Iyaoloja Of Lagos, Folashade Ojo-Tinubu Orders Closure Of Iponri Market; Traders Made To Pay N2m Before Reopening

The new Iyaoloja of Lagos, the daughter of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Folashade Ojo) has shut down the popular Iporin market in Lagos since last Saturday, under flimsy excuses.

CKN Nigeria was reliably informed today that the lady exhibited her new found power when she personally led some policemen to shut down the market due to some disagreement between some leaders of the market. All business transaction within that market has been at a standstill.

Also it was gathered that the traders are told to pay a sum of N2m before she will order the reopening of the market.

The traders are now running from pillar to post to try and raise the money.

Source: CKN Nigeria