According to Amal, Abigail Onyewelu, Adaeze Yobo's mother, is a 'master of manipulation', a 'black widow' that cast a spell on her dad and 'frittered away' thousands of his pounds.

According to Amal, John suffered domestic abuse during the fiery marriage. The fashion designer, from London, told Emma Pryer at The Sunday People:

> 'Abigail is the master of manipulation. She has been dubbed the black widow back home in Nigeria - and it is spot on. He was enchanted.
> While they were together I went from seeing my dad once a month to once a year. He vanished from his children's lives. When I called to find out how he was and asked him to fly to London to see me, he would just say he couldn't talk. I could sense Abigail was in the background, controlling him."

Amal also claimed her father was assaulted by Abigail around six times and said the first time she 
met her stepmother, her father had a 'big lump under his left eye'. Amal first met Abigail five months after their wedding, at her West London home.She recalled:

> "As soon as Dad walked through the door with her I knew something was wrong. He had this big lump under his left eye. It looked bruised, like he had been struck, and there was a scar I could clearly make out. 

> I knew I couldn't ask him about it with her in the room. He seemed on edge. Abigail seemed very reserved and kept me at arm's length. 

> I couldn't see what Dad saw in her. She claims she is 48 but Dad told me she is actually several years older than him. He has stunning women of my age throwing themselves at him, yet he went for her. 

> It was only after I heard they were splitting that he told me the truth about his eye. He said she came at him from behind with a glass and cut him after becoming increasingly jealous. 

> He told me, 'She was convinced I had been having an affair. All she can think is that I am sleeping with another woman – and it is not true.' He would never raise a hand to her though. He is too respectful of women to ever harm them."

Amal insists her dad has never ­cheated on Abigail. And she does not believe claims he had orgies during his marriage. She continued:

>  "I haven't asked my dad about those ­rumours, because I honestly don't want to know. I am traditional and a Catholic. Abigail was obviously good fun in the bedroom, because I can't think what else she had going for her. But I also know that footballers do those things. 

> He also doesn't need to sleep with his maid, as Abigail has claimed. He could sleep with anyone, so what on earth would he do that for? It simply isn't true. 

> He has said Abigail was always around women, though. She has asked him to retract comments that she is a lesbian because she wants to be a pastor.

>  He has always had that tough-guy image but it was as though she brainwashed him. I know he suffered domestic abuse. Dad told me she attacked him more than six times, even though he only reported it three times to the police. One attack was with a sword. Another was with a glass. 

> He also told me she'd fritter away £2,500 'play money' he gave her, then ask for more. He was stupid and senseless but he feels huge regret now and is finally happy and free of her."

Fashanu's first marriage to Ivory Coast model Melissa Kassa-Mapsi ended in divorce in 2004. He also lived with Spanish model Marisol Acuna Duenas, Amal's mother, for nine years. He wedded Abigail in 2011 but their marriage hit the rocks last year with both parties forced to address rumours of infidelity. Police reports released also showed pictures of Fashanu with a bloody hand, allegedly after being attacked by Abigail. After filing for divorce the ex-Wimbledon player, 52, claimed his 'life was at stake' and alleged Mrs Fashanu cheated on him with another woman who she called her 'spiritual partner'. Mrs Fashanu vehemently denies these allegations. In an earlier interview with the Sunday People she claimed the woman was just a female friend who was living with her for a short period of time and said her ex-husband was 'sick and needs help'. The 48-year-old added: 'Anybody can say anything.' Abigail also labelled claims she was violent as 'ridiculous' and said she would not comment further until after the divorce proceedings.

Nigeria's new president, Muhammadu Buhari, and his deputy, Yemi Osinbajo, will earn annual basic salaries of N3, 514, 705 and N3, 031, 572.50 respectively, according to the information on the website of the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

The RMAFC is statutorily empowered by Section 32 (d) of Part 1 of the Third Schedule of the Constitution to determine the remuneration appropriate for political office holders.

Apart from the salaries, the president is entitled to various regular allowances like:

Hardship, 50 per cent of the basic salary – N1, 757, 350.50; consistency – 250 per cent, N8, 786, 762.50.
Other regular allowances like motor vehicle fuelling and maintenance, special assistant, personal assistant, domestic staff, entertainment, utilities, security and Newspapers and periodicals are to be provided by the government – not paid for.

Allowances like accommodation, furniture, and duty tour allowance (per night), estacode (per night) and medical allowances are also to be provided as requested.

The allowances are paid periodically, some monthly, a few once in four years. Duty Tour Allowance and Estacode depend on travels.
For instance, furniture allowance to other cadre of officials, like ministers and the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, is given once in four years. The President and Vice President are not paid furniture allowance as they are provided for.

When all allowances payable each month are added, President Buhari will take home N1, 171,568.33 each month, and N14, 058, 820.00 yearly.

Vice President Osinbajo will receive N1, 010, 524. 17 monthly, and N12, 126,290.00 per annum.
Details of Allowances.

The president's severance gratuity is N10, 544, 115, that is 300 per cent of basic; he is entitled to a leave allowance of N351, 470. 50, (10 per cent of basic salary) and an optional motor vehicle loan of N14, 058, 820, at 400 per cent to be repaid before the expiration of the president's tenure.
Mr. Osinbajo will also get allowances such as motor vehicle, feeding and maintenance, special assistant, personal assistant, domestic staff, entertainment utility, security, newspaper and periodicals.
While the number two man's hardship, consistency, severance gratuity and leave allowance are at N1, 515, 786.25; N7, 578, 931.25; N9, 094, 717.50 and N303, 157.25 respectively.

He will also receive a motor vehicle loan at 400 per cent of his basic salary which is N12, 126, 290; to be repaid at the expiration of his tenure.

The salaries and allowances are drawn from the Consolidated Revenue Fund. The current salary structure and allowances were fixed by the RMAFC in 2007.

Before the review, the basic annual salary of the then president, Olusegun Obasanjo, was N2,586,000 per annum, while that of his deputy, Atiku Abubakar was N1,938,000 the same as that of the Chief Justice of Nigeria and the Senate President, both heads of the judiciary and the legislature.

This was as a result of the review of the salary structure and associated allowances for the top federal public office holders earlier carried out by the National Salaries and Wages Commission.

This followed the review of the salary structure and associated allowances for the top federal public office holders earlier carried out by the National Salaries and Wages Commission.

That review, which took effect on May 1, 2000, was contained in a memo SWC.04/S.1/Vol.1V/186 dated May 15, 2000 and signed by G.P.O. Chikelu, the then Chairman of the Commission.

- Premium Times

The Football Association has agreed a deal
with airline Emirates which will see the FA
Cup rebranded as The Emirates FA Cup.

The three-year agreement was announced
ahead of the 2015 final between Arsenal and
Aston Villa at Wembley.
The deal, which is reportedly worth at least
£30m, will begin next season and will see the
Dubai-based company become the
competition's lead partner until 2018.

The FA has been seeking a new sponsor for
the tournament since Budweiser's three-year
association with the competition ended 12
months ago.

Next season's competiton starts on August
15 with the extra-preliminary rounds and the
final will take place on Saturday, May 21,

Emirates has been involved in a number of
sporting sponsorships around the world over
the last decade or so.

They are currently tied into one of the biggest
such contracts in football with Arsenal,
holding their shirt sponsorship rights until
2019 and stadium naming rights until 2028.

Below is what the new president said; 

I am immensely grateful to God Who Has preserved us to witness this day and this occasion. Today marks a triumph for Nigeria and an occasion to celebrate her freedom and cherish her democracy. Nigerians have shown their commitment to democracy and are determined to entrench its culture. Our journey has not been easy but thanks to the determination of our people and strong support from friends abroad we have today a truly democratically elected government in place.

I would like to thank President Goodluck Jonathan for his display of statesmanship in setting a precedent for us that has now made our people proud to be Nigerians wherever they are. With the support and cooperation he has given to the transition process, he has made it possible for us to show the world that despite the perceived tension in the land we can be a united people capable of doing what is right for our nation. Together we co-operated to surprise the world that had come to expect only the worst from Nigeria. I hope this act of graciously accepting defeat by the outgoing President will become the standard of political conduct in the country.

I would like to thank the millions of our supporters who believed in us even when the cause seemed hopeless. I salute their resolve in waiting long hours in rain and hot sunshine to register and cast their votes and stay all night if necessary to protect and ensure their votes count and were counted. I thank those who tirelessly carried the campaign on the social media.

At the same time, I thank our other countrymen and women who did not vote for us but contributed to make our democratic culture truly competitive, strong and definitive. I thank all of you. Having just a few minutes ago sworn on the Holy Book, I intend to keep my oath and serve as President to all Nigerians. I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody. A few people have privately voiced fears that on coming back to office I shall go after them. These fears are groundless.

There will be no paying off old scores. The past is prologue. Our neighbours in the Sub-region and our African brethenen should rest assured that Nigeria under our administration will be ready to play any leadership role that Africa expects of it. Here I would like to thank the governments and people of Cameroon, Chad and Niger for committing their armed forces to fight Boko Haram in Nigeria.

I also wish to assure the wider international community of our readiness to cooperate and help to combat threats of cross-border terrorism, sea piracy, refugees and boat people, financial crime, cyber crime, climate change, the spread of communicable diseases and other challenges of the 21 st century.

At home we face enormous challenges. Insecurity, pervasive corruption, the hitherto unending and seemingly impossible fuel and power shortages are the immediate concerns. We are going to tackle them head on. Nigerians will not regret that they have entrusted national responsibility to us. We must not succumb to hopelessness and defeatism. We can fix our problems.

In recent times Nigerian leaders appear to have misread our mission. Our founding fathers, Mr Herbert Macauley, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Malam Aminu Kano, Chief J.S. Tarka, Mr Eyo Ita, Chief Denis Osadeby, Chief Ladoke Akintola and their colleagues worked to establish certain standards of governance. They might have differed in their methods or tactics or details, but they were united in establishing a viable and progressive country.

Some of their successors behaved like spoilt children breaking everything and bringing disorder to the house. Furthermore, we as Nigerians must remind ourselves that we are heirs to great civilizations: Shehu Othman Dan fodio's caliphate, the Kanem Borno Empire, the Oyo Empire, the Benin Empire and King Jaja's formidable domain.

The blood of those great ancestors flow in our veins. What is now required is to build on these legacies, to modernize and uplift Nigeria. Daunting as the task may be it is by no means insurmountable. There is now a national consensus that our chosen route to national development is democracy. To achieve our objectives we must consciously work the democratic system. The Federal Executive under my watch will not seek to encroach on the duties and functions of the Legislative and Judicial arms of government.

The law enforcing authorities will be charged to operate within the Constitution. We shall rebuild and reform the public service to become more effective and more serviceable. We shall charge them to apply themselves with integrity to stabilize the system. For their part the legislative arm must keep to their brief of making laws, carrying out over-sight functions and doing so expeditiously. The judicial system needs reform to cleanse itself from its immediate past.

The country now expects the judiciary to act with dispatch on all cases especially on corruption, serious financial crimes or abuse of office. It is only when the three arms act constitutionally that government will be enabled to serve the country optimally and avoid the confusion all too often bedeviling governance today. Elsewhere relations between Abuja and the States have to be clarified if we are to serve the country better.

Constitutionally there are limits to powers of each of the three tiers of government but that should not mean the Federal Government should fold its arms and close its eyes to what is going on in the states and local governments. Not least the operations of the Local Government Joint Account. While the Federal Government can not interfere in the details of its operations it will ensure that the gross corruption at the local level is checked.

 As far as the constitution allows me I will try to ensure that there is responsible and accountable governance at all levels of government in the country. For I will not have kept my own trust with the Nigerian people if I allow others abuse theirs under my watch. However, no matter how well organized the governments of the federation are they can not succeed without the support, understanding and cooperation of labour unions, organized private sector, the press and civil society organizations. I appeal to employers and workers alike to unite in raising productivity so that everybody will have the opportunity to share in increased prosperity. The Nigerian press is the most vibrant in Africa.

My appeal to the media today – and this includes the social media – is to exercise its considerable powers with responsibility and patriotism. My appeal for unity is predicated on the seriousness of the legacy we are getting into. With depleted foreign reserves, falling oil prices, leakages and debts the Nigerian economy is in deep trouble and will require careful management to bring it round and to tackle the immediate challenges confronting us, namely; Boko Haram, the Niger Delta situation, the power shortages and unemployment especially among young people. For the longer term we have to improve the standards of our education.

We have to look at the whole field of medicare. We have to upgrade our dilapidated physical infrastructure. The most immediate is Boko Haram's insurgency. Progress has been made in recent weeks by our security forces but victory can not be achieved by basing the Command and Control Centre in Abuja. The command centre will be relocated to Maiduguri and remain until Boko Haram is completely subdued. But we can not claim to have defeated Boko Haram without rescuing the Chibok girls and all other innocent persons held hostage by insurgents. This government will do all it can to rescue them alive.

Boko Haram is a typical example of small fires causing large fires. An eccentric and unorthodox preacher with a tiny following was given posthumous fame and following by his extra judicial murder at the hands of the police. Since then through official bungling, negligence, complacency or collusion Boko Haram became a terrifying force taking tens of thousands of lives and capturing several towns and villages covering swathes of Nigerian sovereign territory. Boko Haram is a mindless, godless group who are as far away from Islam as one can think of. At the end of the hostilities when the group is subdued the Government intends to commission a sociological study to determine its origins, remote and immediate causes of the movement, its sponsors, the international connexions to ensure that measures are taken to prevent a reccurrence of this evil. For now the Armed Forces will be fully charged with prosecuting the fight against Boko haram.

We shall overhaul the rules of engagement to avoid human rights violations in operations. We shall improve operational and legal mechanisms so that disciplinary steps are taken against proven human right violations by the Armed Forces. Boko Haram is not only the security issue bedeviling our country. The spate of kidnappings, armed robberies, herdsmen/farmers clashes, cattle rustlings all help to add to the general air of insecurity in our land.

We are going to erect and maintain an efficient, disciplined people – friendly and well – compensated security forces within an over – all security architecture. The amnesty programme in the Niger Delta is due to end in December, but the Government intends to invest heavily in the projects, and programmes currently in place. I call on the leadership and people in these areas to cooperate with the State and Federal Government in the rehabilitation programmes which will be streamlined and made more effective. As ever, I am ready to listen to grievances of my fellow Nigerians. I extend my hand of fellowship to them so that we can bring peace and build prosperity for our people. No single cause can be identified to explain Nigerian's poor economic performance over the years than the power situation.

It is a national shame that an economy of 180 million generates only 4,000MW, and distributes even less. Continuous tinkering with the structures of power supply and distribution and close on $20b expanded since 1999 have only brought darkness, frustration, misery, and resignation among Nigerians. We will not allow this to go on. Careful studies are under way during this transition to identify the quickest, safest and most cost-effective way to bring light and relief to Nigerians. Unemployment, notably youth un-employment features strongly in our Party's Manifesto. We intend to attack the problem frontally through revival of agriculture, solid minerals mining as well as credits to small and medium size businesses to kick – start these enterprises.

We shall quickly examine the best way to revive major industries and accelerate the revival and development of our railways, roads and general infrastructure. Your Excellencies, My fellow Nigerians I can not recall when Nigeria enjoyed so much goodwill abroad as now. The messages I received from East and West, from powerful and small countries are indicative of international expectations on us. At home the newly elected government is basking in a reservoir of goodwill and high expectations. Nigeria therefore has a window of opportunity to fulfill our long – standing potential of pulling ourselves together and realizing our mission as a great nation.

Our situation somehow reminds one of a passage in Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life, Is bound in shallows and miseries. We have an opportunity. Let us take it.

Thank you Muhammadu Buhari
President Federal Republic of NIGERIA and Commander in-chief-of the Armed forces.

Sepp Blatter implied in his FIFA president's
address at the Congress that the £100m
corruption scandal was a Western conspiracy.
In a rambling speech, beleaguered Blatter
claimed things would be different if two other
countries had emerged from the envelopes.
He meant England for 2018 and USA for
2022 – a dig at the British media who have
led the anti-Blatter agenda and the FBI,
whose investigations led to seven arrests and
14 officials indicted on bribery and kick-back
charges by the US Attorney.
Blatter said: 'They call into question the
world Cups of 2018 and 2022. In December
2010 here in Zurich when we decided on the
two World Cups in one session.
'If two other countries had emerged from the
envelopes, we would not have these problems
today. But we can't go back in time, we are
not prophets. We can't say what would have

Blatter also made another plea for team
unity adding: 'Given the special
circumstances and the storm that followed
and the major discussions that came with
them. My president's address will be
'I will address what has happened and look
how we can go forward. We are going
through troubled times.
'The events have thrown a shadow over FIFA
but let us try to lift our spirits. We can't
accept FIFA being dragged through the mud.
But those found guilty are individuals not the
'These individuals have lost sight that this is
a team sport which everybody must aim at
the same goal. I am willing to accept FIFA is
responsible but share the responsibility with
the Exco committee which is our government.
'We are at a turning point. We need to pull
together and move forward. We cannot
constantly supervise everybody. We have
more than 300m active participants and we
have 1.6 billion people touched by our

Blatter, who goes up against Prince Ali bin
al-Hussein in Friday's presidential election
added: 'It is not good that all this emerged
two days before the Congress. I'm not going
to say coincidence but I do have a small
question mark.
'There is no sporting event that has more
fame than the World Cup especially with TV
where billion watch. So let us be careful. The
idea of us being a simple game. This is not a
'Football and FIFA have become very
important. And you the national associations
are the shareholders and owners of this. But
for this to work, there needs to be discipline.
'It's a matter of trust. Let us repair what has
blown down Let the boat go placidly into

Pro-Palestinian protesters briefly interrupted
Blatter's speech with world football's
governing body set to vote later on whether
to expel Israel from the organisation.
The two female protesters stormed the
opening address, waving red cards at FIFA
representatives and chanting 'Israel out!"
before being escorted out of the hall by
security guards.
A group of around 150 pro-Palestinian
protesters had gathered to chant outside
Zurich's Hallenstadion before the congress
It came as the head of Brazil's football
federation fled Switzerland on the eve of the
Marco Polo Del Nero left Zurich on Thursday
night along with members of his personal
delegation amid rumours he was spooked by
the arrest of his predecessor Jose Maria
Marin the day before.

Michael Jackson's infamous Neverland Ranch has hit the market for the first time since the late singer's death.

The firm who bought the singer's debt and then restored the property have finally put the sprawling ranch located just outside of Santa Barbara, California, on the market, the Wall Street Journal reports.

While the theme park rides may be gone (along with Michael's elephants and beloved monkey Bubbles) the history - both bad and good - remains, and it can now be yours if you have a spare $100million. 

Listed by Sotheby's and Hilton & Hyland, most of the telltale signs if its former famous owner have been erased turning the 2700-acre property from a fun park into a grand compound.

Even the name has changed with Neverland now known as Sycamore Valley Ranch - which was its name prior to the star buying in in the Eighties.

Realtor Suzanne Perkins told the Wall Street Journal that the amusement park the late King Of Pop constructed and his beloved exotic animals have long been removed.

In their place it seems are rolling hills, man-made water features and lakes complete with swans and even a llama or two.

Perkins promises however, if a Michael fan does buy the property there are still a few small signs that it was the Neverland Ranch with its train and clock made from flowers that spells out 'Neverland' retained and restored. 

The agents have stressed however, this is not a chance for fans to see their idol's home as they will require 'extensive prequalification' of potential buyers as 'we're not going to be giving tours'.

So what does a $100 million buy you?

According to the listing agent, the new buyer will own 22 structures on including a giant Normandy-style main house.

WSJ reports the home, which is located between the property's two lakes, is an impressive 12,000-square-feet, with six bedrooms and an attached staff quarters.

Of course, if the new owner wants to entertain there is two guest houses - one four-bedroom and one two-bedroom.

While the amusement park has now been removed, there are still plenty of things to do with the property featuring a swimming pool with a cabana, basketball court, tennis court and BBQ area. 

reports that the home was about to go on the market - it was even claimed the new musical royalty Beyonce and Jay Z wanted to buy it. 

The value of the home has been subject to speculation over the years with people suggesting figures as low as $35 million.

Jackson bought the ranch in 1987 for $19.5million but then used it as collateral for a $24.5million loan - which he defaulted on.

It is thought the annual upkeep for the property was a staggering $3million with up to 54 full-time paid staff manning the estate.

Investment firm Colony Capital bought a significant portion of the debt in 2008 - a year before his death - to save the home for foreclosing and were working with the star to restore it with the hopes of selling the property.

As Colony put more money into the project, its share of equity increased while Jackson's decreased.

Forbes suggested last year that the company ended up pumping more than $50million into the site.

But in 2014, it was announced the property was going to be sold.

Officials from Michael's estate said they are 'saddened' by the news of the sale.

They said in a statement: 'We are saddened at the prospect of the sale of Neverland which, under the agreement negotiated during Michael's lifetime, Colony has the right to sell. 

'The estate will maintain Michael's family home in Encino, including its iconic recording studio there.

'[We will] continue to build upon Michael's legacy as an artistic genius and humanitarian through his music and new projects such as the Michael Jackson ONE show in Las Vegas.' 

They added at the time: 'We hope and trust that any new owners of Neverland will respect the historical importance and special nature of this wonderful property. Michael's memory lives on in the hearts of his fans worldwide.' 

Security was beefed up in Nigeria's
capital, Abuja, as final preparations were
made for the inauguration of
Muhammadu Buhari as president.
The 72-year-old Muhammadu Buhari,
who defeated incumbent Goodluck
Jonathan in elections two months ago,
will be sworn in at a ceremony from 9am
(0800 GMT) on Friday before world
leaders and other dignitaries.
Among those who have confirmed
attendance are South Africa's President
Jacob Zuma, US Secretary of State John
Kerry and French Foreign Minister
Laurent Fabius.

The South African presidency released a
statement saying: "In his congratulatory
message, President Zuma expressed his
commitment to working closely with
president-elect Buhari to enhance the
good bilateral relations which exist
between South Africa and Nigeria,
paying particular focus on the
strengthening of economic co-operation.

"President Zuma also congratulated the
people of Nigeria for conducting a
peaceful, transparent, credible, free and
fair election as declared by the
Independent National Election
Commission of Nigeria."

Soldiers were out in force on the streets,
including at main entry points into the
city, while there was a visible police
presence at key locations such as hotels
and government buildings.
Roads have been closed around the
Eagle Square inauguration venue, where
dozens of international flags have been
hoisted alongside the Nigerian green,
white and green tricolor.

DETECTIVES from Ondo State Police
Command have arrested four students of
Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, for
allegedly gang-raping a female student of the
Vanguard gathered that the victim is a
girlfriend of one of the suspects.

The suspects, according to a police source,
are student in the Department of Business
Education in the institution.

Police source said the victim, who is on
admission in a private hospital, was raped at
a residence in Oka area of the town until she
became unconscious.

It was gathered that the suspects, who have
made confessional statements, were picked up
after the report was lodged at the police
station in Ondo town.

Reports had it that the victim who resides
outside the campus, was invited by her
girlfriend and together they went to visit
another friend.

On getting to the residence of one of the
friends, others reportedly pounced on her and
took turns raping her.

The victim reportedly regained consciousness
and on return home, collapsed again and was
rushed to the hospital where she was placed
on admission after bleeding profusely from
her private part.

A Federal High Court, Lagos, on Thursday said
that Digital Satellite Television (DStv) had the
right to increase its subscription rate as it did
last month.

Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke then struck out a
suit filed by some aggrieved subscribers
challenging the company's recent 20 per cent
increment on subscription.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports
that DStv is being operated by Multi-Choice
Nigeria Ltd.

The aggrieved subscribers: Messrs Osasuyi
Adebayo and Oluyinka Oyeniji, who are also
lawyers, had filed the class action on behalf
of themselves and all other DStv subscribers
across the country.

The plaintiffs had sought an order of the court
restraining Multi-Choice from implementing
the 20 per cent increment on DStv
subscription rate which began on April 1.

Justice Chukwujekwu Aneke, in a ruling,
upheld the preliminary objection filed by
Multi-Choice, and ruled that the suit
amounted to an abuse of court process.

The judge rejected an argument by the
plaintiffs that Multi-Choice should not to be
given right of audience having failed to abide
by an earlier ex-parte order of the court
restraining the company from implementing
the increment.

Aneke said the court was bound to entertain
arguments from all parties before it,
irrespective of the alleged violation of the
court order.

He further ruled that the suit disclosed no
reasonable cause of action, as the plaintiffs
were not under any obligation to continue to
subscribe to the services of Multi-Choice into
the face of the increment.

Meanwhile, the judge upheld Multi-Choice's
argument that the suit failed to comply with
mandatory provisions of Sections 97 and 98
of the Sherrifs and Civil Processes Act.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports
that the sections stipulate that a writ to be
served outside jurisdiction must be
concurrently issued.

The plaintiffs, through their counsel, Mr Yemi
Salma, had urged the court to discountenance
such argument, as Section 19 of the Federal
High Court Act, had clearly defined the
jurisdiction of the court to be one within
Salma had further urged the court not to
punish any irregularity in the issuance of the
writ on the plaintiffs, as such emanated from
the court.
He also stated that such irregularity could be
corrected by the court in doing substantial
However, the judge rejected the plaintiffs'
argument, and upheld the objection.
He was also silent on an argument by the
plaintiffs that the objection should be treated
as a demurrer, which has been abolished from
the rules of court.
Demurrer is an attempt by a defendant to get
dismissal of a suit without filing any process
to the substantive issues.
In the instant suit, Multi-Choice only filed
preliminary objection, and did not file any
process against the substantive suit.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports
that the judge had earlier rejected an attempt
by a human rights lawyer, Mr Ebun-Olu
Adegboruwa, to opt out of the suit.
Adegboruwa had filed an application to be
joined as a co-plaintiff, but later filed an
application to opt out.
Aneke, however, said he was persuaded by a
Supreme Court decision which stated that
once an objection was raised challenging
jurisdiction, the court was duty bound to first
determine the objection before entertaining
any other application.
According to the suit, the plaintiffs had
sought an order of the court compelling the
NBC to regulate the activities of Multi-Choice
so as to prevent what they described as an
arbitrary increment in subscription rates.

They specifically urged the court to impress it
on the NBC to be alive to its statutory
responsibility by ensuring that Multi-Choice is
compelled to implement the pay-per-view
scheme in Nigeria.
They said that with that subscribers would
only pay for programmes they watched, as
was done in other parts of the world where
Multi-Choice operated.
But Multi-Choice, through its lawyer, Moyosore
Onigbanjo, argued that the plaintiffs had no
cause of action, adding that a court did not
have the power to regulate the price of
services that a business was offering to its
It said that neither the government nor the
court could regulate prices in Nigeria, being a
country that operates a free-market economy.
Multi Choice also said that under its
conditions of agreement, especially clauses 40
and 41, it was free to change the fees payable
by subscribers for the services it was offering
them. (NAN).

Ghanaian actors Yvonne Nelson and
friend John Dumelo had a very
publicized fight on social media.
John who was absent at the a Yvonne
Nelson led protest against shabby power
supply. John was reported to have
defended the president of Ghana and
Yvonne called him a kiss ass. The 31-
year old took to his Twitter page to call
her out and she has finally responded.
The model/actress spoke to a radio
station Y107.9FM saying
"I'm sure everyone knows
John will forever be my baby
boo, love, friend, best
friend… charley I can go on
and on. Chaley I love John
oh, we were not fighting, it
was just some little child's
play on social media. So me
and John we are good, don't
get worried and don't get
scared. His an amazing guy,
I don't think he is in Ghana
now. When he comes I know
he is going to say all the
nice things about me. Me
and John we are homies, we
are Fantes."
"It's just the campaign or
whatever that started this
but let's not go there.
Because I think the a*s
kissing tweet wasn't too bad
for him to react that way
because I normally tell him
he feels like a hundred
donkeys and hundred
chickens and he is cool. We
play like that and we have
that relationship. It's all
Yvonne Nelson defended the accusation
that she in anger went as far as deleting
instagram photos of she and John,
saying that she on occasion deletes
some of her Instagram photos.
John is yet to respond to her claims that
all is well. He is currently away visiting Guinea.

MOBILE telecommunications firm, MTN Nigeria may have commenced subterranean moves to evacuate the abandoned Universities Connect Library at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, Lagos.

The state-of-the-art digital library, donated to the school in 2005, has been placed under lock and key in the last five years and much to the dissatisfaction of the donor organisation.

In-house sources at the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) office of the telecommunication outfit informed The Guardian that the evacuation processes would begin soon, even as it was gathered that troubled Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo Campus may be the new beneficiary.

The abandoned facility helped the 54-year-old institution to link up with other citadels of learning for reference books and research materials. It put at the disposal of the school, intellectual resources of over 5,500 libraries, organisations, publishers of academic journals, professional reference and scholarly works.

"This library will support the assembly and creative use of up-to-date information at the click of a mouse," Executive Director, MTN Foundation, Amina Oyagbola, had said at the commissioning.

At the opening, the library guaranteed two-year subscription to journals, books and so on, as well as a two-year maintenance contract to ensure the environment was adequately maintained.

It was gathered that the facility and its 125 networked computers, three laser jet printers, a server, and VSAT-based Internet connectivity, 15 air-conditioners, and alternative power generation all ran like a well oiled machine for the two years.

But without plans for onward maintenance, the library struggled for relevance among researchers. Today and 10 years after it was commissioned, many undergraduates are not aware that such facility ever existed or what it represents sitting next to their Main Library.

A doctorate student of the institution (an undergraduate in 2005), told The Guardian that the problem started gradually around 2008. He recalled ease of access to academic materials suddenly became difficult, with complaints over malfunctioning system, power outage, network issues and faulty server.

"Internet enabled phones were still a luxury then, so the digital library was more of a respite for researcher to get things done and quickly too. But with technical problems, one cannot but lose interest. Later, it was the case of staffers that would not come to work. All of these dragged on till it eventually shutdown," he said on condition of anonymity.

When The Guardian visited recently, it was all covered in thick dust, overgrown weed and firmly locked in chains and padlocks.

Citing the library at Akintunde Ojo Main Library annex was also a challenge for the sensitive infrastructure. The building, which sits besides the school's main library, overlooking the Lagos lagoon, is one of those early structures affected by the poor maintenance culture.

Since the building ceased to be the Main Dining Hall for Akokaites back in the 1970s – when Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) scraped school feeding programme for Nigerian students – the Akintunde Ojo building became a junkyard, and makeshift library for all-night readers during examination periods.

Sources within the school alleged that "yearly royalty" also became a subject of feisty battle between the school management, the donor and a top ranking personality in the university system that had approved the project at inception.

MTN Corporate Social Executive, Akinwale Goodluck, recently at the Lagos State Support Our School Initiative Breakfast Meeting, said the world-class facility, a pride of his organisation, had been locked up for years, because the school management could just not keep to agreements in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2004.

Goodluck, who gave credit to the Lagos State government and the ministry of education on effective partnership till date, said a state-owned tertiary institution would be the new beneficiary of the digital library when it was retrieved from UNILAG.

"We are happy to transfer this facility to Lagos State," Goodluck said.

Authorities of UNILAG, however maintained that they had given the telecommunication outfit their blessing to remove the facility, after sections of the second agreement were breached by the mobile outfit.

Electronic Arts' football/soccer franchise FIFA is introducing female players for the first time.

The sports game will feature 12 international teams (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, and the United States of America) when the latest instalment, FIFA 16, launches on September 22. Just as their male counterparts, female players will look and move "like they do on the pitch when representing their country".

FIFA 16 launches on PC, Playstation 3 and 4, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 22 2015.

young woman, Funmilayo Adeyanju, in
a fit of anger hacked her three years old
son to death on Children Day, throwing
neighbours at the Ogunso area of Otta,
Ado-Odo/Otta local government area of
Ogun State into shock and mourning.

Adeyanju was said to have returned from
somewhere and had barely rested for
about 30minutes when she picked up a
kitchen knife and attacked the boy.

She allegedly pinned her son called
Emmanuel to ground and savagely
stabbed him in the chest, abdomen, head
and other parts of the body, leaving him
to die in a pool of his blood around 4pm
on Wednesday.

It is not yet clear what provoked the
killing, but many people that are familiar
with the circumstance of the mother and
child, claimed it may not be
unconnected with the trauma of the
relationship between the woman and her
biological father.

The Nation gathered that the boy is the
product of the incestuous between
Funmilayo and her father about four
years ago.

The state's Police Public Relations
Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who
confirmed the incident, said policemen
from Ota Division have arrested the
woman while the remains of her slain
child have been evacuated to the

Adejobi said:  "Policemen have been to
the scene to recover the body of the
child. The woman has been acting
strangely like a person who is of
unsound mind. The police would carry
out proper investigation.
"The police will work on the state of
mind of the woman and we'll have to
seek the help of an expert to know her
mental state."

A young Ghanaian girl identified as Blandine (pictured above) was on May 25th electrocuted to death after the power bank she was using to charge her phone got stuck on her skin and electrocuted her. According to reports from Dumsor, Ghana, the girl was chatting with a friend when she fell asleep and placed the power bank she was using to charge her phone around her breast region. She had connected the power bank to an electricity source so it can charge when power is restored. As power was restored to her area, their was a power surge, the power bank got heated and got stuck on her skin, electrocuting her to death. Her parents found her dead. 

Manchester City FC have announced a new
three-year partnership with PZ Cussons Plc -
a leading international consumer products
group. The deal will see the Manchester-
headquartered business become the Club's
Official Partner in Nigeria. PZ Cussons will
drive the partnership through its local
brands: Premier, Olympic and Robb.
Nigeria is PZ Cussons' largest and most
diverse market, where it has grown its
presence for over a century. PZ Cussons has
a deep understanding of the Nigerian market
manufacturing and selling market-leading
The partnership with Manchester City FC will
see PZ Cussons associate its brands with
Nigeria's most-loved sport and the most
popular sports competition in the country.
Manchester City FC's rapidly growing fan
base in the region will be able to benefit from
unrivalled experiences and prizes to get
closer to the action and to their heroes.
Manchester City's strong presence in the
country was cemented with the highest TV
audience of a live Premier League match in
the 2013/14 season, for the Club's title-
winning final game against West Ham
Omar Berrada, Commercial Director of City
Football Marketing, which brokers
Manchester City FC's commercial
partnerships, said: "We are very pleased to
add PZ Cussons to our existing partnerships
in Africa. Nigeria, and Africa more broadly,
are extremely important markets, where our
fan base is continuing to grow.
"We will continue to build a strong
relationship with PZ Cussons and are looking
forward to providing fantastic experiences for
their customers and our fans."
Tim Perman, Group Category & Brand Director
of PZ Cussons PLC, added: "PZ Cussons is
proud to be partnering with Manchester City
FC in Nigeria.
"There is a great fit between our brands in
terms of heritage, values and a desire to win.
We look forward to delighting our consumers
with unique experiences from brands that
they trust and a sport that they love."

Sola Ogudugu is 24 years old and she is
the mother of music star Wizkid's four
year old son. In a new interview with
YNaija, Sola talked about the experience
she has always dreaded.
According to her, she only got to know
she was pregnant, when the foetus was
five months old, and even then, she cried
for the remaining 4 months, asking God
everyday "Why me"
"I remember the day I found out I
was preggers! After 5monthsss…
Damn!!! I Swear I died and rose
again! LOL.. Can't believe I'm
laughing now. I cried for the
4months… I just kept saying to
myself everyday 'God why me'
Ahhhhhh mahn…
ThoseWereTryingTimesYo! It was
like film trick…"
She further revealed how she was
disvirgined by the music star, the shame,
the frustration she had to go through!
"To think I just started having sex
at the time… I was just
frustrated… Like who sent me???
it's funny now.. wasn't funny
then oo. Imagine seeing your
monthly period unknown to you
that there's a baby growing in
you! MAHNNNNNN!!!! God is
great!! "
According to her, the not so remarkable
incident happened in her final year in
School, yet she still managed to finish
with good grades.
"That was the greatest challenge
ever! Was in my finals.. I still
struggled and finished Uni with
Good grades.. And guess what?
My son is 4! I'm still overwhelmed
but I Thank God for how far he's
brought me and how much my Lil
man has grown.. I'm THANKFUL"
And then the best part.
"Forget all the fleeked out make
up and good cloths… Being a
Mum is one hell of a job talk
more being a single mum at 19!"
But Jesus changed her story!
"When Jesus Says Yes Nobody
Can Say No…. That was how God
wanted things to go in my life

As FIFA leaders gathered for a meeting in the 5-star Baur au Lac hotel in Zurich this morning May 27th, Swiss law enforcement officials arrived unannounced and arrested 7 of the highest-ranking football officials in the world, at the request of the US Department of Justice. Read full story below

Seven FIFA officials were arrested in dawn raids on charges of receiving millions of US dollars in bribes. A separate criminal investigation into the how the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were allocated was also launched by Swiss authorities.

Sepp Blatter faces Prince Ali bin al-Hussein in Friday's election as he seeks a fifth term as FIFA president.

Fifa, world football's governing body, has been dogged by allegations of corruption and wrongdoing in recent years.

The latest developments are another major blow, although Fifa communications director Walter De Gregorio insisted the organisation was continuing to reform.

"This is good for Fifa," he told a news conference following news of the arrests. "It hurts, it is not easy, but it confirms we are on the right track."

The seven Fifa officials were arrested after the US Department of Justice issued a 47-count indictment charging 14 defendants with racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracies in a 24-year scheme. 
"The indictment alleges corruption that is rampant, systemic and deep-rooted," said New York attorney general Loretta Lynch. 
"It spans at least two generations of soccer officials who, as alleged, have abused their positions of trust to acquire millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks." 
The charges allege: 
Nine current or former Fifa officials, including Jeffrey Webb and former Fifa vice president Jack Warner, charged with corruptionFour individual and two corporate defendants - including former Concacaf general secretary Chuck Blazer and Warner's son Darayn plead guiltyAlleged scheme "fostered a culture of corruption and greed that created uneven playing field""Undisclosed and illegal payments, kickbacks and bribes became a way of doing business at Fifa" - US DOJMajority of scheme involved corruption over media and marketing rights to matches and tournaments.

The officials arrested are:

Jeffrey Webb: President of Concacaf, one of the six regional confederations that compose FIFA, and vice president of FIFA

Jack Warner: Former president of Concacaf and vice president of FIFA

Eugenio Figueredo: Former president of Conmebol, the South American federation, and outgoing FIFA vice president

Eduardo Li: President of Costa Rican federation, set to join FIFA executive committee this week

Julio Rocha: President of Nicaraguan association

Costas Takkas: Former president of Cayman Islands federation

Rafael Esquivel: President of Venezuelan association since 1988

José Maria Marin: Former president of Brazil's federation

Nicolás Leoz: Former president of Conmebol and former member of FIFA executive committee

Alejandro Burzaco: Argentine sports media executive

Aaron Davidson: President of Traffic Sports USA — a promoter of soccer events — and chairman of the board of North American Soccer League

Hugo Jinkis: Soccer media executive

Mariano Jinkis: Soccer media executive

José Margulies: Charged as intermediary who facilitated illegal payments

What About Sepp Blatter?

Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA since 1998, was not charged, though the soccer officials who were indicted might present prosecutors with information that is damaging to Mr. Blatter. An election, seemingly pre-ordained to give Mr. Blatter a fifth term as president, is scheduled for Friday in Zurich. It will go on as planned, a FIFA spokesman said. 

Source: BBC/New York Times

Venus Williams has been handed a $3000
(£1950) fine for skipping a news conference
following her first-round defeat at the French
Williams, who was seeded 15th at Roland
Garros, lost 7-6 (7-5) 6-1 to fellow American
Sloane Stephens, and has now failed to reach
the quarter-finals in Paris since 2006.
The 34-year-old has been fined by the
tournament organisers after she failed to
show up to her mandatory media debrief and
instead chose to issue a short statement.
"When you arrive at any tournament you hope
you will have a chance to work your way into
the event, but I didn't have that opportunity,"
Williams said. "She just played better than
me today."
It was not the first time Williams has been
penalised for missing media duties after she
and her sister Serena were fined $4000
(£2600) each following a Wimbledon doubles
match in 2010.

The real reasons the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) Tuesday night, sealed completely the business outlet of a popular elite and confectionary company, Chocolat Royal has emerged, The City Reporters can exclusively report.

Apart from the importation, storage and use of fake, unregistered and expired/unwholesome food products to produce consumables for customers, we can authoritatively report that Chocolat Royal was sealed by NAFDAC on discovery of six illegal 40ft cold rooms fully stocked with contaminated food products built on top of sewages (suck away pit) and in front of toilets.

Not only that majority of these food products discovered, have expired since 2004, (11- years ago) and the least 2013, the most worrisome aspect of it all was the discovery to the consternation of NAFDAC officials that the management of Chocolat Royal had revalidated the expiring dates of almost all the food products, while 90 % of them were not even written in English language and therefore not registered.

While two of the illegal cold rooms built in front of toilets were discovered at the Chocolat Royal headquarters at 267A Etim Iyang Crescent, another two were discovered and also sealed at N0 1 Karimu Kotun resident of the Chairman, Mr Amin Moussalli both located in Victoria Island Lagos.

Investigations revealed that Mr Moussalli the chairman of AIM consultants with chains of media houses which include, Cool, Nigeria Info, Wazobia FM stations, Cool as well as WEE television stations who is now at large travels abroad to source for companies whose food products have few months to expire.

This Lebanese business mogul receives these products mostly for free or at a reduced price and also gets paid from these companies to evacuate the products which ordinarily would have cost them colossal amount of money to dispose and ships in large quantities to Nigeria which has become his dumping ground for food toxic for close to two decades.

These products are then cleared at the wharf and offloaded inside the two cold rooms at his Karimu Kotun resident, Victoria Island where they are then transferred to Chocolat Royal headquarters and then used to prepare ice creams, chocolates, beverages and pastries for members of the public.

At the end of the double operations which lasted for nine hours, imported fake, unregistered and expired food products worth over N1bn stocked in these illegal cold rooms were evacuated in six Hilux vans and buses which NAFDAC stormed the place with.

This remarkable feat by NAFDAC was as a result of a tip off from The City Reporters editor/ associate editor New Telegraph  who for three years has investigated the activities of Chocolat Royal; a company reputable for playing host to top Nigerian and foreign echelons , including governors, legislatures, managing directors, artistes and others for close to two decades.

When the officials of Food and Drug regulatory Agency stormed Chocolat Royal at exactly 12:15PM with some team of mobile police officers, they were resisted vehemently from carrying out their duties by some senior staff of the confectionary company led by the Finance Director Mr. Idowu Adebayo and others who apparently were on the know of the plot by their Management to decimate Nigeria's population through food poison.

Understanding the gravity of what was about to happen if eventually discovered, they denied NAFDAC officials' access to the cold rooms and stores to forestall more discoveries after some large quantities of the expired food products were discovered in their freezers, kitchens and bars upstairs, requesting for search warrant from the officials; a ploy later discovered to be a strategy to enable them evacuate the cold rooms and stores.

The atmosphere was charged to the extent that the bouncers were almost engaging the NAFDAC officials in a brawl forcing the mobile police officers to apply force and made some arrests which eventually made most of them to retreat but access to the cold rooms and stores was not granted.

However, a little drama ensued when the obstinate management of the eatery invited other mobile police officers who were probably their accomplice to the scene to scare NAFDAC officials who they felt were acting illegally out of their premises, but the Superintendent of police who led the NAFDAC police team ordered them out.

On realizing that the operation was not illegal after they have put several calls across to some top shots in the society, the daughter of the Chairman who also is the Deputy Group MD of AIM group, Mrs. Tatiana Moussali Nouri was left with no choice than to cooperate.

She however asked the staff to also cooperate while she led the officials round the premises opening stores and cold rooms which they were able to evacuate as the melee was on, but the NAFDAC officials could not be deceived based on the information already in their possession.

In order to re-strategize, the NAFDAC officials took inventories of the expired products discovered inside the freezers, kitchen and some bars upstairs and urged them to signed, while every cold room in sight was sealed to prevent the management access for more evacuation.

Pretending to have concluded inspection, they asked Chocolat Royal management to report to NAFDAC office the next day and then stormed Mr Moussalli's Karimu Kotun resident where the first two 40ft secret illegal cold rooms filled with fake, unregistered and expired food products built on top of sewage were discovered.

On getting to the apartment however, the foreign national security guards and other domestic staff, unleashed dogs on NAFDAC and refused to open the main gate leading to the building against all entreaties.

This however forced NAFDAC official to put a call across to the Director Investigation and Enforcement NAFDAC, Mr. Kingsley Ejiofor who immediately stormed the scene.

The arrival of this all action NAFDAC Director spurred everyone to action as he immediately ordered the officials to break the gate and shoot the dogs if the security guards eventually refused to chain them.

When finally the gate was forced opened and the guards subdued, the cooks voluntarily opened the two cold rooms where the entire products in stock were discovered to have expired, many since 2004 with maggots' found in some .

At the end of evacuation, two buses and two Hilux pick-up vans filled with the fake and expired products worth over N500 million, all imported were evacuated from the Karimu Ikotun resident of Mr. Moussali alone.

On Interrogation, the jittery cooks who identified themselves as John Gbokasa and David from Benin Republic confirmed to NAFDAC officials that the House belongs to Mr Moussali and that the fake, unregistered and expired food products found inside the two cold rooms were for Chocolat Royal.

"I know that the products have expired, some, 2004, 2006, 2009, but I am a cook and I take instruction from my boss," David said.

"Anytime they need some products to prepare edibles at Chocolat Royal, they come here with van and mine is to give them key to take whatever they want and after they finish taken the items, they will return the key to me," John added.

They however begged the NAFDAC officials not to arrest them but wait until their boss, Mr Moussalli who absconded and is still at large or the wife who they said was out of the country return. NAFDAC however, turn down their plea and arrested the two who during interrogation at Apapa office of the Agency gave vital information to NAFDAC.

From there, the NAFDAC Director and the entire team stormed the Etim Iyang Crescent headquarters of Chocolat Royal at about 6:15pm for the second time with the aim to not only break the cold rooms but also arrest Tatiana and the staff who had earlier wilfully obstructed NAFDAC officials from performing their duty.

But except the overzealous Finance director, Mr Idowu Adebayo and one Mr David who were not all that lucky others including Tatiana have all taken to their heels on realizing that Moussalli's resident has been broken into and two illegal cold rooms discovered and evacuated.

NAFDAC officials however, were able to inspected only two cold rooms as it was getting late already, except some few products purchased in our local market, all the imported products inside the cold rooms have expired.

The expired products which filled two Hilux pick-up vans worth about N500 million were also evacuated and the entire building sealed.

Reacting to the incident after the operation, Ejiofor said that NAFDAC had in their custody six persons in connection with the incident, adding that they were arrested for intentionally obstructing NAFDAC officials while on official duty.

"The suspects will be interrogated, while the food products will be sampled and taken to the laboratory for analysis, where the labels and contents will be properly analysed and at the end of the day when the reports are out, that will determine the next line of action," Ejiofor said.

The NAFDAC director, who commended the officers and the entire team for the successful operation despite the intimidation from the staff of the offending company, further said that the food and confectionary outlet will continue to remain close to allow for proper investigation.

"They will be investigated by the Federal Taskforce on Fake and Counterfeit Drugs and Unwholesome Processed Foods, and at the end of investigation, files submitted will be reviewed and after evaluation, we would send them to our legal department and we will be advised on what to do by the legal and if we have enough facts, then we will now proceed for prosecution," he added.

But a twisted press statement meant to obfuscate the truth as well as, deceive the members of the public, the management of Chocolat Royal, on Wednesday, presented the invasion of its premises by NAFDAC as a normal routine check, trivialising the incident as nothing serious.

Not only did they denied ever using the expired products discovered to prepare consumables for their customers but stated that the expired food products were discovered in their "cupboard"

Instead of admitting that it was the Chairman's house located at Karimu Kotun, VI that was invaded and expired food products discovered in large quantity and evacuated, the statement said it was one of their directors' resident.

"The items found were never used in preparing food or confectionaries.

"As corporate citizens, we will work with NAFDAC to ensure that these issues are promptly resolved and any breaches if any are remedied," the statement reads in part.

 Meanwhile the Director General of NAFDAC, Mr Paul Orhii who arrived Lagos from Abuja earlier Wednesday after inspecting the fake and expired food products evacuated from Chocolat Royal, Thursday morning at NAFDAC enforcement office Apapa, said that the matter will be thoroughly investigated and the people involved prosecuted if found culpable.

"As you can see, these products are not even registered, not only are they not registered, they have expired, some in 2004 and they are not even written in English language, so they could not have been registered.

"Not only that, you also noticed that the case is not only that the products have expired, some about 11 years ago, but they attempted to revalidate them, which is also a serious offence.

"They were caught in the process of using these expired products, so after investigation we will begin the prosecution. Anybody can build a cold room anywhere provided the place is not prohibited, but in this case, I understand that there was a cold room on top of sewage; suck away pit, of course you cannot use that kind of cold room to store stocks that you are going to use for the production of food for the members of the public, so that is an offence," he said.

Ohii said that Chocolat Royal sealed outlet will remain close until investigation is concluded adding that compliance with NAFDAC regulation must be ensured first, before the issue of reopening of the outlet will be discussed, but not anytime soon.

He however thanked the journalist for his courage and the investigation which led to the operation urging the members of the public to provide NAFDAC with any useful information that could help them in their operation.

He noted that the Agency is making every effort to rid the Nigeria's society of fake and substandard regulated products.

"We appreciate the role of the press in assisting us in our regulatory activities and we will ensure that all matters relating to fake and unregistered products are decisively dealt with and culprits brought to justice," Orhii added.

Investigation carried out has shown that minimum of 5000 Nigerians and foreign nationals patronise the three Chocolat Royal outlets in 267A Etim Iyang Crescent, VI, Shoprite and Lekki. When calculated, It simply means that estimated 150,000 people are poisoned every month and 1.8million people every year.

In all it could be said that, Chocolat Royal has contributed to at least 10% of complicated health problems witnessed in Nigeria in the last 15 years based on the terrifying quantities of unregistered and expired food products discovered and evacuated in their cold rooms and stores.

A medical practitioner, Dr Bassey Richard who spoke to our correspondent on phone when asked to give insight on the health implication of consuming expired food products, said that consumption of fake and expired food products can cause food poisoning and very dangerous especially to pregnant women and infants.

"Eating expired food products will likely lead to food poisoning. Food poisoning consists of diarrhea and vomiting that can last for weeks, lead to fever and in some extreme cases to death.

"When it has to do with foods prepared with fruits such as nuts, apples and grapes, growth known as mycotoxins can occur, which can cause itchiness, diarrhea, vomiting and dizziness. It is not advisable to eat expired food products," he said.


A woman accused of being a kidnapper
has been arrested by residents of Qadri
Close in the Ojuelegba area of Lagos.
The suspect was allegedly nabbed with a
seven-year-old girl, identified only as
The suspected abductor, Mrs. Grace
Uduak, said to be in her 30s, had
reportedly lured the girl with puff puff
around 10am and was about to leave the
neighbourhood when she was rounded
PUNCH Metro learnt that the suspect
called Khadijat, who was in her parents'
house, and gave her the puff puff. She
was said to have told the little girl to
follow her.
A resident, Joseph Adebiyi, said Uduak
initially whispered into Khadijat's ears
after which she gave her the snack.He
said when residents of the area
confronted the suspect, she told them
she was pressed and wanted the girl to
lead her to a toilet in the area.
He said,
"I was with a friend when I saw
Mariam ─ Khadijat's neighbour ─
running after the woman. The
woman had already walked four
houses from the building where
she abducted the girl before
Mariam met up with her and
challenged her. I moved closer to
them to know what happened. She
said the girl wanted to take her to
a toilet.The girl was brought to
Lagos by her aunty three days
before the incident. The aunty
was not around at that time. That
house is usually deserted. She
actually went into the house to
pick her."
Adebiyi said traders in the area
initially wanted the woman to be
freed, but he and other residents
insisted that she be handed over
to the police.We called the Area C
Police Command and some
policemen came to arrest her," he
Another resident, Bolaji Adesola,
said no sooner had Khadijat come
downstairs to collect the gift than
residents were alerted.
He said,
"The girl actually came down to
collect the puff puff and was
following the suspect when
Mariam raised the alarm. We
informed the police."
The Lagos State Police Spokesperson,
DSP Kenneth Nwosu, said Uduak was
not a kidnapper, adding that she had
only sought the girl's assistance.
"The woman works with Akwa
Ibom Transport Cooperation and
she was sent to deliver a parcel,
but was pressed and needed
direction to the convenience. She
engaged the girl. But the people
around interpreted it that she was
trying to kidnap the girl," he said.

Nigeria and Liverpool forward Asisat Oshoala
has been named as the BBC Women's
Footballer of the Year.
The 20-year-old forward is the first player to
win the new award from the BBC World
Service, voted for by football fans around the

She beat Spain's Veronica Boquete, German
Nadine Kessler, Scot Kim Little and Brazilian
Marta to the honour.

"I would like to say thank you to the BBC, to
my fans around the world and to everyone
who voted," she said.

The award is the first of its kind hosted by a
global broadcaster.

Oshoala, who was the youngest player to be
shortlisted, was the tournament's leading
scorer and was voted best player at the
Under-20s World Cup in Canada last summer.
Her performances led Nigeria to the final,
where they were narrowly beaten by Germany
and she was also a major influence in the
senior Nigeria team who won the African
Women's Championship in October.
That ensured their qualification for this
summer's World Cup in Canada, which
begins on 6 June with full coverage on the
Oshoala said the honour was a big lift for
Nigeria ahead of the World Cup and would
help inspire young players in her homeland.
She said: "It's a really good thing for us as a
team because we now know that we have
something great and now we want to go at the
trophy. We can do it, we did it in 2014 we can
also do it this year as well.
"There is going to be a lot of motivation for
women's football in Nigeria now because of
this award because there are a lot of fans out

The Nigeria Police force just shared this
eye opening story on its' Facebook page.

In the account, it was revealed that the
incident happened yesterday at about
CAR SNATCHING: On 24.05.2015 at
about 8:30pm, one male person
(name withheld) of Ring Road,
Ibadan, Oyo State reported to Police
in Osogbo that as he was driving
through Iwo Road, Osogbo, Osun
State and at a point known as
Onibueja area, a Lady standing
beside a Honda Accord car flagged
him down and requested for his
assistance on a flat tire.

The man further stated that he
brought out his car jack and as he
was about handing same to the lady,
she brought out a gun and pointed
same at him. That three other male
accomplices came out of their
hiding and snatched his Toyota
Venza car from him.
State CIID Osogbo is investigating.

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your friends.

National Union of Petroleum and
Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG, has said fuel
scarcity will continue to be part of Nigeria's
socio-economic realities as long as the
country's refineries are grounded, importation
of petroleum products continues, subsidy
persists, deregulation ignored and depot not
This much was said by National President of
NUPENG, Mr. Igwe Achese, at a briefing in
Lagos, yesterday.
Achese also blamed the current scarcity that
had crippled economic activities nationwide
on Lagos State government, who he said gave
tanker drivers 24 hours, instead of the two
weeks they asked for, to leave Oshodin-Apapa
He said: "We are not on strike. It was just a
withdrawal of services. I directed that the
trucks stay away to avoid violence.
"Even when the tankers were out of the roads,
trailers took over which means it is not our
"We work and pay our taxes in Lagos. It is
unfortunate that they do not consider it good
enough to create a corridor for us just as they
did for Bus Rapid Transport, BRT.
"As long as government refuses to do the
needful, fuel scarcity will continue to be part
of this country.
"To stop it, our refineries must be put in order,
railways working, the downstream sector
deregulated, subsidy removed and depot

The leader of the Roman Catholic
Church, who has made waves of
connections reaching out to disaffected
Catholics and insisting on making the
poor a top priority, hasn't watched TV
since July 15, 1990, he revealed in an
interview published in the Argentinian
newspaper La Voz del Pueblo.
The pontiff did not reveal why he gave
up watching TV, except to say he
decided it wasn't for him, before
promising the Virgin Mary he wouldn't
watch again.
That promise has kept him from
watching his favorite soccer team,
Buenos Aires-based San Lorenzo, but he
told the paper a member of his Swiss
Guard tells him the scores and keeps
him up to date on the standings.
Pope Francis said he really misses the
tranquility of just walking the streets.
The Pope concluded that he would like
to be remembered as a "good guy" who
tried to do good".

CEO of Capital Oil, Ifeanyi Ubah made
an announcement on Sunday that his
company would release 13 million liters
of fuel to help out with the fuel scarcity
situation in the country since
then officials of the Nigerian Army have
taken over the Ojodu Berger outlet of
Capital Oil, buying petroleum products in
drums, after they had scared away
thousands of prospective consumers.
The armed personnel came pretending to
maintain peace and order, but they soon
abandoned their primary responsibility
and started buying fuel in drums.
They shoved, maltreated and chased off
those who were on queue to tend to
The military officials who were fully
dressed had taken over the only two
pumps that dispensed the Premium
Motor Spirit.
There was an unregistered white Isuzu
truck the soldiers had been using for the
'deal' and this truck had visited the
filling station for the fourth time and
each time bought fuel.
The fourth truck was loaded at 8:50pm
on Monday night.
The vehicle, on each visit, left with at
least 14 drums and dozens of gallons
filled with fuel.
Helpless consumers, some of who slept
at the filling station, suspected the
soldiers were buying fuel to sell to sell
in Lagos black market.
Those who complained about what was
going on were severely beaten
By 9pm on Monday, not more than a
hundred cars left the station with fuel.

Source: Punch

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