A 21- year- old Polish woman, Ania Lisewka, (pictured above) has vowed to travel to every city across the world in a bizarre quest to sleep with 100,000 men.

According to reports, Ania, who has a serious boyfriend, has already embarked on her mission and has slept with 284 men so far, starting with cities in her home country, Poland.

Anna told the Austrian Times: 'I want men from Poland, Europe and all around the world. I love sex, fun and men. In Poland the subject of sex is still taboo and anyone who wants to fulfill their sexual fantasies is considered a deviant, a w**** or mentally ill.'

Ania is so determined to complete her task that she's set up a Facebook page and a website to keep people (interested in her exploits) up to date with her sex marathon.

*In local parlance, it is said that what the eyes has set out to look for, it will surely see it*

Ese wrote this on her blog yesterday:

The past week has 'killed' me. It has stripped me of whatever 'self-importance' I nursed in the corners of my mind. It has broken me and opened me up to my real self. It has brought me to a deeper level of self-awareness, one I am most grateful for. 
When I sat with my MacBook to type my last blog, I never imagined it would generate the kind of attention it did and continues to. I have one last thing to say on this issue before I lay it to rest and move on. (I also hope others can move on too, we have too much going on in this Country to continue to peddle one for longer than necessary.) 

A very big thank you to everyone that has felt it necessary to talk about this issue and spread it throughout Nigeria and the foreign scene. I read every email sent to me with awe that people would take the time out to reach a total stranger like me.  

Some were cursing, calling me a witch from the pit of hell sent to destroy the church as though one individual/church is bigger than the body of Christ. As though God is mere man and would cringe in heaven saying, "Ese don did it this time." Or as if the good Book didn't state clearly that ALL things work out for good for those that love God. 
Do you love God? If yes, trust that it will ALL turn around for good. 

Some people say, 'I support you, you are brave and courageous' and I wonder if those terms really define me. I do not think I am brave or courageous. I do know, however that after decades of sleepwalking through life, I am now becoming aware not just of myself but also of my environment, my world, and the universe. 

Some say, put out the evidence and we will believe you. Hmmm, the morning I sat to write that post, I really didn't expect anyone to believe me. Well, apart from those involved. And my motive was simple, let one more woman be spared. Let one more minister of the gospel be mindful and let the church rise up to its responsibilities as God's legal representatives here in the earth realm. 

A copy of the 'evidence' is with a respected minister of the gospel should the christian body decide to deal with this issue now and that becomes needful. I am not looking to have a 'me against them' case where I need to prove I'm right and someone is wrong. I am far from right, but I have used the only means available to me to free myself of the bondage I put myself in. 

Lastly, to all the media people seeking interviews and whatever else mailing me, I have nothing more to say on this issue. I cannot reply every email as reading them is beginning to seem like a new job.  

I remember asking a friend once while reading the book of Acts, "Why do we no longer operate in the power the disciples did in Jesus day?" What has changed? How do we 'unchange' it? 
God is not mocked, if we serve Him, let's serve Him. We cannot continue to grow as a Nation by oppressing, delaying justice, hating, having the ME ME ME mentality. As Martin Luther King Jr said, 'no one is free until we are all free.' 

Things have got to change and it begins with us. It begins with each and every one of us borrowing courage to stand for what we believe in. Fela Durotoye once said, 'that thing that annoys you most in society is a sign that you carry its solution.' (I'm paraphrasing). 

Nothing has called out to me more than people, especially women, suffering in some way and hiding the pain. Whatever we cover doesn't go away. It grows and it finds different outlets to rear its ugly head until we deal with it. 
I am not perfect, I will never be, but I am enough to try what I feel might work. I don't know what the entire bible says but I am learning and applying the little I find out daily. And I think everyone owes it to himself or herself to figure it out for themselves. 
At the end of the day, we agree that 'men of God' are firstly men, right? This means it's needless expecting them to help you in your growth with God. I fell into that trap of thinking a 'man of God' is equated to God and it is not new to find people fall in that hole. 

How do you begin to learn to serve a God you have never seen? It takes another level of faith to do that but we live in a generation/Country where people don't want to study for themselves. They don't want to read the Scriptures. Well, they don't want to read, period.
They want to pursue things instead and have somebody do the praying and studying for them. If you fall in that category, you need to repent.  
I learnt that when the veil was torn, we all were given equal access to the Father. No matter how long you may have been in church, if you don't know what that means you better ask somebody. And seek a real relationship with the God you claim to serve. 
That is what I am spending most of my time doing these days. Praying, studying, seeking, knocking. The peace I have felt despite all the hate mails and tantrums shows that God is not angry with me and I did what I needed to do to the best of my understanding. 
My apologies to everyone this has affected in one way or another. 
Firstly, my family: I don't know how you guys aren't sick of me yet ;) 
Secondly, 'the body of Christ,' my intention was never to cause trouble but to stop a rot I felt might spread and become worse if nobody spoke up about it. 
Lastly, to those who said I shouldn't blog again, I respect and understand your concerns but the truth is, writing is not just my gift, it is also my 'curse'. I cannot 'NOT' write but I PROMISE, this is the last I will say on this issue except the christian body needs to see me. 
God is building His church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. No sin is too big to wreck anyone's faith. If it does, then it means it's working out a greater good for you. You will definitely come out stronger and better in the end.  
Like my best friend says "in the end, it will be all right and if it ain't alright, it's not the end." "…forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Paul. 
Cheers to the weekend people.

Passengers aboard an Aero Contractors flight bound for Benin yesterday were treated to an unpleasant surprise.

The plane scheduled to take-off from Lagos to Benin was about to lift off when a female passenger began to scream that she didn't want to make the journey anymore.

According to reports, the female passenger whose identity could not be ascertained at press time was said to have been ignored by members of cabin crew and passengers alike but her persistence led to suspicion among the passengers.

An eye-witness said that the female passenger after boarding the flight screamed on top of her voice that she was no longer willing to travel with the plane.

The strange behaviour, however led to the delay of the Benin-bound aircraft for two hours as all the passengers were asked to disembark while the plane was screened again.

It was also gathered that all the checked-in luggage was also off-loaded for proper screening by both Aero and Aviation Security, AVSEC, of the Federal Airports authority of Nigeria, FAAN.

But despite the re-screening of the already checked in passengers and their luggage, nothing suspicious was found on board.

The anxious passenger was handed over to security agents by AVSEC while the other passengers proceeded on the journey to Benin.

According to the source, "All passengers were already onboard and the pilot was preparing to take off before the woman started the strange behaviour.

"At first, no one took her seriously, but when the shouting and soliloquy continued, the passengers became apprehensive and ordered the pilot to abort the flight.

"The situation was not funny at all. In fact, the woman was speaking in a language which no one understood. But I can tell you authoritatively that all the passengers have been taken to Benin with the same aircraft and they landed in the airport safely.

"This was not the first time such an incident would be happening. In fact, it is common among first time travellers but no one knows the motive behind this act. However, I believe the security agents will do their work and reveal what led to the strange behaviour."

Pep Guardiola has won his first trophy as Bayern Munich manager courtesy of an incredible penalty-shootout win over Chelsea in the Super Cup in Prague last night.

Fernando Torres put the Europa League winners in-front early on, before Frank Ribery replied for the European champions shortly after the break.

Ramires was sent off for the Blues before the start of extra time, during which Eden Hazard, with the aid of a Manuel Neuer mistake, scored to give Chelsea the lead for a second time.

The Blues withstood severe Munich pressure until the final kick of the action when Javi Martinez equalised to force spot kicks, and Romelu Lukaku was the only player to miss as Bayern won 5-4 to give Guardiola victory over his old foe Jose Mourinho.

Restored to the starting lineup after being dropped for the Premier League meeting with Manchester United, Torres began and finished a wonderfully-crafted team move that saw the Blues take an eighth-minute advantage.

Eden Hazard collected the Spaniard's pass before dribbling through three Bayern challenges and finding Andre Schurrle, whose pinpoint cutback was emphatically thumped in from 12 yards by Torres.

Ribery, who collected the UEFA Best Player in Europe award for 2012/13 season on Friday was a handful for Chelsea throughout, but it did take him until after the interval to net Bayern's equaliser.

A woman, Nkese Iroakazi, who allegedly doused her nine-year-old housemaid, Eno Bassey, with kerosene and set her ablaze at Surulere area of Lagos, has been charged with murder.

Iroakazi was brought before a Senior Magistrate, Bola Folarin-Williams of Yaba Magistrate's Court, Lagos, on Thursday.

The 51-year-old woman faces a count charge of unlawfully killing Bassey, whom she brought to Lagos from Calabar, Cross River State, two months before the incident.

The charge read, "That you, Nkese, on July 27, 2013 at 7, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos, unlawfully killed Eno Bassey by setting her on fire, an offence that contravenes Section 221 of the Criminal Code, Laws of Lagos State, 2011."

Folarin-Williams did not take her plea but ordered the police prosecutor, Inspector Chris Takim, who stood in for a Superintendent of Police, Felix Efijan, to duplicate the case file and forward same to the Director of Public Prosecution for legal advice.

Iroakazi was remanded in prison pending the advice of the DPP which will be heard before the court on October 2, 2013.

The defendant's lawyer, Mr. O. Onohwakpor, had told the court that he would present a written application for her bail before the court at a later date.

"We are also appealing to the court to remand her at the Ikoyi Prisons because she has suffered enough where she has been kept. There are facts that are not reflected in the charge read before this court. It does not really reflect the true fact of the case," the lawyer said.

Saturday PUNCH had reported on August 3, 2013 that Bassey sustained severe burns on the head, body and feet before giving up the ghost seven days after.

A motorist helped put out the fire with his car's fire extinguisher while it took the timely intervention of the police to save Iroakazi from being lynched.

Bassey died at the Burns Unit of the Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos.

No relative has showed up to claim the remains of Bassey which are still in the mortuary.

The Director of a Non-Governmental Organisation, Esther Child Rights Foundation, Mrs. Esther Ogwu, that has been handling the case since the incident broke, told Saturday PUNCH that, "I don't even know what to say about that poor girl's parents. All attempts to get them to come to Lagos have been abortive.

"Is it that they are afraid of being blamed for releasing the little girl to the accused woman or they just don't want to have anything to do with the case? We just don't understand.

"What sort of parents will abandon their child to this kind of fate and will care less even when they learnt that she was dead?"

It was learnt that the initial delay in arraigning Iroakazi was because the deceased's parents failed to honour the invitation extended to them by the police even as they rebuffed attempts to bring them to Lagos.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an official of Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, hinted that the corpse of Bassey might be buried by the government her relatives did not show up to claim it.

Source: Saturday Punch

People get married for different reasons. While some seek companionship in marriage, many go into marriage for procreation.  For couples who look forward to having children immediately after marriage, being declared 'infertile' by experts is like a death sentence.

While it is generally agreed that it takes two to have a baby and every couple is expected to be in optimum health to have babies, medical experts claim men are having more fertility challenge now.  Sperm concentration in men is said to have decreased by a third since 1990s while sperm count is said to have decreased by half over the past 50 years.

Studies are also showing genetic abnormalities in sperm particularly in older men. For men therefore, quantity, quality and motility of spermatozoa are seen as important factors in fertility.

Since the male factor is a prominent cause of infertility in couples, sperm donation has become vital in assisted conception treatment.

A study by the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction stated that "a male factor is solely responsible in about 20 per cent of infertile couples and contributory in another 30 to 40 per cent."

According to experts, even when sperm numbers are great, a high proportion of men may have DNA damage that significantly impairs the chances of natural conception. Besides, male sperm deteriorates with age the same way it does for women.

Studies have also shown that if a man has poor health, smokes, drinks too much or has a bad diet, it's very likely his sperms are also going to be unhealthy.

Indeed, investigation by Saturday PUNCH showed that sperm has become a commodity in high demand in Lagos. The Chief Consultant and Head, Obstetrician and Fertility Department, Eko Hospitals, Dr. Adegbite Ogunmokun, said fertility problem, based on recent experience, had tilted more towards the male factor.

He said, "If 10 couples come in, there will be problem with the male in six of them, using our parameter of 20 million sperm per millimetre. But 10 to 15 years ago, maybe about four out of 10 men would have problem."

Our correspondents, who visited some fertility centres in Lagos, learnt that more men are having low sperm count, thus necessitating the need for more volunteer donors. But because donors are scare, fertility clinics offer as much as N50,000 to men who are interested in selling their sperm.

They also pay more when sellers have special features that the beneficiaries are looking for.

Like blood sellers, investigations show that many people in Lagos, especially students, now sell their sperms anytime they need money.

A student of the University of Lagos, who identified himself as John, said he had sold sperm to a few fertility centres in Lagos. John said he had been funding his education for the past two years with what he earned from selling his sperm.

John said he was introduced to the programme by a friend and that he had in turn brought in two other friends to 'business'.

"I've sold to a number of fertility centres. The money has really helped me to stay in school. It takes care of my tuition and some other personal needs," John said, with a measure of satisfaction.

"It's cool money, really and I'm also doing a service to mankind by helping out some people in need. Even friends that I introduced to it have not turned back since then."

An employee in a Lagos fertility clinic, who identified himself as Olufunsho, told Saturday PUNCH that some women would pay any amount to get a sperm seller with the features they want.

He said, "We pay N50,000 here but there are times when women come in and request that, at all cost, they must get a tall man. The person can earn more when they make such requests, especially if we don't have any that fits the profile in our bank.

"There was a time a woman came and requested that we get a tall man for her at all cost. I showed her the samples we had, but she did not like the profile. She said she was not satisfied with the heights. And we were unable to get what she wanted from the sellers that came at the time.

"The sellers that came then were either AS, or positive with hepatitis B or had low sperm count. We had up to twelve sellers that came and we were unable to get anybody. In such cases, we could offer a lot more when we find the right person. Sometimes, such people are also in a position to negotiate for what they want."

However, subsequent drops attract lesser amounts of money for the same seller.

To sell sperm, the person, according to Olufunsho, must stay off sex for five days. He undergoes some tests to confirm that he is not HIV positive and that he also has healthy sperm among others.

He said, "If the same person is still interested and we still need him, he would repeat the screening process again. We pay N10, 000 per ejaculation for other subsequent ones. With my own discretion, if the quality of the sperm is good and we have somebody who needs something that matches perfectly with that seller, we may reduce the probation period, but the sperm must be very good.

"Although that is the protocol, it could always be amended when there is nothing wrong with the person. Even if someone ejaculates the first time and in twenty minutes time, he does the same, it is still going to be good, but not as good as the first one."

At the various fertility centres where our correspondents posed as potential sperm seller, the clinic workers made keen attempts to have them start the process immediately, by leaving blood samples for tests.

On one occasion, a clinic worker told one of our correspondents that he was willing to waive the two to five days' probation period of abstinence, after our correspondent said he wished to "sleep over it."

The worker said, "What is there to think about? After all, you already said you're not married. You can leave your blood sample for testing while you go ahead and think over it."

Investigation showed that fertility centres want sellers between 18 and 45 years of age and expect them to abstain from sex, two to five days before giving sperm sample, depending on the centre.

Other conditions to be met by potential sperm sellers include testing negative to HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, sickle cell and some other sexually transmitted diseases. Tests are also carried out to determine the count, morphology (shape) and motility of the sperm cells.

In addition, fertility centres claim to also place a high premium on average intelligence, education and lifestyle. Although, Saturday PUNCH learnt that such claims are not always true as more emphases are actually placed on height and other physical attributes.

"It is not immediately that we pay. We prefer AA genotype because it can be given to anybody, unlike AS that cannot be given to just anybody," Olufunsho added.

However, an employee in another fertility clinic in Lagos, Akin, said sperm sellers could get paid within a week of starting the process. This is possible only if they satisfy the conditions.

He said, "If the motility is good, the count is good and you're okay, then, you can produce for us. If everything is okay, within a week, you can get your money."

A 2012 study into the reproductive health of 26,600 men in France, warned of a sperm crisis worldwide. It said that sperm concentration has decreased by a third since the 1990s. The study found a continuous 32.2 per cent decrease in sperm concentration over a period of 17 years.

During the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual conference in London in July 2013, some experts, critical of the study's validity, said it did not completely represent the situation in certain areas, particularly the developing world.

However, a fertility expert at Mother's World Care, Ikeja, Lagos, Dr. Margaret Olusegun, said the situation is similar in Nigeria.

She said, "A man should have a good count, up to 40 to 50 million sperm per millimetre of semen upward. But you find that these days, men have more challenges with fertility than women.

"Although, I don't have the statistics, men are the ones with more challenges now, even though they are the ones who drive out their wives if they can't bear children."

Olusegun explained that good sperm should have "at least 50 per cent motility (activeness) because sperm cells can be active, sluggish or dead."

"For morphology (shape) too, which could be normal or abnormal, sperm should have upward of 50 per cent normal cells. And there should not be bacteria growth," she added.

Ogunmokun described low concentration of sperm as "Oligospermia." He, however, said a sperm count with a minimum lower limit of 20 million sperm per millimetre of semen would still be considered normal. But he added that any sperm concentration of less than 20 million per millimetre of semen could be categorised as mild, moderate or severe oligospermia, depending on the count.

Ogunmokun said fertility problems could be with the man, the woman or the two of them.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that the demand for sperm has made the fertility business a lucrative one. Many of the fertility centres in Lagos have facilities for sperm preservation, where it's freezing costs about N50, 000 per quarter.

Ogunmokun said, "After collection, the semen is processed and seminal fluid and all other things are removed. The sperm is put in little bottles and placed in special containers called dewars, connected to a power source. It is stored at very low temperature and there must be an indicator for monitoring should there be a change in the condition."

He, however, added that there must be a standby generator in a place like Nigeria, where power supply is unstable, as sperm can be frozen for decades.

"Although, there are many other reasons why people freeze sperm, someone living far away from his wife can decide to freeze his sperm for the wife's use while he's away. Also, someone going for cancer treatment can freeze his sperm before starting the treatment since such treatments affect sperm production," he added.

Ogunmokun said fertility centres focus more on university undergraduates to ensure that sperm donors have a certain degree of intelligence.

He said, "The current practice is to actually recruit sperm donors and the focus is on undergraduates. The focus is on students because they should be able to provide their ID cards so that background checks can be done."

According to Ogunmokun, the perceived increase in the number of men with low sperm count is as a result of infection and lifestyle habits like sitting for too long and wearing of tight underwear.

He said, "The testes are not supposed to be too close to the body because of the higher body temperature. The testes are naturally colder, so people who travel long distances or sit in traffic for long can be prone to infertility."

Ogunmokun advised that men should "exercise appropriately, take good nutrition, avoid tight underwear, premarital sex, cigarette and alcohol to try to prevent low sperm count."

However, Olusegun identified good hygiene as key to the prevention of low sperm count, saying, "Our environment is too contaminated."

Report culled from Saturday Punch

For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed."Isaiah 9:16 "Let them alone: they be leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch."Matt 15:14 

I was going to be silent on this sad, pathetic but true (in many shades) allegation against Pastor B and his popular and trendy ministry. My silence was borne out of respect for the kingdom of God and things that pertain to God. But all this changed when I heard the horrific tales of people who had been through the mess of this blind man, and the fact that he had no moral motivation to deny or accept the allegation; all he showed on Sunday was a demented swagger and perverse talk. [see post

My sole purpose in writing this piece is to open the eyes of the world and believers to the hypocrisy and nonsense behind the pulpit, and to plea that these wolves and blind men stop deflating the faith of people who Christ died for.
I am a Pastor, a full time minister at that, and I shall not sit back while
the name of my God, the ministry, and the works of other shepherds is brought to disrepute by the activities, action and inaction of a few blind men behind the pulpit.

I am tired of the nonsense of religion crying out, "touch not my anointed"; does this mean we cannot rebuke ourselves when we err, this much Paul did to Peter when he erred in Galatians 2:11 "But when Peter was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed". It is therefore pertinent that I rebuke the wolves in shepherd's clothing's. It is time to set the record straight, and please don't sell me the bullocks of judge not, I haven't said anyone is going to hell, but of course if they don't change, they have only one path.

It is high time we told the truth, which is plain, simple and without coloration. The stories of Franca and Ese is not only true but they are just a few tales of the tantalizing sex escapades of this clergy. This has been a recurring decimal in the ministry of the clergyman. This wasn't the first time these stories will come forth, for those old COZA members, for those who were there when he was in Ilorin, when the church moved to Pipeline Road, Ilorin, having left Kwara Hotel, they will remember there was a time when the Pastor was suspended from ministering by his Father in the Lord, Rev Oset of Canaan Ministries. Rev. Oset sent guest ministers to the church every Sunday after that, but still Pastor B in his deceit will still minister in the pretence of introducing the guest minister, while he exhorts for minutes. 

I therefore laugh in mockery when He says his wife loves him, the woman has no choice. His core circle of Pastor Wole (Ilorin Chapter, the only man who maybe clean), and Pastor Flo (COZA, Lagos) knows of this fact, little wonder Ese said Pastor Flo said he knows about their adventures in that hotel room in London.

This is not the story of a hater; I don't want or envy anything he has. He cannot ever have what I have and carry; neither do I crave for what he has. I am sure no one in the city of Ilorin, where this man started is bemused by these stories, no one who finished from the University of Ilorin during the period of 2003-2008, and was not a blinded COZA member can be mightily shocked at these revelations. I have heard tales of many more victims,

I even heard from a woman who knows five friends who were victims, I saw it online the other day of a guy who said he formally works for him and he knows up to 130 people, outrageous as it may sound that too is true. Rev Oset in true conscience cannot deny the knowledge of these negatives. But we are a nation of hypocrites and religious folks; we ask no questions of leaders, so they can hide under the canopy of religion, even when they are filthy. Anyone who asks is rebuked by those who say, the bible says pray. It is sad that those who say pray themselves have not prayed. But Pastor B is just a decimal in an ever mounting number of wolves in the Church of Christ.

Someone told me yesterday that this can't be the end of him and his tyranny, because even in Ilorin in those days, the allegation was rolled under the rug. On Sunday, August 25, 2013, the man leading certain blind men under the veil of religion and 'spiritism' said God told him not to say anything, he then said they are preparing a robust response. Who is fooling who? We must not keep quiet and watch the bride of Christ, the church, rubbed and undignified in mud and slime by a filthily rich pastor who thinks he can do anything and get away with it.

It is a pity that we run sensational press and media outfit in this country, and that our press is blinded by religion. If this were to be 'saner' climes the press would by now be researching, there would by now be investigative journalism. The truth would be dogged up and resurrected to life. For this is not about a mistake that a Pastor made, it is about a filthy man's way of life.

And then about, "teaching a new level of grace'; please be reminded that Grace is not a license to sin, rather it empowers us to live above sin. Romans 6:1-2 says, "What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?" In my years of being a Christian, studying God's word, preaching the gospel, listening to sound teachers, I have not heard of a grace that gives permission to sin. 
Stop being deceived, grace is the new dispensation, according to Hebrew 8:6-12, and under grace we do not follow any written code, law or traditions. That is done away with. The tablet of Moses is over with. But we are not reckless sinners; we are under a new covenant based on better promises. God's law is written in our minds and hearts. We live according to His dictates. The Holy Spirit and our conscience convicts and judges us respectively. This is the only way we live a holy life. God's strength and empowerment is the grace to do according to that written by God in our hearts and minds.

I write this with a heavy heart, though I wish I never had to write this, but I pray this madness stops. I know many who have stopped going to church, many whose faith has been derailed by the act of madness of this man, and many blind men like him. If they are not going to heaven, let them stop taking men out of the straight and narrow. No one understands the pain in meeting a man, whose faith has been derailed by a man who was supposed to help establish him. For such a man, words can't bring him back, the best we can do is to pray and hope. I indulge the clergy to be of a higher moral standard.

My candid advice to the church at this end time is that the church must grow in knowledge; it's high time we stopped bamboozling you. You must stop making idols of men. You must stop making men such as I, substitute for the Holy Ghost. Honour us; revere us… but that is where it ends. Without the Call, the Oil, and the Holy Spirit; we are mere mortal. But know for sure that this too shall pass; only the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom abides forever.

For Pastor B and his sense making COZA people, remember the word of Christ in Matthew 15:14. How many of you even live life bearing the fruit of righteousness. Stop being blind, the ditch is close by. Look into this case, ask your pastor questions, seek genuine answers and not emotional rhetorics, hold him responsible, and do not forget the word of God, "then shall they know if they follow to know…" I am sure evidence abound. Seek to know from some key PCU members (who may need to be deposited in Gods ICU). Its time you hear not only about grace, but HOLINESS without which no one will see the Lord.

Finally don't bother praying against me, I can say like Paul, "For me to die is gain, to live is Christ", but I cannot even go now, because I am yet to fully finish the task set before me. Don't waste your time using misguided scriptural interpretation. This I write is true, and I am sorry if you don't like it. Your Pastor, and every other wolf whose conscience is not seared knows it is the complete true.

God bless you.
God bless His Church.
God bless Nigeria

Pastor J
God's House

Lionel Messi has had his conduct questioned after quotes published by Spanish site El Confidencial suggested that the Argentine insults and bullies his team-mates.

Widely regarded as the world's best footballer, Messi has been accused in the past of not being the ideal team man, and the latest quotes - if accurate - could indicate that the Argentine struggles to control his anger towards other players at the club.

The story - headlined "the true face of Messi" - was allegedly filtered out via Spain U19 stars Alejandro Grimaldo and Gerard Deulofeu, and claims that the unrest in the Barcelona dressing room has been kept firmly under wraps previously due to a Mafia-style 'omerta' – a law of silence.

Messi's "favourite victim at the moment" is said to be Spanish 22-year-old Cristian Tello, to whom Messi has apparently delivered such gems as "What are you doing? You're new here, and you're nobody!" and "Pass me the ball, you're here to play for me."

Tello was allegedly left in tears after these exchanges, a situation which the report claims was made even worse by the fact that the other players in the changing room blanked him even when he broke into the first team.

Tello and Messi celebrate together - but is there bad blood between them?

Messi is also reported to have attacked Chilean striker Alexis Sanchez, who signed from Udinese for 37 million euros in 2011, saying, "Considering how bad you are, I've no idea how you cost so much," and, "Stop shooting so much and give me the ball."

The story remains firmly in the 'unconfirmed' bracket, and even if Messi did use the language in question it's certainly easy enough to imagine that he did so with tongue firmly in cheek, in the spirit of training ground banter.

But Eurosport Spain's journalist Jorge Ordas says it's not unusual for such reports to emerge regarding Messi's standing within the squad.

"Well, it's not the first time that it has been said Messi that is not a good team-mate," Ordas said.

"He had some troubles with David Villa last year and he probably has a special personality.

"But honestly, I can't imagine Leo Messi saying that to other players – that is just my opinion."

Source: Eurosport

Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufa'I, said on Thursday in Abuja that French language would be part of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination as from 2014 for interested candidates, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

Rufa'I said this at a reception held in honour of the French Language Project Manager, Mr. Jean-Phillipe Roy.

She said that being multi-lingual in the 21st Century was essential as it helps individuals to operate more effectively in the international community.

"For Nigeria, the study of French language is quite key, considering the fact that our neighboring countries are French-speaking. Apart from the English language, French language is one of the major international languages," she said.

She said Roy came to Nigeria in 2009 under the second Bilateral Agreement between Nigeria and French.

The minister noted that the French had worked hard to ensure that various components of the project received due attention.

Rufa'i lauded his contributions to the reform of the UTME for 2014 in addition to the scholarships awarded to 16 teachers of French language to study in France for one month.

She said the project manager's contributions included supply of books to schools, award of Master's degree in French as a foreign language and supply of DVD and CD player to the project office.

The minister lauded the support of the French Government to the Nigerian French Language Village, Badagry, Lagos; and the Regional Network of French Language centres in Africa.

She also commended the Association of French Language Teachers, and noted the proposed handing over of the project vehicle to the ministry for the monitoring of the teaching and learning of the language.

"Nigeria and France have come a long way in their relationship. It is a relationship built on mutual respect, cooperation and interest. I wish to assure you that the ministry will continue to be committed to the teaching and learning of French Language in Nigeria and sustenance of the cordial relationship,'' she said.

Roy praised the collaboration between the Federal Government and the French Government.
"Since I have been here, you have shown a lot of interest in what we have been trying to do in terms of decision-making in critical issues and, with your help, we have been able to keep the project on the right track," he said.

What's causing #Nigeria's #ASUUchat strike? This has been pushed forward to the International scene on Aljazeera.

Nigeria's Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been on strike since July, bringing classes in 60 universities to a halt. This is just the latest round – the country's public universities have missed three and a half years of academic sessions in the last 15 years.

Our community in Nigeria asked us to cover this story, so join us on Friday 16GMT/5pm local to weigh in on what's behind the country's current university strike, how it's affecting students, and how it can be resolved.

Use the hashtag #ASUUchat to join the conversation and watch this space for updates.
Join the discussion on The Stream today Friday 30th August, 2013 by 16:00GMT/ 5pm local time or on twitter #ASUUchat

*It is good ASUU strike is being put on the international map as this might force the Federal Government to buckle and meet their demands once and for all*

Source: http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/201308291806-0023017

A severed human head has been sent to the boss of Kenya's police commission, Johnston Kavuludi, who has been trying to reform the service.

A box containing the head and two human hands covered in blood also had the message: "Kavuludi, you are next".

The police say they are interpreting it as a death threat.

The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse in Nairobi says the incident appears to show that, in some quarters at least, opposition to reforming Kenya's police runs deep.

He says Kenya's officers are often described as among the most corrupt in the region.

Mr Kavuludi was appointed last year to lead efforts to reform the police force.

This was identified as one of the key challenges following the post-election violence five years ago in which more than 1,000 people were killed.

According to the Daily Nation newspaper, the box was covered in yellow polythene and was deposited in a flower bed outside the National Police Service Commission offices in central Nairobi.

The police were alerted about two hours after the box was left on Thursday afternoon.

Nairobi police chief Benson Kibui linked the head to the previous discovery of a torso on a farm outside the city, the Daily Nation reports.

Source: BBC

Matilda Obaseki who played the role of 'Angela' in popular soap-opera, Tinsel, is set to marry her fiance, Arnold in September, starting with their traditional wedding in Matilda's hometown in Benin City, Edo State.

In preparation for the wedding, Matilda had some of her friends and colleagues such as Linda Ejiofor, Lilian Esoro, Osas Ighodaro, Damilola Adegbite, hosted a bridal shower for her at her Ikeja home.

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has replied Bianca Ojukwu over her threat to sue him, if he fails to retract his 'libellous publication' about her within seven days.

Mrs. Ojukwu had this morning vowed to drag Fani-Kayode to court for claiming to have dated her as a spinster in an article published by Fani-Kayode few weeks ago, in an attempt to exonerate himself of being tribalistic over the Lagos deportation saga.

Reacting to Bianca's threat, Fani-Kayode in a statement made available through his Press Secretary, Mr. Bisi Lawal said the matter has since been referred to his lawyers who will now take it up.

The statement reads, "This morning Cheif Femi Fani-Kayode woke up to find a letter that was published as an advertorial in Thisday Newspaper purportedly by Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu's lawyer threatening to sue him for mentioning her in his article and claiming that she has never met him before. She also said that he was being malicious. The matter has of course been reffered to Chief Fani-Kayode's lawyers who will now take it up.

"Ordinarily, he would not have said a word about this matter because he sympathises with her for whatever she may have been going through.

"However, now that she has put it in the public realm, Chief Fani-Kayode is compelled to formally respond. To the assertion that he never knew her and that they were never friends, he says this is false and he asks why would he lie? The public evidence is to the contrary. Chief Fani-Kayode would not want to say anything to embarrass her because that would be ungentlemanly.

"He sympathises with her delicate situation and once again he expresses his regrets about the fact that his statement about her was misconstrued. We shall just leave it at that," the statement added.

It was gathered however that Fani has enough proofs regarding his relationship with former beauty Queen and may be forced to roll them out should the case go beyond this stage.

Three men, Bashorun Babajide,  Aje Olumayowa, and Babajide Ajayi, have been arraigned before the Tinubu Magistrate's Court, Lagos State, for allegedly kidnapping and raping an undergraduate of the University of Lagos.

In the eight counts which the police preferred against the defendants, it was alleged that after raping the girl, the men also took snapshots of their victim and posted them on the Internet.

It was alleged that within a few days of the upload, the nude photographs went viral on social media, exposing Titiloye to ridicule and shame.

PUNCH Metro had reported in June, 2013 how the 22-year-old girl was abducted and raped at Ajose Street, on the Lagos Island.

The crime was said to have been uncovered and reported to the police after the attention of the family members of the victim was called to the pictures circulating online.

The police told the court on Thursday that Babajide, Mayowa and Ajayi also assaulted and attempted to murder their victim.

The police said the incident occurred in April, 2013.

The three accused persons were arraigned for kidnap, rape, assault, battery, unlawful detention and attempted murder.

The charge read in part, "That you, Bashorun Babajide, m, Aje Olumayowa, m and Babajide Ajayi, m,   on the 28th day of April 2013, at about 1930hrs at No 1, Ajose Street, Lagos Island in the Lagos Magisterial District, did conspire to wit kidnap and rape.

"That you, Bashorun Babajide, m , Aje Olumayowa, m, and Babajide Ajayi, m, on the same date, time and place in the aforesaid magisterial district did detain one Tolulope Titilayo,f, 22 years without her consent for the purpose of unlawful sexual intercourse.

"That you, Bashorun Babajide, m , Aje Olumayowa, m and Babajide Ajayi, m, on the same date, time and place in the aforementioned magisterial district did unlawfully take the nude photograph of one Tolulope Titiloye,f, 22yrs, without her consent and posted same on the internet."

The prosecutor said the offences were contrary to and punishable under Sections 409, 269, 144(1), 258, 135(2), 150(1)(2), 228, 56(a) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, Nigeria, 2011.

The defendants said they were not guilty of the charges.

It was reported that the complainant was not in court because she had not recovered from her ordeals in the hands of the culprits.

The magistrate, Mrs. S.K Matepo, admitted the defendants to bail in the sum of N100, 000 with two sureties each in like sum.

The matter was adjourned till October 2.

Source: Punch Metro

Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu, has described as false the claim by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode  in his article 'A word for those that call me Igbo hater' that he had an intimate relationship with her before her marriage to the Biafra warlord, late Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu. Bianca said  she had never met Fani-Kayode before, either at official or private level, not to talk of having an "intimate" relationship with him.

The ambassador, who spoke through her lawyers, Wall Street Attorneys, has threatened to drag the former aviation minister to court if he fails to retract his 'libelous' publication against her in the next seven days.

In the letter from her lawyers to Fani-Kayode, dated August 27, 2013 and signed by Mike Ugwuanyi, Esq, Mrs. Ojukwu demanded that the former minister writes an apology and retraction of the said libelous publication in The Sun and Thisday newspapers, as well as publish it in the online publication, where it emanated, in the next seven days or face litigation. The letter reads…

"We have been briefed and our services retained by Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu, Nigeria's Ambassador to Spain to demand from you an unreserved apology and a retraction of a false and malicious statement, which you published online and also caused to be published in the Leadership Newspaper of August 16, 2013.

In the said article entitled, 'Neither a Tribalist nor a Hater,' you recklessly alleged, as follows: 'I was not a tribalist when I had a long standing and intimate relationship with Miss Bianca Onoh…', a statement, which you know is untrue and unfounded, but only calculated to lower our client's esteem and damage her national and international reputation.

Our client has never met you, does not know you in person and has never had any official or private relationship with you how much more 'a long-standing and intimate relationship. Our client is therefore, outraged by your bizarre and scandalous allegation and the numerous mails and telephone calls she has received from friends, relations and admirers who are equally embarrassed and who seek to confirm the veracity or otherwise of your false and reckless publication.

Your apparent lame and half-hearted attempt, as published in the Leadership Newspaper of 17th August 2013, to clarify your false and malicious allegation falls far short of a retraction and does not sufficiently address the damage to our client arising from the widespread dissemination of your false publication and is therefore unacceptable to our client.

In the circumstances, we demand, on the instruction of our client that you submit to her a clear and unqualified apology and retraction published in The Sun and Thisday newspapers in addition to having the retraction published online.
Take note that should you fail to tender the apology and publish a retraction of your false and malicious publication, seven days next after your receipt of this demand notice, our further instructions are to seek appropriate redress in court. And that shall be without further recourse to you. Be properly guided."

Lagos is ranked the 4th worst city on earth and the second-fastest growing city in Africa. This is courtesy of Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU.

According to the list which has countries from Africa and Asia in the first three, Lagos shares its 137 position with Port Moresby, in Papua New Guinea.

The report released yesterday reads....

"Rapid growth is not always a good thing because Lagos is now a magnet for two perpetual threats to peace: pirates and Islamist warriors.
Boko Haram have a problem with cities like Lagos and also lots of weaponry. Pirates threaten trade and use kidnapping as a method of funding. Islamist terrorist groups such as Boko Haram ("Education is forbidden") want to create their own version of heaven on earth by destroying cities such as Lagos and imposing strict sharia law. Lagos has enormous potential but as yet little to show for it – hence its poor ranking,"

There was mayhem at the Seme border area of Lagos State on Thursday after a 35-year-old man, Saturday Joel, was shot by officials of the Nigerian Customs Service.

Eyewitnesses said Joel was hit by a stray bullet while some customs officers were trying to apprehend a motorist who was smuggling a red Volkswagen bus from Benin Republic into Nigeria.

It was learnt that after the shooting, some residents took to the streets in protest. The residents were said to have alleged that customs officials had killed at least three motorists this month under the pretext that they were smugglers.

It was learnt that in the ensuing pandemonium, the customs officials stationed in the area fled. However, a Superintendent of Customs, identified as J. I Motojelu, was said to have been driving by at the time.

It was learnt that in retaliation, the angry mob, led by a community leader, dragged the officer out of his Toyota Corolla car marked ABJ 663 DW, and killed him.

It was learnt that the irate mob, also set the deceased officer's vehicle ablaze and set up bonfires at the centre of the road.
The culprits were said to have used the opportunity to steal some items that had previously been seized by customs.

A police source said, "Motojelu, who knew nothing about the incident was beaten to death. The mob opened a customs patrol van stationed nearby and took a G3 rifle with 30 rounds of ammunition kept inside it. They then set the vehicle ablaze."
Sources told our correspondent that some customs officials and policemen later returned to the scene and fired shots to disperse the mob.

Director, Lagos State Fire Service, Razaq Fadipe, said his men attempted to put out the fire but they had to retreat because of the sporadic gunshots in the area.
It was learnt that the victim had been rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

But the NCS Public Relations Officer, Seme Command, Ernest Olattah, said in a statement that the officer was killed while on his way to attend a meeting at the command.
He said, "We announce the gruesome killing of one of our senior officers by some smugglers in the Ashipa area of Seme around 9.50am on Thursday. The deceased officer, while in his official uniform, unarmed, and driving to the command's headquarters for a routine meeting, was accosted by a mob who forced him out of his vehicle.
"Led by an identified chief of the community, the officer was murdered in cold blood, while his vehicle was set ablaze."

The customs spokesman said efforts were on to apprehend the culprits adding that the customs had achieved many feats this year alone.
He said NCS operatives, due to their uncompromising stance against smuggling and the protection the nation's economy, had come under series of attacks by smugglers and some unpatriotic elements that saw smuggling as their rights.

The PRO said, "Customs Area Controller of Seme Border, Othman Abdu Saleh, has in collaboration with sister government agencies including the police, commenced moves to bring the perpetrators of the heinous crime to book. The controller posits that this unfortunate incident will not deter operatives of the command under his watch from carrying out their lawful duties.

"This is indeed a sad day for us here in this command, but let me emphasised that we are not relenting in the discharge of our duty as we will not allow the darkness of criminality to dampen the light of our service to Nigeria."

Lagos Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, told our correspondent on the telephone that seven suspects had been arrested, adding that they would be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba.
She said, "Joel is recuperating at Badagry General Hospital while the slain customs officer has been deposited at the mortuary."

The ex-girlfriend of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been executed by firing squad, according to reports.

Singer Hyon Song-wol is believed to have been one of a number of well-known performers executed for violating North Korea's laws against pornography.

The victims were accused of filming themselves having sex and selling the videotapes, according to South Korean newspaper The Chosun Ilbo.

Some allegedly had Bibles in their possession, which meant they were treated as political dissidents, the newspaper reported.

Hyon and other victims were members of the Unhasu Orchestra as well as singers, musicians and dancers with the Wangjaesan Light Music Band.

They were arrested on August 17 and executed in public on August 20.

A source told The Chosun Ilbo: "They were executed with machine guns while the key members of the Unhasu Orchestra, Wangjaesan Light Band and Moranbong Band as well as the families of the victims looked on."

It was also reported that the families of those killed are believed to have been sent to prison camps under North Korea's law of guilt by association.

Kim and Hyon met around 10 years ago, before either was married, but the dictator was forced to end the relationship by his father, Kim Jong-il.

In July last year, rumours emerged suggesting the two were having an affair after Kim was pictured with a mystery woman while watching a performance by the Moranbong Band.

Like Hyon, Kim's wife Ri Sol-ju was also a member of the Unhasu Orchestra before she married him.

Hyon Song Wol was famously part of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, the electric music group behind the hits "I Love Pyongyang" and "Excellent Horse-like Lady."



Little is known about Kim Jong-un as North Korea is notoriously secretive about its first family.

Kim, believed to be 30, assumed power in December 2011 when his father died of a suspected heart attack.

He is believed to have married Ri Sol-ju in 2009 although it was not made public until 2012.

In May, it was claimed the young North Korean leader has fathered a baby girl in 2010 with an unknown woman, two years before his wife gave birth to the couple's first child.

Ri – in her twenties – is believed to have given birth to her child – also a girl – late last year.

Analysts say the fact that there have been no official reports about either of Jong-un's daughters is probably due to the ongoing three-year official period of mourning for Kim Jong-il.

A rare reference to Kim's daughter was made by former basketball ace Dennis Rodman following his controversial to Pyongyang in February.

The ex-NBA star, who struck up a bizarre friendship with the dictator, said Kim's wife talked mostly about her "beautiful baby daughter."

Kim Jong-Un was educated in Switzerland where he is thought to have developed a fascination for basketball and computer games.

Oddball Rodman angered Americans when he was seen sitting courtside and even sharing a hug with the anti-US leader during a Harlem Globetrotters exhibition match.

Source: Mirror UK

Borno State Government will start paying parents who send their children to school.

The Borno State Government says it will start paying parents who enrol their children to acquire Western education, especially in the northern part of the state. Governor Kashim Shettima disclosed this on Sunday while interacting with some Bama elders at the GRA, Maiduguri.

Shettima said this initiative was part of the government's `Conditional Cash Transfer' scheme for poor households.

He said that the objective of the scheme was to ensure that parents sent their children to school rather than allow them roam the streets.

He blamed the Boko Haram insurgency for the poverty and ignorance in the state, adding that it disrupted the socio-economic activities in the state; and urged parents to send their children parents to school to safeguard their future.

He said government was also working on plans to reconstruct the 825 classrooms destroyed by the Boko Haram insurgents, to prepare grounds for the commencement of academic programmes in the affected schools.

Responding, the chairman of the elders, Ahmed Yusufari, thanked Shettima for the visit.

The supreme Court has upheld the election of Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State.

The Supreme Court has upheld the election of Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State and dismissed the appeals by Rotimi Akeredolu of the defunct Action Congress of Nigeria, Olusola Oke of Peoples Democratic Party.

Justice Walter Ononghen, who led six other justices on the proceedings, had reserved their ruling and fixed judgment for August 29 after counsel to the parties in the case adopted their addresses.

Messrs Akeredolu and Oke had challenged the October 20, 2012 re-election of Mr. Mimiko of the Labour party (LP).

Mr. Akeredolu had prayed an order for a re-run election, while Mr. Oke sought for his declaration as governor.

They claimed that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) conspired with Mr. Mimiko to illegally add more than 90,000 fake voters in the voter register used for the election.

They further alleged that INEC failed to display the voter register before the election as mandated by the Electoral Act.

They said the election ought not to have been held as the processes leading to casting of votes were beclouded with `fraudulent' actions.

The Akure Division of the Court of Appeal on July 2 dismissed the two appeals, and upheld Mr. Mimiko's election.

The duo had filed separate appeals before the appellate court against the judgment of the Election Petitions Tribunal that had earlier dismissed their petitions.

The court held that the appellants failed to prove the allegations of substantial non-compliance of the 2012 election with Electoral Act 2010 as amended beyond reasonable doubt.

Dissatisfied with the decision of the appellate Court, Messrs Akeredolu and Oke approached the Supreme Court for what they called "further and better interpretation of the issues raised''.

Wole Aina, who appeared for Mr. Akeredolu, urged the court to uphold his client's relieves because the election was shrouded in "irregularities, fraud and conspiracy."

In a swift interjection, Wole Olanipeku, counsel to Mr. Mimiko, urged the court to compel the counsel to the appellant to formerly announce the seeming extinction of ACN as a political party.

Mr. Olanipekun argued that the rules of the court compelled the ACN, which was the second appellant in the appeal to be struck out of the suit, having metamorphosed into the All Progressive Congress (APC) through a merger with other political parties.

However, Mr. Aina opposed Mr. Olanipeku's submission, arguing that ACN's status as an appellant still remained relevant.

"I am not oblivious of the fact that the party has gone through a process of merger resulting in a new political party called All Progressive Congress.

"This, I have read from the newspapers, and cannot be used as evidence. It is also left to be seen whether INEC has finally retrieved the party's certificate of registration.

"So I urge the court to discountenance the ambush to frustrate the hearing of the appeal,'' he said.

After a moment of pondering, Mr. Aina bowed to the pressure and filed an oral application for the substitution of the party with the APC as new appellant.

Mr. Olanipeku-led other counsel to the respondents to oppose the application, contending that such application ought to have been formally filed by officials of the APC.

They, therefore, prayed the court to summarily strike out ACN from the appeal, adding that the court lacked the jurisdiction to replace it with APC in the circumstance.

Giving a short ruling, Mr. Onoghen dismissed the application and ordered the striking out of ACN from the appeal.

"ACN has ceased to exist as a political party and by extension, a party in this appeal'' he said.

Arguing the main appeal, Mr. Olanipeku, Yusuf Ali, counsel to LP, Onyechi Ikpeazu, counsel to INEC, jointly prayed the court to dismiss it.

They submitted that the appellant failed to prove the allegation of non-compliance to the Electoral Act in the conduct of the election.

Mr. Ikpeazu urged the court to discard the appellant's affidavit that suggested that INEC accepted registering fake voters to assist Mimiko to gain upper hand in the election.

"My Lords, nothing of such happened as both the soft and hard copies of the voter register were given to all the political parties before the day of the election,'' he said.

On the other appeal filed by the PDP Candidate, Lateef Fagbemi, counsel to Mr. Oke, urged the court to cancel the election.

"The court must stop the culture of impunity in the country's electioneering by beginning to visibly punish offenders who benefit from such conspiracy theory like the one before you.

"We are here to tell the court that the election should not have held in view of the embellished voters register which gave the first respondent an edge over others,'' Mr. Fagbemi said.

However, Oladipo Olanipekun, counsel to Mr. Mimiko, urged the court to dismiss the appeal, adding that the issues raised were not sustainable.

On whether the court had jurisdiction to entertain the appeals while the court is still on vacation, Wole Olanipeku led other counsel to challenge the action of the court.

They argued that the court was wrong to have shelved its vacation to attend to the appeal when a date in September was earlier fixed by the same court to hear it.

In his response, the presiding judge, Mr. Ononghen said the court derived its power from the constitution to cut-short the vacation to hear the appeals whose life would have expired on Aug 29.

"The 60 days set aside to dispose the appeals was billed to terminate on Aug. 29 and if we do not do this, it means the appeals will have been foreclosed without serving justice," he held.

The Speaker of Taraba State House of Assembly, Haruna Tsokwa, has announced that the lawmakers have decided to ask Governor Danbaba Suntai to go back to the United States to continue his treatment.

The lawmakers asked the governor to return to the U.S. to continue his rehabilitation programme and only come back to run his office when he is fully fit.

Mr. Tsokwa, who addressed journalists in Jalingo on Thursday morning, said the decision of members followed their visit to Mr. Suntai on Wednesday night.

He said the lawmakers were convinced Mr. Suntai was unfit to return to office.

The 24 members of the Assembly had on Wednesday evening visited the governor after resolving at their sitting earlier Wednesday to meet with Mr. Suntai to confirm his true state of health before taking any position on his letter stating his intention to resume office.

But the lawmakers declined comments after meeting with Mr. Suntai, saying they would only speak on Thursday.
The lawmakers did not confirm whether or not they were allowed to meet the governor.

Mr. Suntai, who appeared apparently ill during his arrival on Sunday, has made no public appearance or given an address since his arrival, fuelling speculation about the state of his mind and capacity to lead the state.

Critics have accused the governor's family and associates of attempting to foist a critically ill governor on the state so they can usurp his powers.
"Whereas we sympathize with the Suntais and the entire people of Taraba State over this unfortunate incident and sincerely wish the ailing Governor full recovery, we however condemn unequivocally the attempt by some political vultures within and outside the State who are bent on holding a whole State to ransom and make effective governance once again unrealistic," a network of civil society groups said on Tuesday.

"These charlatans have desperately kept trying to cling to political power and by extension the resources of Taraba State through series of craftily woven plots of deceits, meant to hoodwink the Nigeria public in a manner similar to the unfortunate Turai-Yar'adua saga."

Events since Monday appeared to give strength to that concern as the critically ill governor issued an immediate notification to the House of Assembly signaling his preparedness to resume work.

Then, while lawmakers insisted he addressed them before approving his letter, the governor, on Wednesday, announced the dissolution of the cabinet and named a new secretary to the state government.

The governor named the outgoing commissioner for Justice, Timothy Kataps, as the news SSG, and Aminu Jika as the new Chief of Staff.
But the acting governor, Mr. Umar, dismissed the order as null and void, and laid claim to the office hours later.

The declaration heightened the political tension in the state that has endured months of uncertainty as both sides jostled for authority and sought to outplay the other long before Mr. Suntai returned to Nigeria.

A source close to the state Assembly said some members loyal to Mr. Umar had commenced scouting for signatures preparatory for the commencement of impeachment proceedings against the ailing governor.
The source indicated that the impeachment plan had already reached advanced stage with only two more signatures needed to get the required number of members necessary to actualize the plot.

The State Assembly itself had on Tuesday backed Mr. Umar to continue as acting governor until Mr. Suntai was able to appear before the lawmakers to confirm that he is indeed fit to function as governor as indicated in the letter he transmitted to the House.

A jealous female student of the Osun State Polytechnic, simply identified as Yetunde has been arrested by the police for pouring hot water on her boyfriend, Niyi Adelana shortly after his birthday.

The 19 year-old lady, Yetunde of Science Laboratory Technology (SLT) department was said to have poured hot water on Niyi because he invited other girls and failed to give her adequate attention during the birthday party held at Miracle Hall, BHS area in Iree.

Niyi, a Higher National Diploma (HND II) student of Computer Science department in the institution whose body was mutilated was rushed to the General hospital, Iree for medical treatment and later transferred to an undisclosed hospital in Ikirun town.

It was gathered that Niyi who celebrated his birthday last Saturday was said to have invited some of his friends mostly ladies to his birthday party, a situation that did not go down well with his girlfriend, Yetunde.

However, when the party ended, Niyi made attempt to pacify his lover (Yetunde) but the angry girl was furious and eventually poured boiled water on him. The agonized boy screamed and this drew the attention of other students in the hostel to the scene.

The incident took another unfortunate dimension as Niyi's ailing father; Pa Adelana who was receiving medical treatment in a hospital in Abeokuta, Ogun State gave up the ghost immediately he received the news that his son was bathed with hot water.

The Police Public Relation Officer for Osun State Police Command, DSP Folasade Odoro confirmed the incident in a chat with Daily Trust correspondent.

She noted that investigation is still going on and that after diligent investigation; the girl will be charged to court.

When contacted for reaction, the Public Relations Officer of the institution, Mr. Tope Abiola said that the incident took place outside the school premises and that the management could not do anything about it. He said "It's very unfortunate and we sympathize with the victim and his parents. It's a criminal act and very unfortunate".

Culled from Daily Trust

The draw for this season's UEFA Champions League are out.

So many mouth-watering fixtures awaits football lovers.

Last season's winner, Bayern Munich faces a straightforward group when they play Manchester City.

Barcelona face usual playmates, AC Milan, Celtic and Ajax Amsterdam.

Real Madrid face fellow Italian giant, Juventus in a straightforward group as well.

Manchester United are in a tricky group as they face Shakhtar Donetsk and Bayer Leverkusen and Real Sociedad.

Arsenal are worse off in the group as they meet Marseille, last season's semi-finalist Borussia Dortmund and Napoli.

Chelsea are in the easiest group of all when they meet Schalke, Basel and Romanian champions Steaua Bucharest.

Full Draws:

Group A: Manchester United, Shakhtar Donetsk, Bayer Leverkusen, Real Sociedad.

Group B: Real Madrid, Juventus, Galatasaray, Copenhagen.

Group C: Benfica, Paris St-Germain, Olympiakos, Anderlecht.

Group D: Bayern Munich, CSKA Moscow, Manchester City, Viktoria Plzen.

Group E: Chelsea, Schalke, Basel, Steaua Bucharest.

Group F: Arsenal, Marseille, Borussia Dortmund, Napoli.

Group G: Porto, Atletico Madrid, Zenit St Petersburg, Austria Vienna.

Group H: Barcelona, AC Milan, Ajax, Celtic.

The Chairman of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Bayelsa State, Comrade Tare Akono, has apprehended and handed over to the Department of State Service (DSS) a 36years old man identified as Paul Yempe over his false claim to be a Correspondent to the Cable News Network (CNN) in the Niger Delta region.

According to the SSS, the fake CNN reporter was arrested with an Identification Card of the Rivers State Broadcasting Corporation known as Radio Rivers and a fake Identification card of the CNN.

It was gathered that the fake journalist was arrested in the office of the Commissioner for Energy, Barr. Akio Francis last Thursday.

The arrest, it was gathered, was made possible due to the coincidental presence of the NUJ chairman,Tare Akono at the Commissioner's Office.

The suspect, according to a security source, had allegedly swindled some of the state officials

Source: Vanguard

Nigeria's Big Brother Africa, BBA, representative in the 2013 edition of the reality show, Beverly Osu has not been feeling well since the last day of the show in South Africa, thus she is presently on admission in a Lagos hospital.

Beverly who returned on Tuesday night was admitted on Wednesday at Faith City Hospital, Oju Olobun Close, off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

She is said to be responding to treatment. Fellow housemate Melvin and Uti Nwachukwu were some of the first people to visit her in the hospital.

Beverly sustained an ankle injury on the finale of the reality show while climbing the stage and I hear the situation was getting more serious than she had thought.

*I thought Bev was on the radio yesterday morning.. I guess the injury re-surfaced*

I can't believe how time flies. Today, the 29th of August 2013 marks 10 years of Nigeria's first indigenous mobile telecommunication service, Globacom, into the market.

In a market dominated by foreign GSM operators two years earlier, Glo made a grand entry on the 29th of August 2003.

It seemed the advent of Globacom really brought about market stability and competition, because if not for Globacom, Nigerians were going to continue taking crap from foreigners.

Who can remember those days when calling was strictly based on per-minute billing, and it costs N50 Naira per-minute?

I remember that you dare not 'flash' and the recipient picks up.

Who can remember when a 'starter pack' used to cost between N20,000 to 40,000?

I remember my first number was a Glo line, 080561323XX. It cost N10,000 and it included N5,000 airtime. So it means I actually bought the line for N5,000. The cheapest around at that time.

Globacom's advent into the Nigerian market was a wonderful thing that has ever happened to Nigerians. When they came, they scrapped that so-called per-minute billing, a plan the other networks in existence said 'wasn't possible'.

Glo introduced per-second billing at cheap and affordable rates.

I remember vividly in 2004, I was privileged to use a Nokia 3330 Music Phone then (who can remember that phone?) I needed to browse, I just put in my Glo sim and I connected to the mobile internet for the first time.

I remember it was on Glo I sent my first ever Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

I also remember all the other network started 'copying' Globacom. Nigerians had already settled for crap and didn't seem to care, not until Glo came out and started amending some of these 'injustices' as I will like to term it.

Globacom then began massive infrastructural development as any news on Glo was on most newspapers then. They did this optic fibre underground cable or something like that to boost their network. I remember all of these.

Those of us on the network back then were 'Glo-ing With Pride', much to the envy of those who were not on the network.

Several years along the line, Glo gained a massive customer base.

I remember Glo was the first network that launched 3G network into the market. I remember you could do video calling on Glo network then.

For people who started using Blackberry, who can remember when BIS was N5,000 per month? I remember some people in my school then will save up to 5k just to subscribe. It was Globacom that crashed that price to N3,000 per month, then the other networks followed suit.

Barely a few months after that, Glo further crashed that price to N1,400, while other networks were still charging at N3,000 per month. I can't count how many of my friends dumped their previous lines and went to purchase a Glo line.
When the other networks discovered that they were the ones losing, they followed suit too and reduced their price to N1,500.

Now how much is BIS today, N1,000. How much is SIM card today, N100.. The rest, they say, is history.

I must say without any form of bias, that Globacom has really thrived despite the very stiff competition they had back then. Some other networks wouldn't have survived then.
Now Globacom has spread its tentacles in some West African countries.

Not forgetting some social responsibilities that Glo had embarked upon such as sponsoring the Nigerian Premier League and Ghanaian premier League, the Glo CAF Awards and the Glo Soccer Academy and many others.

All of these can be attributed to a visionary Nigerian businessman-per-excellence, Dr. Michael Adenuga Jnr, whose steadfastness made Glo what it is today.

I say Congratulations to Globacom on its 10 year Anniversary.

Find a press statement from the State Govt below..

The Lagos State Government wishes to state clearly that it has neither terminated nor cancelled the Concession Agreement it entered into with the Lekki Concession Company Limited (LCC) to reconstruct and expand the 49.36 km Eti-Osa Lekki-Epe Expressway.

To set the records straight, Lagos State Government is engaged in buying back the rights pertaining to the concession ahead of the 30-year period stipulated in the Design, Build, Operate and Transfer (DBOT) Concession Agreement. This is to be achieved by purchasing all the shares in LCC.

The State Government came to this decision to buy back the rights in the light of several developments clearly not envisaged in the 2006 Concession Agreement (which became effective in 2008) a few of which are highlighted below.

The project, given its pioneering nature, had some underlying assumptions and market indicators under which the transaction was concluded which have since drastically changed in a manner that it can no longer be sustained in its current form. Such include the devaluation of the Naira and costs of construction.

The LCC, which is the special purpose vehicle representing the investors, formally brought it to the attention of the State Government that given the rapid rise in interest rates on local loans, and other cost parameters, it is compelled to raise tolls currently being charged at Toll Plaza One from N120.00 to N144.00 per Car. 

The Concessionaire also brought it to the attention of the State Government, that as provided for under the agreement, tolling would have to commence at Toll Plaza Two.

In addition, the Concessionaire indicated that unless it realised more income from increased rates at Toll Plaza One and commence tolling at the same rate per Car at Toll Plaza Two, it would not be able to meet its commitments to investors in the project and continue to fund completion of the remaining sections of the road. 

Furthermore, the LCC stated that Toll Plaza Three, as contained in the Agreement, must be built and tolls collected for the continued viability of the project.

Under such circumstances, the Lagos State Government felt obliged to buy out the interests of the Concessionaire in advance of the hand-over date of 2038 under a mutual settlement option also expressly provided for in the Concession Agreement. This is after due consultation with all major stakeholders including the Lagos State House of Assembly based on various feedback and agitation made to the Government.

Contrary to the misleading reports by some sections of the media on Wednesday, August 27, 2013 from the State House of Assembly's consideration and approval of the 2013 Supplementary Budget, the buy-back is not and does not amount to a "termination" or "cancellation" of the concession of Eti-Osa, Lekki-Epe Expressway.

The significance of the buy-back, for which the State Government deserves commendation, is that it allows the Government to take full control over the determination of the toll rates in order to continue to make it affordable for road users. The LCC shall therefore continue to operate as a fully commercial entity for the benefit of taxpayers and the larger society.

More importantly, it would also preserve the ability of the Government to complete and deliver the infrastructure by direct budget funding, which was also one of the reasons for the presentation of the Year 2013 Budget Re-Ordering to the State House of Assembly.

In addition LASG wishes to reaffirm its unflinching commitment to the adoption of PPP Model as a complementary policy thrust for the acceleration of infrastructure delivery towards improving the living standards of the populace. Lagos remains an investor friendly State that shall continue to ensure the sanctity of contracts, as in this case, in sustaining investors' confidence in its investment climate as a preferred destination.

The general public is therefore enjoined to continue to cooperate with LCC's officials and operatives as it continues the expansion and construction works on the 49.36km Eti-Osa Lekki-Epe Expressway and the operations of the toll collection systems. LASG wishes you a safe and happy motoring experience on the modernised expressway with its associated free value added services such as 24/7 security patrol, vehicle break down recovery, ambulance services, amongst others.

Eko oni baje O!

Ayo Gbeleyi                                                              
Honourable Commissioner for Finance

Ade Ipaye

Honourable Attorney-General & Commissioner for Justice

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

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