Why Most Uneducated People Are More Successful In Business

You will be amazed at the number of Uneducated successful business men and women compared to the huge number of educated men and women who are struggling to build a little business like selling doughnuts or cake or event decoration. 

Not everyone was or will be privileged to go through the four walls of a university but whether you are educated or not is not a guarantee that you will succeed in business. I know some people will say that education isn't all about going to the University, polytechnic or college of education, yes, but there are so many people who can't read or write properly but are doing well in business. Now, let me share with you just five reasons why most Uneducated business men and women are more successful than their educated Counterparts. 

They Strive More To Be Relevant 

It's a well known fact that we live in a society where people believe that if you don't go to school you are are loser. As such, those not privileged to go to school who have ended up in business are striving more to succeed. The truth is, most educated people are too relaxed. They always feel that things should work for them easily because they have a first degree, master degree or a doctorate or PhD. While their Uneducated Counterparts are putting in more efforts in making sure that the society doesn't mock them, they are busy waiting for things to happen on their own terms. 

They Don't Want To Change The World 

An average educated person's business idea is always about changing the world and making it better. While an uneducated business person is thinking of how to sell what people need and make profit from it, an educated business person is thinking of how to solve the world's problem. Truth be told, if we solve a problem today another one will still emerge tomorrow. So, stop thinking of how to solve problems and start thinking of how to make profit because business is all about making profit. I know some over educated folks here will say that you must solve problems before you can make profit, that's a lie because most rich people oftentimes buy what they don't need and do not feel remorseful about it because they have the money. It's just your ability to convince them to buy what you sell even if they need it or not. 

They Don't Over Analyze 

Before most educated people act they always like to look at the four sides of the angle. They look at the advantages and disadvantages, read different theories on the issue and consult all types of books to back them up. In short, they over analyze and over think themselves out of opportunities. Most Uneducated people don't go through those stress and that's why they are always quicker to take hold of opportunities. 

They Are Street Smart 

It's one thing to be book smart and another to be street smart. People who will buy your products or services are not in the book but on they streets. They are not robots or theories but are humans with needs. We should read books, attend seminars and conferences but we should sometimes put the books aside and see what's happening in the street. Most Uneducated business people spent most of their lives in the street where they've learnt how to survive irrespective of the environment and circumstances. 

They Easily Cry For Help 

While most Uneducated Business owners are always quick to employ the services of educated professionals to work for them in order to achieve more, their educated Counterparts are busy accumulating more responsibilities to themselves in order to cut down cost. Most graduate business people always feel proud to attend some seminars, conferences or even read some books. They always feel they are intelligent and are graduates like you and as such you have nothing to teach them. These in turn affects their productivity because no matter the number of degrees you have or your grade, there is little you can accomplish alone.