Another Prominent Christ Embassy Pastor Steps Aside?

For many years, Pastor Dolapo Layode, the founder of Deja Vu Furnishings, was one of the biggest donors in Christ Embassy. At the 2014 Christ Embassy IPPConference, she was said to have been absent when a church member facebooked a post (in parts) “Did you see Brother Strive and Deaconess Tsitsi Masiyiwa? Was it a coincidence too that I didn’t see Pastor Dolapo? These were the people promoted to CEC status just last year. If these CEC(?) members were absent, could it be that so many other erstwhile top 100 partners were also absent? (Just being curious).”

Pastor Layode, leader of the Christ Embassy LCC3, Lagos Zone 5 (The Chosen Haven, The Treasured Haven and The Benchmark Haven), is said to have been away from the church for some months now for yet-to-be-disclosed reasons. Corroborating this recently was when Pastor Deola Phillips of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5 posted a message on the church’s social media platform, Yookos, on 12th December 2014 where she wrote, “Thanksgiving begins in your heart. Can you recall the goodness of God to you all these months – how He brought His word to you, the encouragement of the Holy Spirit to you, divine health, success in your endeavors, protection on every side, how God was with you and so much more? Look and see what the Lord and let gratitude rise within you. Your gratitude can be measured, so be full of thanks today. (Colossians 2: 7)”.
A concerned church member of the zone in response to Pastor Phillips’s post in his comment replied, “Pastor Ma Good Morning. I have a question ma, my question is where is Pastor Dolapo Layode of #lcc3a? For months now i haven’t seen her and we still pay respect to her in church but no information of where she is? Pastor ma, she is my mother in the Lord and i need to know where my mother went to? Thank you ma.”