Khloe Kardashian was involved in car accident Saturday morning.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was driving in Bozeman, Montana with sisters Kim and Kylie Jenner and Kim's daughter North West when she drove into oncoming traffic, eventually landing in a ditch.
This after a semi-truck driving by blinded Khloe as he sent snow flying over her car's windshield.

TMZ reports that the car lost control when Khloe hit a patch of black ice, and all four were
fine when police arrived on the scene.

Tinsel actress, Joju Mose in a recent interview with Mary Ekah talks about her career, sex life and why she prefers sex toys to men.

You look more like a tomboy. Are you in a relationship at all?

No, I don’t have a boyfriend. I am not a tomboy but I come across as a tomboy to people because I’m always on my snickers, T-shirt and jeans. I feel comfortable in those things. I don’t feel comfortable putting on dresses, gown, they don’t make me work fast. They don’t make me do things fact. I just prefer that simple, on-the-toe kind of dressing. Sometimes I go out without make up, if I see that making up will take a lot of my time. I just go without any make up.

You must have been in one relationship or another at some point in your life. Isn’t it?

You know there are some kind of relationship that you would know, yes, this is a relationship. I have never had kind of relationship. My longest relationship was three and half years. My shortest was a day.

Three and half years is that not a relationship?
It wasn’t a relationship like that. For the three and half years, it was off and on.

The guy wasn’t committed and at some point I was oh I have had enough. Now I need to focus on something else aside love.

Do you yearn for a serious relationship?
Not yet because I’m not ready for anything serious. Relationships are time consuming and a distraction to me. And right now, it’s me, myself, my career, my family and my happiness. A man in the picture is not what I want right now. If something comes up, I don’t think it would be with an Africa man.

I am not really into African guys.

Have you dated a white guy before?
Yes and it was a fantastic relationship. But he had to travel back to his base. And I wasn’t willing to leave my country because it was at that point I was about to take my career by the horn and just make something out of it. I couldn’t have left at that point.

Like how many sex toys do you have?
About four, the G-Spot stimulator, the rabbit, vibrator and one other, I can’t remember the name right now. 

Have you ever falling in love before?

Oh yes, when I was still very naïve (laughs).

What is your take on acting nude?

Someone like me for instance, if I get a script, if the reason for me to go nude is sensible enough, why not? But there should be a story behind you going nude.

At long last, pound-for-pound greats Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao will fight.
Yes, the bout that looms as one of the most anticipated in boxing history is finally on.
For more than five years sports fans have clamored for a summit meeting between the two best fighters in the world, and after various failed negotiations -- and a protracted and difficult effort to make the fight in recent months -- they will get it on May 2 to unify the fighters' welterweight world titles at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
The showdown is a lock to be the richest in boxing history and will, barring a draw, settle the issue that has been debated for years: Who is the No. 1 fighter in boxing and who is the king of this era?

Mayweather made the announcement on Friday afternoon on a social media platform called Shots, of which he is an investor.

"I am glad my decision to meet with Manny and discuss making this fight happen helped get the deal done," Mayweather said, referring to a chance Jan. 27 meeting with Pacquiao at a Miami Heat game followed by a private discussion after the game. "Giving the fans what they want to see is always my main focus. This will be the biggest event in the history of the sport."

The National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) has banned 'FIFTY SHADES OF GREY' movie in Nigerian cinemas.
NFVCB ordered the removal of the highly anticipated movie from the list of movies showing at cinemas.
The movie showed in most major cinemas in Nigeria in its first week of release. It was released on the 13th of February just in time for Valentine's day.

The movie has also been banned in Kenya and Malaysia.

According to HR executive Matt Buckland (pictured above), he said a man pushed past him and told him to go 'f*** himself' as they were both getting off a packed train at Monument Station in central London on Monday Feb. 16th. He said the man insulted him because he'd stood aside to let a woman off the train. Thinking he was deliberately standing in the way, the man, a job seeker, pushed him aside and told him to f**k off.
"I was on my way into work on the Tube on Monday morning during rush hour. I stood to one side to let a lady get by, and ended up blocking a man momentarily. I think he thought I was just standing in his way. He pushed and I turned, I explained I was getting off too but he pushed past and then looked back and suggested I might like to f*** myself,which might have been true but not before a few cups of coffee' he told Buzzfeed.
Well, guess what? Hours later, the same man walked in for an interview at investment firm Forward Partners where Mr Buckland is a senior executive and head of recruitment.

The job seeker , who was interviewing for the role of web developer at the firm, didn't recognize Buckland as the man he'd disrespected earlier in the day so Buckland said he started to ask him train-related questions until the penny dropped.
"I think it crept up on him slowly as my questions became more and more tube related.' 
Buckland said the man didn't get the job and not because he held the incident against him, but because he wasn't suitable for the job.
'It would be easy to hold something like this over someone in an interview, but for me interviews aren't about that. By the end of the interview we laughed it off and we're both happy. The candidate didn't get the job, though, and maybe now he'll maintain a better attitude in the morning since he just might need some help from a fellow commuter one day.' Buckland said.

The Federal Government has concluded arrangements to make university first degree the minimum teaching qualification in Nigeria, according to the Minister of Education, Ibrahim Shekarau.

Shekarau said this while receiving visiting Finns ambassador to Nigeria, Pirjo Suomela-Chowdhury.

The envoy had told the minister that all teachers in Finland had a minimum of Masters Degree because “teaching is a highly competitive profession due to huge interest by too many qualified people.”

Shekarau said the Federal Government would explore all measures to restore the respect, dignity and status of teachers in the country, adding that the target of the Federal Government was “to make First Degree as minimum teaching qualification.”

He said the minimum teaching qualification in Nigerian schools, since 1980, had been the National Certificate in Education.

The minister said that there were currently a number of graduates teaching in primary schools in the country.

Shekarau recalled that the country was able to get over the practice in the past where primary school leavers were engaged in teaching, saying “the level was raised to Teacher Grade III in the 1960s and later on in the early 70s, it was minimum of Grade II, this was later phased out in early 80s to minimum of NCE.”

“Gradually we will get there. We hope that a day will come when all our schools, including pre-primary will be handled by university graduates,” he added.

He said that apart from the general agenda of government to improve access to quality education, he said he was particularly concerned as the education minister to improve the quality of teachers.

“We must continuously increase the number of teachers, improve the quality of teachers, improve the condition of teacher training institutions and continuously review the curriculum of teacher education to make sure it catches up with the challenges, address that issues of teachers’ welfare and job security”, the minister stated.


The Barclays Premier League resumes this weekend with Arsenal going away to Crystal Palace, just as Swansea welcome  Manchester United. Chelsea host Burnley at Stamford Bridge. Southampton also play host to Liverpool.

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For matches in the Barclays Premier League, click here to see the odds on the carious matches taking place this weekend.

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Also in the German Bundesliga, matches abound this weekend. Click here for the odds.

The French Ligue 1 is not also left out. Click here to view the odds

Did you know that your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about you and your personal preferences? The planets, points, and your sun sign, when combined, show your personality in a relationship. Mars and Venus are considered the relationship and sex planets, so here is what your zodiac sign says about your sex life:

• Aries
It is a sign of infancy. People under this zodiac sign want to be first at everything and are easily hurt. They can’t stand rejection but make a quick come back. They are not much into romance and flowers. They love spice in their sex life and believe in actions. If they want something, they want it. And if you are the one what they want, you are going to enjoy being with them.

• Taurus
Taureans enjoy slow and steady seductive movements between the sheets. They are firm in their decisions and are reliable. They love having uncomplicated and undisturbed sex in pleasant surroundings. They can repeat the same things in bed without getting bored.

• Gemini
This category of people are stimulated mentally first then physically. Their moods swing and they are easily distracted, so you better catch the opportunity when they are in the mood. You are going to enjoy intercourse with a Gemini, they like to talk about sex while having sex.

• Cancer
This is the most emotional sign, they crave love and this is what they want to get in the mood. If you want to enjoy your Cancer partner make him feel loved. Be romantic, touchy, and seductive with them to have them at their best. They are often possessive.

• Leo
Leo is a good match for a Pisces. Leos are sexually confident and passionate. They are good at exploring different styles between the sheets. This is the best sexual sign, all they want is a little attention.

• Virgo
Virgos are sweet and romantic. They expect perfection and want their partner to be perfect in bed. A Virgo will always look for someone who is neat, clean, and well-groomed. They respond generously to kind and giving behavior.

• Libra
A sophisticated and amazing bedmate, Libras struggle to make decisions. They love experimenting and pleasing. A Libra will go out of his/her comfort zone to keep things interesting for his/her partner. During intercourse they prefer grace over vulgarity.

• Scorpio
Scorpios are passionate in bed and in everything they do. They are happiest when they’re in a healthy and happy sexual relationship. They are emotional and sensitive yet dominating at times. They are choosy when it comes to partners, they have high standards in every area.

• Sagittarius
People with this zodiac sign love their freedom and experiencing new and different things. They don’t have any limits in bed and can change their partners and experiences frequently. They tend to be bachelors longer.

• Capricorn

Capricorns are usually goal-oriented but when they get into fire they perform well. They are shy, dependable, sensuous, and reserved lovers. They love going slow and enjoy pre-intimacy more than other things. They are not adventurous and you will have to try harder to convince them to try new things.

• Aquarius
They are intellectual and their libidos rise in relation to their mental stimulation. They try new things only if they sound interesting to them. They start slowly but can get really passionate during the process. Once they are totally in, they will spark the fire.

• Pisces
People under this zodiac are more emotional than intellectual. It’s a water sign and they possess a high level of maturity when it comes to relationships. They go with the flow and trust their intuitions about people. In bed they can easily sense what should be their next move.

nairabet atm funding
Here is a quick tutorial for you if you will like to fund your NairaBET account using that ATM near you.
There are many advantages to using the ATM to fund your account. One, you don’t have to be online to fund your account. Two, you can do it anytime of the day. Three, there is always an ATM near you.
The things you need are your ATM card and your NairaBET customer identification number. Not your username. You know the ATM deals with numbers and not letters.
To get your customer ID, log into your NairaBET account and take a look at it at the top right hand side of the page.
Once you are ready, go to the nearest ATM. Insert your ATM card and enter your PIN. After that, this type of page will open. Select Quickteller. If you cannot find that, you can select Pay Bills.
Please note that some ATMs at some GTB branches will show “Fund Wallet”. Select it and it will show “Fund GT Wallet” or “Fund Other Wallets”. Select “Fund Other Wallets” and it will lead you to the next page.
After that, the list of merchants like DSTV will come up. Select Others.
The machine will now ask you to enter your merchant code. The code you will enter will depend on the amount you want to fund your account with. Here are the codes.
N1,000 – 55601
N2,000 – 55602
N3,000 – 55603
N4,000 – 55604
N5,000 – 55605
And so on.
If you want to fund more than N5,000 or any other amount you want, enter the code 55606. The machine will ask you how much you want to pay. Enter the amount you want to pay and move to the next page.
The next thing is to enter your NairaBET customer identification number.
After entering your ID, it will bring up your name. If it brings up another name, that means you have entered the wrong ID so cancel it and do it again.
Confirm it if the details are correct. Some machines will ask you to put your telephone number. Enter it and they will send you a confirmation message. It is not compulsory though.
That is it. Before you get back home, your account would have been funded.
Now go to that ATM near you to fund your account.

There are viral reports that there is serious fighting going on in the Oshodi area of Lagos. Serious burning of cars as people scamper to safety.

I hope people avoid that area and be safe. Also hope security agencies are there to put the situation under control.

The Nigerian military says it has started airstrikes on Sambisa Forest and parts of Gwoza in Borno state. According to a statement posted on the Defence Headquarters Facebook page, many Boko Haram members have been killed as a result of the airstrikes. The statement below:

A concerted air campaign by the Nigerian Air Force is ongoing in furtherance of the mission to clear terrorists from all their enclaves. The air strikes which today targeted the training camps and logistics dumps of the terrorists in Sambisa forests and parts of Gwoza have been highly successful as it achieved the aims with required precision.
The death of a large number of terrorists has been recorded while many others are also scampering all over the forest and out of the struck bases. Details of casualty will be determined in subsequent phases of the operation. Meanwhile, the strikes continue in other locations of the theatre heralding the advance of troops and other elements of the mission

More facts appear to be emerging on the allegation by Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, that President Goodluck Jonathan gave pastors across the country N6bn to vote against the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari(retd.), in the presidential election.

A Borno-based Pastor, Kallamu Musa-Dikwa, said on Thursday that the money that was given to pastors by the President was actually N7bn and not N6bn as alleged by Amaechi, who doubles as the Director-General of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation.

Amaechi had alleged that unnamed leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party paid N6bn to Christian clerics to campaign against Buhari and the APC.

The governor’s allegation caused a stir among the Christian clerics, with the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and the Northern State Christian Elders Forum asking Amaechi to name the church leaders, who collected the huge bribe.

But Musa-Dikwa, who is the Executive Director of the Voice of Northern Christian Movement, told journalists in Kaduna on Thursday that the said money was channelled through the Christian Association of Nigeria.

He said the CAN got the said money(N7bn) on January 26, 2015 and disbursed N3m to each State Chairmen of the CAN across the country.

Musa-Dikwa, who was an Associate Pastor with the E. Y. N. Church, Farm Centre, Dikwa Road, Maiduguri, Borno State, under Rev. Emmanuel Kwajihe between 2002 and 2004, said the CAN had started threatening Christians in the state (Borno) that they must re-elect Jonathan in the rescheduled election.

He said, “It was N7bn that was given to the CAN leadership by President Goodluck Jonathan. They(CAN) later disbursed N3m to the State Chairmen of the CAN.

“The money was handed over to the CAN Leadership on 26th January, 2014.”

“Actually, President Jonathan is using CAN President, and it was the CAN President who collected the monies and shared N3m to the CAN executives in each state.

“And some Pentecostal Bishops also collected their share. Actually, the money is not N6bn, it is N7bn. This is what I know. One of the CAN officials from Abuja told me that they have collected the money. The corruption in CAN is terrible. They are corrupting the body of Christ because of money.

“They are now threatening Christians in Borno State that they will deal with anybody, who refuses to vote for Jonathan. And the CAN officials are now campaigning that if Buhari emerges President, he will Islamise Nigeria; and that Osinbajo collected monies from Islamic world; and that the same Osinbajo will resign soon after Buhari wins to give way for Tinubu to emerge Vice President.”

Musa-Dikwa named some high-profile clerics, who had benefitted from the controversial largesse to actualise the re-election bid of Jonathan.

The severance package for members of the seventh National Assembly, whose tenure ends on May 29 this year, will cost the nation a whopping N2.8billion.

The amount is, however, exclusive of the sum to be paid to the lawmakers’ political aides who will also be exiting the service with their principals.

Severance package or gratuity is the amount paid to the lawmakers after their successful four-year tenure in office as elected politicians.

It is not only the lawmakers that are entitled to the package, their political aides also benefit from it.

The aides to the lawmakers vary in number, depending on whether the lawmaker is a presiding officer like the Senate President or his deputy or the Speaker of the House of Representatives or his deputy or whether the lawmaker is one of the principal officers of the parliament.

In the case of the presiding officers, they have coterie of aides, which may be up to 20 persons for each officer.

Findings by National Mirror at the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC, Abuja, showed that the severance gratuity was one of the financial packages approved by the commission for the lawmakers.

The severance package is arrived at by calculating 300 per cent of the lawmakers’ annual basic salaries.

This formula formed part of the current remuneration package for political, public and judicial office holders designed by RMAFC in June 2007.

Each senator, whose annual basic salaries is put at N2,026,400.00, will, therefore, be entitled to a severance package of N6,079,200.00 (i.e. 300 per cent of the basic salary).

However, as presiding officers, the annual basic salaries of the Senate President and the Deputy Senate President differ from those of the other senators.

For the Senate President, his annual basic salary is put at N2, 484, 242.50 while that of the deputy is N2, 309,166.75.

So, while the severance package of each of the 107 senators is N6, 079, 200.00, that of the Senate President is N7, 452, 727.50 and that of the Deputy Senate President is N6, 927, 500.25.

The total severance package for the Senate, therefore, amounts to N664, 854, 627m.

In the case of the House of Representatives, the basic annual salary of the Speaker is put at N2, 477, 110 which brings his severance package to N7, 431, 330.00, while the Deputy Speaker’s annual basic salary is N2, 287, 034.55 and severance package of N6, 861,102.75.

For the rest other 358 members of the House, each of their annual basic salary is N1, 985, 212.50, translating to N5, 955, 637.00 as severance package.

While the severance packages to the lawmakers will be paid directly from the consolidated revenue of the federation, those of their aides will be charged from the purse of the National Assembly.

Efforts by National Mirror to obtain the amount due to the political aides to the lawmakers were frustrated by the bureaucracy of the National Assembly. The officials insisted that such information should be supplied by the National Assembly Service Commission.

However, at the commission, the officials maintained that such information was the prerogative of the accounts department of the National Assembly.

They explained that the statutory role of the commission started and ended with employment, training, promotion and discipline of the staff of the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, the current seventh session of the National Assembly are clearly on the path of the violation of the 1999 Federal Republic of Nigeria Constitution, which requires the lawmakers to sit for a minimum period of 181 days in a year.

Investigations carried out by the National Mirror revealed that while members of the House of Representatives have sat for only 57 days, beginning from June 6, 2014 when the current session was birthed, the senate on its part has sat for about 78 days only so far.

Although the current legislative year is expected to come to an end in the first week of June this year, evidence has shown that there is no way the lawmakers will be able to make the required statutory sitting sessions before the end of the life of the current lawmakers, given the line-up of the elections in March and April.

Section 63 of the 1999 Constitution states that, “The Senate and the House of Representatives shall each sit for a period not less than one hundred and eighty one days in a year.”

In the past, the lawmakers had often justified their inability to meet this constitutional provision by arguing that the constitutional requirement includes the days they (lawmakers) sit in committees.

In fact, both the House and senate rules define sitting as, “A period during which the House/Senate is sitting continuously without adjournment and this includes any period, during which the House/Senate is in committee.”

For the current legislative year, it is clear that from June 6, 2014 when the lawmakers were sworn in, only a few of the committees has ever sat sparingly till date.

For instance, from June 6, last year, when the current legislative year came into effect, the lawmakers sat for 21 days after which they commenced their annual long vacation on July 18 and resumed September 12.

The lawmakers were to commence another round of break on October 28, 2014 after sitting for just 15 days to enable them prosecute their primary elections nationwide.

In the case of the House of Representatives, October 28 was the day the Speaker, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal announced his decampment to the opposition All Progressive Congress (APC) and shut the House until December 3.

While the senate was able to resume that December 3 and continued sitting till December 16, the day it received the 2015 budget proposal from the Coordinating Minister and Finance Minister Dr. Ngozi Oknjo-Iweala and commenced its Christmas and New Year breaks, the House, which failed to resume all the while merely reconvened same December 16, received the budget proposal and returned back to its indefinite break.

Again, when the National Assembly resumed from its Christmas and New Year holidays on January 13, the lawmakers merely sat for just two days, read the 2015 budget proposal for the second time, passed it to the committee on Finance and Appropriation and vamoosed again for another one month break to enable them participate in the originally scheduled Presidential and National Assembly elections for February 14.

As the lawmakers commenced the last break, the impression was given that the Finance and Appropriation committees of both chambers of the parliament would continue committee work on the budget. But the truth of the matter is that none of the lawmakers stayed back to do any work on the budget.

When National Mirror sought to know the state of the budget from one of the committee members last two weeks, the senator was short of cursing the correspondent, retorting, “Now I know that you are one of those wishing me to fail so that I would not return back to the senate. You want me to be working on the budget when my colleagues are in the battle field struggling to see how they will win their own elections back to the senate. I wish you are near reach now so that I crack that your coconut head.”

One of the directors in the National Assembly who spoke with National Mirror on this matter blamed the none compliance with the constitutional provision on the constitution itself, which he observed, fails to provide for consequences for the breach of the law.

The director who sought anonymity explained that one way of addressing the constitutional lacuna is through constitutional amendment whereby violation of the provision should be regarded as gross misconduct, which should attract a well defined sanction or reprimand.

He noted that if suspension is prescribed, constituent members of any affected lawmaker will likely protest such suspension as amounting to none representation for the people.

Online news portal, SaharaReporters, has challenged former Minister of State for Defence and ministerial nominee, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, to go ahead with his threat to sue it for exposing the audio tape of the meeting he had with a military officer and others to rig the 21 June, 2014 governorship election in Ekiti State.
SaharaReporters, through its publisher, Omoyele Sowore, in a phone chat with P.M.NEWS on Thursday, challenged Obanikoro to go to court.
Obanikoro, who, in his desperate move to get his ministerial nomination approved by the National Assembly, has reportedly confessed to some senators that he was in Ekiti State on the eve of the election and was at the meeting at the behest of President Goodluck Jonathan and that he has asked his U.S. lawyers to sue SaharaReporters.
Sowore said he would be delighted to see Obanikoro in New York where he expects the former minister would thoroughly mess himself up because his libel suit would lack merit and he won’t be able to bribe any judge to pervert the course of justice in his favour.
He said Obanikoro would suffer the same fate as three other Nigerians who tried to sue SaharaReporters for libel in New York but ended up losing their cases.
According to Sowore, Paul Orhii, the Director-General of NAFDAC; Emeka Ugwonye, a Nigerian lawyer who helped the Nigerian government to sell properties in U.S., and another Nigerian lawyer, Eric Abakporo, at various times, sued him and SaharaReporters for libel but lost.
He said the case of Abakporo, a pastor, was even more pathetic as he ended up being jailed for seven years as a fraudulent estate agent who also duped an old woman in U.S.
Sowore said the ultimate defence against libel is the truth, adding that a U.S. company has authenticated the voices in the audio tape and there was no way Obanikoro could controvert or deny it.
He said that in a decent society, Obanikoro ought to be arrested, tried and jailed for his role in the Ekiti rigging.
“It is a shame he is being rewarded with a ministerial appointment,” Sowore said.
Obanikoro had earlier denied his involvement in the Ekiti meeting, only to turn around to confess to several senators in Abuja that he did participate in an election-eve meeting in Ekiti in June 2014 in which a group of politicians and government ministers met with a Nigerian army general to rig the governorship election in favour of Ayodele Fayose, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP.
The meeting, which is now known as “Ekitigate”, was secretly taped by an Army Captain, Sagir Koli, who was subsequently forced to flee for his life.
Obanikoro’s story is that he was simply making “peace” between the army and Ayo Fayose at the meeting, claiming that he was not party to any conversation about rigging.
On the contrary, Obanikoro, who was at the time junior Minister for Defence, is overheard clearly on the tape bragging about the authority granted him by President Jonathan.
He was heard in the audio tape telling the Army General, Brig.Gen Momoh, that his promotion depended on whether he was ready to ‘play ball’.
According to SaharaReporters, prior to admitting his involvement to the Senators, the former minister met with President Jonathan to discuss the tape and his role.
A presidency source said Obanikoro told President Jonathan he was present at the meeting but that a part of the audio-recording was “doctored”.
The source said President Jonathan had called Obanikoro to the meeting to discuss how to mitigate the damage caused by the leaked tape.
Obanikoro told the Senators categorically that it was Jonathan himself who had sent him to Ekiti to help Fayose win the election.
On the tape, Obanikoro says, at least twice, that he is on a “mission” for the President.
He also reportedly told President Jonathan at their meeting that he had asked his US-based lawyers to do a separate voice analysis of the tape and that the lawyers came back with “proof” that certain aspects of the tape had been doctored by SaharaReporters to make the administration look bad.  Counting on that assurance, President Jonathan told a team of reporters from the Wall Street Journal during an interview that the tapes were not real and that he would not investigate the incident.
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