If you can remember I posted a viral picture about the customised gold-plated iphones allegedly ordered by a certain individual to distribute on Independence Day, but I guess that picture was a product of Photoshop, as the real picture started circulating moments after that.

But I actually followed the Twitter feeds of Gold & Co, makers of customised gold-plated phones, and I discovered that the company said it was mis-quoted.

The company also denied that the order was made by the Federal Government, but confirmed that a certain 'individual' placed the order for the iPhones, customised with the Nigerian Coat of Arms and was planning to give them out on Independence Day.

No one knows who that 'individual' is, hence the reason this picture went viral, but I am happy it has been put to bed.

Reacting to the fake phone photo, Reno Omokri, Special Assistant (New Media) to the President said;

"Let me make it clear that President Goodluck Jonathan is a simple man who has ensured that all independence anniversary celebrations under his watch have been low key inexpensive events in keeping with his policy of avoiding wasteful expenditures.

"These stories and others like it are sponsored by those who would like to distract President Jonathan from the task of Transformation of which he has committed himself and this administration. It is a disservice to all of us if we sit back while these disgruntled elements get away with lies without exposing them and their cohorts."

The Commandant-General, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Dr Ade Abolurin, on Monday said the organisation had deployed 120,000 personnel to boost security during the 53rd Independence Celebrations nationwide.

The commandant general made this known during a media briefing in Abuja.

He said the NSCDC would continue to ensure the protection of the lives and properties of Nigerians at all times.

According to him the corps apprehended 823 suspects between January and September across the country.

He said of the 823 apprehended, 782 were currently being prosecuted for various crimes.

Abolurin said the corps, in collaboration with relevant agencies of government, had convicted 41 suspects arrested for vandalizing critical infrastructure across the country.

President Goodluck Jonathan will on Tuesday make a nationwide broadcast in commemoration of the nation's 53rd Independence Day celebration.

Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, said this in a two-paragraph statement, made available to journalists on Monday.

The statement read, "President Goodluck Jonathan will make an Independence Day Broadcast to the nation at 7am tomorrow, Tuesday, October 1, 2013.

"All television and radio stations in the country are enjoined to hook up to the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority  and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria to relay the broadcast to their viewers and listeners."

Actor and former Actors Guild of Nigeria president Segun Arinze is reported to have reacted to fellow actor Jim Iyke's buzzing deliverance at the SCOAN on his Blackberry. He wrote: "This Jim Iyke's deliverance video at the Synagogue trending looks too contrived. It's a big embarrassment.

"Has anyone ever seen demons come out live and speak? Una fit stand demons? Una carry Nollywood enter Church, abi? How much did he get paid? I'm just wondering. Make una stop all these nonsense play. Haba. Stranger than fiction!

The Nollywood ace actor and film maker took to twitter to express his thoughts about Jim Iyke's deliverance at Prophet TB Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations, yesterday.

"So, Jim Iyke got 'delivered' of an evil demon in a popular church recently? Mmmmm. Chai! Strange things happen. #GTFOH! And after Jim Iyke's deliverance, the 'new' Jim Iyke barked out at his PA about his shoes off his legs? Hmmmm. #GTFOH

All I can say is that 'whatever floats your boat, brother'. Better send those poor women you have dated to same church for same. These Nollywood stars and the rush for 'deliverance'. Dem need am sef. God save us Producers from some of the demons we cast.

I'm not insulting anyone. I just feel that 'deliverance' issues are personal. Not with cameras and klieg lights. De demon na star? I know I am treading dangerous grounds here esp when it comes to spiritual stuff and celebs but I have a right to comment since it's public
My moonlighting as a critic makes analytical cynicism a part of my job. We are afraid too much of speaking our minds#GTFOH. I do think though that Jim was brave to go for deliverance. It is a first step to a total recovery. I wish him well. Honestly, I do.

For those sending me hateful tweets over this deliverance issue, you know the way to the church for yours. I'm unfazed. My tweets are my personal opinions on a topic, if you twist them or it offends you, na you sabi. No skin off my nose.
Like I said, Jim has my best wishes. Good actor, he is. We go through a mid-life crisis one time or the other. Genuine God discovery helps.

Blackberry has dismissed an influential recommendation that customers should move to other mobile technologies.

The embattled smartphone maker said that firms using its products did not need to switch.

Blackberry said conclusions drawn about the viability of its business plans were "purely speculative".

Analyst firm Gartner had based its recommendation on Blackberry's financial losses and planned redundancies.

Blackberry said the job losses were part of its strategy to focus on its core enterprise business.

"We recognise and respect external parties' opinions on Blackberry's recent news," the company said in a statement. "However, many of the conclusions by Gartner about the potential impact of a sale or other strategic alternatives, are purely speculative."

Blackberry this month revealed that it would make half its workforce redundant by the end of the year, after losses of $950m (£588m) in the second quarter.

The struggling Canadian firm, which has been hit hard by declining handset sales, has agreed in principle to be bought by a private consortium led by investor Fairfax Financial.

Blackberry products are used by governments and large financial institutions around the world for secure communications.

Gartner, one of the world's major technology analyst firms, said in a report last week that Blackberry customers were becoming increasingly concerned about the company's prospects.

The technology consultancy said Blackberry's hardware group could be sold to a foreign government, "which may be unsettling for some clients".

Businesses have up to six months to make plans to switch from Blackberry to alternatives, Gartner said in its report.

Organisations should move completely away from Blackberry or phase out Blackberry handset use for everyone apart from executives, Gartner recommended.

Authorities in Nigeria say there was no security protection at an agricultural college where up to 50 students were shot dead as they slept on Sunday.

The students were killed by suspected Islamist gunmen in their dormitory in Yobe state, north-eastern Nigeria.

Official Abdullahi Bego told the BBC the government and military would work to increase protection in schools.

North-eastern Nigeria is under a state of emergency amid an Islamist insurgency by the Boko Haram group.

Boko Haram is fighting to overthrow Nigeria's government to create an Islamic state, and has launched a number of attacks on schools.

BBC Hausa service editor Mansur Liman says there seems to be some complacency in the Nigerian military after their recent successes in driving militants out of many urban areas in the north-east.

However, the insurgents have previously seized army uniforms and vehicles, which they are able to use to infiltrate supposedly secure areas and carry out attacks, he says.

Abdullahi Bego, special advisor to the Yobe state government, told the BBC on Monday that no security forces had been operating in the area when the attack on the College of Agriculture took place.

He acknowledged that security forces are meant to undertake regular patrols of educational institutions.

He said schools in the area would not be closed because that is what the "terrorists" wanted.

"We are committed to providing education to our children in Yobe state and in north-eastern Nigeria," he said.

The state authorities would work with the military to reinforce protection at schools, he added.

Casualty figures from the attack vary, but a local politician told the BBC that around 50 students had been killed.

The Nigerian military said soldiers had collected 42 bodies and taken 18 wounded students to a hospital in Yobe's state capital, Damaturu.

Footage shot by the Associated Press shows the bodies of at least 23 young men lined up on the floor of what appears to be a makeshift mortuary in the town.

About 1,000 students had fled the campus in the wake of the attack, according to college provost Molima Idi Mato.

The gunmen also set fire to classrooms, a military spokesman in Yobe state, Lazarus Eli, told Agence France-Presse.

The college is in the rural Gujba district.

In May, President Goodluck Jonathan ordered an operation against Boko Haram, and a state of emergency was declared for the north-east on 14 May.

Many of the Islamist militants left their bases in the north-east and violence initially fell, but revenge attacks quickly followed.

In June, Boko Haram carried out two attacks on schools in the region.

At least nine children were killed in a school on the outskirts of Maiduguri, while 13 students and teachers were killed in a school in Damaturu.

In July in the village of Mamudo in Yobe state, Islamist militants attacked a school's dormitories with guns and explosives, killing at least 42 people, mostly students.

Boko Haram regards schools as a symbol of Western culture. The group's name translates as "Western education is forbidden".

Boko Haram is led by Abubakar Shekau. The Nigerian military said in August that it might have killed him in a shoot-out.

However, a video released last week purportedly showed him alive.

Other previous reports of his death later proved to be unfounded.

Source: BBC News

Yesterday, I got a very sad email from friends of Folakemi Akinbode(pictured above), the corper nurse whose head was almost chopped off by cultists in Yenogua Bayelsa as she served her father land through youth service. By sheer providence she escaped death, but not unscarred. The cultists who aimed for her neck almost chopped off her arm.

When the news broke and went viral, An Italian firm that remains unknown promised to step in and take up the matter. Government was also quick to step in(or so we thought) as it was announced on various mediums that she will be flown abroad where the arm will be properly treated, and hopefully salvaged.Considering that the incident happened as she served her country, it was an a very welcome development when government and and the Italian Firm promised to foot her medical bill.

But lo and behold! I got the email below from her friends saying that NOTHING has been done by government or any Italian firm till date. In fact, Folakemi's health continues to deteriorate as she groans in growing, excruciating pain daily. As this rate, the probability that her arm will be saved lies solely in God's hands. However, it is her life that should be feared for now, not even just arm.

At the moment, Her friends and hospital sources at Niger Delta teaching hospital where she is presently on admission say that she has been moved from intensive care to the GENERAL WARD. She no longer receives adequate treatment the arm deserves.

See the unedited email I got from her friends below:

It's about MISS AKINBODE FOLAKEMI (A NURSE) a present Serving Corps Member in Bayelsa State, observing her Primary Assignment in Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital (NDUTH)! 
MISS AKINBODE, was attacked by some boys @ about 8.30pm on her way back from work (evening shift) on the 5th NIGHT of August this year 2013. They wanted to snatch her handbag, but before she realized what was happening, another boy brought out a matchet & was going to cut off her head. Luckily however, she made use of her hands to dodge her head.. As a result, they almost had her right hand cut off! They cut both the Bones, Nerves, Arteries, Veins etc.. Friend, as you read this right now, NOTHING is been done to ensure MISS AKINBODE receives "Adequate Medical Treatment!" 

In fact, when the incident occurred,the DRS in her PPA (Place of Primary Assignment-NDUTH) confessed that the case isn't something that can be handled here in Nigeria due to lack of appropriate equipment.
The FG is actually supposed to send her abroad where she can receive a better & a proper medical care, so she doesn't get to loose her hand eventually, & its function; since it can't be treated here in Nigeria.. But until now, NOTHING is been done about it; It is already getting to "TWO MONTHS" now, yet NOTHING is still being done to ensure her hand DOESN'T deteriorates further! The bones has not been touched, the nerves & veins hasn't been touched either.. The wound is so much at risk of SEVERE INFECTION! The publication on the Vanguard News Paper, which states that, "she has been flown abroad" are all LIES! I sincerely tell you that MISS AKINBODE has NOT  passed the NDUTH gate, since that unfortunate incident. How terrible!!!
Please dear friend, help BROADCAST this message, until it is likely to get to anyone who could help INTERVENE!

From all indication, we can no longer rely on a lying Government to save Folakemi's life.
This is why I call on all well meaning, kind hearted Nigerians, to come to Folakemi's aid. Folakemi could be our friend, sister or neighbor. This could happen to anyone.
Daily, many Nigerian youths risk their lives(as most have no choice) despite the chaotic security state of the nation, through the National youth service, and many have lost their lives in the process. Sadly most times as in this case, the government turns a blind eye.
I implore you all to please come to Folakemi's aid once again. Please publicize her story so that Government,people in  high places as well as private individuals who can help may rise to the occasion as soon as possible.


To help please call these numbers:


Thank you!!!

A businesswoman in Aba, Abia State, Mrs. Ngozi Okoye has her stars to thank for narrowly escaping being lynched over the disappearance of a mysterious cat, suspected to be a product of witchcraft.

Ironically, she was the victim of the cat that was initially found in her home and it took the intervention of journalists and policemen to save her from a mob action.
Narrating her ordeal, Mrs. Okoye said for long, she had observed that money she kept in a firmly locked cardboard in her room at No.1 Obu Street/Obohia Road in Aba was always  missing mysteriously.

The woman, who sells fruits near the Aba Shopping Centre, said at a point, she suspected her children and kept a watch on them.

But when she realized that her children were innocent, she reasoned that what was happening to her had spiritual undertone and reported the matter to a man of God.

Mrs. Okoye said after observing some prayer points as directed by the pastor and the problem persisted, she contacted another man of God in her desperate bid to get the problem solved.

This time around, she was told to fast and pray for a given number of days along with the clergy man who would also pray for her over the issue.

The woman said after the fasting session, the problem stopped and on that day of the incident, she was taken aback when she wanted to collect some cash from inside the cardboard and touched a strange object.

When she opened the cardboard properly and pointed a torchlight towards the direction she kept the money, she saw a half dead pussy cat with some naira notes stuffed in its mouth.

Shocked at the strange creature, she raised the alarm and alerted the man of God whom she had met initially over the issue, just as people in the neighbourhood trooped to her house to catch a glimpse of the 'witch' pussy cat.

She said the man of God advised her to bring the now dead cat to him before it could be buried.

Confusion crept in as the now restive crowd wanted the cat to be burnt, but the woman insisted that she must take it to the man of God and put the cat in a bag and headed for the man of God's house while the crowd, which caused traffic gridlock on the ever busy Asa/Ehi Road followed her, insisting that she must give them the cat to be burnt.

In the melee that followed, the cat was said to have disappeared and the crowd turned against the woman, accusing her of being the witch cat and was about lynching her when she ran into a shop close to a commercial bank at the shopping centre.

Despite the pleadings of policemen providing security at the bank, the crowd surged forward and the situation was saved when a group of journalists who came to the scene alerted the police.

The Divisional Police Officer (DPO) for Ndiegoro Division, Mr. Crescent Mama, sent his men to the scene, but the crowd which had blocked the entire road, could not let go. It took police re-enforcement for the woman who had been smuggled into the bank premises to be taken away after the crowd had been reasonably dispersed.

Bemoaning her fate, the woman vehemently denied the allegation and rained curses on whoever that turned into the cat that had been stealing her money mysteriously.

The police at Ndiegoro later released her after being kept in protective custody as investigations were ongoing into the matter.

Source: Sun Newspapers

"Smite the shepherd and the sheep will flee". This biblical injunction vividly captures the ongoing scenario at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA.

The name COZA became a 'street anthem' a few months back following a shocking confession by one Ese Walter, an ex-member of the church of her week-long sexual escapade with the senior pastor of the church, Abiodun Fatoyinbo.

Ese's claims had opened a floodgate of other cases. Another church member who simply identified herself as Franca also alleged that the Apostle, most commonly described as a man with 'uncommon prophetic insight' al lured her to Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos, for a 'romantic prayer'.

However, since then, the pastor has neither come out to refute or accept the allegation, but claimed that he was still waiting for God's order.

While many still doubt the authenticity of the allegations, some light-hearted members of the church are gradually leaving the church. This, DailyPost learnt during a recent visit to the Lagos branch of the church, situated in Maryland, Ikeja.

Our findings revealed that many aggrieved members and deacons have left the church since the authority of the church decided to sweep the matter under the carpet.

When our correspondent inquired from a member why the church looked so empty on a Sunday, he was told the population of the church was reducing drastically on weekly bases.

"I think this started not quiet long. Last week was even the worst; you could see empty seats everywhere," the fair complexioned female member said.

Asked if the man of God had come out to deny or admit the allegation, the member said they've warned them never to talk about it anywhere, until he (Pastor Abiodun) hears from God.

"I think this is one of the reasons many members are leaving. The church authority had warned us never to talk about the issue until the man of God speaks, and I think many are beginning to find it hard to believe."

His members had since called on the pastor to come clean on the adultery allegations, but he prefers to remain silent until God says otherwise.

Our sources revealed that the church stands divided because of the incident. While many insisted that the pastor should speak out, others are of the opinion that since God asked him to keep quite, he should wait until he says otherwise.

A member was quoted as saying, "God can't ask you to keep quiet in this matter because his name is at stake too. The church of God is being accused here and the same God is telling him to keep quiet? That is immaterial, I can't accept that."

Findings further revealed that the preacher is currently working behind the scene to 'bury' the allegation.

The preacher has vowed to put an end to the ugly development that has soiled his hard-earned name and reputation.

We were also told that the man of God is making effort to reach out to the media to clear the mess and get the whole issue out of the public domain.

It was gathered that members of the church are also calling on Pastor Biodun to tender unreserved apology if he actually committed the sin or come out boldly to clear the air, rather than 'waiting for God to tell him when to speak.

Culled from Daily Post

This should be regarded as an addendum to my hugely successful post some weeks ago titled "Why The Hate For Bloggers".

It seems the issues confronting bloggers are getting multifaceted and will as a matter of time, become complicated.

I wonder what the essence of the Freedom Of Information Bill that was passed in 2011 is, when the media is not utilising it effectively.

We need to start asking questions in this our beloved country called Nigeria.

The Military regime of yesteryears have gone by, and we are now in a democratic dispensation. We need to speak up against what is wrong, and also for what is right.

It beats my imagination when I hear the Nigerian government, through the Bureau for Public Enterprise (BPE) are drawing up plans to 'regulate' the use of social media.

If you can recall vividly, some months back, a secret plan was discovered that the Nigerian government was on the cusp of signing a $40 million deal with an Israeli firm to monitor emails of Nigerians.

The government had to backtrack on that plan due to widespread criticisms, including from opposition parties.

The use of social media in Nigeria cannot be over emphasised, but it seems I have to emphasise this and drive home my points.

First of all, can we imagine a world without social media?

Prior to the new millennium, most Nigerians knew next to nothing about the Internet, not to talk of social media.

I can safely say that social media is one of the best things to happen to Nigeria and Nigerians after the advent of the GSM.

Take the 'Social' out of the Social media, what do we get? Media. Media is a platform to source for and derive information from.

To be social means to be interactive with other people, it could be with people they may know or people they do not know. After all, man, by nature, is created to be a social being.

If the government wants to take the social media away from us by virtue of 'regulation', then I suggest they not only take the 'Social', but also take the 'media' along.

I do not understand the rationale behind the so-called 'regulation' of social media. It is like trying to take away the private lives of Nigerians.

Social media has actually been a blessing to Nigerians.

In a country where unemployment is prevailant, and no means of allowance after graduation (apart from NYSC allowance), Nigerians have explored the endless possibilities of social media by engaging in one form of business or the other just to make ends meet.

Are they going to take away our means of livelihood as well all in the name of 'regulating' the use of social media?

A good question begging for an answer.

Do you know how many fellow bloggers will suffer if this 'regulation' were to come to fruition?

Do you know how many businesses will fold up if this 'regulation' were to be implemented?
I can only imagine.

The 'hate' for bloggers can only get worse if nothing is done about this.

I know some countries ban the use of social media, but we are Nigeria, we cannot be like other countries.
Besides I want to ask? How many atrocities have people committed on social media to warrant this 'regulation'?

I remember the Senate President, David Mark, sometime last year who had initially criticised the use of social media, backtrack to say "Thank God for social media".

His statements came shortly after the killers of the four students of the University of Port Harcourt were identified in a video which went viral on every social media in Nigeria.

I can't also forget to emphasise how the social media helped to settle the case between erstwhile lawmaker, Hon. Farouk Lawan and businessman, Mr. Femi Otedola. At least in our minds, we know the truth.

I also remember the role social media played in the 'Oga At The Top' mantra, which helped to drive home a point.

Most recently, some police officers who were accused of receiving bribes from members of the public were unsuspectingly exposed and disciplined accordingly, all thanks to social media.

I wonder how else I need to emphasise the use of the social media.

I know the defence of the government is that people use the social media to cast aspersions on the personalities of others, but I feel that is not enough reason to 'regulate' the use of social media.

It's like using a sledge hammer to kill an ant.

A proverbial saying goes thus: 'You can't chop off the head just because you have a nasty headache'.

I wish to use this opportunity to once again advocate for the establishment of a Bloggers' Association.

The need for this cannot be over-emphasised.

I fear for the future of blogging in this country if we cannot come together to form an association which will CREATE AN IDENTITY for bloggers in Nigeria.

An association which will PROTECT OUR INTERESTS. As I am aware, there are so many fantastic blogs out there.

So many of our friends in the media field have associations such as the Nigerian Union of Journalism (NUJ), the Sports Writers' Association of Nigeria (SWAN), and several others.

Just last week, I was so pained when I heard a certain celebrity throw insults at a particular blogger for readers' comments she deemed as insulting ( I wonder why any celebrity will read comments by readers and then turn back to blame the blogger for them).

I feel the blogging profession in Nigeria is going to be dragged into the mud further, as some celebrities have now termed bloggers as 'LOW-LIFES'.

Hence there is an urgent need to form an Association to INSTILL RESPECT in that profession called Blogging.

Finally, I want to urge the Federal Government to please consider so many factors because 'regulating' the use of social media will have adverse effects on Nigerians.

Cheers to the weekend!!


At Nigeria's number 1 shopping destination your shopping experience just gets all the more amazing. http://www.jumia.com.ng is the first retailer in West Africa to retail the just released Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and what's amazing is its new service 'Jumia Express' that will ensure purchases of this state of the art phone get to its customers 3 hours and 33 minutes upon confirmation of purchases.

The Samsung Note 3, the third version of the
device is a cross between a phone and a tablet – a so-called "Phablet", and comes with a 5.7-inch screen, a 13-Megapixel camera and will run on 4G.

One of the main innovations is the Air Command function which gives users easy access to the Note 3's main features when using the S Pen.

Also as Nigeria turns 53, http://www.jumia.com.ng brings awesome, exciting deals and giveaways, as well as new product releases that will certainly spice up your Independence Day celebrations.

So get together your family and friends, it's time again to shop Jumia.

The online retailer has launched the 'Independence Day Store' that will see customers get incredible discounts on products from all its categories.

Putting a smile on the face of one lucky customer, a home starter kit with a TV, DVD player, and lots more is up for grabs on purchase of any single electronic appliance. Also, the gamers aren't left out too as you can get the chance to be the first to own fresh new releases, Grand Theft Auto 5 and the much awaited FIFA '14; how cool can 'cool' be.

Everyone needs shoes right? And for this Jumia is giving away all shoes in its store at a 20% discount.

For the big surprise, Jumia will be doing free deliveries to its customers in Lagos up to October 1st, talk about shopping at its best.

Make this holiday one to remember for you and your loved ones.

To be the first to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, click on this link- http://www.jumia.com.ng/mobile-phones/samsung/?wt_af=ng.affiliate.cj.sale.mobile.banner&utm_source=cj&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=mobile&utm_term=banner

To celebrate Nigeria at 53 and get 53% discount on all purchases, kindly follow this link- http://www.jumia.com.ng/independence-day/

I just have to do this. My good friend, my fellow blogger, my number one blogging role model, Emeh Achanga of Miss Petite Nigeria (http://www.misspetitenigeria.blogspot.com) has just been nominated for two different awards.

The first one is the ELOY awards for the Most Promising Female Blogger Of The Year.

The second nomination is the OYA awards is for the Best Online Media On Entertainment News And Gist.

Last year she won an award as the Best New Blogger Of The Year, out of 4 nominations. This year, she is gunning for 2 out of 2, and I want you guys to make this happen because she is just a fantastic blogger... One of the best I have ever seen.

To vote for her blog in the OYA Awards kindly click this link http://oya-awards.com/vote/

To vote for her blog for the ELOY Awards, text "ELOY" followed by "Nominee" to 35070 or email "Miss Petite Nigeria" to eloy@exquisitemag.com

Thanks guys!!!!

Hey guys.. A wonderful morning to you.
It is with much delight that I inform you that I will like to participate in the Nigerian Blog Awards by being a nominee.
I know I stand an outside chance for this, but there is no harm in trying.

Kindly nominate JimCaddy's Blog and register my blog for the "BEST NEW BLOG OF THE YEAR". My blog's URL is simply- jimcaddy.blogspot.com

Nominations started on Monday, 23rd of September 2013, and it will run through till Friday, 4th of October 2013 after which the nominees will be announced on Monday, November 4th 2013.

To Nominate JimCaddy's Blog for the "Best New Blog Of The Year", kindly visit this link- nigerianblogawards.com/register2013.php and follow the instructions.

Even if I don't get nominated, at least there is a conviction that I tried.

Let's do this folks!!


There was huge outcry yesterday against the perpetrators of the attack on Yobe College of Agriculture, with the Europaen Union (EU) describing it as "horrific".

It promised to support the Nigerian government to combat the deadly Boko Haram sect.

The spokesperson of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European Commission, Catherine Ashton, said in a statement:

"The High Representative condemns the horrific terrorist attack perpetrated today in Yobe State and those that took place on previous days and weeks in Northern Nigeria in Abuja and elsewhere. Her thoughts are with the victims and their families.

The High Representative reiterates the EU's firm rejection of such unjustifiable violence, whoever the perpetrators. Today's attack clearly targeted children and students. Those responsible for this and all other attacks must be brought to justice and be held responsible for their acts.

The EU stands firmly with Nigeria in the fight against terrorism, under the principles of the rule of law, including full respect and protection of human rights."

Award-winning ace gospel singer, Don Moen is so elated at the moment. His oldest child Melissa and son-in-law who also doubles as his manager Jesse Sproul, just had their first child, thus making Don Moen a grandfather.

The music-evangelist announced on his facebook page that he is now a grand-father. "It's official! Our first grandchild!! Sweet Stella!" She's co cute, congrats to him!

Don Moen further shared a testimony below:

Don Moen said his wife and he searched for a child for 12 years before they were finally blessed with a baby girl. 'We waited for 12 years before we had our first child. Doctors said we couldn't have children but God gave us 5 at the end, a daughter, then a son, a daughter then a son and then a daughter. Men had given up on us but at the end, God gave us five children in 7 years,' he announced!

With the killing of 62 children by Boko Haram in Damatru yesterday morning, the slaughter of 140 Nigerian troops by Boko Haram in Borno state last friday, the massacre of 41 school children in Borno state by Boko Haram two months ago, the mass murder of no less than 7000 thousand Nigerians by Boko Haram in the last 3 years and the raging war that is going on in the northern eastern part of our country between Boko Haram, and our military today, Fani Kayode reproduced the article he first wrote  in September 2011 which correlates with prevailing events of recent times…

Permit me to begin this contribution by reproducing a portion of an essay that I wrote on 26 September 2011 which was titled ''On Goodluck Jonathan, David and Goliath''. The essay reads as follows.

''A few days ago from the sacred pulpit of the hallowed chambers of the Ecumenical Centre in Abuja and in the presence of the entire leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), President Goodluck Ebele Jobathan proclaimed as follows- ''I am not David....I am not a general.....I am not a lion.....I will defeat the Goliaths in our land''. These are deep and instructive words yet I do wonder whether Mr. President understands the spiritual and practical implications of what he is saying.

If he says that he ''is not a David'' how can he then possibly slay the ''Goliaths in the land?'' If he says that he ''is not a general'' how can he be an effective Commander-in-Chief who commands the respect and confidence of his army and his officers? If he says that he ''is not a lion'' how can he overwhelm the animals in our jungle that seek to destroy and ravage our land? The lion is a noble and courageous animal that defends it's pride and family and protects it's own. That is why it is known as the ''king of the jungle'' and that is why our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Himself is known as the ''Lion of the Tribe of Judah''.

Every king worth his salt must have the spirit of the lion and the warrior in him to a certain extent. It is a fundamental pre-qualification for good quality and inspirational leadership and that is what distinguishes the pretender and the usurper from a real king. May the spirit and weakness of Ahab not be our President's portion even though his words seem to have ensnared him. History proves that weak kings and weak leaders always pull down and destroy great empires and strong kingdoms.

If you have any doubt about that consider what happened to the Roman Empire under Nero, Claudius or Caligula. If you still have any doubts after that then read up on Russian history or watch an excellent old film called ''Nicholas and Alexander'' about Tsar Nicholas the 1st, the last Tsar of Russia and how his strong-willed wife and his consistent display of weakness shamed and brought down imperial Russia, destroyed the 300 year old royal dynasty of the Romanovs, led directly to the First World War (which in turn led to the Second World War and then later the Cold War), caused the communist revolution, led to the Russian civil war, resulted in the murder of his whole family and ended in the establishment and creation of the most evil and godless empire that has ever ruled half of the world- the cold and all-powerful Soviet empire.

That is what weakness, prevarication, inconsistency, cowardice, emotional slavery, inexplicable fear and the celebration of indecision can do. Worst still you don't boast about such qualities because there is nothing to be proud of in them. Always remember, whether you are a king or a subject, that courage is the greatest of all the virtues. This is wisdom. Would someone please tell our President''.

Once again please take note that the contribution that I have reproduced above was first written by me and published on 26th September 2011, almost two years ago to the day.

With the killing of 62 children by Boko Haram in Damatru yesterday morning, the slaughter of 140 Nigerian troops by Boko Haram in Borno state last friday, the massacre of 41 school children in Borno state by Boko Haram two months ago, the mass murder of no less than 7000 thousand Nigerians by Boko Haram in the last 3 years and the raging war that is going on in the northern eastern part of our country between Boko Haram and our military today those words and that counsel that was offered two years ago seem even more relevant today than it was even at that time.

The carnage that we are witnessing in our country today has come as a direct result of the manifestation of weakness at the top. When a President tells the world that Boko Haram are his ''siblings'' whom he ''cannot move against'', as he did earlier this year, he is asking for trouble. When a President keeps offering Boko Haram amnesty even when they kept rejecting it and whilst they were murdering his people, as he has been doing for the last three years, he is asking for trouble. When a President installs and supports a party National Chairman who describes Boko Haram as ''freedom fighters'', as he did earlier this year, he is asking for trouble.

When a President announces to the world that he is ''not a lion or a David'', as he did exactly two years ago, no-one should be surprised when his people are killed like flies before his very eyes. May God bring us a real leader that can save our nation and may He take away this one who feels no pain and has no empathy when Nigerian blood, nay even the blood of innocent children, is shed with impugnity. Under the tenure of our ''lamb'' President more innocent Nigerians have been slaughtered by terrorists than at any other time in the history of our country except during the civil war.

What a mess, what a record. I have said it before and I shall say it again, Nigeria has become an abbatoir of human flesh and blood under the tenure of Jonathan and all those who support him should bury their heads in shame. The blood of all those innocent people is on his hands because he swore to an oath before God and the Nigerian people to protect them from such evil. Instead of getting on with his job and doing so he is boasting to the world about ringing the bell in the New York Stock Exchange and receiving illusionary and absurd commendations from President Barack Obama.

Some robbery suspects engaged in a war of words on Thursday at the Lagos State Police Command headquarters.

The suspects, who were recently arrested by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, traded blames over who caused their arrest.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the suspects, Fatai Balogun, Wale Oluwatosin and Gbenga Olusanya, were arrested shortly after robbing a family in the Iju, Ishaga area of the state.

Police authorities said after the robbery, the suspects shared the loot and went their separate ways.

Oluwatosin was, however, spotted while hiding his gun at the backyard of his house.

An eyewitness was said to have reported to the police and Oluwatosin was arrested. It was learnt that through his confessional statement, the police apprehended his colleagues.

One of the suspects, Balogun, who claimed to be a barber, said he regretted following Oluwatosin for the robbery.

He said, "He (Oluwatosin) is a very stupid boy. He is just 20-years-old and I see him like a younger brother because we grew up in the same area. Some days ago, he told me that there was a man in the area drove a nice car and he had studied the man's movements.

"We got guns and when it was midnight, we stormed the house. We stole about N500,000 and I felt this was enough, but Oluwatosin was not satisfied. He stole CDs, laptops, seven mobile phones, video games and other items that we did not need.

"Carrying such things around at night could draw suspicion to us and I told him this but he was too stubborn. As I predicted, he was the one that caused our arrest. He is stupid."

Another suspect, Olusanya, said he was not an armed robber but a smuggler. He said he knew the gang but had only followed them for one operation.

He said, "I followed them for a robbery some months ago but we did not succeed. On that particular operation, we met policemen on the road and decided to turn back. However, the driver was drunk and we had an accident.

"We had to snatch another car which we used to escape. After the unsuccessful robbery, I went back to my smuggling business because I felt those guys were not serious armed robbers. They were too clumsy."

Oluwatosin, who is the youngest among the suspects, said he went into robbery so he could impress the suspects.

He said the suspects usually gave him N7, 000 as an informant but he wanted to make more money which made him to lead the operation.

He said, "I knew Balogun was an armed robber and I looked up to him. He used to give me N7,000 as an informant, but I felt I could do more. I did not know I would get caught after my first robbery."

Deputy Police Public Rleations Officer, Damasus Ozoani, said the suspects would soon be charged to court.

It was a bloody  weekend  in Yobe  and Borno states where the fundamentalist Islamist sect, Boko Haram,  killed at least  54 people

While 50 of them were students of  the School of Agriculture, Guijba  in Yobe  State,  four  were  travellers  who were accosted  on the  Damaturu-Maiduguri Road  on Saturday evening by the insurgents.

Investigations revealed that the Boko Haram members  attacked the College of Agriculture situated along the  Guijba-Damaturu Road   at 12 midnight when most of the students were already asleep.

A security source confided in one of our correspondents that 50 students were killed by the insurgents who wielded guns, swords and knives. But the state government   put the casualty at 40.

It was further stated that several other students, who were lucky to have escaped the killings with different degrees of injuries, were taken to the emergency ward of the general hospital.

Gruesome death

The security source  claimed that the gunmen used  swords and knives to kill  36   of the students  to avoid attracting the attention of security operatives. He however added that 14 others, who   broke the wooden windows of their hostels to escape into the nearby bushes,  were shot dead by the insurgents.

He added  that some of the corpses were without heads while others had heads  hanging to the bodies in spite of the attempts to sever them.

The  source stated further that all the victims of the attack were male students aged between 18 and 22.

At the time of filing this story, wailing parents and relatives gathered outside the  Sani Abacha  Specialist Hospital  mortuary in Damaturu , where rescue workers laid out bloody bodies in an orderly row on the lawn for them to identify their loved ones.

One body had its fists clenched to the chest in a protective gesture while another had hands clasped under the chin, as if in prayer.Yet,  another had arms raised in surrender.

The Medical Director of the specialist hospital, Damaturu, Dr Garba Fika, who  said that  40 corpses were received by the hospital, added  that five students, were receiving treatment.

But the  Provost of the College, Molima Idi Mato, was quoted by the Associated Press   as having said that "the number of dead could be as high as 50."

"They attacked our students while they were sleeping in their hostels. They opened fire at them," he added.

Mato  was also quoted to have said that security forces were still recovering the bodies and that about 1,000 students had fled the campus.

He added there were no security forces stationed at the college despite government assurances  two weeks ago that they would be deployed.

The   AP  quoted a  surviving student, Ibrahim Mohammed, as having said that the extremists  rode into the college in two double-cabin pickup all-terrain vehicles and on motorcycles, some dressed in Nigerian military camouflage.

Mohammed, according to the AP, added that the insurgents appeared to know the layout of the college well as they  attacked the four male hostels but  carefully avoided the only  hostel reserved for girls.

When contacted, the Director, Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru, said that he would call back to give the Army's reaction to the killing.

Another  call to his mobile telephone line after the discussion indicated that it was switched off.

Schools in  the state  re-opened 13 days ago after 10 weeks of forced closure following attacks targeted on schools.

In June, seven students and two teachers were killed at the Government Secondary School, Damaturu and in   July, 22 students and two teachers were killed at Government Secondary School, Mamudo.


Gov Geidam, deputy  visit  victims, weep

Yobe State Governor. Ibrahim Gaidam,who visited the specialist  hospital to inspect the wounded and the corpses of students, was in tears  as he  urged security operatives to intensify aerial surveillance of the area.

The  Deputy Governor, Abubakar Aliyu   and other dignitaries, who accompanied him,  also shed tears  when they saw the corpses of the students.

Gaidam, through his Special Adviser on Press Affairs and Information, Mr. Abdullahi Bego,  later issued an electronic statement in which he  condemned the murder of the students  as 'devastating, heinous and barbaric.'

The statement  put the total number of dead  at 40 and the injured at four. It added   that the governor  promised to foot the   medical bills  of the injured.

The statement reads, "Governor   Gaidam strongly condemns   attack on students of the State College of Agriculture, Gujba. The governor describes the attack as devastating, heinous and barbaric.

"Forty students were killed by criminals and terrorists while four others were injured during the attack.

"On a visit Sunday to the injured  at the Sani Abacha Specialist Hospital, Damaturu, Governor Gaidam commiserated with families of the victims and prayed the Almighty Allah  to make the injured recover quickly.

"The governor also says the Yobe State Government will foot the bill for medical treatment for the injured.

"Governor Gaidam calls on the military and other law enforcement operatives in the state to intensify surveillance and patrols to deal more effectively with the prevailing security challenges.

"The governor notes that although there is increase in troop movement and the deployment of more military hardware in the northeast, people are yet to see the kind of action on the ground that effectively nips criminal and terrorist activities in the bud."

Travellers sprayed with bullets

Another group of Boko Haram insurgents  barricaded the  Damaturu-Maiduguri   highway  and killed four travellers  in Mallumti,  a few kilometres to Benesheikh,   Kaga Local Government Area of Borno State.

It was gathered that the insurgents were confronted by a vigilante  group  known  as civilian JTF,  who killed   three of them.

The  driver of one of the  vehicles attacked by the gunmen, Mallam Usman Garba,    said, ' I have to give thanks to Allah for sparing our lives.  We could have run into the terrorists who  killed  four  people in Mallumti village, but when I sighted them barricading the road, I quickly make a U-turn with my passengers. We  had to go-back  to Damaturu before coming to Maiduguri Motor Park this (Sunday) morning."

It was learnt that the  insurgents also killed 34 people in three different attacks in Borno State on Wenesday and  Thursday last week.

In the first  two attacks,  they invaded Fulatari and Kanumburi communities in Gamboru Ngala Local Government Area of the state near Nigeria's border with Cameroun.

At least 27 people were killed in the two attacks.

The dead included the village head of Gamboru, Lawan Ali Shettima.

The victims of a third attack were the driver and six other occupants of a truck belonging to business magnate, Aliko Dangote, at a border community between Yobe and Borno..

The insurgents were also said to have burnt down the truck said to be conveying  bags of cement to Maiduguri.

The Caretaker Chairman of Gamboru/Ngala, Alhaji Modu   Sherriff, was quoted as having condemned the heinous killing during a condolence visit to the affected community.

Culled from the Punch Newspapers

For the third time in the past two months, another policeman has been caught on video demanding a bribe of N10,000 from a motorist.

The footage, secretly filmed by a passenger at the back seat of a vehicle in Onitsha, Anambra State, has so far received thousands of hits on YouTube. The three-minute 18-second video which first appeared on the YouTube channel of one Tola Tim, has since become an Internet sensation.

In the video, a policeman apprehended the driver of a vehicle that was coming from Akure, Ondo State to Umuahia, Abia State. The policeman sat in the front seat with the driver, and after checking the vehicle particulars, declared that he had discovered some discrepancies between the documents and the chassis number.

In the video, the policeman explained that the number '0' was the last number on the chassis number inscribed on the vehicle, while number '3'was the last number on the documents presented to him for perusal.

The driver was seen arguing with the policeman that he had asked him to veer off the road in order to enable him (policeman) do proper checking of the vehicle. Once the alleged discrepancies were discovered, the policeman insisted that he would collect N10,000 before he would release him.

The driver's appeal that there was an unintended mix-up somewhere and that the vehicle was not a stolen one fell on deaf ears.  A nursing mother who sat at the back also appealed to the policeman.

The man in uniform bellows, "Settle us. Just give us N10,000 make I waka comot. Or is it too much? If I knew you stole the vehicle, I won't collect money from you."

But the driver, on noticing the adamance of the policeman, said he won't give in to his demands.

"It is three much! I want you to take me to your station. I'm not afraid of anything. I can go back to Akure. At worst, I will miss my appointment in Umuahia. Why will I part with N10,000 on the vehicle I didn't steal? No sir! I can't do that.

"I will rather go back to Akure, get the registration officer and other supporting documents, come back with another vehicle and clear myself. And that is to tell you that I have not done something wrong," the driver said.

The unidentified driver also calmed the nerves of the apprehensive nursing mother who clutched a baby girl to herself. "My sister, don't worry! At worst, you will sleep in a hotel with your baby when I go back to Akure," the driver added.

The policeman replied, "Eh eh. It is three much. Wetin make am too much?" After ruminating over the issue for some seconds, the policeman, who was armed with a gun, ordered, "Driver, come down." And the video went dead.

Meanwhile, outrage has trailed the incident on various social media platforms. Those who have watched the video online describe the encounter as a pointer to the depth of rot and decay in the Nigeria Police Force.

They urged the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, to conduct an orderly room trial to ascertain the policeman's culpability in the alleged crime and place appropriate sanctions on him if found guilty.

An anonymous reader on lindaikeji.blogspot.com says apart from condemning the act of corruption and sacking the culprit, more needs to be done to cater for the welfare of the rank and file of the police.

The reader said, "If you have a police officer as your relative, you will understand better. The income they get can't even feed them alone not to talk of their families. The country doesn't cater adequately for their needs. Many police barracks look like refuse dumps and they are expected to live there with their children."

But a YouTube user, Paul Saint, argued that there is no excuse for being corrupt, attributing the behaviour to greed.

Saint stated, "This has nothing to do with the service welfare of the police. Corruption in Nigeria has nothing to do with low or high salary pay. If you are corrupt, no matter what you earn, you will still find ways to illegally enrich yourself. Most cases of corruption recorded in this country are perpetrated by persons who are otherwise fairlycomfortable with bribes.

"Corruption is as a result of greed only. Not poverty or low pay. We must condemn corruption at all times and not make excuses for it. But even if they are not well paid, there is no excuse for corruption. The most corrupt persons in Nigeria started off with collecting less than N10,000 and because we excuse them or celebrate them, they step up their demands to millions and billions. Well paid or not, do not demand or collect bribe."

It will be recalled that three cops have so far been dismissed by the police authorities after being filmed demanding bribes from motorists.

A police sergeant, Chris Omeleze, who was caught on video camera extorting N25,000 from a motorist in Lagos in August was the first casuality of the social media whistle-blowing.

Two traffic policewomen, corporals Elizabeth Itolor and Jennifer Azingbe, who were also videotaped receiving N100 bribe from a commercial bus driver at the Oshodi/Apapa Expressway were dismissed earlier this month.

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan spoke to the media in his routine Presidential Media Chat, and he was asked pertinent questions about key issues bothering the economy including the ongoing ASUU strike, the Boko Haram siege, his re-election and several other issues.

Due to the length of this video, it had to be broken down into 11 parts of 10 minutes each, and the links to watch the video will be posted below.

Part 1- m.youtube.com/watch?v=N3brc3aQXG4&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en-GB

Part 2- m.youtube.com/watch?v=nJFe3X3i-ko&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en-GB

Part 3- m.youtube.com/watch?v=ePhEZ0h3S_A&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en-GB

Part 4- m.youtube.com/watch?v=tq2F-bc_iqI&client=mv-google&hl=en-GB&guid=&gl=US

Part 6- m.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfd8NPN2KD0&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en-GB

Part 7- m.youtube.com/watch?v=fbX-gDApf40&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en-GB

Part 8- m.youtube.com/watch?v=3KlBarnvhHs&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en-GB

Part 9- m.youtube.com/watch?v=S8mNHGqnHdU&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en-GB

Part 10- m.youtube.com/watch?v=oQmRTdJG6V0&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en-GB

Part 11- m.youtube.com/watch?v=C5EuXHI-jiE&guid=&client=mv-google&gl=US&hl=en-GB

Video courtesy Channels TV

It seems Dencia is taking shots at somebody, but she seems to be doing so in the reverse as she tweeted thus:

"Mat 24:24.. False Christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect."

As if we don't already know that, but why is her tweet coinciding with.... Errm.. #NeverMind.

Nigeria's whiz kid, Zuriel Oduwole has added American Civil Rights leader, Reverend Jesse Jackson to the list of world leaders she has interviewed.

Last Thursday, Oduwole, who is youngest person to be interviewed for a feature by Forbes magazine when she was 10  sat for a camera interview with Rev Jackson at the Annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York.

Jackson, who was with the reverend Martin Luther King Jr  till his last seconds before he was assassinated in Memphis – Tennessee in 1968, gave a no holds barred interview to Zuriel on Thursday September 26th, discussing topics including what it meant to him when Barack Obama, a Kenyan, became the 44th President of the United States.

He also spoke on what it was like to be the first African American to mount a serious run for the White House, in 1984.

Zuriel had before now interviewed leading African personalities, including eight  African Presidents, Africa's richest person Aliko Dangote and tennis super stars – Venus  and  Serena Williams.

Source: The Nation

Here are more pictures and a video I managed to get of Jim Iyke's deliverance at the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

I hope Nadia Buari is watching this?? Hmmmm!!!!

I also don't know what will be going on in the mind of Jim Iyke's ex- girlfriend, Keturah Hamilton if she sees this.

Watch Video Here-----> rtsp://v4.cache7.c.youtube.com/CjYLENy73wIaLQkCJu4A960_PxMYDSANFEIJbXYtZ29vZ2xlSARSBXdhdGNoYJ2WrLyku-P_UAw=/0/0/0/video.3gp

Nollywood actor Jim Iyke was seen live on Emmanuel TV today as he actually fell on his feet and started crying as he was freed with the blood of Jesus. He was delivered from demonic spirits that had prevented him from finding love and getting married. During the deliverance session Jim Iyke was arrested by the Holy Spirit and he started to confess.

The spirit that has disturbing him spoke through him, saying, "it was the cause of his setback and disappointment", and it also confessed that "he was the biggest and that it was only God's grace that had kept him".
However, after his deliverance, instead of thanking God, the only words that came out of his mouth was "Where is my shoe men?"

Tragedy occurred at Onugba Nike area of Enugu State on August 24th, after 20-year-old Cynthia Onah, out of jealousy set ablaze another woman, 22-year old Chinwe Igwe for snatching her boyfriend, one Chika Kelechi.

According to SunNews, Chika and Chinwe who had dated each other for almost five years, had a misunderstanding and stopped dating each other.
Chika later met Cynthia, a prostitute and they started dating. But after a month of being together, they too had issues and split.

Along the line, Chika got to meet his former girl Chinwe. They got to reconcile and started their love life all over again.
Unfortunately, Cynthia wasn't going to let them be together.
Cynthia Onah reportedly threatened  that she would never leave Chika for any other lady. She  threatened Chinese, warned her to stay away from Chika.

When Chika and Chinese continued their relationship, on that fateful day, Cynthia and another suspect, one Obiora Chukwuegbo stormed Chika's home at 11:30pm with a gallon of fuel, emptied its content  on Chinwe who was already asleep and set her on fire.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, State CID Enugu, Mr. Philip Ogbadu told Sunday Sun that they have been able to arrest the three suspects, Chika Kelechi, Cynthia Onah and Obiora Chukwuegbo  and that the case is still under investigation.

The boyfriend, Chika told Sunday Sun :

"I am a driver and I've been dating Chinwe for the past five years. We had little quarrel and we stopped dating.
I meet Cynthia who is a prostitute and dated her for just one month. We separated one month after because at times she would be chasing me with a knife. I couldn't bear it and so I went back to settle with my former girlfriend.

Cynthia didn't give up as she threatened that she was going to deal with us. She even threatened to pour acid on me.

Being a driver, I travelled the day Cynthia burnt my girlfriend. It was one of my neighbours that called me to say that my house was on fire and that somebody poured fuel under the door and it exploded and burnt my girlfriend who was sleeping in the room; that they have rescued her through the window.

When I got home, I saw that all my property had been burnt to ashes. My girlfriend was hospitalized because she sustained injuries from the fire. But I am determined and I have promised God that with the condition of my  girlfriend that I am still going to marry her.

The suspect, Cynthia said

"I started dating Chika when he had misunderstanding with his former girlfriend, Chinwe.We dated for one month and then he told me that he was no longer interested in marrying me.
Chika is owing me N12,000.

When we had a quarrel, I did not threaten him with a knife. I only used the knife to deflate his tyres.
I have quarreled with Chinwe several times. I sent her a  text message to leave my boyfriend. Because she threatened  me, I also threatened her that  she will never enjoy the relationship.
I don't  know anything about who  took fuel to the house of her boyfriend and burnt  the house.

On that fateful day, Chika called my phone at night  and said that I should meet him at Emene junction. I was out waiting for him when the policemen from the State CID arrested me.

I didn't know anything about the incident. I only know we have traded words.

"When  Sunday Sun visited the victim at the Annunciation Specialist Hospital Emene Area, Enugu State, she said:

"I am still shocked at what happened. I regret dating Chika as I have been turned to something else now.
I saw  Cynthia Onah and  Chukwuegbo Obiora after they had poured  fuel under the door and fire was everywhere. I was calling him for help. It was when I was calling  for help through the other window that  I saw  Cynthia Onah  and Obiora Chkwuegbo  running away and I was shouting for help until the neighbours broke one of the windows and carried me out from the window.

"My relationship with Chika is over. I am in pains and agony. I didn't know what to do. I was sleeping and suddenly I saw smoke and it exploded and caught fire. I could have been burnt to ashes if not for the neighbours who broke through the window and rescued me,"

CP Adamu said the suspects would soon be charged to court.

Source: Sunday Sun

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