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Unravel'd Savor

 We offer Bespoke Party Chops for Social/corporate events just as u like it...
 For your breakfast events, bridal showers, baby shower, weddings parties , birthday parties, engagement parties,kiddies parties,dinner parties, end-of-the-year parties, company luncheons/dinners etc... All events.

#ChefCrystal/her team of extraordinaire chefs would be at your service..

 ..... BBQ( steak,chicken,turkey,fish), Peppered Kebabs ( goat meat ,gizzard,beef,liver, kidney, heart,cow skin , tripe) ,Dessert cakes & cupcakes with ice-cream, small chops( mini shawarma , mini hotdogs , mini burger, mini doughnuts, mini pizza, mini Chelsea bun,puffs, spring roll , samosa etc),fresh fruit juice, breakfast delicacies( waffles, ham, cereal, bacon, eggs, toast , sausages etc),salads,chips,parfaits, signature cookies,sandwiches, African chops( all kinds of peppersoups, abacha, Asun,ugba, peppered stock fish,nkwobi, isiewu)... Etc.

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