Monday, 22 September 2014

Suspected Shekau Impersonator Killed By Nigerian Troops?

Nigerian troops might have scored a
strategic victory in the current battle against terrorists operating in the North East on September 17. During a desperate attempt to capture Konduga in their delusion to
eventually marching on and capturing Maiduguri, the man who had been mimicking Late Abubakar Shekau in recent videos might have been finally killed.

According to senior military and intelligence sources, "it is getting more certain that the terrorists' commander who has been mimicking
Shekau in those videos is the one killed in Konduga on September 17, 2014."

The PRNigeria sources said the suspected demise of the Boko Haram leader is responsible for the scattering of the sect members in
different independent locations in the neighbouring countries, especially in Cameroon noticed in recent days.

The security sources did not deny the suspicion but cautioned that "the process of confirming that the dead body we have is the same as that character who has been posing as Shekau is ongoing. He is definitely a prominent terrorist
commander. I don't want to say anything about this yet please."

Another high ranking military source insisted that the resemblance is too striking to be a
coincidence. They cited his facial marks, beards and teeth apart from the recovery by the Nigerian troops of some of the Armoured Vehicles and Hilux jeeps that had featured in previous videos of the prime suspect.

The officers assured that the Defence Headquarters will soon address the nation after full investigation of their latest discovery.
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Primary And Secondary Schools In Lagos To Now Resume On October 8

Despite FG's order for schools to resume today, September 22, Governor Fashola has pushed the resumption date to October 8.

He arrived at this decision after a meeting with stakeholders attended by headmasters and principals of both public and private schools .

Fashola said this new resumption date was to allow the government provide schools with adequate Ebola preventive materials.
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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Is IBB Ill?

Former Nigerian military dictator, Ibrahim Babamosi Babangida is hospitalized in a Germany. Sources told Saharareporters that the former army general popularly referred to as "IBB" was rushed to Germany 10 days ago from his hilltop mansion in Minna, Niger State.

President Goodluck Jonathan, who departed Nigeria for the annual United Nations General Assembly, will pay a visit to the ailing general in Germany later today.

In a press statement released from the President's office earlier today, Mr. Jonathan's handlers claimed he plans to spend one day for a private visit in London.

However, Saharareporters learnt the private trip was being planned to pay a secret visit to Babangida in Germany.

Mr. Babangida's ailment relates to a chronic back ailment for which he earlier had surgery in Germany.

Our source disclosed that Babangida is severely ill.

A friend of the former dictator downplayed the severity of the ailment saying he is "getting better."

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Boko Haram In Talks To Release Chibok Girls?

The officials met four times in mid-August with two senior members of Boko Haram in Nigeria's capital, Abuja.

The swap would involve the released of 30 Boko Haram commanders in the custody of the Nigerian government, according to the source, who asked not to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Boko Haram submitted a list with the names of 30 members who were either convicted or awaiting trial on terror offenses.

"The two Boko Haram negotiators assured the ICRC and government negotiators that the girls were never raped, were never used as sex slaves and were never sexually
assaulted," said the source, who attended the discussions.

The terror group abducted an estimated 276 girls in April from a boarding school in Chibok in northeastern Nigeria. Dozens escaped, but more than 200 are still missing. Boko Haram has expressed a willingness for a swap with the ICRC at an undisclosed, according to the source. But there was disagreement on some terms, including the number of girls involved in the swap.

Boko Haram had insisted on an even swap -- 30 girls for the 30 commanders -- but the government refused, according to the source.

"They were only ready to release one to one, which the government was not going to accept," the source said.

Another hurdle in the talks was Boko Haram's insistence on meeting the imprisoned 30 members involved in the swap, but they only had contact with six at a prison outside Abuja,the source said.

The six prisoners included Kabiru Sokoto, a senior Boko Haram commander convicted in December 2013 of terror charges related to the deadly Christmas Day bombing of a church in the town of Madallah in 2011.

"ICRC couldn't find where the remaining 24 were being detained," the source said.

The Boko Haram negotiators said they would get back to the government after consulting with
superiors. ICRC sources declined to comment.

Source: CNN
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"Nigerians Can Spend N1m On burials But Not On Education"- Bishop David Oyedepo Defends High Fees Charged By Private Universities

It's no news that Nigerians have complained over the high cost of tuition fees for private universities,especially those owned by Churches. The founder of the Living Faith Church, Bishop David Oyedepo, has defended the tuition
fees charged by schools owned by the church, describing the provision of quality education as an expensive venture. While addressing journalists on Friday in Ota, Ogun State, at a media chat organised in commemoration of his 60th birthday coming up on September 27, 2014. He said "I'm sure we all agree that education is expensive. Education carries cost; nothing of value is free. Our mission for years long, before we started any university or secondary school, was a bursary awarding church and we have not stopped doing that till tomorrow.

Our problem most of the time is priority; an average Nigerian can spend N1m on burial but to spend N200,000 on education (is a problem), because of wrong priority.

On a yearly basis, we have N1.5trn that Nigerians spend to overseas universities, so people thrive on it. Nigerians spend N463bn a month on recharge cards, how much are they paying for schools fees? So it's all a
matter of priority. This is the largest market for telephone in the world. Now, to pay N500,000, some people have only one son, they have huge business and houses all over the places, they will never pay it."

On why he never responds to controversial reports about him

"My understanding of opposition,
persecution is simply someone's opinion harshly expressed.

Everybody has a right to his opinion. Today, millions follow after Christ but you will be surprised that when
you get to Israel some people do not believe that Christ has come.

"People have rights to their opinions. I naturally don't feel it's necessary (to respond). The energy I would need to react, I can use it to make moves. I have enough to think about than start running after a man who says you are a fool.

"If he says you are a fool and you are behaving so, then he's right. If you leave your job and start pursuing somebody who says you are a fool, he has already said so, your
going around doesn't change it. So why going around, why don't you settle on your job and make moves?

"I've also come to understand that those who make news hardly watch them, they are so busy making news while others are busy watching."

Source: Punch Newspapers

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Fashion Police To Continue Despite The Passing Of Joan Rivers

Joan Rangers, Fashion Police will indeed continue despite the death of Joan Rivers. Her daughter, Mellissa made this known during
the "Fashion Police: Remembering Joan" special..

"Yes, Fashion Police will continue. We're going to hit pause for a little while, but Fashion Police will be back in January."I really want to thank all of the Joan Rangers for the outpouring of love and support, it has meant so much to Cooper and me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you."

Radar online reports that Kelly Osborne doesn't want it to continue .According to their source
close to production..

"Kelly feels that it is pointless to continue on with the show. Kelly says that anyone that you try replace Joan Rivers with will fail miserably."
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Police Arrests Four Suspected Cultists In Somolu Area Of Lagos

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Lagos State Police Command has arrested six suspected cultists in the Moshalashi Street, Somolu, and its neighbouring areas.

Our correspondent gathered that the suspects also confessed to armed robbery.

PUNCH Metro learnt that among them were four teenagers whose names were given as Toheeb Shehu, 18, Segun Rafiu, 16, Seun Atilade, 19, and Tunde Ogunyemi, 18. The two others were named as Adewumi Adeyemi, 22, and Muhideen Hassan, 21.

Our correspondent gathered that while some of the suspects belonged to the Eiye Cult Group, others belonged to the Aye Cult ─ both of which clashed in the area many times, leading to the death of no fewer than eight people.

PUNCH Metro had reported on Monday, September 8, that suspected cultists in the area engaged the police in a shootout, after which two of them were arrested at that time.

A police source told our correspondent that, although six suspected cultists were arrested on
Wednesday, others were still at large, while the police continued to be on their trail.

It was also gathered that they were apprehended following many public outcries to the police that cult groups were laying siege to the area. Our correspondent learnt that the teenage cultists confessed to the police that they made use of guns, machetes, daggers and clubs in their operations.

Speaking with PUNCH Metro, one of the teenagers, Atilade, said his mother had warned him not to be involved in cult activities but he had been disobedient.

He said, "I have been staying in Somolu from childhood. I am the only son of my mother, and she had always warned me against all the cult activities. But one way or the other, I was initiated into the Eiye cult. They usually used the opportunity of the clashes to rob, but I did not join them.

"I smoke cigarettes. I also drink. I was aware that my cult dropped (killed) two people in the area just last month. But I have never killed
anyone. Our gang leader is one Abayomi, popularly known as Ado.

He uses locally-made guns and has several of them."

Another teenage cultist, Ogunyemi, told our correspondent that he had joined the cult after the death of his father.

He said, "I was an apprentice in a mechanic workshop. I hail from Ikole Ekiti in Ekiti State.

When my father died, I joined the gang. Our base is Popoola Street, Bariga and Moshalashi Street, Somolu. I have a bike which I used to convey my gang members to the scene of attack.

But I am now repentant."

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, said she had yet to be aware of
the arrest.

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Senate Summons Military Chiefs Over Seized $9.3m By South African Authorities

The Chairman Senate Committee on Defence and Army, Senator George Sekibo, has said the committee has invited the National Security Adviser Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.) and the military top brass over the $9.3m seized by the South African government.

Sekibo said this in an interview with reporters in Abuja, on Thursday.

Those invited include, Dasuki, Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshall Alex Badeh and Chief of Army Staff, Kenneth Minimah over the alleged $9.3m arms procurement scandal.

South African authorities had on Monday arrested two Nigerians and an Israeli with $9.3m in cash, flown in a private jet from Abuja.

Sekibo said the nation's top military
commanders were expected to appear before the Senate committee on Tuesday next week to
brief members on what transpired.
He said, "I have just called the Chief of Defence Staff, National Security Adviser and the Chief of
Army Staff, I don't want to preempt issues because we have not heard details about it but they will be here on Tuesday next week."

While commenting on the just-concluded military court martial and the death sentence passed on the 12 soldiers, the chairman said he
was not surprised.

He said as soldiers the convicts were fully aware of the implication of mutiny, adding that before the judgment was passed the army carried out its investigations before the commencement of the trial.

He further explained that soldiers were trained "to kill therefore killing is not a big deal to them."
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