A 14-year old girl who was declared missing in Lagos unknown to her parents was actually inside their 43-year old neighbour’s room for two days and later confessed enjoying sex romps during the period.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the victim revealed that she was comfortable and that was why she did not disclose where she was despite the fact that she knew her parents were looking for her.

The incident happened at Suberu Oje Avenue by Casso bus stop in Alagbado, Lagos where they resided.

However, the neighbour, Mr. Olaniyi Lawal, has landed in trouble after he released the victim and she told her parents that she was with Mr. Lawal for those days and had sex.

The matter was reported to the police; Lawal was arrested for abduction and rape.

P.M.EXPRESS scooped that the parents suffered serious trauma when the victim disappeared as they thought she had been kidnapped and reported to the police.

The neighbours including Lawal and the police formed search parties who were looking for the missing girl until she returned to her parents and revealed what happened.

It was gathered that the parents were angry that Lawal joined them in searching for the missing girl whereas he kept her inside his room and exploited her by having uninterrupted sex with her.

He denied abducting the victim and claimed that he did not rape her as alleged by her parents.

However, the police found him culpable because of the age of the victim and charged Lawal before Ogba Magistrates court for the offence.

The prosecutor, Inspector Donny Raphael, informed the court that Lawal abducted the victim, kept her inside his room and defiled her.

The Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. B.O. Osunsanmi, ordered that Lawal be remanded in prison custody.

The court directed the prosecutor to send the file to DPP for advice and then adjourned till 9th September, 2018.

P.M.EXPRESS gathered that if the DPP finds Lawal culpable and he was tried and found guilty, he will have to spend so many years in prison for the offence.

The Founder and head prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta State, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, gifted some former commercial s-x workers some millions of Naira to start a new life, and it has created a buzz on the internet.

According to reports, the recepients are; Egbiremonien Mary who was trafficked and lured into prostitution in Paris and Jennifer Ariel from Abuja, who was allegedly deceived into prostitution by her aunt.

It was gathered that prior to meeting the prophet, the two ladies had decided that if the God of Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin did not locate them, they would commit suicide to put an end to their misery.

After meeting the clergy and the Partners of Mercy Television, they ladies were blessed with the sum of seven million naira (N7,000,000) to start a new life.

Egbiremonien Mary got N4.5million while Jennifer Ariel received N2.5million to start a new life.

Four female pupils between the ages of 5 and 6 in the Early Child Care session of Migrant Framers Children School (MFCS), Aguibeje, Enugu Ezike, Igboeze North local government area of Enu­gu state have been allegedly defiled by their headmaster.

The incident which hap­pened on July 17, three days to the end of academic session for the pupils, has angered members of the community who described it as “an abomi­nation and desecration” of the customs and traditions of the community, adding that noth­ing like that had happened before.

Orient Weekend sources alleged that the headmaster lured the students to a bush close to the school with the promise of giving each of them first class positions after the term’s examinations and buying gifts for them before defiling them.

The alleged defilement was discovered by the mother of one of the victims when she spotted blood stains on the child’s vagina and decided to know what happened. Upon interrogation, the girl told her mother what happened: how her headmaster had lured them into the bush and started inserting his fingers in their private organs, prom­ising to buy them gifts and award them top positions in their classes ahead of their mates.

She continued, saying that the suspect, now at large, had approached her offered her a ride on his motorcycle, an offer she said she rejected. She said the headmaster then approached her three other classmates and told them that he would give them first posi­tions and buy them gifts and that they accepted to follow him.

After her friends had accept­ed the offer, the headmaster, yet again, approached her and told her that if she refused to follow them, that he would not give her first position in class. That was when she succumbed to his antics and followed him.

According to the victim, as narrated by her mother, shortly after they were lured into the bush, the headmaster started having carnal knowl­edge of them by inserting his fingers in their sexual organs which made her to develop pains around the region. “After the act, the headmaster brought all of them back to the school with his motorcycle before, yet again, taking my daughter back to the same location where he had defiled them and continued the acts all over again. When he had satisfied his sexual desires, he brought her back to the school where he had dropped her classmates and left”, the mother disclosed.

Orient Weekend further gathered that, after commit­ting the act and sensing trou­ble, the headmaster connived with the leader of the Neigh­borhood Watch in the com­munity to perfect his escape from the angry mob who had started a search for him.

Medical tests conducted on the pupils by their parents showed evidence of pene­tration. To further conceal the truth, the Neighborhood Watch came to the hospital where the tests were conduct­ed and took away the result.

“I was not around because I went to the farm. I was informed of the incident when I came back,” the father of one of the victim pupils. “I was told that my child came back from school and was complaining to her mother that her private part was hurting her because of what their headmaster had done to them,” he said, looking emo­tionally disturbed.

He continued: “so when her mother drew her closer to examine, she saw blood stains in her underwear. My child said they were four who were taken to the bush by their headmaster and defiled them separately but that hers was hurting her so much that she was crying,” he told Orient Weekend.

Attah said that after being told what the headmaster had done to his child, he rode his motorcycle to the home of one of the two teachers who assist the headmaster in the school to make inquiries.

“She told me she was not in school when the headmaster committed the act. I immedi­ately left there and went to the home of a second teacher and told her everything. She was shocked and followed me to the school but when we got there, nobody was around and she called the headmaster on phone but he was not picking up. We started looking for the man but he had escaped. We now went to the Neighborhood Watch to report the matter,” he narrated.

A community leader, who preferred not to be named, spoke to Orient Weekend on the incident. He said: “I was in my house when I got a phone call from my wife’s cousin who was crying and telling me that her child, one of the victims, was bleeding and almost dying. She said that the headmaster of their school lured her child inside the bush alongside three oth­ers and defiled them. She said he used his finger to penetrate and defile them and that they were bleeding,” he said look­ing downcast.

He further said that when he heard the story, he went straight to the particular village where it happened to find out the extent to which the matter had gone. “They told me that the matter was taken to the chairman of the Neighbourhood Watch. On enquiry, they said the man in question was brought there by the Neighbourhood Watch chairman of a neighbouring village who served as his sure­ty and took him back without questioning or interrogation. So, I became surprised and asked the chairman how he was then proceeding with the case, at which he got angry, questioning my interest in the matter,” he said.

The community leader said that, after the Neighborhood Watch chairman had spoken in that vein, he sensed foul play and rushed to the police to make an official report but their efforts at arresting the man was not successful.
“The police swung into action immediately but their efforts to get the man proved abortive. Several invitation letters were sent to produce the Neighborhood chairman at Aguibeje proved abortive. Now, the police division in charge of the case at Igboeze North local government area called me and told me that they had made efforts but the matter was again reported by the suspect to Udenu Area Command office and that the Area Commander had directed the Igboeze police to transfer the case file to them, even when he had not finished investigation or made any arrest in the matter as expected.

The DPO himself went to the community when he discovered the connivance between the headmaster and the Neighborhood chairman. Instead of taking the matter to the police, the chairman wants to suppress the case,” he said.

He said the headmaster, despite the invitation letter by the police, are still walking freely and no arrest warrant has been issued to bring him over for interrogation, prompting him to assume that the matter is being swept under the carpet.

To further seek justice for the pupils, the community leader, undeterred, travelled to Enugu to explore other options with NGOs and child rights groups to ensure that the perpetrator was arrested and prosecuted.
After he visited the Women Aid Collective (WACOL) and launched a complaint, the group petitioned the chairman, Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board (ENSUBEB), Ikeji Asogwa and the Enugu state police commissioner, CP Mohammed Danmallam.

A petition obtained by Orient Weekend titled: “Letter of Intervention” addressed to the duo, the group said “we write you with respect to a sad report that we received from a community called Aguibeje in Enugu Ezike, Igboeze North LGA of Enugu State.

According to the report, one Nathaniel Idoko, male, and the headmaster (Migrant) MFCS school at Aguibeje Enugu Ezike in Igboeze North LGA of Enugu state, was reported to have forcefully obtained carnal knowledge of four (4) underage female pupils, below the age of (6) six years.

The incident allegedly took place on the 17th of July 2017, in the office of the said Mr Nathaniel Idoko. The said headmaster allegedly used his fingers to perform sexual activities to the vagina of these innocent pupils, thereby de­flowering them in the process,” it read.

Part of the petition corrobo­rated the assumption that the Neighborhood chairman might have connived with the head­master to perfect his escape.

“Meanwhile, the Neigh­bourhood Watch chairman Aguibeje, one Mr Jude Urama (alias 2PAC) is reported to have disappeared since the incident after allegedly collecting money from Nathaniel Idoko, to aid his escape.

The petition further said “Again, our informant, a community leader in Aguibeje shared with us how himself and one of the victims’ father, Ezeugwu John and Ossai Jude reported the incident to the divisional police in Igboeze North LGA Enugu state. The police could not do much, as at the time of this report, because the suspect and the Neighbour­hood chairman are nowhere to be found.

The latest report is that the suspect has approached the Area Commander in Udenu, who is now calling for the case file in the matter, which is with the DPO in Igboeze North, and which files, investigation has not commenced at all.

We sense foul play and therefore humbly and kindly urge you to use your good office to investigate the matter,” the petition read.

The community leader also told this reporter that “since I started this journey of seeking justice for the pupils, I have re­ceived threats from the Neigh­borhood chairman and his boys. I made the threat known to the police.”

On the allegations that the head teacher might have defiled the pupils for ritual pur­poses, he said “we don’t know if he is a ritualist. We have heard stories that all these ritualists use blood for their sacrifice so we don’t know what this man had in mind in defiling the pupils.”

When Orient Weekend reached out to the headmaster of the school for comments, his phone line rang several times but he was not picking up. When subsequent calls were put through by this reporter, the suspect picked the call and when he heard the word “journalist” during formal in­troduction, he dropped the call and his line became switched off immediately. This reporter followed up with phone texts but none was replied.

The police public relations officer (PPRO) in the state, SP Ebere Amarizu, confirmed this incident when contacted and said a thorough investigation into it had commenced, prom­ising that the suspect would be charged accordingly when necessary.

Daniel, his mother Ngozi Nweze, Wilson and Elo­chukwu were victims of circumstance. After the death of their father in 1999, life became unbearable for them since their mother could not afford to provide the necessities of life for herself and the children.

Faced with this excruciating situation, Daniel the eldest son of the family, as a way of alleviat­ing their suffering, agreed to go to Owerri in Imo state, with his mother and his two other siblings – Elochukwu and Wilson.
The trip was bankrolled by one Amaechi Ukwa, ostensibly to assist the family but with ulterior mo­tives. It was gathered that, on their way, Amaechi Ukwa, unknown to them, had actually arranged the sale of Daniel to one Mr Solo from Mbaise who resold Daniel to one Madam Pepe at N340,000.
Trouble started when the sec­ond-hand owners of Daniel organ­ised a party and renamed Daniel ‘Jahbuike’. But Daniel refused to answer the name and told them that he would not answer any name other than Daniel.

Daniel, however, escaped from the house the night after the pur­ported renaming ceremony. After the incident, the buyer called Mr Amaechi to brief him about the boy’s escape and demand the return of the money paid on him. During the ensuing argument be­tween the two, Daniel overheard the conversation and escaped from the house. It was in the course of the escape that a police patrol team arrested him.

Daniel, however, took the police to his “master’s” place and the suspects were arrested only to be released after one week. Amaechi was said to have escaped from Imo state to Cotonou in Benin Republic. It was gathered that Amaechi had called his people in Umuezeokah in Ezza North local government area of Ebonyi state to send his wife back to her family and that he would not come back home anymore.

Daniel returned home through the effort of the Ebonyi state min­istry of women affairs on Friday July 27, 2018 since after his sale in June 2015.

Speaking to Orient Weekend, Daniel said: “My mother took me from Ebonyi to Imo state. She gave my siblings and me to one woman and, since that day, we have not seen her again. The woman took us to another man and said I had become the man’s child. One day, he called me ‘Jah Bu Ike’ and I told him that was not my name; that I remained Daniel Nweze.

“I was not schooling before I left for Imo. It was in Imo state that I started schooling. The man was taking good care of me. He had girl children and I was the only male child. I didn’t know that I was sold to him.
“I am in school and I am in primary four. The name of my school is Great Time Nursery and Primary school located in Oji, Okigwe”.

Daniel’s uncle who reported the matter to Family Law Centre before taking it to the ministry of women affairs, Ven. Silas Nweze said the boy, his two siblings and mother were taken away from the village on 15th June, 2015 and that, since then, he had been restless as he had not heard from them except once when Amaechi Ukwa who took them to Imo with­out his consent. Ukwa, he said, once called to tell him he would not return to the village through­out his lifetime.

“It was on July 2018 that I got a message that policemen from Imo state came to our family with Daniel. I rushed to Imo state to find out what happened. When I went to Imo, I saw Daniel in police custody. On inquiry, I was told that somebody sold him. The police told me that a man from a compound close to our house took Daniel, two brothers and their mother on one Eke day to Imo state and then disposed them.

“He sold Daniel to one Solo from Mbaise, Imo state who took Daniel and resold to one Madam Pepe at the rate of N340, 000. I reported the matter to a family law centre in 2016. Rev. Fr. Abraham Nwali, who is in charge of Welfare and I ran to the state commissioner for women affairs, Mrs. Rebecca Og­buewu. Since then, we have never heard about the mother of Daniel.

“It is only once that we heard from the man who took them to Cotonou and it was in 2015. One Amaechi Ukwa was the one who took them to Imo state. It was only once that we heard from Amaechi and when we called, Amaechi told us that he would never step into the community again that he was residing at Cotonou.
“He told us that he will never come to our place again that we should forget about him.

He told the family that they should send his wife and the only child he has back to the woman’s family. I re­ported the matter to our tradition­al ruler and Family Law Centre in Abakaliki. Our traditional ruler and the entire community are aware of this matter.

“Daniel, the two siblings and mother were taken away from the village on 15th June, 2015. Then on July 27, the information came to me and I took up the matter and reported to the traditional ruler and the entire community”, he said.

Receiving Daniel, the state com­missioner for women affairs and social development, Mrs. Rebecca Ogbuewu said the journey to the recovery of the boy was hectic and thanked God for the successful recovery. Ven. Nweze reported the matter to her office and she has been battling to ensure that he was released.

On her part, the desk offi­cer NAPTIP and head of child development ministry of women affairs, Mr. Godwin Igwe, thanked stakeholders of Ezza North for their financial support during the process of recovering Daniel.

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