Adulterous Lovers Caught And Forced To Continue Making Love In Public Glare In Anambra State

These duo were caught in a community in Anambra State engaging in extra marital activities. The woman was caught red handed by her husband who has been suspecting her of having an affair right in his house. His alarm attracted their neighbours who gave them the beating of their life, strip them and ask them to make love in the full glare of the public. The whole scene became an embarrassment.

The husband who couldn't stomach the scene anymore left the place to throw her things out of his house.

Things are happening, people are becoming very daring. Marriage is no longer sacred. People now take marriage to be an 'official ceremony' which every adult must have, and after that, return to 'status quo', as the case may be. Sad!!!

I have decided not to put the video up as this can be mistaken for promoting pornography.