Lady About To Be Fired From Her Job For Revealing Details About Bobrisky's Apartment

A Nigerian lady has shared how she is about to relieved of her job after she made a public comment on transvestite, Bobrisky’s apartment.

Tiwaeve’s comment on Bobrisky’s house become viral after she shared in details how the house came to be for him – she was rebuked by some users as it’s unethnical to reveal client’s details.

She had shared:

It is actually a rented apartment, my law firm handled the sale of that house, the owner is an Igbo man, actually the rent a year is N3.5m. Bobrisky issa liar
Tiwaeve, via her Instagram page, has now stated that she did not know her public comment would go viral.

She says:

You all should not crucify me too soon? I am actually been questioned by my boss, he’s seen this viral thing, I guess i’m getting kicked, pardon me people, i know its unethnical i crossed the line, didn’t know it would go viral, i guess i’m in need of a new job.