Osagie Osarenkhoe, also known as This Metal Chic, has been accused of fraud by Baseline Records, home to Skales and Aramide.

Osagie, currently managing Skales, has been accused by the record label of stealing the sum of N13,374,000 in the past 12 months. The record label has released a length petition addressed to the Inspector General of Police and right now Osagie is at the Police Station as they try to sort things out.
The petition reads in part:
On the 11th of July, 2014 the company entered into an Artiste and Record Company Multiple Right Agreement (the “Contract”) between itself and Raoul Njeng Njeng (also known as Skales) for the provision by Skales of exclusive recording services to the Company for a period of 5 (five) years.
Under the terms of the Contract, Skales assigned to the company all copyright and other rights or interests throughout the world in all sound recordings made by Skales prior to or during the term of the Contract. The Contract further provided that the Company shall be entitled to 70% (seventy percent) of the gross receipts received by Skales from performance and tours and brand endorsements during the term of the Contract.
Skales introduced Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe to the Company as his manager and stated her duties to include inter alia tour bookings, strategy and promotion. In order to avoid a situation where accounts will be disputed, the Company set in place a procedure for the remittance of monies received from performances, tours and brand endorsements involving Skales. The procedure implemented at the beginning of the Contract was the payment of all monies received in pursuance of performances and endorsements into the Baseline account, whereupon the 30% due to Skales would be transferred to his (Skales’) account after the deduction of expenses. The above procedure was implemented at the beginning of the Contract and monies were remitted in the manner stated above. The Company however noticed that rather than remit monies to the Company account as agreed, Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe falsely dictated to event promoters that monies were to be paid to her personal accounts.
In all the circumstances where monies were paid to Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe’s personal accounts, these monies were never repaid to the Company.
The Company noticed that although Skales was listed as performing at various concerts, shows, tours and other events, none of the monies received from these events was remitted to the Company. In this regard, the Company invited Skales and his manager Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe to various meetings seeking an account and a reconciliation. At these meetings, both Skales and his manager Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe insisted that the events in question were not paid events and as such there were no monies to remit. These dubious activities continued for a period of 12 (twelve) months wherein the Company was fraudulently deprived of its legitimate earnings by the said Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe as payments made for performances were paid directly into her account in violation of the procedure set up for payments at the beginning of the Contract. The Company in March of 2016 decided to catalogue some of the paid shows, performances, concerts and tours wherein Skales performed and the monies were fraudulently converted for personal use by the said Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe.
By the Company’s estimation, from the aforementioned events, Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe has fraudulently converted the sum of N7,474,000 from this brief period without accounting to the Company or making payments first into the Company’s accounts as stipulated in the Contract. This is without factoring all the other performances, tours and shows where no remittance was made from the period January 2015 to April 2016.
In order to properly document this fraud and catch Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe in the act of theft, the Company created an email address, and sent an email to Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe requesting the performance of Skales at an event in California on the 2nd June, 2016. In the email communication, Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe requested the sum of $5,000 (five thousand US dollars) for the performance as well as one business class ticket, one economy class ticket and two hotel rooms in a 4-star hotel. (please find enclosed herewith the email communication between Skales and Femi George with respect to the said performance) On 18th May, 2016 the first tranche of $2,500 (two thousand five hundred US dollars) representing 50% (fifty percent) of the performance fee demanded by Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe was wired.
The Company in 2015 entered into an agreement with Upfront and Personal, for the engagement of Skales to appear in TV commercials, billboards websites and other social media on behalf of MTN Pulse. As per the terms of the agreement, Upfront and Personal was to pay to the Company the sum of N5,000,000 (five million naira) in two tranches of N2,500,000 (two million five hundred thousand naira each). The said Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe representing that she was authorized by the Company obtained the sum of N5,000,000 (five million naira) due to the Company without being so authorized. Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe has failed after repeated demands to repay the said N5,000,000 (five million naira) fraudulently obtained.
Given the above circumstances, the Company believes that a fraud has been committed against it by Teresa Osagioduwa Osarenkhoe. The Company hereby appeals to your good office to investigate this matter in the interest of fairness and justice.
Osagie has also spoken out about the ongoing case via Twitter:

Some suspected hired assassins have killed Michael Ogunnusi, the owner of the Allonze Hotel on Ishawo Road, Agric, Ikorodu, Lagos State.
PUNCH Metro learnt that the suspects, who entered the hotel on a motorcycle, pretended that they were lodgers.
The security guard who opened the gate was said to have been tied up by the armed men.
They were said to have made straight for the victim’s room in the hotel and shot him dead.
Our correspondent reliably gathered that the deceased was killed for allegedly dating the wife of the gunmen’s leader.
It was learnt that the suspects took Ogunnusi’s phone before fleeing the hotel.
A source said the men were four in number and brought a car which was parked outside.
He said, “While one was in the car, three went in on a motorcycle, pretending to be customers; they got separate rooms to stay. However, no sooner than they got their keys that they went to the man’s room. One knocked at his door as if he was one of the hotel workers. As he opened the door, they opened gunfire on him.”
However, a police source, who said the incident happened around 11pm on Wednesday, explained that the suspects first tied up the gateman.
He said, “There were four of them and they spoke Ijaw language. They entered into the hotel on a motorcycle. They deceived the gateman by telling him they wanted to book a room. But immediately he opened the gate, they beat and tied him up.
“It is possible they were operating based on information from an insider because immediately they entered, they went into the man’s room in the hotel.  He begged them not to kill him. He said he was ready to offer them anything, but they shot him dead. They left with his phone.”
A source said the victim was killed for dating a woman that was not his wife.
The source said, “He was dating a woman that was the wife of the suspects’ leader. On the night that he was killed, he was with the woman. ”
The source said the woman had already been arrested by the police.
It was learnt that policemen from the Owutu Police Division removed the corpse and took it to a mortuary.
The victim’s wife, Mrs. Bolanle Ogunnusi, did not deny the allegation that the victim was caught with a woman.
She said, “I am his wife and we have five children together. The hotel is closed. I don’t know (if he was killed over a woman). The police have not released his corpse.”
The Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Damasus Ozoani, confirmed the incident, adding that four suspects had been arrested.
“The case has been transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investgation, Panti,” he added.

So, two days ago, Bankyw posted on his Instagram, a photo of his married friends – Tunde Demuren,Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Olamide Adedeji all wearing their wedding bands and wrote, ‘Last Man Standing? #TSquared2016 #GodWillProvide’ (Read the story Here).
An Instagram user wrote him an open letter asking him to slide into her Direct Message, (DM), so they could talk the possibility of marriage.

Her open letter reads: " So come in here this article is for you. I have a feeling you're dating someone under the radar. If you aren't dating right now then I'll be forced to start worrying about you. I'm tired of seeing you being the best man/grooms man at your friends' weddings.
You are talented, successful, fine and a Christian brother. Are you still looking for celebrity girlfriend? Will you not follow in the footsteps of your buddy@noble_igwe and pick a hardworking, beautiful civilian and live life happily and peacefully ever after?
I hear your sister is in town for the first time in a while, has she come to look for wife for you? Tell her to "whole up"! Let's Try this first: Slide into my DM quickly before it's too late. I'll consider you if you treat me like the gentle man your snaps show you to be
Tick Tock...Tick Tock.... Time waits for no man
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BankyW, replied 'Lol... Well then.'
The rest of the conversation below 

Nigerians on twitter dragged former Nigerian Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh, after he tweeted a congratulatory message to Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane whose club won the UEFA champions league two days ago.

Oliseh stated that Zidane used to tell him that positive thinking is everything. His followers then told him he forgot this advise when he was coach of Super Eagles, saying if he remembered the advise, he wouldn't have made allegations about witches affecting his performance while he was coach. After seeing all the vile comments, Oliseh dropped a comment asking people to move on since he has apologized for resigning. See more after the cut...

This is one of the many pathetic stories about Nigerians in the Diaspora. And it is a story that will bring tears to many eyes.

Ms Julie Osamese felt a little feverish when she walked into the Ospedale Maria Vittoria Cibrario Hospital in Turin, Italy sometime in November 2008. Her only complaint was a slight increase in body temperature, and that she explained to the doctor who attended to her. Tests were conducted, following which she was given medication to use and instructed to return for evaluation after a week.

But her second visit to the hospital could be described as the greatest mistake of her life. For this Nigerian lady, it marked the beginning of years of woe. It was the beginning of years of trauma during which she was moved to six other hospitals. She eventually ended up in a mental home, despite being mentally stable.

Some of the hospitals Osamese was taken to include Amedeo Di Savoia Svizzerra and Ospedale San Giovanni Bossco, Sun reports.

According to the chairperson of the House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora Affairs, Rita Orji, who recently led other members of the committee to investigate Osamese’s disheartening story, the woman, in her 30s and a legal immigrant in Italy, was, on her follow-up visit to the Ospedale Maria Vittoria Cibrario hospital, given drugs which made her dizzy. It was gathered that as she complained to the medical personnel who attended to her, she was tied to the bed despite her protests. By the time she woke up, part of her buttocks had allegedly been chopped off, and her kidney tampered with. That was how she lost control of her bladder, leading to uncontrollable urination, it was gathered.

Narrating the inhuman treatment meted out to Osamese, the lawmaker said:

“After taking the drugs for one week, she came back to report how she was feeling. On that day, she was asked if she came to the hospital alone, and she said, ‘yes’ innocently without knowing the reason why that question was put across to her. That marked, the beginning of her paralysis. She was asked to lie down that they were going to give her some medication. Within two, three minutes, she was approached with a mixture in a cup and she drank it, believing that it was for the fever she complained of. But she became dizzy and she was telling them how she felt. But they said there was no problem.

“Suddenly, the team of doctors came around and tied her legs and her hands on the bed and she started shouting, ‘why are you tying me’? She said one of the doctors responded that she could shout at the top of her voice, but that nobody would know what was being done. That was how they faced her down and gave her injection on her base bone. After the injection, she passed out. When she finally regained consciousness, she saw that the lower part of the buttocks on both sides had been chopped off, to the extent that the bones in her buttocks had cracked and she saw the pieces of the bones. Also her bladder was disengaged from the source with urine pouring out uncontrollably. In fact, she woke up on a catheter and a big plaster by the region of her kidney.

“They started moving Madam Julie from one hospital to the other. It is the norm that when you are being transferred to any hospital, the ambulance in which a patient is transferred goes with a medical report. But in Julie’s case, nothing like that was done. They dumped her into one ambulance to drop her in one home or the other without attaching her medical history. They kept her, thinking she would die. At a stage, she was only living on prayers. They finally dropped her at the seventh medical Centre. During our investigations, I asked what the reasons for moving her from one place to the other were. There is no answer to that. What they were telling us is that she is mentally Ill. She is diabetic. But I want to tell you that all these stories are unfounded. No one has the confirmation of these health conditions they told us she suffers from based on medical ground.

“On our arrival at that place, we conducted a test and found that Julie is not diabetic. The scan that was carried out on her, and we have the result, shows that her kidney was tampered with. This is what the woman has been shouting about for the past eight years, and nobody seems to believe her. Today it is Julie, tomorrow I don’t know who it will be. On their final stop, they dumped her in a mental home, a woman of thirty something years, dumped in a mental home that harbours old men and women that are demented.”

Also corroborating Orji’s story, another member of the committee who represents Itu/Ibiono Ibom federal constituency, Henry Okon -Archibong, a medical doctor, explained that Osamese can never walk again, no thanks to the havoc inflicted on her.

“From what happened, they might have tried to give her anaesthesia before they harvested the kidney. In doing that, they damaged the lumber and sacred nerves. So, there is no way Julie can walk again. Julie has been paralysed and the issue of walking has nothing to do with what we are calling for. She has to be compensated, the medical doctors that participated in what led to her current situation have to be dealt with as the law permits,” he said.

Indeed, the committee is demanding that the Italian government investigate Osamese’s case with a view to fishing out the medical personnel whose highly unprofessional conduct led to the loss of one of her kidneys and her permanent confinement to a wheelchair. The lawmakers are also asking for the highest form of compensation and a complete rehabilitation of the mother of one, who they said have been the subject of several protests by the Nigerian community in Italy.

Orji declared:

“The action that will satisfy us as lawmakers starts from the whole world condemning the injustice meted out to an innocent person. We are saying that there should be a holistic compensation and a new medical team should conduct an analysis of Madam Julie’s situation and proffer the best way to get her life back on track. She has lost hope on the medical doctors around her. So, I will advise that they have to look for another medical team that are not from Turin to carry out this job.”

The lawmakers also called on the minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama to investigate the role of the staff of the Nigerian High Commission in Italy, whom they accused of negligence.

“You can’t believe that when the relations of this lady were at the hospital, a woman named Deborah and another man called Ifeanyi, the woman told them what she had been put through. She gave them documents to back her claims and told these relatives of hers to run to the Nigerian High Commission in Rome, to inform them of what happened. Those documents were given to one Madam Martina and Mr. Folorunsho who are staff of the commission. But no one asked after her (Osamese) since 2009. They never went to visit her. They didn’t even keep the documents handed over to them. When we demanded for them, they denied ever receiving the documents. For us, the recklessness of the Nigeria High Commission in Italy as at then, caused the terrible situation we see. Assuming they intervened on time, the situation of this woman will not be this bad,” Orji added.

A female staff working with Businessman Lanre Nzeribe took to social media over the weekend to claim he assaulted her. According Linda Dominguez, Lanre slapped her three times over a minor disagreement concerning money (N8,000) he wanted to take from his lounge's account. See what she wrote and Lanre Nzeribe's response, who denied laying hands on her, after the cut...

I am one of the most easygoing down to earth person to know or work with. I am Always motivating every one and making sure people are doing ok. I had a fever on Thursday cos the rain beat me on Wednesday. I still worked hard from 10am til 1am at night. I went to 3 different supermarket to buy food stock because Lanre wants Receipts. Yet I still get slapped 3 times. Do I deserve this? I still worked even though my salary hasn't been paid yet no my percentages from the bar sales given. He promised to pay but still hasn't since May 18th. Please tell me if I deserve to be slapped, not once but 3 times by Mr. Lanre Nzeribe? What happened?

We had a 3rd party Live band event. He wanted me to give him N8000 from the sales. I said to wait until I tally the percentage with the 3rd party for their 30% commission so there is transparency. He insisted I give him the 8k, I told him to take the money himself since it's his Lounge and he said I was fired and I said over 8k and the Slap came. It landed on my surgery jaw and it has been bleeding since. LANRE slapped me twice on the jaw and once on my other jaw and the impact of the last slap connected me to the fridge in the kitchen. Now I have a bruised back and a bleeding jaw.

Please for N8000, Do I deserve to be slapped 3 times? Whether he was drunk or high, no man has a right to slap a woman. Size difference apart. 8k shouldn't lead to a slap.... Please tell me if I deserve to be slapped, not once but 3 times by Mr. Lanre Nzeribi?????

Apparently some staffs who initially said I didn't deserve to be slapped have started changing their story why? Are they condoning Female assault at work? Are they Hiding the truth so they don't get sacked or slapped or is it for fear of not getting their salary?

I take daily selfies and write motivational message daily. I have never been slapped before in all my life and coming home to Nigeria after 18years in America puts a bad taste in my mind.
The response below...
Dear Linda,
It has come to our notice that a certain Linda Dominguez who is an ex  employee of Davinci Fashion Lounge has been reaching out to bloggers trying to taint the person of Mr. Lanre Nzeribe our CEO through allegations of domestic violence.

We wish to state clearly that no such thing transpired. Linda Dominguez has worked for the club for only one month and had misappropriated funds from the running of the Business.

She had been informed that she had to account for the missing funds or get fired especially as a report of theft had been lodged against her at the Police Station.

On the night of the alleged slap, she had been  fired for being rude to Mr. Nzeribe before other members of staff, and was directed to handover company documents in her possession. So she held on tightly to the documents while Mr. Nzeribe tried to retrieve them from her and she started screaming 'you slapped me, you slapped me, it's going on the blogs that you slapped me' to the consternation of all who were present .

She had it all planned out. Linda Dominguez is a social climber who wants to become a celebrity by all means and has chosen Mr. Nzeribe as a target to achieve this.

Linda Dominguez is trying to put up drama in the wake of the ongoing intolerance of domestic violence against women, also because she had been fired and was asked to account for missing funds. Her brother is also a culprit in the siphoning of company funds.

Thank you for practicing real journalism by seeking our side of the story.

Warm regards.
Signed: Management
Davinci Fashion Lounge


This video of Mr Chido, a trader in Abuja speaking on President Buhari's one year in office is trending on twitter. In the video, Mr Chido complained about the increase in price of most things in the market like rice and their store levy. According to him, the only thing that has not increased is the gate fee to the public toilet in the market which is still N30.

Mr Chido went further to say that the prices of commodities like Egusi and Ugwu leaves have increased. Chido said people no longer come to buy things in the market. He said the recovery of stolen money is not in anyway affecting the common man because the money is not their own. He said the present government should forge ahead. Watch the video after the cut...

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has lamented that in just one year of the All Progressives Congress (APC) government of President Mohammadu Buhari, the country’s economy was ruined so much that States could no longer pay workers’ salaries, millions of jobs were lost, prices of essential commodities skyrocketed to the extent that Nigerians could no longer afford common tomato to cook and the middle class wiped away completely.

In a statement signed by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose said; “Despite President Buhari’s electoral promise to reduce petrol pump price from the N87 per litre that he met it and make life more bearable for Nigerians, he increased the price of petrol to N145, increased electricity tariff in spite of lack of power supply.” He said; “food scarcity last experienced when Buhari was military Head of State between 1983 and 1985 has returned to the country, with Nigerians being unable to feed.”

The governor who said Nigerians should remove party, ethnic and religious sentiments and ask themselves what they have benefitted in the last one year, reminded Nigerians that “Foreign Reserve was $28.6 billion, Excess Crude Account (ECA) was $2.07 billion, dollars was less than N200, petrol was N87 per litre and most importantly, one bag of rice was N8, 500 and power generation was over 5,000MW when Buhari assumed office.

The statement read in part; “Today, power generation is less than 1,400, Foreign Reserve has reduced to $26.5 billion, dollar is now over N350, petrol has increased to N145 per litre and one bag of rice is now over N15, 000!” “I read the president’s speech and all that I saw was a president still sounding like he was campaigning for votes more than one year after winning election.

It is disappointing that the President’s speech was once again about promises, not about what has been done. “Not even a mention of one kilometre of road tarred by this administration, no single job was created except the ones created in Central Bank of Nigeria for their cronnies and children, not a single megawatt of electricity generated. This is shameful.

“The reward Buhari gave to Nigerians for electing as president was to increase petrol pump price by N58.50 and get the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo to justify the increment by saying Nigeria was broke! “In other words, President Buhari increased petrol pump price because the country was broke and it needed to shore up its revenue base. The N58.50 added to the previous pump price of N86.50 was an Indirect Tax imposed on each litre of petrol purchased by Nigerians. “It is even more worrisome that we have a presidency that is not coordinated.

The president says one thing; his vice says another while his ministers also singing discordant tunes. This is a clear sign of cluelessness and unpreparedness for governance. “I cannot but agree with the position of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Obiageli Ezekwesili and others that President Buhari has no clue economically.

 The situation of Nigeria today is like the visually impaired leading those who can see. But I warned Nigerians, and I am still warning Nigerians now that as it happened in 1984 when our President was a military Head of State, the economy of Nigeria may collapse! “Therefore, as we look forward to the end of the honeymoon of Buhari’s presidency, I wish to state that if supposed men of honour are going underground because of possible harassment and intimidation, I, Peter Ayodele Fayose will not; because this is our fatherland.

“Most importantly, those regarding President Buhari as a saint should know that he is not. The president is not also the Almighty God that cannot be questioned. After all, the beauty of democracy is in credible opposition.

“Today, I have expressed my mind concerning the one year of Buhari’s presidency as I did before the election. This I have done basically to remind Nigerians that I told them then, and it is happening now. “May God be with the President and bless Nigeria.”

Dr Thomas Adekoya-Cole was gruesomely murdered this morning in his hometown near Itele, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State shortly after he was abducted from his home.

The 60-year-old consultant orthopaedic surgeon, who until his death worked with Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, was said to have been killed by suspected sympathisers of a native doctor. 

According to PM News, the native doctor was reported to have been killed by ‘area boys’ in Ijebu Ode,Saturday night during a ceremony. Sympathisers of the native doctor then arrived at the doctor's home later that night and abducted him.

He was later found with machete wounds and rushed to Amazing Grace Hospital in Ijebu-Ode where he passed away despite attempt to save him.
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