Remember The 5k Guy, Pablo Ayodeji? He Was Caught Scamming Victims On Social Media

A Twitter User, Pablo Ayodeji has been nabbed swindling scores of unsuspecting Nigerians on social media, Twitter, and now he has revealed reasons for his actions.
Pablo Ayodeji was the guy who went on Twitter to rant about spending 5k on a lady, who in turn refused to date him.

It all started when a twitter account @nuellaa_ag tweeted that “she” recently lost her job, and then sought for financial assistant on the platform, to get by Christmas.

Nigerians are of course sets of generous people, and “her” appeal garnered hundreds of retweets within minutes.

As users began to transfer their widow’s mite to the bank account ‘she’ provided, one curious user raised the alarm. It turned out that the Wema Bank account information provided by @nuellaa_ag actually matched the name of ‘Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji’, @PabloAyodeji.

Mr. Adeniji, 21, had previously provided the account details when he had a spat with a lady after a date went awry in late March, when a lady refunded the N5k he had incurred on the date, (remember the viral 5kbae story then)

Seeing that he has been busted, Pablo collected the account details of his friend’s sister to continue the scam but was busted again.

His friend then quickly took to Social Media to narrate what went down, and how Pablo tricked him into giving him an Access Bank Account.

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It was also revealed that Pablo Ayodeji has tried to scam Nigerians using the Nuella_ag account in the past with a photo of a white woman he claimed was his sister and said she had cancer. It was later discovered that he lifted the photo from an old go-fund me account belonging to another person.

After initially denying being a con artist, Mr. Adeniji finally succumbed to social media anger and threats of both physical and legal backlash against him. He also apologized to siblings whose bank accounts he repeatedly used to swindle Twitter users in the past.

Here is how he apologized on twiter;