Angry Congregants Allegedly Walk Out On Pastor Paul Adefarasin During Sermon Over Tithing

THE raging controversy over tithing in churches, especially, the Pentecostals as reported in Nigerian Pilot Weekend became messier yesterday when members of the popular House on the Rock Church, Lagos angrily walked out on the General Overseer, Pastor Paul Adefarasin as he preached a sermon on tithing.

According to accounts from some aggrieved members of the church, the Pastor was trying to underscore his call for them not to be swayed by media reports dissuading Christians from being “fleeced” by their Pastors as the Holy Bible does not support tithing.

 A viral video which circulated in the social media moments after the church service ended yesterday, showed members of the church walking out on Pastor Adefarasin during his preaching on Tithing. Recall that popular On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze has been in the news for his continuous opposition to tithing in the house of God.

The same goes for controversial preacher and coordinator of Healing Wings, a Pentecostal Christian fellowship, Dr. Femi Aribisala. Following yesterday’s display of the video in the House on the Rock Church, Daddy Freeze reacted saying, ‘the revolution has begun’. “The revolution has begun. #FreeTheSheeple – #Repost@ instablog9ja (@get_repost) ・・・ Angry congregants seen allegedly walking out on Pastor Adefarasin of the House on the Rock, Lagos, while preaching about tithing.” “This morning, a video went viral on social media showing church members angrily walking out as Pastor Adefarasin of the House on the Rock, Lagos was preaching about tithing.” In his previous positions, Freeze said no Nigerian Prophet, Pastor or General Overseer, GO, is qualified to receive tithes from their members. He stressed that tithes were only meant for the Levites, who were descendants of Levi, the son of Jacob and Leah and “no one else.”

Noting that Levites were not allowed to own properties, including private jets, Freeze claimed that tithes were paid once in every three years, according to the Holy Bible. The On Air Personality, who took to his Instagram page, added, “No Nigerian prophet or pastor or GO qualifies to receive your tithes! “Tithes were only meant for the Levites, who were descendants of Levi son of Jacob and Leah no one else! These Levites are still around in Israel today. “Levites were not allowed to own anything not houses not land or cars and DEFINITELY NOT PRIVATE JETS! “The tithes were only paid once every 3 years in the year of the tithe Deut 14:27; NOT EVERY MONTH! “Only 10% of the tithe was meant for the temple Nehemiah 10:38 the rest was meant for the sick, homeless, strangers, widows and orphans NOT PASTORS! “Tithe was never money, IT WAS FOODSTUFF! Tithe was meant to be eaten with our families in the house of God. It is biblical to sell your tithe and buy beer and drink in the house of God. Deut 14:26 Quoting “Deuteronomy 14:[22] “You must set aside a tithe of your crops—one-tenth of all the crops you harvest each year. [23] Bring this tithe to the designated place of worship—the place the LORD your God chooses for his name to be honored—and eat it there in his presence, he had added: .“this applies to your tithes of grain, new wine, olive oil, and the firstborn males of your flocks and herds.
Doing this will teach you always to fear the LORD your God. In the past few years, there have been myriad of commentaries over tithing in Christendom with many querying the increasing persistence of pastors that members must pay tithes if they must prosper and make Heaven. The groundswell of the arguments reached resonating height months back when more Christians and Christianity commentators wonder why majority church members live in poverty, lack and want while their pastors and their families as well as their organisations revel in affluence and flamboyance. Tithing which the Holy Bible describes as giving a tenth of one’s earnings to God has been severally interpreted; and in some cases, so confusing that many now see such definitions as out of contest. And in no other Christian group is this prevalent than the Pentecostal churches and their Pastors. Thus, it has become a matter of curiously seeking the truth about tithing. No doubt, Pentecostals based their call for tithing on the holy bible which a growing number of observers now think is being misinterpreted, misapplied and deliberately manipulated to suit the whims of the pastors and aspiring ones. According to biblical accounts, the first mention of tithe was in Genesis 14:19-20. Said an aggrieved Deacon of a well known Pentecostal church in Abuja last weekend: “Such matters have made many of us who are beginning to see the truth to rethink our gullibility. How a Pastor who declares he was called by God sooner start to manipulate his members to the extent of grabbing their wealth and converting all to themselves? They feed fat on the sweat of the people in the name of tithes and offerings leaving the members poorer than they came? Some of us now know better since my Pastor started building his own house after he acquired two jeeps in one year. Yes, with God, all things are possible. “But you realise that this man broke away from a church barely 10 months ago after a disagreement with his GO over offerings and accounts, then you can understand.” According to controversial preacher and coordinator of Healing Wings, a Pentecostal Christian fellowship, Dr. Femi Aribisala, there is no truth in the position of pastors who tie tithing to members’ quest to make heaven. In one of his articles, he described pastors who collect tithes as thieves. He continued: “there are so many things that are “biblical” but have nothing to do with the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is about God and his sons. The son of a king does not pay taxes to the king, his father. Sons of God don’t tithe.

Tithe means giving ten per cent of your income to God. However, everything that sons of God have belongs to God. So tithing cannot apply to us. “The tithing currently instituted in churches is all 419. Money is not acceptable as tithe in the scriptures. And yet, our thieving pastors today only accept money. Tithes were only paid by landowners in the scriptures, but our thieving pastors collect tithes from everybody. “Tithes were only collected by Levites, but thieving pastors, who are neither Jewish nor Levites, are now the ones collecting them. Tithes were meant for the poor, the widows and strangers in the scriptures, but our thieving pastors now use them to build their empires. They use them to build cathedrals; buy jets; establish schools and banks etc. Those pastors who collect tithes today are nothing but thieves and robbers, according to Jesus’ categorisation of bad pastors.”