Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund for a club-record fee, understood to be £60m.

The length of Aubameyang's Arsenal deal has not been confirmed with the club saying the Gabon international has signed "a long-term contract".

Arsenal announced on their official website the transfer is subject to the completion of regulatory processes and the 28-year-old's squad number will be confirmed soon.

Borussia Dortmund sporting director Michael Zorc said: "Apart from the unpleasant events of recent weeks, we like to remember that the story of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at Borussia Dortmund for more than four years was a success story.

"He has done great things for Borussia Dortmund at this time, scored many important goals and is part of the team that brought the DFB Cup to Dortmund in 2017.

"We wish Pierre-Emerick all the best for his future at Arsenal."

Dortmund were only willing to sanction Aubameyang's move if they could find a replacement and it is understood Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi will be joining the German club on loan.

The Belgian's departure from Stamford Bridge could pave the way for Arsenal's Olivier Giroud to join Chelsea.

An aggrieved Delsu student (Delta State University), Osula Daniel Enahoro, took to Facebook to recount all that he faced in the school, that led to his expulsion.

The Delsu Student disclosed that his bitter ordeal in the hands of Hilllary Owamah, a lecturer and the HOD (Head of Department) of Civil and Environmental Engineering department he was admitted to, started after he refused paying his way through his project.  Here's his story, brace up it is a long read but worth it;


I managed a CPGA of 3.82, in my first year.
3.64 in my second year.
It was in my third year, life crisis, depression, unseriousness and every reason else, I depreciated to 3.44.

That same year, I contested and lost for the post of Social Director under SUG, Oleh campus, after having served as Secretary under Nigerian Institute of civil engineers, oleh chapter. In all of these years of service, I didn't breach my oath of matriculation. I wasn't found wanting for gross misconduct.
After losing, I was unanimously chosen to represent my department at the Student Representative Counsel, as Honorable. I obliged. I pushed for the abolishment of 300 naira payment of SUG dues that wasn't being paid in the head campus; arguing overnight with the then Sports director, who was my course mate and course rep. I started an argument of one Nigeria and reason for non indigene fee as well as catchment area be looked into. That didn't float. The then speaker, who doubled as my landlord's son, told me to focus on addressing issues bothering my department, as that was where I was to represent firsthand. True. But each time I asked department 'what's up', I got the cold shoulder. Everything seemed perfect, so nothing to fix. OK na. In all, many people can attest to the fact that I did my job to the best of my abilities in the SRC. The sport's and social director, and even the then SUG president, can attest to the heat I gave over outrageous budgets.
All of these times, I didn't breach oath of matriculation or was found wanting for gross misconduct.
I served as Vice president under NICESA again in my fourth year, and when the former president who I established a relationship with, asked me afterwards, if I would be the president in my finals, I gave her a bold no. She asked why, I said the students don't want me or what I could offer. I was too controversial, wierd, different and irregular. Make I no go put anybody for problem. All of these times, I wasn't found wanting for any offences.

In my finals, a new HOD would begin his reign. A lot of adjustments. Rumors had it that this guy was good, nice, humorous and everything in between. We were glad; or rather, I was glad. We were fed up with the stern and strict nature of the former. Everyone avoided getting involved with him. With the new one, it was different. He was not the regular kind of Nigerian lecturer; brutal, mean wicked, commanding, oppressing. We didn't do our findings, we all rushed and registered his optional course. Nearly 90% of the entire class.
This was an eye opener, with a failure of more than 75% after all the preaching, everyone began to adjust and treat our relationship with him with caution. For avoidance of generalizing, I will strictly relate this to me.

In my second semester finals, I was called in a class I was absentia. The hod had announced me the highest in his C.A test for a course he was handling. 22 of 30. He shook hands with me. Until that moment, we maintained a cordial relationship.

Things took a different turn towards our project defence. The hod was strict, stern, commanding and overbearing, and many of us had began to complain and grumble at this new development. He made it a duty to always remind us that it was for our own good.
What sparked the loudest uproar was when the hod had began asking for us to pay certain amount of money for the project defence sake. The reason? Our personal refreshment. Every other department sympathized with us whenever we told our tales. He, through the course rep always made it a duty to remind erring students that they would not be allowed defend their projects.

You know the kind of panic it would stir, especially for finalist? Ehen. So people began paying. I paid too. In the end, no refreshment. They said the money wasn't enough and so we have to pay again if we want our project defense to continue successfully. That the request he made to Abraka wasn't fully granted and we had to put two and two together to make it work.

Of course, broke as I am, I complained. My grouse was why they had to keep giving this money collection names that wasn't. Said it was our refreshment but there wasn't any such thing. This man even made us spend more, asking for four printed copies of works to be corrected and so we would print and reprint. All money.

This issue stirred conflicts among all the student. The ones who had issues with all this and the ones who didn't. Series of class meetings were held and we reached an agreement. Everybody was to let sleeping dogs lie. The did was already done.
Not until external supervisor complained about the amount of pages of our works and ask us to add to it and print again. Another money! Again, the class was torn apart.

I personally had to consult the student handout and saw it had dictated how projects were to be done. It also outlined the authorities of the external supervisor. So when the class meeting held for the umpteenth time, I and a few other course mates raised these issues. Somehow, we reached an agreement, albeit not clearly visible whether the man was unhappy or not. But one could tell he wasn't from how he handled the last meeting. But well, what can anyone do?

It was until during the course of the week that we heard our department and the hod had been petitioned and summoned for whatever reason. Apparently, someone as unsatisfied as me, had gone ahead to write a letter to the provost, anonymously. Being the only writer and the one who was loudest about his disagreement, everyone concluded I must be the one behind that petition. I am saying it again here and now; although I completely agree, as every honest person in that department would, that the content of the letter isn't far from the truth, I wasn't the brain behind it. Until today, I don't even know and can't guess who was.

Anyway, this really upset the hod as he had thought the meetings we had held had yielded satisfactory results. Of course, anyone in his shoe would lose it. I had course mates who never visited began coming to my house just to have conversations with me about that petition; sort of trying to find out if I was really behind it or yes. Honestly, I wasn't, but I didn't care anymore. I was just focused on writing my exams and leaving. Everyone was at that edge now. The department had become so toxic. There was even a fight and physical confrontation amongst some course mates in one of the meetings.

This was when threats began to fly. Of how I would fail and come back. Of how I will not graduate. Of how I needed to go and clear my name and apologize; for what exactly? I do not know.

After the hod's course exams, there was an announcement that there was mass failure and he needed to reconsult another test... AFTER EXAMS! I got the hint that I was the reason behind that test. Remember I got the highest? So the plan was to nullify that test or divide it into two and make sure I performed poorly in the new one. I raised an alarm immediately. The Provost called for a meeting in my department and addressed it. He canceled the test and we all carried on.
Anyway, results started to come out, and unlike usual, they weren't pasted. You had to personally go and check yours yourself.

To my utter amazement, this man said I scored 14/70, thus ending up with an F in his course. Apparently, there was mass failure. But that wasn't my business. It was 6 or 7 questions to answer 4 or 5, something along that line. I just scoffed. There was already boldy written on the department board, a notice of registering your grievances by applying for remark if you were not entirely satisfied. I saw the handwriting on the wall. Even the way I was attended to when I walked into the office to get my result, it was all clear how personal this man was taking it. First he claimed I didn't greet him, when in fact I did. But then, I still greeted him again.

Anyway, long story short, I wrote to the Provost immediately effectively, because I had had the hint before then that I was a target. I knew all of this quite too well before it had happened.


My letter was returned to me and I was asked to copy the department, the faculty and the campus. I did and submitted all three copies. And for three months plus, from August to October, I got no feedback or response. Until early October. The course rep called to inform me the did needed my attention. I went there, was talked down about how well I tought I performed in that course and about he seeing my script and me not doing exactly well. That I could either write to the VC or prepare towards next semester. That there was nothing, absolutely nothing both his office and that of the Provost, could do about it. I weighed my options. If I wrote to the VC, it would take forever to get a response. Recall my first year and writing to the DVC over my admission issues, it took months. So now what? I figured I was deliberately stalled until a close to the opening of a new session, and the Dean's advice somehow stressed on preparing for next semester more than writing to the VC. He kept stressing how he invited me over as his son and not a student and tried shutting me up whenever I raised the discrepancies in the breakdown of the exam scores.

Apparently, what I had noticed was that there were a selected few persons; a combination of some persons who paid that last money, and those students who went to stand in defence of the hod at the panel set up to look into the letter the Provost received earlier to which the department was petitioned. Of course, I had been announced highest, with 22 of 30, but now, there were higher scores. 25, 27 and even 29, of some persons who I know fully well were absent during that test. Most of the people who were absent got a dash to show they were. Matter of factly, in the last student disciplinary panel I was invited, I and the hod met and talked one on one and I raised that observation, to which he said it was his mark and he could give it to anyone he deemed fit, that it was only exams he couldn't tamper with. But the CA was his for the taking.
Not until the senate approved a result that would see 58 people resit for an extra year with less than 25 people graduating. I wa among this 58.
Seeing as I wasn't getting desired results, I went public with my story. I published it on my personal Facebook page and somehow, it sparked unrest. I had a selected few course mates come to defend the hod and malign my person on my page. It got really messy and if you had followed back then, you would well know what transpired.
This is the breach of matriculation oath and gross misconduct Delsu is talking about. My Facebook publications. The hod had gone ahead to file a petition of death threat, he quoted excerpts of my post to suit these allegations. I got calls from DSS, the Police and a lawyer. I defended myself and didn't honor any of their invitations and stated explicitly why. I wrote my own letters and countered the petition from Asaba here.

On one of such occasions, I received a call from the Oleh police and spoke to the hod, the former hod and a lawyer at the other end. Apparently, the hod was making outrageous allegations of me being used as a tool by the former hod to confront his office in a bid to oust him or whatever reasons he made of the matter. Shocking and hilarious as these allegations, I defended myself, both on my page, in my letter and in the student panel. The hod had to go as low as revisiting the SIWES I didn't complete in year four at the panel. It was raised and explained myself in clear terms.
At the last panel, the allegations were read out openly to me; 'accused of gross misconduct and breach of matriculation oath'. I said I was not guilty of these offenses and went on to narrate entirely my own side of the story. After fair hearing, the lady preciding over the panel thanked me for coming and simply ended with 'it was nice having you'. And I took my leave. Not before being cross examined by the hod himself to which I will reply here as I wasn't given the room to respond to him then:

Question: did you meet me at any time to address this issue?

Answer: no sir. Why? Sir, with all due respect, a person who wants to be met, will make himself available. Until the announcement of the result you were unreachable. You blocked me on all social media outlets, even WhatsApp, where we used to chat regularly before this whole ruckus. You barred my lines and I there was no way I could call you. Even when I changed number, you somehow got notified and barred that one too. Do you honestly think, given all these antecedents, you wanted me to reach out sincerely speaking?

Question: why didn't you write to the VC?
Answer: I wrote to the Provost, and it took nearly three months only to be told nothing could be done and I should prepare for next semester. This was after series of visits to the office with confirmation that the office of the Provost were on it and had demanded my script. If truly nothing could be done as later stated, why demand for my script? With all these, you sincerely think, given the time frame, anyone would opt for that?

Since then, until now, I heard nothing. They took my phone number anyway, but I got no text or calls from them. After series of personal conversations and talks with other people, I resolved to just pay for the extra hear and get it done with. I didn't have the funds, so I had to beg and borrow from some persons. It is this January and you know how January is, so for most people I got promises of feedback and all, but I somehow managed to raise the money towards dying minutes. I just paid sometime last two weeks, 21st precisely. That was when we heard portal would be closing. I registered the courses and carried on with my life, until yesterday evening when I was notified of this most recent development.

I was expecting it, which was why I called days before paying to confirm the decision of the panel. The man picked my call, heard my voice and dropped the call. He didn't pick again, so I stopped calling. I called the hod, bit he had barred my lines so I texted him. I didn't get a reply.

I went ahead to pay. And now this.

You see ehn, let me not just talk much. Meanwhile, here is the matriculation oath that has no clause:
'On admission to membership of the Delta State University, I sincerely and solemnly promise and declare that I will respect and obey the Vice Chancellor, and the other officers of the university, and that I will faithfully observe all existing regulations and any others which may from time to time be made for the good order and governance of the university. I faithfully promise to work for the good name of the university, to refrain from any act of violence and to make restitution for damage to property by me or the student body. I also promise to refrain from any other actions aimed at disrupting the work of the university or likely bring its name to disrepute.'

It doesn't further state; and if found wanting of these rules, or if this oath be breached by me, that the school has it within their power to met out any punishment they deem fit. There is no such clause. Expulsion? Such an outrageous decision! And how have I even breached this oath? If that is the argument? Have I physically confronted anyone? Have I reacted violently? My social media activities are gross misconduct? All the panels I was invited for, four to this date, I didn't miss any, no matter how far or busy I was, I made it s duty to be present because there was nothing to hide or lie about.

Page 58 of the Student constitution book spells out expulsion well:

Expulsion: this is the outright withdrawal of the privilege of studentship from any undergraduate of the university by the vice chancellor. Such a student automatically loses the privilege of the use of all university facilities. Students punished by the Student Disciplinary committee may appeal to the University governing council against the verdict within seven days of the receipt of such a verdict.

The student who stumbled on this said it was published on the 19th of January. Yet I paid my fees on the 21st. My portal had been accessible and is still accessible until this minute. If there be any adjustment, it would be around now. I didn't receive any verdict and would never have known about this if my attention wasn't called to it.

Let it be known that I am ready to do everything within my power to further push this to whatever height it reaches. I wouldn't want to indict myself so I would give no further details. From all the information I could garner throughout the night, there isn't anywhere where it is stated explicitly that the penalty for breach of matriculation oath is expulsion. There hasn't been any proof to these claims in fact; that I breached any oath. The oath is what it is, an oath, and nowhere does it state is as the rules and regulations of the university. To my knowledge, I haven't been found wanting breakingnany such rules.

Page 45 of the student constitution handbook states explicitly that:

'The university seeks to remove any dichotomy which tends to seperate the students from the university management. It seeks to destroy the old idea of master-servant relationship between student and management.'

And I clearly see how well you have done that.

Let it be known that all along, I had been a peace loving and rule abiding student. As freedom of speech is not an offence, I aired my views and fought a just fight and I am not willing to give up or back out now. I am ready to take whatever the results be in good faith, and if I am not incarcerated or sentenced, I will continue to pursue a sane, just and transparent society on every fore. It is that to this day, the 30th day of January, 2018, that I make this intentions known to the general public. Whatever steps and decisions I take henceforth, are solely my responsibilities and mine alone to bear the brunt of that which may be.

You may copy and tag or mention all blog channels or media organizations you know, this young man isn't giving up this fight with the last drop of my blood.

A Nigerian entrepreneur, writer and speaker, Mercy Makinde, has shared shocking revelations made by underage girls who are sexually abused. According to the CEO of IASPIRE RADIO, the revelations were made during the 'Touch Me Not Campaign' held yesterday in Lagos as she called on parents to listen to their children. Read what she shared on her social media page yesterday; 

It’s been another depressing day today as we embarked on the TOUCH ME NOT CAMPAIGN and listened to the woes of our dear children of this country!

They are going through so much and we can’t just keep watching some evil people destroy the lives of these innocent children.

Parents please listen to your children. Believe them if they report any case of abuse to you. Our children are dying in silence !

They live in fear. They are being threatened by Abusers right under your roof. No matter the high class school you put them... no matter the plenty school fees you are paying... these kids won’t thrive if they are dealing with this trauma.

Parents please keep an eagle eye on your child. If you can’t deal with the reality of them being abused, rather than sweep it under the carpet please seek help . Call us!

STEPHANIE Otobo, the lady who recently avowed to have been paid heavily to blackmail the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has said she was not lured, kidnapped, forced or paid to confess.

Ms. Otobo stated this on Tuesday in a video debunking an online medium’s report that she was phoned by Suleiman’s “agents” in Canada, United States and Nigeria, urging her to return to Nigeria and say she was recruited against him.

She had last week in a video apologised to Suleman for accusing him of impregnating and breaching a marriage promise.

The woman stated that she was sponsored by “very strong and powerful politicians and pastors” to defame the preacher.

But on Tuesday morning, a pre-recorded video recorded in 2017, was published by Sahara Reporters, which showed Otobo foretelling her confession.

In that video, she thanked her supporters before accusing the cleric of pressuring her family and others to lie that the government was behind the scandal.

In another video that emerged on Tuesday night and seen by HEADLINE, Otobo debunked the online medium’s report.

According to her, the video was recorded by her sponsors to gag her in future.

“I was not lured, kidnapped, forced or paid to confess. I confessed for my own peace of mind and my wellbeing as a human being.

“How much can the Apostle pay me that will match what I was paid? I am still being offered more by my sponsors,” she said.

Otobo who did not name her alleged sponsors in the new video promised to do so in court.

She and the online medium earned a litigation to the tune of N1billion slammed on them by the Cleric.

Video below:

A man identified as Umar Ango, has hailed president Muhammadu Buhari after making a whooping sum of N1,375,000 from his rice harvest this week. The farmer posed with his huge cash to share the result of his hard work.

Below is what was shared online;

President Buhari, may God continue to bless your life and Nigeria...... You advise us to go back to farm, for creation of wealth and self reliance, now this is the result. I never hold N1,375,000 as mine, till when I sold my Rice harvest this week. I promise will do more by next year......

God bless Buhari!
God bless Buhari!!
God bless Buhari!!!
God bless Nigeria.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives,  Yakubu Dogara, has said that Nigeria’s political parties, including the ruling APC, the main opposition PDP and others are weak, unstable, lacking functional party apparatus, and also suffering from low organizational capacity and internal democracy.

He said political parties that refused to embrace reforms to institute internal democracy risk extinction.

Dogara stated this while delivering a keynote address at a retreat on: ‘Dynamics of Managing Political Parties’ organised by the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS) in Abuja yesterday.

Represented by the House Minority Whip, Yakubu Umar Barde, he said in an attempt to either capture or hold on to power, some political parties sometimes embellished their manifestos with unrealistic promises which he said amounted to malpractice.

“It is a political malpractice for an elected government to govern without reference to the manifesto that was placed before the voters which essentially formed the basis of their election,” he said.

The speaker stated that for political parties to effectively play central role in democratic representation, they must be managed and operated in such a manner as to establish trust in the electorate.

He lamented that most political parties in Africa, and Nigeria in particular, were weak, lacking not only stable and functioning party apparatus, but also clear programmatic appeal.

“They also suffer from low organisational capacity and lack of internal democracy. Such weak political parties cannot support democracy, as parties are expected to serve many important functions, including citizen mobilisation, interest aggregation, public policy formulation, leadership recruitment and government organisation,” he said.

Dogara maintained that the apparent weaknesses of political parties in Nigeria underlined the need for reform and professionalisation, saying “by professionalisation, we mean an institutional process by which professionals become more central to the running of our parties.

“Currently, our parties in Nigeria could do with better professional organisation of their operations,” he said.

The BBNaija drama has already begun..

Folks on social media have already taken sides, with many picking out their favorite housemates already.
During the Launch show yesterday, 28th of Febuary, the Big Brother Naija Hashtag became a number 1 trending topic Worldwide, beating the grammy hashtag.
Now here’s the thing, folks on Social media are already wishing one of the housemates, Tobi Bakre is sent packing already.. as he’s a “very popular” clubber, Big Boy and a show off.

Tobi Bakre is a 23 year old banker, who graduated from Unilag, and many are saying the broke the heart of many ladies in that school.

A Twtter user @ChiefWale_ narrated How Tobi also snatched his girlfriend from him 2 years ago. “I haven’t seen any part of the BBN yet because in transit but I hope that Tobi guy gets out of the house ASAP. The stupid boy snatched one babe from me 2 years ago.”

Read some tweets below:

Reports are that, the photos are “behind-the-scene” shots, from her latest music video ‘BIA’ shot by Clarence Peters in Lagos.

The photos has since caused a stir on social media and has a lot of people talking.

Recall, the singer recently reacted to rumors that she underwent cosmetic surgery to increase her butt.

Rumors of her surgery stirred up after a picture of the singer appeared online dressed in a transparent outfit.

The sultry singer told PUNCH that she never got butt surgery but almost had her boobs operated on.

A 34-year old man, Destiny Obete has landed in trouble after he battered his friend’s lover, Angela Akpan for denying him sex in his house in Lagos.

The incident happened at 30 Adebayo Oyelano Street, Ejigbo, Lagos.

Destiny descended on the lady, beat her up and inflicted injury on her body.

P.M.EXPRESS scooped that Angela had accommodation problem and pleaded with Obete to stay in his house until she was able to get another accommodation. He agreed and she moved into his house.

However, Obete upon discovering that Angela was bringing other men to the house for sex romps, developed interest and wanted to have his own share. It was gathered that one night when they had locked the door and were about to sleep, Obete tried to arouse her feelings so that she will be in the mood.

Angela became annoyed and refused all entreaties by Obete to have his way. That angered Obete who reportedly assaulted her and threw her out of his apartment.

When P.M.EXPRESS contacted Angela, she explained that Obete got angry and assaulted her because she refused him taking the advantage of harbouring her in his house to sleep with her. She said it was not his right because she says with and had no right to assault her and stole her money.

However, Obete denied all the allegations and claimed that Angela did so to punish him. He said that both of them were from Cross River State and he knew her in Lagos through his friend and had agreed to harbour her after she explained her accommodation challenge.

The matter was reported to the police at Ejigbo Division, Obete was arrested and charged before Ejigbo Magistrates court for assault.

He pleaded not guilty.

The Presiding Magistrate, Mr. K.J. Layeni granted Obete bail in the sum of N50,000 with one surety in like sum.

He was remanded in prison custody pending when he will perfect his bail condition.

The matter was adjourned till 14 February, 2018.

Tunde Ednut says he believes Dorcas Fapson is a “Criminal” and a liar, after she accused a Taxify Driver of an alleged Rape & Kidnap attempt.

Recall the actress and a certain Taxify driver, Henry made headlines 3 days back, after the former accused the latter of an attempted rape and kidnap.

The driver, immediately released his side of the story, which apparently shows like a “ride gone wrong”, but then DSF countered his claim, stood her ground, that he tried to kidnap and rape her, then she released video evidences.

Now the thing is, folks are still accusing Dorcas of being a liar even after she released video evidences, they say the evidence shows no sign of an attempted rape or kidnap, instead she just assaulted the driver.

Adekunle Gold weighed in on the drama, and he was seriously bashed, same with Simi.. and now, Tunde Ednut… But tunde isn’t finding it funny, as he feels DSF just made the whole thing up, by playing the victim.

Tunde shared a screenshot of DSF profile, that had “Part-time Crazy Lady” on her profile, and wrote;

“How did I miss this? It’s on her profile already and una dey believe this kind person? She’s blocking people in my comment section o! So be careful, she might BLOCK you Oo! Who cares anyways? Her profession Sef Na CRIMINAL. See her profile … She’s blocking and unblocking me, she has not made up her mind. Aunty, make up your mind o! I don’t know you.”

A Nigerian lady, identified simply as Ifeoma has come out to share her story after she survived Ikeja cantonment bomb blast as a baby, which claimed many lives on 27th of January, 2002.

The event which happened 16 years ago in Ikeja city of Lagos – The unprecedented twin bomb blast, left hundreds dead and many more injured.

Ifeoma was just 4 years old at the time and she survived and back then her photograph made it to the covers of several national newspapers.

She took to her Instagram page to share a video of a newspaper which featured her when she was 4-year-old after surviving the bomb blast.

She wrote:

“The past is but a story told!! and the future has been written in GOLD. Today mark’s 19 years I escaped death !! It would have been too young to die, But God changed my story (27/1/2002) during the bomb blast that happened in Ikeja cantonment, when I was just 4 years old. that took the lives of millions of souls including that of my kid brother, and left me the only surviving child among all those that were drowned on that day at the Canal .. so many lives were lost, properties on that day.

But here I am today thanking God for he has preserved me because he knows he has a grater plan for me,which I haven’t fulfilled in earth. RIP to those souls that were lost including that of my brother may God console them (even tho the government fulfill Their promises may God still touch their heart for them to remember us and fulfill their promises).The past is but a story told!! and the future has been written in GOLD

Today mark’s 19 years I escaped death !! It would have been too young to die, But God changed my story (27/1/2002) during the bomb blast that happened in Ikeja cantonment, when I was just 4 years old. that took the lives of millions of souls including that of my kid brother, and left me the only surviving child among all those that were drowned on that day at the Canal .. so many lives were lost, properties on that day.

But here I am today thanking God for he has preserved me, because he knows he has a grater plan for me,which I haven’t fulfilled in earth..

The past is but a story told!! and the future has been written in GOLD 😒😒 Today mark’s 19 years I escaped death !! It would have been too young to die 😒 But God changed my story (27/1/2002) during the bomb blast that happened in Ikeja cantonment, when I was just 4 years old. that took the lives of millions of souls including that of my kid brother 😭😭, and left me the only surviving child among all those that were drowned on that day at the Canal .. so many lives were lost, properties on that day πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” But here I am today thanking God for he has preserved me πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» because he knows he has a grater plan for me,which I haven’t fulfilled in earth πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ».. RIP to those souls that were lost including that of my brother may God console them (even tho the government fulfill Their promisesπŸ˜ͺ may God still touch their heart for them to remember us and fulfill their promises)January 27 2002 @instablog9ja @datswasup @lazywritablog @officiallindaikeji @tundeednut @chinnysblog @olorisupergal @yabaleftonline @akinwunmiambode @muhammadubuhari @aishambuhari @aatiku

A post shared by πŸ’œTreasureπŸ’œ (@ify_eve) on

RIP to those souls that were lost including that of my brother may God console them (even tho the government fulfill Their promises may God still touch their heart for them to remember us and fulfill their promises) January 27 2002″

Ify has now grown into a beautiful lady. See Her Photos below;

Stephanie Otobo made headlines today, after a video which shows her confessing that she was “paid” by some politicians to “destroy” Apostle Suleman.
Now, Daddy Freeze and many other Nigerians on social media are demanding that she gives the names of the politicians that sponsored her and if possible bank statements.

According to Freeze, ‘this is wonderful news for the body of Christ. However, to move Christianity forward, we must be able to identify these politicians and prevent them from carrying out such heinous attacks on our faith going forward’.

He continues, ‘to this end, I’ll be most obliged if you can provide us with the following. The names of these politicians; Account transfers to show the transactions in order to enable us trace, through BVN, the perpetrators of these acts and bring them to book. The bank account details are very important. Let’s remember the instance where a pastor was accused of buying a Mercedes SUV for a Lady. The registration details of the car were provided as well as bank transaction details. Thank you so much for your dedication to the propagation of his kingdom here on earth’.

In a yet-shocking twist, Stephanie Otobo, the lady who claimed she had extra-marital affairs with Apostle Johnson Suleman has confessed, and she’s said she was “paid” and “used against” the man of God.

Right before our eyes in the Fire & Miracle Night of Omega Fire Ministries’ International Worship Centre Auchi, the serial accuser & blackmailer; Stephanie Otobo, apologizes to God’s Servant Apostle Johnson Suleman, his family, Church and the Body of Christ for the shameless show of deceits & lies, she and their paymasters embarked on sometime in 2017.

The only offense he committed was to have intervened in the numerous heinous crimes against the Church of Christ around the Nation and became a Voice for the Gospel. What followed was a well – doctored drama to attack the reputation of this Golden Voice and seemingly reduce the volume of his voice even as more evils were planned against the Church.

After all the evil efforts, the secret agendas, the heavily funded set up and the unrelenting pursuits to snare an innocent man, they were futile.


This is not only a victory for God’s Servant; it is a victory for the Body of Christ & The Church in Nigeria.

Right before our eyes in the Fire & Miracle Night of Omega Fire Ministries’ International Worship Centre Auchi, the serial accuser & blackmailer; Stephanie Otobo, apologises to God’s Servant Apostle Johnson Suleman, his family, Church and the Body of Christ for the shameless show of deceits & lies, she and their paymasters embarked on sometime in 2017.”

Watch video here:

Henry Chukwuemeka, the Taxify driver who was accused of attempted raped and kidnap by Dorcas Fapson, has dragged the Nollywood actress to court.

According to Taxify driver in the lawsuit, his bitter exchange with the actress started when Dorcas Fapson boarded his taxi, and didn’t disclose where she was going to. However when he pointed that out to her, she got and refused to alight from his car when he politely asked her to.

Henry who is demanding an apology from Dorcas Fapson who he said defamed him with the publication which went viral, is also asking for a #5million compensation over the damage already done. 

Recall that before now Taxify released a statement indicating that they’re investigating the case, but the driver is insisting that her side of the story of false. Narrating what he alleges truly happened, the Taxify driver wrote earlier.

My name is Henry Nnaemeka and I’m neither a Rapist nor a Kidnapper. This is my Story.
I’m a taxify driver/ partner, on Thursday the 25th of January 2018 between the hours of 12midnight and 1am I was on my way home from work when I received a taxify rider request from a Ibarhim Eletu Way Which was coincidentally where I was at that time and also same estate I stay, I decided to take that last trip before I go home to rest.

On getting to the pick-up location To pick up the rider (Miss Shola Fapson) she got In my vehicle and just as I started the trip I noticed there wasn’t a destination for the trip so I politely asked her for the destination to know where I’m going to and if it will be convenient for me at that time of the night but she refused to tell me and instead asked me to drive out that she will tell me later, I politely refused and asked severally for the destination but she wouldn’t tell me rather she ordered me in a harsh tone to “Move this car”! On hearing this, I was surprised why she would hold back her destination from me and also ordered me to move the car. It was at this point I told her I wasn’t going anymore, I ended the trip immediately and asked her to come down from the car since we were still at the pick-up location but to my Greatest surprise she refused to come down and then started making some phone calls in Yoruba Language to some people whom I didn’t know disclosing our location to them. At this point, I got scared and was trying to be on the safe side so I drove the car to the front where the estate had a security light which was a few seconds from the pickup location. On getting to the safe place, I came down from the car and politely opened the door and gently asked her to come down from the car. She blatantly refused again and started with her phone calls again.
It was at this point I overheard her conversation on the phone saying she has my car keys and gave out location again to the unknown person at the other end of the phone, I felt really threatened at this point because I couldn’t understand why she would take my car keys and then disclose our location to people I didn’t know. I had to struggle with her to get my car keys from her hands. It was in the process of struggling with her, she sprayed a chemical substance (pepper spray) in my eyes.

I succeeded in getting my keys from her but before I could struggle with my sight and call for help she took off and was nowhere to be found. Some concerned residents and my sisters who heard me shout and call for help came to my rescue. It took me about 45 mins to regain my sight clearly and was taken to my apartment to get some rest only for me to wake up this morning and receive loads of phone calls from friends and family saying I’ve been labelled a KIDNAPPER AND RAPIST. However, the issue has been reported to Taxify and the necessary steps have been taken as shown in their press release. I want to use this medium to thank you family and friends who stood with me in this bad time and also state that I respect women and I am totally against any form of abuse against women.
Thank you all.

Dipo Awojide who goes by the name @Ogbenidipo on twitter has advised Nigerian men to spend a larger part of their income on their girlfriends. He for instance mentioned that if a man earns N65,000 monthly as salary, N50,000 should go to his girlfriend.

And he spoke specifically on ladies having their National Youth Service. He said they should be given priorities by their boyfriends as they go through a lot of stress and suffering at the NYSC orientation camps.

He argued that Guys should give out nothing less than N50,000 to their girlfriends who are in NYSC camp, “to secure their investment”. He even went further to state that guys who earn less aren’t exempted, as even those who earn about N65,000 per month, should still be able to give out N50,000 to her, while he manages the rest.

Dipo Awojide has this to say;

“Your gf is in NYSC camp and you cannot send her 50k in 2/3 weeks? Do you know the temptation in NYSC camp? If you cannot visit her, at least send small money. Protect your investment Uncle. If you cannot send small money to your gf in NYSC camp then free here. Allow Uncle Femi, Bro Dapo, Uncle Wole or Uncle Dayo do their thing.”

“Kings, take care of your women. Look after them emotionally, financially and satisfy their sexual needs. This one is not a joke.”

He was then asked by a twitter user if the boyfriend just got a job at a call centre and what he earns is just N65,0000

He responded thus;

“If your salary is N65,000 there is nothing wrong in giving your babe who is going to NYSC N50k out of that N65k. You are a man. Manage the rest.”


Well as a Nigerian guys, would you give your girlfriend N50,000 out of your salary, irrespctive of how much you earn?

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