After reading this, you are so going to be ashamed of this Facebook scammer who said he is a Man of God and his brother's name is Daniel Ibrahim based in Lagos. He tried to scam a British lady. How she dealt with him is just hilarious!

The scammer, who goes by the name Stephen Masumbo, messaged the woman on Facebook and started flirting with her. Like many scammers, he started declaring his love to her and eventually asked for money so he could fly from Africa to come live with her in Britain.

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Nigerian on air personality, Moet Abebe got more than she bargained for after sharing a bikini photo on her social media which had her derriere on full display.

It was all in the spirit of her birthday celebration but her fans dropped insults with well wishes telling her to cover up her stretch mark and craw craw which in medical terms mean an itching skin disease produced by the larvae of the filarial worm!! Yikes!!

Moet wasn't down for anyone ruining her gleeful mood and slammed them all with an amazing come back.

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Immediate past governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, has admitted that President Muhammadu Buhari is sick.

He, however, said the sickness was not as worse as many people may believe.

He said the recent visit to the ailing president was a clear indication that those wishing him death have been put to shame.

Speaking with Vanguard on the development, Oshiomole described Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti as a mad man who is out to disgrace others.

He said, “President is sick but it is not as bad as what people are saying. Some were carrying rumor that he was on life support but people have seen at least that, that is not true.”

On the constant attack on the president by Fayose, Oshiomole said, “I don’t like to discuss Fayose because when he makes his statements, it only reminds me of an Igbo proverb which says that if a responsible man is having his bath after a hard day’s work and he removes his dress in a local bathroom and a mad man carries the dress and the man bathing, seeing that the mad man has carried the dress, he runs out Unclad pursuing him, people will see two Unclad people running and they will say two mad men. So, sometimes, you just allow the mad man to carry your dress and go rather than joining him in his madness.

“One of my very good friends wrote something in the papers criticizing the pictures taken during some APC governors visit to the President, he said maybe a broadcast would have been better. But I ask, if the head of a family is sick and some people went to see him, first there is nothing unusual about that.”

A newly married guy, identified as Fatoke Ademola Kenechi was nabbed in Ibadan yesterday by his Mistress's Husband after secretly planing with the Mistress, mother of two kids, identified as Abolade Rosemary Ngozi to sell out some of his properties.

The young man traveled from Owo, Ondo state to meet his mistress in Ibadan, not knowing that the husband has been secretly following up with his conversations with his house wife. The Lover was arrested immediately he got to Ibadan. 

These were some of the torments the six kidnapped students of the Lagos State Model College, Igbonla, Epe, suffered during their 65 days in captivity, according to two of them yesterday.

They were released on Friday through the combined efforts of the security agencies and Governors Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State, Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State and Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State.

“We were blindfolded, kept under the bridge with our legs tied. They fed us eba and crayfish soup,” one of the students (name withheld).

And they were given ‘reddish water’ to slay their thirst, he said.

Yusuf Farouk, Isiaka Ramon, Pelumi Philips, Peter Jonas, Adebanjo George and Judah Agbaosi were abducted from their hostels- Yellow and Green houses- on May 25 by gunmen clad in police uniform.

The maltreatment soon took a toll on them with two falling ill: they bled from the mouth.

The victim said their abductors routinely beat them and left them in the open, day and night.

Their only shelter was a bridge.

But then they had no blankets or additional dresses to shield them from the elements.

He said: “They were beating us. They fed us with eba and crayfish soup. They mixed the crayfish with pepper and water and then gave us to eat with eba.

“They were giving us red water to drink. The water had a bad taste but no odour. It was polluted. They kept us under a bridge. They gave us no bed sheets or blankets.”

Their only wears all through were the dresses they had on when they were abducted and the replica jerseys provided by the kidnappers.

That was what they wore into freedom on Friday.

“They were the ones who gave us the replica jerseys,” he said.

The student is now “fine and happy” to be back home with his family after all the trauma.

“I have done my medical check up. I am fine and happy to be home with my family,” he said and paused, his mood changing immediately.

That ended the conversation at the discretion of his interviewer.

A second victim (name also withheld for security reasons) said they changed camps thrice during their captivity, enduring starvation at some point.

One of the camps was made of cut trees and the kidnappers had to erect a tent to shield them from rain.

As time went by the kidnappers allowed the boys to prepare their food, and move around, he said.

His mother commended Lagos Police Commissioner Fatai Owoseni and the Commander, Rapid Response Squad (RRS) for standing by them throughout their ordeal.

“Honestly, I do not want to expose my son to any danger. It is true he fell sick in the camp because we were told then,” she said.

“He was kidnapped while he was recuperating from an illness and so, I think the environment they were kept and the trauma made him sick again. He was examined on Friday night and the doctors asked that we return to the hospital. But he is okay now.

“After spending lavishly, we sometimes go bankrupt. So, we have no choice than to use metaphysical powers to hypnotise our victims online. The act of using voodoo is what people nicknamed ‘Yahoo Plus.’
“I use it so that the victim, otherwise known as a ‘client’ will fall deeply in love with me and obey my every command. At least, I have been into dating scam for a while now and I can boast of two cars and a house.”
The above is the confession of 26-year-old Hakeem aka H Funds. He dropped out of university when he was in 100 Level. After dropping out of school, he embraced cyber fraud. Interestingly, he has been able to buy cars and build house through the scam.
Hakeem is toeing the path of many Nigerian young men and women who are embracing cybercrime. Many of them have left the traditional method of attempting to sweet talk victims into parting with money. Today, they now use voodoo, otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Plus or Science’ to collect money from unsuspecting victims.
Many of the young men, who spoke with our correspondent spoke, said the cost of a particular voodoo, depended on how challenging a certain internet fraud might prove to be. They also confessed that aside from the fact that Yahoo Plus makes them richer, it also is a stress-free way of making money. They revealed that native doctors, Islamic and Christian clerics usually prepare the charms for them.
Hakeem insisted that Yahoo Plus was the best gimmick to apply in online dating scam.
He added: “I use voodoo for dating scam. I use it to spellbind my online victim and make him or her easier to control. There are different kinds of voodoos; one is to use the image of the white client, another one is to make incisions on our hands, place our legs on a tortoise or take the client’s name to a cleric or native doctor.
Sometimes, we take our phones and computer to the shrine. The type of Yahoo Plus I do is to take client’s name to the shrine.”
Another operator, Lanre, 25, said that he and his younger brother wouldn’t have succeeded in internet fraud, if not for the help of his mother. He disclosed that it was their mother who introduced them to the new level of cyber fraud.
Lanre said his mother didn’t believe in them at first until he carried out a scam and bought a car from the proceeds. The car got his mother so tickled that she decided to take them to a herbalist for charms.
He said: “Although my father is late, we have been successful in this cyber fraud business because my mother supports my brother and I. My mother took my younger brother and I to a woman’s place. The woman took us to a river and bathed us. Asides that, I do other sorts of rituals like ‘Oshole.’ Once you have done Oshole, you will succeed in every kind of internet scams.
I must confess that I have achieved a lot by God’s grace. I haven’t seen any repercussion because I do go back to the herbalist’s place to renew my voodoo.”
Another internet fraudster, who gave his name simply as T Money, said that he had been using black magic for his cybercrime for long.
T Money, a 200 Level dropout, disclosed that after he abandoned his university programme, he had tried his hands on several menial jobs, but failed to succeed in any. He finally went into cyber fraud.
The 27-year-old T Money explained why he abandoned the traditional Yahoo Yahoo to delve into the occult world of Yahoo Plus.
He said: “When I started the internet fraud, I couldn’t earn much. I only earned enough to buy clothes, some pair of shoes and an IPhone.”
According to him, while his friends were hitting big money and living lavish lifestyles, he was counting pennies.
He said: “I became intrigued on how my friends were making good money. I asked questions and got answers. It was the answers that led me into Yahoo Plus. It is what most of my friends do. I went to meet an Islamic cleric.
“I was into dating scam when I first started. The dating scam was not really fetching huge amount of money. I began using Yahoo Plus because my friends were making it big and buying cars. Once they make big money, they will go and lodge in hotels. I desperately wanted to belong. I wanted to know what it feels like to be rich. I had no choice than to meet the cleric whom I paid money for the ritual. Look at me today, I’m doing fine.”
A cyber fraudster, who introduced himself as Sir Cash, 28, said there were different categories of Yahoo Plus – ‘Oshole’ and ‘Irapada.’ According to him, the two are used to enhance internet scam operations.
He added: “There is another Yahoo Plus. It is very bad and dangerous. It entails using the ‘glory’ of innocent girls. You rub something like oil into the private part of a girl before having sexual intercourse with her. She either becomes sick or will never amount to much in life. We also use prostitutes. Most of these rituals have repercussions. One must be very careful.
“Most of us do a voodoo called ‘Oshole.’ Oshole has little or no repercussion and most of us use it. The way Oshole works is that it compels the victim to pay money.”
According to Sir Cash, there are various repercussions to the use of voodoos on girls. One of the repercussions is insanity.
He said: “There are some of our guys, who after using the voodoo get richer, but also forget to return to the shrines or clerics to renew their voodoo. That’s when problems start.”

A 31-year-old commercial bus driver and Muslim faithful identified as Alaba Shodamola, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly raping a 20- year-old girl under the pretence of being her God-sent Angel.

The suspect convinced his victim that he was an angel sent by God to save her from being killed in the night by enemies.

Shodamola lives at 24, Mosan Road, Ipaja, Lagos, and was arrested after an illicit sexual affair with the unsuspecting girl.

According to Vanguard, the victim was later arrested by the police that night on her way home after the incident and upon interrogation, she alleged that she had been raped by the suspect following which the operatives moved swiftly, arrested the suspect and took him to Ipaja Police Station.

The suspected rapist was later handed over to the Family Support Unit (FSU), of the Isokoko Police Division, Agege, Lagos State.

However, the Ogun State-born rape suspect told Vanguard how he was able to convince his victim: “I’m a commercial bus driver and a Muslim. I’m fasting but the truth is that, nobody is above mistake.

“I know I’m a sinner apart from inheriting sins from my forefathers.

“I’m fasting but had to get myself involved in this sin. God knows anything that will happen to a man before it happens.

“I talked to God and pleaded for mercy; let Him have mercy on me. I believe in the Bible and the Koran.

“I got it wrong when I made a covenant with God that if he blessed me, I would serve him but immediately God blessed me, I reneged on that promise.

“I made money and spent it anyhow without going back to God. I believe that’s why he is punishing me.

“Before this happened about a month ago, I had a dream where I saw somebody arresting me but I did not understand it until this thing now happened.

“I have been seeing this girl on the street and I love her. I have been looking for ways to talk to her. So, that day around 9.00 pm when I saw her, I said to myself, I will sleep with this girl today.

“Then, I started thinking about how to convince her. I then walked to her. By that time, I had already closed from work.

“I asked her where she was going and she said her father sent her on an errand. I asked about her mother and she told me that her mother has died.
I’m not an angel; I just used that trick to lure her to bed.

“From there, I started my brain-game on her. I told her not to sleep in her father’s house that night, that I’m the angel God sent to save her life from death. I asked her to buy three sachets of salt and give to beggars.

“But she would have to come to my house for me to do the work that remains. I told her to follow me to my house which she did.

“She did not shout. I’m not married and I’m the only person living in my room. I’m not an angel; I just used that trick to lure her to my bed because I did not know what else to convince her with. I told her not to buy the salt again after having sex with her.
Domestic violence.

“When we got inside the house, I told her that we have to sleep together which she obliged and opened it herself. We did not force ourselves and I did not stay up to one hour. I did it once using condom, I did not even enjoy it.

“After that, she asked me to give her transport that she wanted to go home. It was around 1.00am in the night. She was on her way home when the police arrested her. She reported to them that I had raped her and led them to arrest me. Already, her father had reported to the station that her daughter was missing.”

Confirming the the arrest and detention of Shodamola, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Olarinde Famous-Cole said “we’re still investigating the matter,” adding that “the suspect will be charged to court in due time.”

He also warned young women to be careful with the way they relate with people they do not know

A Nigerian lady is over the moon after receiving this lovely gift from her husband. Ogbuokiri Nina revealed that he hubby got her the new ride for not giving up on him all this years. According to information gathered online, the couple who has been together for 5 years - got married some months back. Congrats to the lady for her new car.

Below is what the excited lady shared on her Facebook page;

Who says God dose not answers prayers. This my new whip from my hubby. To my husband for putting smiles on my face, I here to say a big thank you for all that you have done for me all this years, all you want is my happiness. May God bless and keep you for me Honey.

I wasn't expecting it this big. were will I start from this is too much . I could remember back in the days how will started together and here we re as husband and wife now to this. Love is a beautiful thing oh yea. thanks once more honey... (sic)

I want my story to inspire the poor and to let ladies know that u must not sell your body just to look rich.

Nigerian Afropop singer and song writer yemi alade and vivacious coach on music talent show, The Voice Nigeria, has added a new title to her many accolades for the music video to her smash music hit, “Johnny“.
Currently at 72 Million views, Alade’s Johnny music video has been certified as the most watched video uploaded by an African woman. The video which was directed by industry’s highly rated cinematographer, Clarence Peters, has garnered score tons of views and hit surpassed the 70 million mark.

Prior to this celebratory feat achieved, Ms Alade attained a global recognition when her costume for this same music video was on display at the Grammy museum in Los Angeles, California, last year.

Okay.. a viral video of a pastor somewhere in Nigeria surfaced. In the video, a woman was accused of being a 'witch' was struck by blindness by the pastor, who later cured the same woman of the blindness he struck her with.

Watch the video below:

However, popular radio presenter, Daddy Freeze has reacted to the viral video of Pastor Chidi Okafor who strikes woman with blindness, after accusing her of witchcraft. Daddy Freeze wrote:

"Only in 67Land! Jesus never struck anyone with blindness did he? He only healed the blind!"

The 6 boys who were kidnapped from Igbonla College in Epe have been rescued.

According to Sahara Reporters, the boys who were kidnapped some two months ago by men suspected to be Niger Delta militants, were rescued alive with intervention from the Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu.

Although they are yet to be reunited with their parents, The Guardian reports that the boys are currently at the Government house in Akure, Ondo State.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni reportedly confirmed their release but declined to give any information on the circumstances leading to it.

Finally, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 sales have begun in computer village after the devices were launched at Victoria Island Lagos on Tuesday this week.

The sales started a few hours ago, and we witnessed a crowd of people accessing and checking the devices at Nokia stand in the market.

From my observation, the Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 are really beautiful devices; very sharp cameras, great fluid and movement and a great texture; they are really phones people would love to own.

Nokia 5 comes with Android™ 7.1.1 Nougat, 5.2” IPS LCD, 4G LTE Network, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, 13MP back camera, 8MP front camera, fingerprint sensor, 3000 mAh battery and it is sold at ₦65,000.

Nokia 6 comes with Android™ 7.1.1 Nougat, 5.5” IPS LCD, 4G LTE Network, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, 16MP back camera, 8MP front camera, fingerprint sensor, 3000 mAh battery and it is sold at ₦86,000.

Bill Gates has just been overtaken the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world.

Jeff just topped the Microsoft founder, Gates for the first time ever with the fortune of $90 billion.

According to Forbes, the opening of markets today, July 27 got Bezos to a net worth of $90.6 billion, putting him more than $500 million ahead of Bill Gates. Amazon stock opened up 1.6% on Thursday, adding $1.3 billion to Bezos’ net worth. That was enough to put him ahead of Gates, who was last surpassed on Forbes’ real-time rankings for just two days nearly a year ago by Spanish retail giant Amancio Ortega.

Forbes started tracking billionaires around the globe in 1987. Bezos is now the seventh person to hold the title of the world’s richest person and the third American to top the global ranks besides Gates and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett.

While Gates and Buffett both appeared on Forbes’ first ranking of America’s 400 Richest people in 1982, Bezos is a newer addition to Forbes’ wealth rankings. He first appeared on the Forbes 400 in 1998, a year after Amazon went public, with a $1.6 billion fortune. Bezos ranked third richest in the world on Forbes 2017 list of the World’s Billionaires, published in March, with a fortune of $72.8 billion.

Gates gave so much of his fortune to philanthropy making it possible for Jeff to overtake him. Gates created the Giving Pledge with Buffett to encourage billionaires to give at least half of their wealth to charitable causes. He gave away $32.9 billion over the course of his lifetime through end of 2016.

Bezos attended Princeton and then worked at a hedge fund before starting his online bookseller in a garage in Seattle in 1994. Amazon has since grown into an online retail behemoth selling a wide range of products. It also offers cloud services through its Amazon Web Services division, known as AWS. Outside of his day job, Jeff Bezos owns aerospace company Blue Origin and the Washington Post.

Innoson Nigeria Limited and its owner, Chief Innocent Chukwuma (OFR), have filed a fresh lawsuit against Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) PLC in the High Court of Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The automaker is claiming a total sum of N400b as damages for injury to their reputation, moral character, credibility, office, vocation and trade.

According to a source, Innoson is also seeking an order of perpetual injunction restraining GT Bank from further defaming them.

The lawsuit which was filed by Innoson CEO’s counsel, Prof Joseph N Mbadugha Esq, is a sequel to a recent decision by the Supreme Court of Nigeria in favour of Innoson Nigeria Ltd. in Appeal No: SC/694/2014 between GTB v. Innoson Nig Ltd., where the Supreme Court dismissed GT Bank’s Application.

The source said the automaker has won various lawsuits against GT Bank, adding that on July 29, 2011, the Federal High Court, Ibadan Division, through a garnishee order, asked GT Bank to pay the sum of N2,048,737,443.6K to Innoson Nigeria Ltd.

GTBank, however, appealed against the judgment to the Court of Appeal, Ibadan Division.

Also, in a unanimous judgment, delivered on February 6, 2014, the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal and affirmed the judgment asking GT Bank to pay the said sum of N2, 048,737,443.

In protest, GTBank appealed to the Supreme Court on 11 Grounds and subsequently sought to amend its notice of appeal- to adduce fresh evidence showing that Innoson Nigeria Ltd obtained the judgment of the Court of Appeal by fraud and fraudulent suppression of material facts.

According to a statement issued by the automaker, “GT Bank had through its motion on notice in Appeal No: SC/694/2014 dated the 22nd of January 2016 and filed at the Supreme Court on the 5th of February 2016, with a 15 paragraph affidavit in support averred that Innoson Nigeria Ltd obtained the Court of Appeal Judgment against GT Bank in Appeal No CA/I/258/2011 by fraud.

The statement reads:

“Similarly, at paragraphs 9 and 10 of the affidavit in support of the said motion on notice deposed to by Sarah Ugamah on behalf of GT Bank, GT Bank said that Innoson Nigeria Ltd fraudulently suppressed that it was paid the sum of N1, 406,515,845.98 (One Billion, Four Hundred and Six Million, Five Hundred and Fifteen Thousand, Eight Hundred and Forty-Five naira, Ninety-Eight Kobo) in liquidation of the judgment debt.
“However in a unanimous decision, on 12th May 2017, the Supreme Court dismissed the GT Bank’s said motion on notice; and while dismissing the motion, Supreme Court stated, inter alia, that GT Bank engaged in double speaking and in a frivolous frolic in bringing the application.

“In the fresh suit, Innoson Nigeria Ltd and Chief Innocent Chukwuma maintained that the words published by GT Bank –that it obtained the Court of Appeal Judgment by fraud and fraudulent suppression of the fact that Innson Nig. Ltd. was paid the sum N1, 406,515,845.98 in final liquidation of the judgment debt – implies that Innocent Chukwuma and Innoson Nigeria Ltd are dubious, dishonest, dishonourable, and untrustworthy, of questionable character, fraudster, criminally deceptive, cheats and obtaining money through “false pretences.”

“In consequence, Innoson Nigeria Ltd and Innocent Chukwuma are claiming against the GT Bank PlC as follows: N100 Billion exemplary damages; N100 Billion for injury to feelings-mental pains and anxiety; N150 Billion for injury to reputation and N50 Billion general damages.”
Also, Innoson Nig Ltd. and Chief Innocent Chukwuma further claim:

1. An order that the published words complained of being retracted by the Defendant – GT Bank with an apology published in two National dailies;

2. An order of perpetual injunction restraining the GT Bank from further maligning or otherwise defaming them in the words or similar words complained of in this motion;

3. An order of perpetual injunction restraining GT Bank, its agents, privies or whomsoever from further defaming the plaintiffs;

Innoson sources also explained that 22% interest on the said sums of money claimed above commencing on January 22, 2016, till the date of the judgment and thereafter at the same rate of 22% interest until the satisfaction of the judgment debt.

According to CNN, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) recently partnered with the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) to provide spare parts for NAF’s fighter jets.

The Chief Executive Officer of Google, Sundar Pichai, is currently in Lagos for the ‘Google For Nigeria’ conference that held at the Landmark Event center.
The 45-year-old Indian-American business executive is announced that Google will in the next five years train 10 million Nigerians.
He had just tweeted a photo of computer village in Lagos.

The power of social media can not be over-emphasized. A newly wed lady identified as Chinyelu has revealed how she met her heartthrob/husband Ifeanyi via social media in the United State. According to her, Ifeanyi was going through his social media account when he saw her lovely photos on one of his friend’s pages. He was mesmerized and decided to drop her a message. Read what she shared below;

It was truly unexpected for me to meet Ifeanyi. I had just moved to Atlanta, GA and was at a point in my life where I wanted to focus on myself and get adjusted to my new city. All of my friends and family knew that I didn't care for blind dates. So, if they wanted me to meet someone, I told them to have them contact me via social media. That way, I can see his picture and decide if I wanted to respond or not. On August 4, 2014, I received a message from Ifeanyi who is a great friend of one of my bridesmaids. He saw a picture of me and my good friend, and thought I was beautiful. 

It wasn’t until he told me he was a University of Miami Hurricanes fan (my college’s rival) that I became intrigued. I ran track at Florida State University and love my alma mater, so why would anyone want to be a University of Miami fan? I clearly had to find out why. Since then, we continued to message each other back and forth and I was starting to like what I saw in his personality.

After a while, we decided to talk on the phone and our conversations then became even more heartfelt and meaningful. In November, while I was visiting family and friends in Houston, he arranged for us to meet at Fish and The Knife, a beautiful sushi restaurant and lounge.

Dinner was amazing and throughout the night I saw he had an amazing smile. After our first date, we traveled back and forth between Houston and Atlanta so that we could see each other at least twice a month. With every conversation and every visit, I saw myself falling more and more for this man. His words, his smile, his heart, and the way he looked at me, made me feel so special that I knew he was the one for me. That December, we had an amazing date at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint in Atlanta, GA. With jazz music filling the air, he told me how special I was to him and how much I meant to him. He told me he has never met anyone like me before and could see himself spending the rest of his life with me. It was at that point that he truly touched my heart. I had this wonderful feeling within and right then, I knew I was in love.

The chief executive officer of Google Incorporated, Sundar Pichai, has said his firm would prepare 10 million Africans for ‘jobs of the future’ in the next five years.
He said this in a company conference held in Lagos, Thursday.
The pledge marked an extension of an initiative Google launched in April 2016 to train young Africans in digital skills. It announced in March it had reached its initial target of training one million people.

The company said a combination of in-person and online training would be offered in Swahili, Hausa and Zulu languages. It also mentioned that at least 40 percent of people trained are women.
Mr. Pichai said: “Nigerians have to write software for the local economy and we have a program to train over 100,000 software developers in Nigeria.”
The company also pledged a commitment of over $20 million in the next five years for nonprofit organisations in Africa.

Google announced plans to provide more than $3 million in equity-free funding, mentorship and working space access to more than 60 African start-ups over three years.
The tech company also launched a new range of products in Africa starting with Nigeria at the event.
The products launched include Posts with Google, Gboard, Google Street View, Launchpad Accelerator and the YouTube Go.

With the launch of Posts with Google, Nigeria is the third country in the world after the United States and Brazil to have the application. The product enables up-to-date posts from verified people, places or things, to appear directly in search results.

A statement by Google said, “museums, sports teams, sports leagues, and movies in the US, and all of the above plus musicians in Brazil and Nigeria are the only ones with access to the new product, however experimentation is ongoing in other regions of the world.”
The Gboard is a keyboard specially designed to make it easy to type in Nigerian languages like Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba with the proper alphabets readily available.

Google also unveiled an improved search engine capable of saving 90 percent data, which is five times faster with faster web pages from search results.
With the newly launched Google Street View, users can view any location in the world in a video form from their devices.

“Google maps are just as relevant to a user in Lagos as it is in London. You can view the streets of Lagos from the comfort of your couch,” Suhen Ruhela of Google Maps said.
The company indicated that YouTube Go was built on four pillars “it is relatable, connected, cost effective and Social. YouTube Go will give users control over the videos they love,”

According to Johanna Wright, vice president of YouTube, YouTube Go was being tested in Nigeria as of June, and the trial version of the app will be offered globally later this year.

Also speaking, Google Country Director for Nigeria, Juliet Ehimuan Chiazor, said Nigeria ranked number one among African users and the eighth in the world.
Other side attractions at the event was a live performance by rising Nigerian musician, Adekunle Gold, and the presentation of a plaque to Popular Nigerian YouTube personality, Mark Angel Comedy for hitting one million subscribers on his YouTube account.

According to Anambra state online Facebook page, Obiamaka was at home for the holidays when she met her untimely death.

She was at home alone when some Indian Hemp smoking boys who had asked her out and she refused, scaled her family’s compound fence and gained access to their apartment in Abule Ado area of Lagos state. They raped her and left her in the pool of her own blood.

Some residents living in the area who saw the boys as they scaled the fence out of the compound, alerted the mother of the deceased who returned home from her workplace immediately.

She got home to find her 14 year old daughter with blood stains on her vagina and gasping for air. She rushed her to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The distraught mother, Mrs Orakwue, told friends and family members who were on a condolence visit:

“I was at work when I got a call from our neighbor that they saw some boys jumping out from the fence of our compound and that my daughter was not responding to the knock on the gate since it was locked from inside. I was worried because my daughter was the only one at home and her other siblings were on holidays at my elder brothers place in Lekki.

“On getting to the house, I opened the gate with my spare key and dashed into the room only to find my daughter gasping for breath in the pool of her blood. I asked her what happened and all she could mutter was, Mummy…those boys I told you about”…,
According to Mrs Orakwue, her daughter had complained about some boys who had made advances towards her when she came back on holidays from school just recently but she rebuffed them and they swore to teach her a lesson.
“It must have been the same boys that took advantage of the fact that i and my husband went to work and gained entry into the compound through the back fence of the house where they attacked my daughter,” she said amidst tears.
The father of the deceased Mr Obinna Orakwue who could not hide his emotions lamented that enough was not being done to find out those behind the demise of his daughter.
“We have reported the incident to the police and they promised to apprehend the culprits but we still have not heard from them till date.”
He described his daughter as an intelligent student with a very bright future.
“She was meant to be in JSS 3 by the next academic session. We told her to join her siblings in my in-law’s house but she insisted she wanted to stay at home to help with the house chores especially since I and my wife were away at work. Now see what has happened. I leave it in the hands of God to judge”, he said.
Obiamaka Ngozichukwu Orakwue was laid to rest last Friday July 21st at the Berger Cemetery.
Facebook user, Okonkwo Cynthia Akuoma confirmed that the deceased was raped.
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