See How Much Money You Can Make If You Have Over 100k Followers On Social Media

A social media influencer is simply a responsible individual that can communicate with brands and their audience effectively. There are many opportunities for users to earn a lot of money online if they have a large number of followers on any social media platform and in this post I'm going to be looking at the average earnings on different social media platforms. 

(The statistics below are estimated average earnings, the actual earnings may be higher or lower). So you actually don't have any excuse to say you're broke. 

If you're looking for more money, YouTube is your best bet, you can earn an average of $125,000 if you have over a million subscribers. Now I'm already imagining how much Mark Angel Comedy is already making off their YouTube Channel.

If you have up to 7 million subscribers you can earn almost $300,000. Now imagine what your favorite artistes are probably earning.

Getting a million subscribers seems quite difficult but the minimum number of subscribers you can get before earning up to $25000 is a 100,000.

Next up after YouTube comes Facebook with $6,250 for a minimum of 100,000 followers and $187,500 for up to 7million Followers.

Then there's Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. (P.S : Twitter closed Vine) check the infographic below for more details. Don't forget to share. Got any questions.. Use the comment box