8 Year Old Girl Dies Of Infection After Being Raped In Lagos

An 8-year-old girl who got raped by a yet to be identified man in Ilaje, Bariga area of Lagos, reportedly died of infection from rectovaginal fistula.

Aggrieved Facebook user, Adeniyi FunminiWealth Adeniyi, who shared the rape story, wrote;
“This world is wicked…..some men are the devil themselves…..I’m so speechless!! How will a man rape an eight year old girl to the extent that the line between her vagina and anus cut….Lord Jesus….I’ve seen it all.
They didn’t know on time n d wound got infected…that was how the girl died of infection.
I’m so sad right now….despite all d brothels in dis state, grown up girls everywhere but u rather chose to defile dis innocent child, I’m full of tears right now.
All the men in the house refused to say who did it."