jail and 450 lashes after he was caught using Twitter to arrange dates with other men.

The 24-year-old man who has not been named, was given his sentence after the court in Medina, Saudi Arabia, found him guilty of "promoting the vice and practice of homosexuality."

According to a report in the daily Arabic newspaper Al-Watan, the man was arrested following an entrapment ploy by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV).

Posing as a potential suitor online, members of the CPVPV arranged to meet the now convicted man for a date.

When the man arrived at the designated meeting place, he was
greeted by an undercover agent and a number of other officers from the CPVPV.

He was then arrested and his phone was confiscated.

According to authorities, a search of the phone revealed "indecent images" and other incriminating evidence that apparently proved his "homosexuality".

During the court case, the 24-year-old man is said to have confessed to using his Twitter account to meet other men, and
for possessing "pornographic images of homosexual perversion."

The 450 lashes will be administered over 15 separate sessions.

It is not the first time that something like this has been reported in Saudi Arabia; in 2012 The Pink News reported a similar
incident when a man was arrested for using Facebook as a means to arrange meetings with other gay men.

Former Team Mates, Yossi Benayoun And Joey Barton Exchange Words On Twitter Over Israel-Gaza Conflict

Joey Barton and Yossi Benayoun were involved in a Twitter spat today over the divisive conflict between Gaza and Israel.

Barton, well known for making social comment and quoting The Smiths and Nietzsche on Twitter, spoke out about the 18-day-old conflict which has left over 800 dead - the vast majority of which have been Palestinian.

"The attack on the school in Beit Hanoun is deplorable.

#StopKillingChildrenInGaza," wrote Barton this morning.

He continued: "If this was anybody else but Israel the West would intervene. It cannot continue.

Innocent children being slaughtered. This must stop.

"How can a God stand by and watch this? Or even condone this?

Is this all part of his master plan?

"The UN attempting to evacuate the school when the bombing took place? Asked IDF for window to evacuate. Not given. Children die as a result."

Barton, who used to play for Manchester City and Newcastle
also tweeted a picture.

Benayoun, who was born in Israel and has almost 100 caps for the national team, responded to Barton's rant against Israeli actions in Gaza, saying:

'Mate things can never changed you have been stupid and you will stay stupid all your life..embarrassing .'

Barton replied: 'Firstly, you cannot call somebody stupid with such bad grammar. Secondly, you cannot and should not kill innocent children.

Thirdly, you cannot remove people from their land because a fictional book from thousands of years ago tells you can. Last but not least, I hope you and your family are safe and well and remain so through this terrible time.'

Continuing with his posts, Barton added: 'Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is impotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?'

On Wednesday, and with French side Lille winning 2-0, supporters of reportedly Turkish origin entered
the pitch and headed for Maccabi Hafia players, including Benayoun, formerly of West Ham Chelsea,
Liverpool and Arsenal.

One of the players is seen to trip a fan before punches were thrown.

The Maccabi stars - some of whom retaliated - managed to leave the field unhurt.

Commenting on the incident, Benayoun, 34, said: 'As a football club we condemn all acts of verbal and physical violence.

'Yesterday (on Wednesday) in the closing minutes of the match we were attacked by thugs on the pitch simply because we are Israelis. We had no choice but to defend ourselves.'

He continued: 'The older players saw it as our duty to defend the youth players and we asked them not to become involved in the brawl.

'As a team we are one unit who defend each other for better or worse. We ask our loyal fans not to judge any of us over this exceptional incident.'

Tips On How To Avoid The Deadly Ebola Virus


1. Avoid bush meat or any meat you are not sure of its source.

2. Wash your hands frequently with detergent or soap using clean water.

3. Avoid trips to Ebola endemic countries (DRC ,UGANDA , CONGO, GABON SUDAN etc)

4. Get a hand sanitizer for people to use in your office and educate them on the importance of
sanitizers, Get one for your kids to use in school frequently and if possible for their class.

5. Avoid buying Food stuffs, Clothing or other personal materials from Markets/Shops that share the same vicinity with live or roasted bush meat, dealer's or sellers

6. Be careful with hands when using railings on the stairs, door knobs and other utilities used by the public.

7. Gloves and other appropriate protective clothing should be worn when handling sick animals or their

8. Watch out for people with flu-like symptoms and sudden fever

9. Avoid Pig farms, Pig farms in Africa play a role in the amplification of infection because of the presence of fruit bats on these farms.

10. Avoid bat meats and bat products

FOR HEALTH WORKERS WHO states as follows, Standard precautions are recommended in the care and treatment of all patients regardless of their perceived or confirmed infectious status. They include the basic level of infection control—hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment to avoid direct contact with blood and body fluids, prevention of needle stick and injuries from other sharp instruments, and a set of environmental controls.

Signs and symptoms of Ebola
EVD is a severe acute viral illness often characterized by the sudden onset of

1. Fever
2. Intense weakness
3. Muscle pain,
4. Headache and sore throat.
5. Followed by vomiting, Diarrhea, Rash, Impaired kidney and Liver function, and in some cases, both
internal and external bleeding

Police Arrests Man Who Poses As A Fake Soldier While Trying To Buy Pistols

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Lagos State Police Command has arrested a suspected fake ex-soldier, Benjamin Ifada, who allegedly contacted a police division to buy two pistols for the sum of N300,000.

PUNCH Metro learnt that 54-year-old Ifada was first apprehended by the Idimu Police Division, from where the Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko, ordered that his case be transferred to the SARS where he was being investigated by the

Our correspondent further learnt that Ifada had been using the appellation, Captain Benjamin Ifada (retd.), and claimed to be with the British Army Regiment Home Office before his arrest.

The police said the suspected fake soldier usually visited the Idimu Police Division, and tried to gain recognition as a retired military

However, it was gathered that Ifada allegedly approached the armourer in the division, and said he needed to buy some AK-47 rifles.

The divisional armourer was said to have declined the request. After two months, the fake ex-soldier was said to have shown up again at the division requesting to purchase pistols.

It was gathered that the armourer alerted the DPO, and the DPO in turn took up Ifada's case to the CP.

The suspect had further allegedly sent a text to the armourer, requesting how much he would pay to purchase the pistols.

To catch him red-handed, it was learnt that the armourer played along and charged N150,000 for one pistol.

Ifada was said to have proceeded to the division, where he selected a revolver and a berretta pistols in the armoury. He was subsequently

It was gathered that immediately the suspect was arrested, a search was also conducted in his house on Idowu Alimo Street, Idimu Road,
where the police recovered items such as a walkie-talkie, a N300,000 cheque in his favour and a full military uniform.

Ifada, however, told the police that he was sent by a friend, one Kalu, with the cheque to buy the pistols.

Our correspondent learnt that efforts were ongoing to get the said Kalu.

Ifada explained that he had lied to the Idimu DPO that he was a retired captain and had made an Identity Card for such to be able to purchase the ammunition.

He said, "I am into security equipment. I made the ID card for myself to ease my movement within security circle. I had told the DPO that I was a retired captain, because I loved to be a captain. I have never used the ID card to do
anything negative..

"I met Kalu while passing through the Gowon Estate. When I inquired, I was told that Kalu was building a hotel in the area. So, I met the man to do business with him. I told him I was into electric fencing and could also install security cameras. He said he would take me to his house
in Lekki. He also asked if I was a Christian, and I said yes. He signed a cheque of N50,000 saying he was sowing a seed for me."

Nine-Year-Old Pupil Falls Into Soakaway And Dies In Lagos

There was anger on Thursday morning on the Apata Street, Somolu area of Lagos after a nine-
year-old child, identified as Riliwan, fell into a soakaway and died.

Riliwan, a primary six pupil of a primary school in the area, was to attend his graduation ceremony that morning where he was billed to
be given prizes for coming first in his class, when tragedy struck.

A resident said his parents, who were devout Muslims, had sent him to pour away a bowl of dirty water they had rinsed their hands in after
eating Sahur (Ramadan pre-dawn meal), when he fell into the pit.

The resident, who did not want his name mentioned, said, "The incident happened around 4am. There was no power supply. His parents had finished eating the early morning
meal, preparatory to the fasting, when they asked him to empty a bowl of dirty water inside the gutter.

"As he went out in the dark, he stepped on a covering on the soakaway, which gave way."

Another resident said after his parents did not see him return, they became worried and searched everywhere for him.

It was only about seven hours later that one of his foot wares was seen at the mouth of the soakaway.

"People rallied round and tried draining the water in the soakaway, before they were able to bring him out. But he had died," he added.

A crowd of sympathisers were seen in front of the house condemning the owner of the building for not sealing the soakaway before giving out the apartments.

Our correspondent observed that
there were two openings on the soakaway.

The holes were said to be covered with used printing plate sheets.

An angry resident ran to the place where the victim fell and pulled back one of the plates to the pit surface to demonstrate how "anybody could have fallen victim at that time of the night"

"This house was completed four months ago and the owner did not deem it fit to cover the soakaway with slabs. This is evil, sheer wickedness," he added.

Men of the Lagos State Fire Service and policemen from the Somolu division were sighted by our correspondent at the scene.

PUNCH Metro learnt that council officials had been informed and had visited the house.

When our correspondent approached the father of the victim, he said he had no comment.

"Please we have nothing to say. We don't want this matter blown out of proportion. We will be burying him soon," he said.

Our correspondent could hear a woman wailing, "Riliwan, Riliwan" as people in the room tried consoling her.

The deceased's father asked PUNCH Metro to leave the house, and the gate into the house was

Nobody was ready to point out the owner of the house for comment.

However, an executive member of the Community Development Association, who pleaded anonymity, told our correspondent that septic tanks in Apata and Debari streets were not well constructed.

She said, "If the soakaway was well constructed, since its a new house, the boy ought to have fallen into an empty space. It will be easy for him to cry out for help.

"But landlords in Apata and Debari streets make their soakaways in such a way that whenever it rains, they can release wastes into the gutters."

She appealed to the state's Ministry of Environment to conduct a check in the area for the safety of residents.