So, a few days back, a Viral Post on Facebook, by a Guy, Enyeobi Donatus made round.

Apparently, Donatus gave an advise to guys on how to properly “rape” a lady. He wrote on his Facebook: “Well for the guys that are interested, before you rape make sure you punch her neck first so she can be unconscious, then it will be easy to get into her pants, am posting out of experience, take it or leave it.”

After his post, someone buzzed him via Direct Message, and urged him to take down the post.. But he didn’t, he stood by his words. Below is what he said;

An NGO, “Stand End to Rape” posted screenshots of his post, and urged anyone with information as regards how to find him, to come forward.

EKITI State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has described the sacking of the suspended Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Babachir Lawal, and the Director General, National Intelligence Agency, Ayodele Oke, by President Muhammadu Buhari as an afterthought.

The governor said the indicted officials and others still in Buhari’s government should be handed over to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for thorough investigation and prosecution .

Speaking through his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, Fayose said, “The President only acted because of the outcry of Nigerians, especially over the fraudulent reinstatement of the former Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Mr Abdullahi Maina.”

“Enough of using probe panels to shield people accused of corruption in Buhari’s government. Rather, they should be arrested, detained and prosecuted by the EFCC as being done to others perceived as the president’s enemies.”

“Once again, Nigerians have proved that the power of the president is not greater than that of the people who elected him.”

“What Nigerians expected from a President who rode to power on the basis of integrity is a total cleansing of his government, not setting up a panel to investigate corruption allegations involving his men and reluctantly sacking a few of them because of public outcry.”

Maintaining that Buhari was aiding and abetting corruption, Fayose said apart from prosecuting the sacked officials, the report of the panel that investigated them should be made public.

The President has appointed Mr Boss Mustapha as the new SGF.
Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, said in a statement that the President Buhari took the decision after studying the report of the panel headed by Vice President Osinbajo, which investigated allegations of corruption against both men.
“The President accepted the recommendation of the panel to terminate the appointment of Mr Lawal, and has appointed Mr Boss Mustapha as the new Secretary to the Government of the Federation. The appointment takes immediate effect,” the statement read in part.
“President Buhari also approved the recommendation to terminate the appointment of Ambassador Oke, and has further approved the setting up of a three-member panel to, among other things, look into the operational, technical and administrative structure of the Agency and make appropriate recommendations.

Monday’s decision by President Buhari comes more than two months after he received the report of the probe panel.
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who headed the committee that probed both officials had submitted the report to the President on August 23.
The President suspended Mr Lawal and Mr Oke in April after both of them were hit with corruption allegations.
Mr Lawal was suspended for allegedly violating the law and due process in the award of contracts under the Presidential Initiative on the North East (PINE).
On his part, Mr Oke was suspended after the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission discovered a huge amount of foreign and local currencies in a residential apartment in the Osborne Towers, Ikoyi, Lagos.
Days after the EFCC made the discovery, the NIA had claimed that the funds belonged to it and that it was meant for a covert operation. Meanwhile, the apartment in which it was found was later discovered to belong to Mr Oke’s wife.
In suspending both men, the President set up a three-man panel headed by the Vice President, with the Attorney-General of the Federation and the National Security Adviser as members, to investigate the allegations against both men.
The committee was given 14 days to complete its investigation and submit its report to the President Buhari.
It was, however, unable to submit the report on schedule as the President travelled to London on May 7 for medical attention, a trip that would keep him away from the country for more than three months.
The delay in taking a decision on the fate of both men had attracted criticism for President Buhari and his administration’s anti-corruption war.

THE raging controversy over tithing in churches, especially, the Pentecostals as reported in Nigerian Pilot Weekend became messier yesterday when members of the popular House on the Rock Church, Lagos angrily walked out on the General Overseer, Pastor Paul Adefarasin as he preached a sermon on tithing.

According to accounts from some aggrieved members of the church, the Pastor was trying to underscore his call for them not to be swayed by media reports dissuading Christians from being “fleeced” by their Pastors as the Holy Bible does not support tithing.

 A viral video which circulated in the social media moments after the church service ended yesterday, showed members of the church walking out on Pastor Adefarasin during his preaching on Tithing. Recall that popular On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has been in the news for his continuous opposition to tithing in the house of God.

The same goes for controversial preacher and coordinator of Healing Wings, a Pentecostal Christian fellowship, Dr. Femi Aribisala. Following yesterday’s display of the video in the House on the Rock Church, Daddy Freeze reacted saying, ‘the revolution has begun’. “The revolution has begun. #FreeTheSheeple – #Repost@ instablog9ja (@get_repost) ・・・ Angry congregants seen allegedly walking out on Pastor Adefarasin of the House on the Rock, Lagos, while preaching about tithing.” “This morning, a video went viral on social media showing church members angrily walking out as Pastor Adefarasin of the House on the Rock, Lagos was preaching about tithing.” In his previous positions, Freeze said no Nigerian Prophet, Pastor or General Overseer, GO, is qualified to receive tithes from their members. He stressed that tithes were only meant for the Levites, who were descendants of Levi, the son of Jacob and Leah and “no one else.”

Noting that Levites were not allowed to own properties, including private jets, Freeze claimed that tithes were paid once in every three years, according to the Holy Bible. The On Air Personality, who took to his Instagram page, added, “No Nigerian prophet or pastor or GO qualifies to receive your tithes! “Tithes were only meant for the Levites, who were descendants of Levi son of Jacob and Leah no one else! These Levites are still around in Israel today. “Levites were not allowed to own anything not houses not land or cars and DEFINITELY NOT PRIVATE JETS! “The tithes were only paid once every 3 years in the year of the tithe Deut 14:27; NOT EVERY MONTH! “Only 10% of the tithe was meant for the temple Nehemiah 10:38 the rest was meant for the sick, homeless, strangers, widows and orphans NOT PASTORS! “Tithe was never money, IT WAS FOODSTUFF! Tithe was meant to be eaten with our families in the house of God. It is biblical to sell your tithe and buy beer and drink in the house of God. Deut 14:26 Quoting “Deuteronomy 14:[22] “You must set aside a tithe of your crops—one-tenth of all the crops you harvest each year. [23] Bring this tithe to the designated place of worship—the place the LORD your God chooses for his name to be honored—and eat it there in his presence, he had added: .“this applies to your tithes of grain, new wine, olive oil, and the firstborn males of your flocks and herds.
Doing this will teach you always to fear the LORD your God. In the past few years, there have been myriad of commentaries over tithing in Christendom with many querying the increasing persistence of pastors that members must pay tithes if they must prosper and make Heaven. The groundswell of the arguments reached resonating height months back when more Christians and Christianity commentators wonder why majority church members live in poverty, lack and want while their pastors and their families as well as their organisations revel in affluence and flamboyance. Tithing which the Holy Bible describes as giving a tenth of one’s earnings to God has been severally interpreted; and in some cases, so confusing that many now see such definitions as out of contest. And in no other Christian group is this prevalent than the Pentecostal churches and their Pastors. Thus, it has become a matter of curiously seeking the truth about tithing. No doubt, Pentecostals based their call for tithing on the holy bible which a growing number of observers now think is being misinterpreted, misapplied and deliberately manipulated to suit the whims of the pastors and aspiring ones. According to biblical accounts, the first mention of tithe was in Genesis 14:19-20. Said an aggrieved Deacon of a well known Pentecostal church in Abuja last weekend: “Such matters have made many of us who are beginning to see the truth to rethink our gullibility. How a Pastor who declares he was called by God sooner start to manipulate his members to the extent of grabbing their wealth and converting all to themselves? They feed fat on the sweat of the people in the name of tithes and offerings leaving the members poorer than they came? Some of us now know better since my Pastor started building his own house after he acquired two jeeps in one year. Yes, with God, all things are possible. “But you realise that this man broke away from a church barely 10 months ago after a disagreement with his GO over offerings and accounts, then you can understand.” According to controversial preacher and coordinator of Healing Wings, a Pentecostal Christian fellowship, Dr. Femi Aribisala, there is no truth in the position of pastors who tie tithing to members’ quest to make heaven. In one of his articles, he described pastors who collect tithes as thieves. He continued: “there are so many things that are “biblical” but have nothing to do with the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is about God and his sons. The son of a king does not pay taxes to the king, his father. Sons of God don’t tithe.

Tithe means giving ten per cent of your income to God. However, everything that sons of God have belongs to God. So tithing cannot apply to us. “The tithing currently instituted in churches is all 419. Money is not acceptable as tithe in the scriptures. And yet, our thieving pastors today only accept money. Tithes were only paid by landowners in the scriptures, but our thieving pastors collect tithes from everybody. “Tithes were only collected by Levites, but thieving pastors, who are neither Jewish nor Levites, are now the ones collecting them. Tithes were meant for the poor, the widows and strangers in the scriptures, but our thieving pastors now use them to build their empires. They use them to build cathedrals; buy jets; establish schools and banks etc. Those pastors who collect tithes today are nothing but thieves and robbers, according to Jesus’ categorisation of bad pastors.”

Against the backdrop of the recent invitation of former President Goodluck Jonathan by a Federal High Court and sundry statements made against his person, a Niger Delta Commentator and Ijaw leader, Hon. Kennedy Orubebe, has said that Nigeria will burn if the former President is arrested.

Speaking to Sunday Telegraph in Warri, Delta State, Orubebe, a founding member of the Federated Niger Delta Izon Communities (FNDIC) and PANDEF, said any effort to probe the ex-President should commence with thorough investigation into all sleaze practices carried out under previous Presidents and Heads of state.

Orubebe said: “I vehemently say that for them to make any mistake of arresting Jonathan will not augur well for the present government. But we know that past Presidents and Heads of State in the country have committed a lot of atrocities against this country and nobody raised an eyebrow. I repeat if Buhari’s government makes any attempt to arrest President Jonathan, it will not be taken kindly particularly by the Ijaws. In fact, the country will burn.

“I know for sure that Buhari’s government will not arrest Jonathan. So, let’s leave it like that. But in case it happens, the entire Niger Delta will boil and Buhari will not be comfortable wherever he is. In fact, government should not think of that.

“Although Jonathan ignored his people when he was in power and developed the North, be that as it may, let this government remember that he (Jonathan) came from somewhere because he remains our son no matter what.

“If the government wants to make any arrest, they should start from the past Presidents and Heads of State that did something unconstitutional against this country. I remember that Chief Obasanjo’s name was mentioned in the Halliburton scandal; so, they should not think of arresting Dr. Jonathan because it will backfire seriously on them.”

He decried what he referred to as disparaging statements made against Jonathan by Buhari’s aides, stating that that was uncalled for. According to him, there is nothing unusual about opposition party speaking against politics of the incumbent, provided they are based on facts.

He advised Jonathan, however, to maintain a dignified silence and feel free to offer advice privately to President Buhari when need be, even as he (Jonathan) should speak out when his government or person is being vilified or Nigerians are fed with lies about him.

A YouTube vlogger named Brooke Amelia Peterson got her hands on a spic and span iPhone X a week ago.

She got the phone straightforwardly from her dad, an engineer who worked at Apple.

Apple fired the engineer, and the video was brought down.

The engineer who let his daughter flaunt an iPhone X on YouTube was let go by Apple this week.

Prior this week, a YouTube vlogger named Brooke Amelia Peterson posted a video flaunting her father's new iPhone X. The video was even shot from inside Apple's cafeteria, and displayed various highlights of the new phone.

The video exploded, arriving on YouTube's best recordings list. It was in this way removed without clarification.

In another video posted this end of the week, Peterson clarifies that the video was removed at the demand of Apple and that her dad - an engineer named Ken Bauer - was fired

"Apple let him go," Peterson says in the video. "By the day's end, when you work for Apple, it doesn't make a difference how great of a man you are. If you break the rule, they simply have no resilience."

Despite the fact that Apple's new iPhone X is as of now accessible for pre-order, and Apple held an occasion where media could utilize it and shoot video and take photographs, the video from Peterson was an uncommon, open investigate an unreleased Apple gadget from inside Apple's own staff.

The engineer who was sacked, Peterson's dad Ken Bauer, is found in the video utilizing Apple Pay on the iPhone X. He hands the phone to his girl, and she strolls through different highlights.

Though the iPhone X is on the cusp of being publicly available, it's entirely possible that the unit he had - which Peterson showed off in the video - was a pre-production unit. Even if it wasn't, Apple assuredly doesn't want its staff casually showing off unreleased products in unauthorized YouTube videos.

Are you smarter than an interviewer? If you prepare properly, you will be.
During a job interview, employers sometimes ask tricky questions to trip you up – not out of maliciousness, but to get an accurate sense of your candidacy. Interviewers know that you’ve probably practiced all of the traditional questions, so they try to stump you with trickier ones to get a better idea of your background, your communication skills, and how you’ll perform should they offer you the job.
Here are the 10 trickiest interview questions meant to trip you up, with suggestions on how to answer them and sample answers.

1. What’s your biggest weakness?

The Trap: The first step to fixing a problem is admitting it. When employers ask this question, it’s not just about figuring out your weaknesses, but about finding out whether or not you’re aware of them, and if you’re intending to make changes.
How to Answer: Be modest. We all have weaknesses, and it’s okay to mention some parts of your skill set that need work. But, give your weakness a silver lining, and use your answer as an opportunity to highlight other strengths and underscore your determination to keep getting better.
Sample Answer: “I’m a perfectionist – sometimes to a fault. While this means my work is always high-quality, I’ve realized that sometimes I spend more time obsessing over little details that don’t matter in the long-run, rather than moving on to my next task. I’m learning working on prioritizing between perfectionism and efficiency, and learning about time management and productivity strategies.”

2. Is this position a similar role to any other jobs you are considering?

The Trap: Your interviewer may have two goals in mind here. He or she may be angling to uncover where else you’re applying, or may be trying to get a better idea of your past experience, and your future professional goals. This can be a good way for interviewers to get a sense of your strongest skills and determine if you’ll actually be a good fit for the job.
How to Answer: If you’re applying for a variety of different positions, certainly don’t name them all – and don’t name-drop different companies. For one, you don’t want your employer to think that your skills and interests are totally all over the place. Of course, it’s good to have a wide-range of different abilities, but it’s most important to present yourself as the best fit for the specific job you’re applying for. For example, if you’re a writer who is also a project manager and you’re interviewing for project management jobs, you wouldn’t want to mention that you’re also applying to writing jobs. Fortunately, this is the type of question where it’s acceptable to give a general answer and then move on.
Sample Answer: “Yes, I am looking for jobs that fit this description. This is my preferred field, which I’m personally and professionally passionate about. Fortunately, the job description, requirement and responsibilities of this specific position seem best aligned with my experience and interests.”

3. Why do you want to work here?

The Trap: Employers want to figure out if you’ve done your research about the company, and whether you want this job, rather than any old job.
The Best Way to Answer: Don’t just say that you want to work there because there’s free gym access, complimentary coffee and a casual dress code. Make sure your answer has real meaning. Be enthusiastic in your answer and talk about how you connect with the company’s core values, their mission, and the work they do. Then, you can go into a little more detail about the specific position for which you’re applying.
Sample Answer: “I truly feel aligned with the company’s values, mission and goals. I connect with your belief in integrity in your work, in fostering an open, honest and supportive workplace, and your desire to better the lives of both your employees and your customers. I believe that this position, specifically, will provide a huge – and enjoyable – opportunity for me tocontribute to your objectives and add value to the company as a whole.”

4. If you could work for any company, where would you work?

The Trap: Your interviewer may be trying to figure out how invested you are in their company, in addition to determining where else you might be looking to apply. People sometimes have trouble answering this type of question because they can’t decide if they should keep mum, or mention some other, big-name companies that they’ve interviewed with.
The Best Way to Answer: Don’t mention any specific companies. Think about if you were on a date, and your date asks, “If you could date anyone else in this restaurant, who would it be?” If you asked your date that question, what would you want to hear? Emphasize how the company you’re interviewing with is your top priority.
Sample Answer: “Actually, I’ve spent a lot of time during my job search researching different companies I might want to work at, and this company stood out the most. I share your mission, values and objectives and feel that I would really thrive in this type of work environment.”

5. Are you the type who checks email during your vacation?

The Trap: This is a tricky one. On one hand, you want to frame yourself as someone who is dedicated to their work. At the same time, employers know that employee health and wellness is a key factor to continuous success and want to make sure you’re smart about taking care of yourself even outside of the office. Burn-out is a real thing, and no matter how durable you think you are, everyone is human and everyone needs a little rest sometimes.
How to Answer: Confirm your dedication to getting your job done, but also convey your understanding that personal well-being is key to professional success.
Sample Answer: “I’m 100% dedicated to going above and beyond when it comes to fulfilling my responsibilities. That being said, I also know that it’s important to take care of myself to ensure my long-term success. I try not to work when I’m on official vacation. But, before I leave for a vacation, I always make sure all my duties are covered before signing off, and I do make sure my supervisor has my personal cell phone number should an emergency arise.”

6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

The Trap: Employers don’t want to invest in hiring, training and paying an employee who’s not going to stick around, or who’s going to change career paths. Though it’s becoming more and more common for people to spend less and less time at each job they hold, you certainly don’t want to give your employer any doubts about your commitment to the role.
The Best Way to Answer: You don’t have to profess that you absolutely see yourself with the same company. Instead, answer in a way that demonstrates your commitment to growing within your field. Employers want to hire employees who are self-motivated and who have an inner drive to better themselves, and keep learning. But, keep in mind that an employer may follow up with a question asking about specifics, so if possible have a few key tangible goals you’d like to accomplish.
Sample Answer: “I see myself working within this field, but I hope to have progressed to a higher level of responsibility, possess a greater degree of knowledge and advance and expand my skill set. I always want to keep learning, keep getting better, and I hope after five years my efforts will carry me closer and closer to becoming an expert at what I do. That being said, I’m also committed to staying happy and fulfilled with my career so that, too, factors into my five-year plans.”

7. What do you think your references will say about you?

The Trap: Employers want to see if you’re insecure about your references and if you’ll volunteer any negative information about your prior experience or your ability to succeed in your role.
The Best Way to Answer: Simply put, don’t fall for the trap, but do be modest. Under no circumstances should you offer up any negative information. Your references wouldn’t have agreed to serve as references if they weren’t willing to speak positively about you.
Sample Answer: “I’ve had a wonderful experience working with all of my references, so I do expect their testimonials to reflect all that we’ve accomplished together at work, along with positive rapport we share personally.”

8. Which part of the job description sounds most challenging, and why?

The Trap: Are you really as experienced as you say you are? When it comes to a job description, there will likely be aspects that you can ace, and aspects that will cause you some trouble. Employers want to know if your strengths align with their greatest needs.
The Best Way to Answer: A lie about your skills will come to haunt you later, so be honest. At the same time, use the answer as an opportunity to present yourself as a candidate who is always up for a challenge, and who is sharpening your skills to keep up with that challenge.
Sample Answer: “As a visual designer, the bulk of my experience has been in graphic design, specifically logos, posters and advertisement. I find dynamic web design more challenging, but challenges like that I live for. I just completed an online course on designing for mobile apps, and I’m currently taking another one in user experience design to ensure my abilities keep up with the latest trends.”

9 Tell me about your dream job.

The Trap: In many cases, passion breeds productivity. Dedication leads to success. Employers want to know just how invested you’ll be in the role, or if you see the job as a stop-gap measure just to keep up some income while you hunt for something better. Along the same lines, employers want to know if you love the idea of the job, or the job itself. Just because a job title sounds glamorous, doesn’t mean you’ll love the day-to-day work.
How to Answer: Is the job you’re applying for your dream job? If yes, then say so, emphatically. If your dream job is far-flung or far-fetched, it’s probably best not to mention it. You want the employer to understand that you’ll be fully invested in the position and not day-dreaming about some other position while you’re at desk. If the job you’re applying for is somewhere in between, you can tactfully frame your answer to convey that.
Sample Answer: “Advertising is my dream field and the junior copywriting position is an ideal placement for me right now. Of course, I know I have lots of learning to do before I can achieve my dream job – a creative director – and I believe this job will put me on that path.”

10. Everyone has one exaggeration on their job application. What’s yours?

The Trap: Will you fall for your interviewer’s attempt persuade you into admitting that’s an exaggeration or little white lie within your application? Hopefully not. And hopefully, your cover letter or resume is free from any mistruths. It’s never worth lying on your application.
How to Answer: Keep your cover letter and resume honest so you can be honest when you answer. (Did you lie on your resume? Here’s what to do.)
Sample Answer: “I’m confident that my cover letter, resume and portfolio accurately represent my experience and my work. You are welcome to reach out to the references I provided if you’d like them to vouch for my attributes.”

A 16-year old 100-level student of Microbiology at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Mercy Afolaranmi, has committed suicide, over her poor grades. The school’s Chief Security Officer, Babatunde Oyatokun, in an interview with Premiumtimes, said Mercy poisoned herself by taking a mixture of rat poison and battery extract.

“We got a call that one of our students took poison. We got to hospital to realize that she mixed rat poison. She gave us the contact of her parents but before they arrived, she already gave up due to the effect of the poison she took.”

Bimpe Oni who is a student of the school and a neighbor of the deceased, said Mercy who lived off campus, took “rat poison mixed with battery extract” and then died on Thursday October 26th.

A classmate of the deceased said she became emotionally down after she saw her result in which she had an E in CHM101 (Chemistry for first year students), a reportedly dreaded course for year one students in the science and technology related faculties.

“Mercy often isolated herself in class and looked depressed. She told me she had ‘E’ in CHM101 and has been going around unhappy before this incident.”

Before her death, on October 10, she posted on Facebook that: “Above all other things, I just wanna see God, see what He looks like, speak with Him face to face. I don’t wanna miss heaven. LORD HELP ME.”

Mercy's family members have been devastated since the news of her death got to them.

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has said that the massive looting of the nation’s resources by the immediate past administration of President Goodluck Jonathan is responsible for the economic crunch the country suffers from under the present administration.

Speaking yesterday in Lagos at a ‘Greater Nigeria Pastors Conference’ organised by Rev. Yomi Kasali’s-led Berean Ministers Group, Osinbajo said the Nigerian system is deeply infested with corruption, adding that graft should be pointedly tackled at all levels of institution. According to him, the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration decided to borrow to fund the budget because the nation’s earning had dropped and millions of Naira are still unaccounted for in the last administration. He said:

“The theft of resources in this country is the first and primary reason for our poverty.

That is why we have to address the issue of corruption pointedly, not once in a while because the system is corrupt; it is a corrupted system that we are running. This is not a system where corruption is just an exception, corruption is generally the rule in the Nigerian system.

“It is easy to say how come we don’t have money or why are we borrowing money? If you as an individual have N1million and somebody stole N900,000 from it, you won’t ask the question how come I am poor? You will immediately tie the theft of your money to your poverty. “When we came in, we had a foreign reserve of $32 billion, but there was $15billion used for defence contract that was unaccounted for.

Weeks before the 2015 elections, the government then, gave out N100billion in cash and $295million in cash ostensibly for security within two weeks. Those are the reasons why we don’t have money.”

Osinbajo stated that despite earning the lowest from oil in the past 15 years, the Buhari administration had spent more on infrastructure and social service than any government in the history of the country. Speaking on the Abdulrasheed Maina’s saga, the VP said the ex-pension reform task force head was an ally of the PDP, adding that the president will decide on the matter soon. “Many of us know what happened to Maina. He was the person that was supposed to head a pension reform commission.

He was accused of several different offences. “I am sure that many of us followed the story then because so many things were supposed to have happened; he was supposed to have been living at a time in Aso Rock, he was supposed to have been protected by the government at a time and all that.

“And at some point, he ran away, nobody could find him anymore. He surfaced and when he did that was when we now found that he is back. What the president did as soon as he heard that this has transpired was to immediately say how could this happen and he ordered his immediate disengagement.

While stating that he wont be able to preempt what step the president will take next on the matter, the VP said,

“When you look at the huge structure of the federal government of Nigeria, you may be able to hide somewhere for a day or two, they will fish you out.

Maina had not even been there for a week before he was disengaged,” Osinbajo said. On Kachikwu-Baru saga, the VP said the issue over time has been who is responsible for the approval of contract within certain levels between the Board of NNPC and NNPC Tenders Board.

He noted that there are many conflicts within Ministries, adding that the “ the only reason why this has become an issue is because it became a public document and once it became public document, people started making all forms of insinuation and twist. It is a normal conflict which can only be resolved by the SGF or the Federal Executive Council.

If you look at the NNPC law, it says only the President can approve all contracts over a certain sum. “ On the delayed of action over the suspended Secretary to the Federal Government report, Osinbajo said, “The president will decide very soon, I am sure we will get a response from him soon.

But as you know, he remains suspended and the president will certainly speak on the matter soon.” Speaking on the military action on IPOB and its proscription, Osinbajo said, “There have been an agitation before now from MASSOB and it was never proscribed. Part of the reason why IPOB took a different turn was because first, there were issues around setting up a security force by the IPOB and secondly, the attack on the police station and the killing of policemen.

These are actions that are not acceptable. “If all you are doing is advocating and saying that you want your state or country, although its unconstitutional until you amend the constitution, still nobody will go after you.”

A 22- year - old lady , identified as Tina Rebecca Sunday, is being held by the police in Enugu for killing her uncle , one Friday Mathew .

The incident occurred in the Independence Layout area of Enugu on Thursday , October 26, 2017 .

It was gathered that the lady , Tina , a native of Ikot Udobang Ukanafon , in Akwa Ibom State , lived with the now deceased uncle in Ezilo Street , Independence Layout, Enugu .

It was further gathered that Tina was arrested by operatives of the New Haven police station , Enugu , while attempting to escape, after committing the crime .

But the lady , in her confessional statement , has described the killing as accidental .

Tina disclosed that she killed Mathew , a 48 - year - old man , while struggling to escape his attempt to have forceful carnal knowledge of her .

She said her uncle has been trying to sleep with her for a very long time .

Rebecca said she has been resisting Mathew ’ s amorous advances , but the uncle never gave up , until the matter took a tragic turn around 8 :30 pm on October 26.

According to Tina ’ s account , on that fateful night , she had sent Thank- God , her uncle’ s 10 -year - old son on an errand to buy sugar for her , and was lying down in the room , waiting for the boy to return , when Mathew , thinking she was asleep, snuck up to her bed and tried to force himself on her .

Tina said she gave Mathew a kick on his genitals in a bid to stop him from raping her.

She added that Mathew got enraged , and both of them struggled as he moved to have his way.
The girl then got hold of stone , which he smashed on Mathew ’ s head.

The uncle fell down and gave up the ghost .
“ Really, it was not my intention to kill him as I never intended to do so although he has been disturbing me sexually, ” Tina said .

Police Public Relations Officer , Enugu State Police Command, Mr. Ebere Amaraizu, who confirmed the development , said minutes later , Mathew ’ s son , Thank- God , returned from the errand , only to meet his father ’ s lifeless body.

Amaraizu explained that Tina allegedly told the boy to keep quiet , to avoid attracting attention.

She was said to have promised the boy that she will take adequate care of him , after which she locked up the house and took Thank- God to the home of a relative .

After dropping the boy with the said relative, Tina ran away .

Amaraizu added that the 22-year - old lady was apprehended before she could leave Enugu.

“ When the child of the deceased came back and met the lifeless body of his father , he was allegedly warned by the suspect not to shout in order not to attract attention which would lead to her arrest .

“ She ( Tina ) promised the young boy that she would take care of him , then she immediately locked up the house and went away with the boy and dropped him at one of their aunt ’ s place and disappeared .

“ When operatives of the New Haven Division of the Enugu State Command got the report , they swung into action swiftly and were able to arrest the escaping Tina Rebecca Sunday who is now helping the operatives in their investigations, ” Amaraizu said.

According to him , “ The suspect is now regretting her action and begging for forgiveness as she never intended to kill the uncle.

Salford City goalkeeper Max Crocombe was sent off for urinating during his side's 2-1 win at Bradford Park Avenue.

The 24-year-old New Zealander was shown red in the 87th minute of the National League North game.

"He was told by the steward twice not to do it and he went ahead and had a pee," said Park Avenue secretary Colin Barker.

Crocombe later apologised, saying he has been in an "uncomfortable position" and made "an error in judgment".

Writing on his Twitter account, he added: "My intention was never to offend anyone and I'd like to apologise to both clubs and sets of supporters."

A spectator made a formal complaint and the incident was reported to the police.

Barker added: "He went to the side of the stand as I understand it. I didn't actually see it, but the referee definitely sent him off for it because he was alerted to it by his linesman."

During the game, Park Avenue tweeted: "We can confirm that Crocombe has been sent off for urinating during the game. We are not joking."

Former Oxford goalkeeper Crocombe joined Salford in May. The club is owned by businessman Peter Lim and five former Manchester United players Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville, Phil Neville, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt.

Salford reacted to the dismissal by tweeting: "Red Card! Crocombe sees red for something off the ball. No one has a clue what has happened."

Earlier this month Giovanni Liberti was banned for five games for urinating at away fans in a Serie D game.

Star actress, Omoni Oboli narrowly escaped death on Friday 27th October, 2017 when fire broke out at her residence in Lagos.

The screen diva cum movie producer was in a drug-induced sleep when fire gutted her house. It was her production manager, Tomi Adeoye who noticed the fire which started from an air-conditioner.

She made this revelation on her Instagram post: This God is too good! Magnify the Lord with me my people! Still shook but I’m constantly in awe of my King! God loves me. Nobody can tell me otherwise!”

“Since after the series of incidences that happened earlier in the year, I sometimes have panic attacks so my darling ever dependable @tomesadeoye abandoned her room and has been sleeping in mine. I’ve been nursing a very bad cold for days so I took night nurse to enable sleep.”

“Power went off at some point in the night and Tomi who usually can sleep in heat, got uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep. I on the other hand didn’t notice because I was in a drug induced sleep. Around 5am, power came back on and Tomi happily fell asleep.”

“She hadn’t slept for long when she started perceiving something, she opened her eyes to see the AC engulfed in flames. She screamed at me to wake up. I saw the flames and screamed ‘The blood of Jesus’. Ran into the bathroom to get water but I didn’t think I was fast enough, so I abandoned it cos I realized the AC is right by the door and if it gets any worse, I wouldn’t be able to leave the room.”

“I told Tomi to call the editor (I have an editing suite in my home and we are editing WOS so the editor moved in) she screamed his name and he came rushing upstairs. We all ran downstairs to get the fire extinguisher, couldn’t operate it and proceeded to turn off electricity from the circuit breaker.”

“Tomi went back up and screamed that the fire was a lot worse. Idris (the editor) and Paul (my gateman) started carrying buckets of water and soap upstairs. By this time, they couldn’t even get into the room because the fire was too much. They started pouring water from the door. I want to say that we definitely had angelic assistance because in less than 10mins, they put out an electrical fire with water and soap!”

“I know God sent His angels. God has been too good to me this year! I’m so unworthy of His grace upon my life. I’m so unfaithful yet He remains faithful! I bow before your majesty my Father. All that I am, all I will ever be, I give to you Lord. Thank God for our lives. If we had woken up just 3 minutes after we did, we would not have been able to leave the room. #ChildOfGrace #GodIsGood.”

There was a mild drama at the Ibara Prisons, Abeokuta, on Wednesday, when a middle-aged woman, Fatima Balogun, was arrested by the operatives of the Nigerian Prisons for hiding a mobile phone wrapped in a cellophane inside a soup prepared for her boyfriend who was remanded in the Prison.

Tribune Online gathered that Balogun was arrested at the entrance into the Prison yard while attempting to smuggle the phone into the prison.

This development was described by the State Controller of Prisons, Mr Benson Abolade, as a threat to national security, saying the action was against Prison operations.

He mentioned sharp objects, drugs, weapons, handsets as some of the items prohibited in the Prisons.

The Prisons boss said the woman would be handed over to the Police for prosecution so as to serve as a deterrent to others.

“It is an offence to bring these articles to the yard without the permission of the Prisons officials.

“The Controller General frowns at such action because he knows that it impinges on the national security and that is why he gave a tall order that Special Intelligence Unit should be formed in all the Prisons formations nationwide,” Abolade said.

Balogun upon interrogation confessed to the crime that she indeed hid a phone inside a soup for her boyfriend identified as Ganiyu Ajibode who was remanded in the Prison for armed robbery.

The suspect said, “I hid the phone inside the stew because I know they will not allow me to take it to him in the Prison. I did not know it is bad. I wrapped it in a cellophane bag. We have been together for two years. I live with my father having been abandoned by my husband who left me with two children. I regretted my action and I plead for forgiveness.”

Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari has denied a claim by Senator Isa Misau that the Inspector-General of Police bought two SUVs for her.

Misau while speaking to a committee investigating his accusations against the police boss said he has documents which disclosed that Mrs. Buhari requested for vehicles from Idris.

He said, “I still have some contract papers that the IG himself submitted to the court, where the First Lady through her aide-de-camp requested a Toyota Hiace and a Sienna jeep. The same day that the ADC wrote, the IG minuted that she should be given two jeeps. And it is not part of the appropriation. If you look at the appropriation, there is nowhere they said the First Lady should be given two jeeps.”

While reacting to the claim, the wife of the President on Thursday denied any such thing.

Here is a tweet from the First Lady denying those claims:

Nigeria’s secret police, the State Security Service (SSS), once made curious huge cash transfers into a bank account associated with a former chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms, Abdulrasheed Maina, PREMIUM TIMES can report.

The uncovering of the payments, investigators say, suggests Mr. Maina and the security agency had been in an unholy relationship for a while.

On Tuesday, PREMIUM TIMES exclusively reported how Mr. Maina received security protection from operatives of the Nigeria Police Force and the SSS who also allegedly provided a hideout for him.

Mr. Maina is on the run following moves by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to charge him to court for alleged N2 billion fraud.

As exclusively reported by this newspaper two years ago, Mr. Maina has a history of using bankers and other intermediaries to launder most of the money he allegedly embezzled from the pension funds.

Sometimes in 2011, while serving as chairman of the pension task force, Mr. Maina, using his banker sibling, Khalid Ali Biu, opened a corporate bank account in the name of Cluster Logistics Limited domiciled at Fidelity Bank.

Mr. Biu, who was a staff of the bank, was both the bank’s account officer as well as a director of the fictitious company, according to bank and company registration documents sighted by this newspaper.

Bank papers, including mandate card for the Cluster Logistics account also identified Mr. Maina as a signatory to the account.

Investigators said the account had over N500 million cash inflow that were mostly cash deposits made between 2011 and 2013.

Withdrawals from the accounts were also largely in cash. Some of the money, according to investigators, were also changed into dollars.

Curiously, however, among deposits into the accounts were three payments made over a period of one year by no other than the SSS, under its preferred name of Department of State Services (DSS).

Bank documents show that the security outfit paid a total of over N152 million.

The first tranche of over N61 million was paid on November 16, 2011 and the last made on November 14, 2012.

One of the deposits shows that it was made in the name of “DSS Pension Biometrics”.

It is unclear if Cluster Logistics offered any services to the SSS to warrant any payment.

The discovery of the account details, according to a source, “unsettled the SSS despite the EFCC’s effort at downplaying the matter in the spirit of inter-agency esprit de corp.

“Now that the whole case is being revisited it is important for the president to order forensic investigation into the SSS pension department,” he said.

Another EFCC official, who asked not to be named, said before the recent controversy over Mr. Maina’s matter, the commission was already preparing to arraign some of the bankers who aided the dismissed civil servant to allegedly launder billions.

PREMIUM TIMES could not reach SSS for comments on this story Wednesday night. The agency has no official spokesperson.

EFCC’s spokesperson , Wilson Uwujaren, did not respond to multiple telephone calls from this newspaper.

20-year-old Seun Akintoye’s love for 17-year-old Hannah Osazuwa may have cost him his life after he failed to read the writing on the prophetic wall.

The Attack

Hannah Osazuwa was not in the right frame of mind. Perhaps her temper got the better of her or did she actually overreact?

Neighbors had always suspected that she drank too much and might be taking other spiky substances.

Her violent streak had finally brought Seun Akintoye’s life to a halt with one swing of the scissors.

It happened so fast, Seun was still in a state of shock when he pulled the scissors out of his chest and fell to the ground.

Screams of both their friends who were present when it happened brought the neighbors rushing in.

The first respondents remember seeing Seun gasping for air in a pool of his own blood.

All these happened on October 16, just 3 days after her birthday.

In The Beginning

Hannah and Seun Akintoye were in love and they did not care about what other people had to say. They thought they knew each other well enough.

Their relationship has been described as toxic and its lethal nature seemed to be what kept them together, but it finally drove them apart.

Hannah lived in one of the popular Face-Me-I-Face-You buildings located inside Gowon Estate in Egbeda.

Her single room was all she could afford and she lived alone. Seun was a regular visitor – everyone knew him as Oko Hannah.

The Amebos in the compound peddled the rumour that she had been disowned by her parents because of her wayward lifestyle.

A source, whose shop is attached to the building where the sad event occurred told said:

“After we rushed into the room and saw blood on the floor, we used clothes in the house to soak the blood that was coming out of his body, before trying to rush him to a hospital inside the Gowon Estate.

“When we got to the hospital, they refused to collect him, so we took him to the general hospital in Igando, and on our way there he died, before we got to the hospital. He lost so much blood”.

Another source told Bounce News that when the police from the Gowon Estate station came to carry her away, she seemed to be in shock.

She may not have realised what had just happened. The source says she may have been motivated by an overdose of alcohol or banned substances she may have sniffed earlier that day.

Witnesses said a day before his death, Hannah got into the ‘usual’ argument with Seun, whom she stabbed on the leg with a knife.

Blinded By Love?

If the warnings of his friends were not enough to make him end his relationship with her, the pain he must have felt from the wound on his leg should have alerted him of impending danger.

The scissors that became the weapon of death was part of the requirements that she was asked to bring along for her sewing classes.

A source said that when he came with his friend to see her that faithful day, she was intoxicated as early as 8am.

Seun was upset by her appearance and told her how embarrassed he felt that she was so unstable even before sunrise.

An argument broke out. Seun tried to pull her into the room and make her calm but she rushed in and grabbed a scissors with which she attacked him.

The Amebos in the compound also claim that Hannah was linked to the accidental death of another deceased person even before she met Seun.

She allegedly escaped the long arm of the law because her father is a senior officer in one of the country’s security outfits.

The Lagos state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole said that Hannah’s case was still under investigation at the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Yaba.

Seun’s love came at a cost. Two days before he died he wrote on Facebook ‘Sometimes a man needs to die to live again’.

Could he see the future? Was he too deep in love to separate emotions and common sense?

A Port-Harcourt based Nigerian lady, Identified on Facebook as Zina Leyh, has shared with her followers, and suitors to stay clear off her DM, as she only deals with married men.
In a post she shared on her Facebook, Zina revealed that she’s a bi-sexual, as she only sleeps with married men and women.

She wrote on her Facebook: “All these single guys disturbing me, I’m not doing oh, is it by force??? If you’re not married I can’t f**k you. I only F*** married men and girls”

Ekiti state Governor, Ayo Fayose miraculously escaped death in Lagos when a white Mercedes Benz G-Wagon belonging to him was engulfed in a strange and inexplicable fire and completely burnt down along Oshodi-Oworonshoki Expressway on Tuesday.

The cause of the car fire accident still remained a mystery on Wednesday.

According to a statement by his Spokesman, Lere Olayinka on Wednesday, the governor was on his way to Lagos Airport when the accident occurred.
He said:

“There was an accident involving the governor’s vehicle on his way to the airport yesterday (Tuesday).
“Though he was meant to be in the vehicle, by providence, he was not there.
“What caused the sudden fire under the vehicle is yet to be ascertained.
“The governor is grateful to God that no casualty was recorded. He also thanked the people who made spirited efforts to put out the fire.”

Recall, Fayose had during the weekend, joined other governors from the 17 Southern States as they converged in Lagos for the first time in 12 years to discuss national issues.

Others governors included the Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode; Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun; Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu; Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola and Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi.

The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike; Edo State, Godwin Obaseki; Abia State, Okezie Ikpeazu; Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi; Akwa Ibom State, Emmanuel Udom and Ebonyi State, David Umahi, were also present.

The family of Abdulraaheed Maina, the embattled former chairman of the Presidential Pension Reform Task Team, has promised to expose the cabal at the presidency who they alleged are responsible for the ordeal Maina is going through over his return to the civil service.

Addressing the media Wednesday in Kaduna, spokesman of the Maina family, Malam Aliyu Maina, who was flanked by Salihu Maina and Ladan Abdullahi, said the family is worried that the image of the entire family has been tarnished following the sealing of properties belonging to the Maina by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and promised to take legal action on it.

They said that Abdulrasheed left Nigeria following threats to his life, only for President Muhammadu Buhari to invite him to come and help his administration.

"You must have noticed the recent attempt by some cabal to ridicule and tarnish the image of the Maina family in the media. Where our brother, Abdulrasheed Maina has been blackmailed as a fraudster.

"The cabals have gone to the extent of marking our house in red paints with an inscription of E.F.C.C under investigation. The EFCC is wrong in their action because Abdulrasheed inherited so many properties from his late father in Kaduna and Abuja, some of them were built before he was born so how could he have acquired them fraudulently.

"The entire family of Abdullahi Maina is categorically stating that our son is not in any way a fraudster, rather he is a messiah who brought reforms into Nigerian Pension Scheme, whose effort saw the disappearance of pensioners roaming the streets of Abuja and other state capital in Nigeria.

"It is on record that Abdulrasheed Maina's reform put to a stop the fraudulent withdrawals of huge sums from both the Nigerian Pension Board, the Nigerian Police Pension Board etc. Perhaps it is this noble efforts that made him enviable to the present administration when they came into power to convince him to comeback and assist in its "Change" agenda."

According to the family, the recent actions may have been targeted at not Maina but high above, "we are aware that all this act of calumny is not targeted against Abdulrasheed Maina alone but against the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria and the office of the Attorney General. We have contacted our lawyers Messr Mamma Nasir & Co and instructed them to act appropriately.

"We equally know that Abdulrasheed Maina is in possession of many facts that is against the cabal and interesting to the Nigerian populace, which he will disclose very soon," the family noted.

A female operator of a commercial tricycle popularly called ‘Keke NAPEP’, Mrs. Christiana Augustine, says it is no longer an exclusive preserve of men to make a living from operating a tricycle.

Augustine, who holds a degree in project management from the Federal University of Science and Technology Owerri, said on Tuesday in Abakaliki that her desire to become self-reliant was her motivation.

The mother of three called on other women to embrace the business, saying they could also make their own contributions towards their families’ upkeep by embarking on it.

According to her, women only need self-confidence, discipline and zeal to work hard to make their mark in the society as tricycle operators.

“My husband initially objected my involvement in the venture but I persisted to be given a chance to engage in the venture and he was later convinced.

“We are presently happy with the decision because I compliment his earnings and generally support in the family upkeep with proceeds from the keke business,” she said.
She said the involvement of many more women in the venture was only a matter of time, expressing her resolve to promote the lucrativeness of the venture to women.
Augustine pointed out that “gone was the era of relying on men for their basic requirements and getting white collar jobs on a platter of gold.
“I graduated with a degree in project management from the Federal University of Science and Technology Owerri but decided to engage in the business to be self-reliant.
“The tricycle was actually a birthday gift from my husband and I offered it to a young graduate for commercial purposes but he later returned it to me.
“I leased it to another person and when he became insincere with returns, I decided to use it myself for the Keke business,” she said.
Augustine explained that she does not operate the tricycle during odd hours no matter the situation or the number of passengers available on the road.
“My business does not affect my responsibilities towards my family as I plan my daily activities not to clash with those of my business,” she said.
A regular commuter, Ms Ifeoma Ojigwe, commended Augustine’s initiative and zeal to eke out a living in the sector in view of the high rate of unemployment in the country.
“I will consider toeing this line if I don’t get employment after my National Youth Service 2018,” she said.
Another operator, Mr. Abel Ijeaku, said he was impressed with Augustine’s attitude of being self-reliant, expressing his support for her move to attract many more women into the business.
“We also ensure that she is not intimidated by unscrupulous males in the business as her involvement in the venture automatically makes her one of us,” he said.

Some 300 Level students of the Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, were thrown out of their hostel, after they engaged in a fight with some IJMB students.

According to reports, trouble started, last night, after an IJMB student accused a 300 Level student of splashing water on her while having her bath.

The victim later went to mobilize her friends and there was a shouting match, with the 300 Level students being called prostitutes.

It later degenerated into a fight, following a slap from an IJMB student. The matter was eventually reported to the hostel porter who indicted the 300 Level students and had them thrown out of the hostel by the supervisor.

Inyang David, a 100 level student of Mechanical Engineering of the Cross River State University of Technology (CRUTECH) and a nursing mother were killed, Tuesday, when a high-tension cable fell on the roof of their building at 14 Adak Uko Street in Calabar on Monday night.

The landlord of the building, Mr Obo, said the cable had always been falling in the past, but not on the roof. He said this time was the first time it fell on the roof and caused a fire that razed the building and killed the two people.

He said the affected building had 12 tenants. He said since the incident occurred nobody from the fire service or the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company had shown up.

A friend of the deceased student, Mr Tolale Prince Harmony, reiterated that the cable had been falling several time in the past and the PHEDC office in Calabar had been approached severally to do something about it, but they kept referring the residents to Port Harcourt.

“They keep directing the people to call Port Harcourt. I am wondering, what does Port Harcourt have to do with this? I don’t understand. During the fire, they called the fire service and they said no water, no imprest, nothing to run.

I don’t understand this. The cable fell on the building. And caused a fire that killed Inyang David and killed another lady, who just gave birth, and did child dedication just two Sundays ago.”

The Independent National Electoral Commission says it is making arrangements with the Nigeria Prisons Service to ensure that prisoners are allowed to vote in the 2019 general elections.

The Chairman of INEC, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, said this in Abuja on Tuesday at a dialogue session with the Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room Dialogue – a coalition of over 70 civil society organisations in Nigeria.

The development comes three years after a Federal High Court in Benin, Edo State, ruled that prisoners in Nigeria have the right to vote in all elections conducted in the country.

The INEC boss said the commission was looking at the possibility of creating polling units in Nigerian prisons to allow some categories of inmates to vote.

He, however, said certain categories of prisoners would not be allowed to vote depending on the nature of the crimes they committed.

Yakubu said, “We have already engaged the Comptroller-General of Prisons and we have statistics on the number of prisoners nationwide and the number of inmates that are registered. We are looking at the possibility of creating polling units in the prisons and to enable some categories of prisoners to vote.

“Ghana does it but there are some categories of prisoners who by the nature of crimes committed lose the right to vote. Whatever we can do to open up the process to ensure that as much as possible Nigerians are given the opportunity to vote, will be done.”

Also speaking on the forthcoming Anambra governorship election, the INEC boss said the commission would do everything to ensure that the election is not inconclusive.

Yakubu raised the alarm over the wrongful substitution of names of governorship candidates by two political parties ahead of the governorship election.

He regretted that the high level of non-compliance to the Electoral Act by the political parties was threatening the electoral system.

Although the INEC boss declined to name the parties involved in the wrongful substitution of candidates’ names, he warned that if the act was eventually challenged in court, the whole election could be voided on that account and the nation made to bear the financial brunt of conducting a fresh election.

The Executive Director, Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre, and Convener of Situation Room, Clement Nwankwo, said the event was organised to find out the commission’s preparations for the forthcoming Anambra State governorship poll as well as other elections update.

A Nigerian guy, Ray KatiNns on Facebook has shared excruciating details of how he had three-some with a Facebook Girl and Her room-mate.

Here’s what he wrote below;

In owerri, last 4 weeks.
I asked the girl sitting [right] to take me to a place where we can sit and chat, she took me to this place i have forgotten the name of the place.

We got there and they ordered for barbecue, two of the fishes cost me 11k that’s N5,500 each while I took peppery pepper soup cus I have hatred for fishes.

I met this girl when I was serving in owerri, I was looking awkward that afternoon cus my NYSC uniform was somehow over size and she refused stopping when I called her to collect her number.

It was around that Imo Event Center or whatever that place is called. So I crossed the road and she told me that she can only give me her Facebook ID, that she can’t give me her number. The truth is that her ass was awesome. And apart from the fact that I had no money then I was in a relationship and didn’t ever wanna cheat. So I found her on Facebook and she still refused to give me her number until I used a girl’s Facebook account where the girl told her she was my sister.

I got the number called for months but she refused coming to see me. So I had to chill until money came this year… I called her last month and told her about God’s blessings in my life and it took her just 5 mins to fall in love and decided that we must see.

But the story is that after eating out her friend or room mate was supposed to leave but she didn’t. Even after I have dashed them 5k each just for keeping me company.
went to the cheap hotel room where I lodged around World Bank with the 2 girls and… Definitely it wasn’t my first time of doing THREE SOME. I can’t lie to you my dear friends.

Okay, thanks for reading."

A corps member serving in Ibadan, Wannirebie Ayo has narrated how an Okada man almost raped her today on her way to NYSC secretariat from her PPA.

Read the story she just shared on her Instagram page below...

"I got the greatest shock of my life today when I was almost raped by an okada man. I got dressed up left my house heading to the Secretariat in another community nt up to 30kms away frm my PPA, b4 I enter d bike d man said he wants to use the bush that he is having running stomach then I agreed and waited when he was done we left getting to some point around 4kms he stopped and said he wants to use d bush again.

Not wasting much time he came back start asking me, how much am I paying ? I told him it's a fixed price na that's nt wat we should argue abt when he insist I said it's #300 which is d normal price we pay he said no dat I will pay him #1500 stopping at d junction for 8km and to my destination #2000 so felt uncomfortable wit d way he was acting that was wen I told him ok he should tak me back to where he picked me he said wat abt d fair I said I will pay him I want to collect money frm my friend to pay him d #2000 then he refused and said if I don't av money he has to take advantage of me using the "f" word then I got scared, tried running away. Everywhere is full of bush where will I run to self no houses, no cars and was already frightened which even made me got weak. He ran after me got me and I engaged in a fight with him because I had no choice, then he dragged me and pushed me down to d bush corner started rough handling me, hit my lips wit a blow I started bleeding frm d mouth, he tore my uniform. I was only shouting Jesus Jesus save me save me then at a point he left me and drove off with his bike. I jst believe that God intervene in my battle because I see no other reason why he would av left me nt accomplishing his aim to rape me and didn't collect my fone or any belongings.

On the other hand govt should scrap this nysc or stop posting corpers to remote areas"
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