"I Should Have Cheated" - Nigerian Guy Who Fails WAEC Cries Out

Following the recent release of WAEC results nationwide, there have been viral reports of good ones, bad ones, extremely good ones, and some really bad ones

Now, a young Nigerian man identified as Lyambee Sade Aorabee, has been reported heartbroken and left in a vulnerable state after he found out which category he belonged to..

The young man, though broken, took to his social media page to share the result with his friends and family.

He did this while attaching a strong caption to the uploaded result. From the way he wrote, it was obvious that the young man had given up on himself and has accepted defeat.

He apologized to his mother while acknowledging the fact that he has let her down. He also mentioned that could have cheated but his ego would not let him stoop that low.

He wrote on Facebook;

“Always knew I was the dull one. I’m sorry mama! I didn’t make it. Should’ve cheated — but no, ego and self righteousness got the better of me”