Young Girl Sells Her Eggs To Make Some Cool Cash

Here is a story about a young lady who decided to donate some of her eggs in exchange for some cool cash. She shares her mind blowing story below.


In the course of educating myself about the egg donor program, I've come across lots of post of donors abroad who openly stated what to expect and how the procedure works. Obviously the Nigerian experience would be different and unique so I searched for posts written by people who had actually undergone the process but I was disappointed. There was no such detailed post so I promised myself that if I successfully complete the program, I will share my knowledge with the world. Because the truth is, there's nothing shameful about donating your eggs as a woman. It's something that you should actually be proud of doing because you're helping another woman in need. I'm going to be updating the process as diary entries with specific dates and a layman's idea of what the process is about.

It all started on…


2017 is gradually coming to an end and I can't wait for 2018. I don't have any new year resolution, as usual. I just have the desire to make a lot of money before 2018 runs out. I intend to raise more money for my business by donating my ova (eggs). I don't mind selling my eggs if that will get me what I want, that's the point I'm at this year and I want to do the utmost I can to help myself. With this wretched economy, nobody will give me 100k even if I tell them it's a loan and I hear that's how much some egg donors are paid in Nigeria. I just hope I go through with it.


Happy new year! It's exactly ten months to my 25th birthday this year and boy, am I getting old. I finally went to the fertility clinic and oh my, the place was beautiful. Pristine and calm surroundings in an upscale area and I hope they are not stingy with the dough too. My business needs plenty boost as do my account, so I'm going ahead with this. Their requirements were simple and basic; get a test result showing your blood group, genotype, HIV and hepatitis status. I already know two of them, well three but the HIV is not current. Anyways, just in case I've not gotten infected with HIV and hepatitis in the last couple of years, I'll pass their first stage of screening. I can't wait to get this over with!

I passed my HIV and hepatitis screening, yay!

Height: 1.68m
Weight: 63.3
BMI: 22.5

Today, I discovered my statistics after filling out the egg donor form. If I just want to know my health status, these two days have shown me, I'm as fit as a workhorse. I can quit now and sit at home waiting for a miracle but I'm not that type of person so I'm seeing this through to the end. The next thing is to wait for my period, I don't know what will happen after that and when I'll be given the drugs and injections but I can wait to see what happens. I'm not scared of the outcome of this and I don't feel uneasy about doing any of it. I have plans for the money I'll get and that is what currently drives me.


Time really passes slowly when you're expecting your period, all of a sudden all the unprotected sex you had that month flashes through your brain. Today, I read about the painful experience of an egg donor in the US who ended up suffering complications after donating her eggs including OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome). For the past few years of my life for as far back as I can remember, I've been living really healthy and not suffered even malaria. The only pain I usually experience every month are period cramps that usually go away after the first day of seeing my period that is if I don't take painkillers. There are plenty complications that could come out of this egg donation, the worst being OHSS, I read that the pain no be here. But the one that currently scares me is knowing whether I have chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphillis, or PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) that's the next set of blood tests coming up. Its a lot but knowing my status could save me a lot of heartache in future especially when I want to give birth. That's kind of an advantage. I know the first time of donation would be the hardest but if I'm cleared for donation, successfully donate and I'm asked to donate again, I won't mind. The principal driving force here is money, I need money to get my life on track. People can offer to help but if I have the chance to help myself through legit means, I'll grab it with both hands.

I just got my period cheesy


I went for my FSH/LH levels screening the day after I got my period and four days later, went for the STD/Is test. I passed all of them and today, I went for my transvaginal screening (that's right, they examined my ovaries, pelvis and uterus through a device that was inserted into my vagina embarassed ). It wasn't so bad as I got to know I'm really fertile. I had fourteen follicles (the stuff containing the eggs) and four of them were still alive. In essence, I've passed the last stage of my screening and the next thing is to match me with a recipient to get my circle started. I'm glad I made it to this point and I'm healthy. No STD/Is or cancer. My weight too is perfect as I have enough fatty sites for the injections. The remuneration is 120k and that will go a long way. I pray my body cooperates with me so we can get this money together.


I finally got my period yesterday. I went to the clinic, did a pregnancy test (-ve BTW) and took home the first batch of hormonal injections. I mistakenly broke one on the way and the fertility nurse told me how much they cost! Mogbe shocked shocked IVF is expensive oh sad. Anyways, I'll meet her tomorrow and get a replacement. Thank God it was only one that was smashed, I wonder what would have happened if it was all of them. God forbid bad tin! For the first time in my life, I injected myself this night and it didn't feel too bad anyways. I was a little nervous trying to get everything down well but I got it in the end. Tomorrow is another day.

Pictures attached

1.) The first set of drugs and injections
2.) The 'contract' I had to sign


Went for a scan at the clinic yesterday, my left ovary is not responding but the right is, this isn't rare so I'm safe, I guess  I keep going online to research more on the injections I'm given and what the signify in the cycle. For starters, I skipped the first set of injections/pills which were supposed to downregulate my cycle and cause uniformity with the donor's cycle. I was given the next set instead which is for super ovulation; allowing more eggs mature in the ovaries instead of dying out. The next injection is for controlling the egg follicles by controlling the LH (Leutenizing hormone) surge that will allow the eggs to be released. This injection is given because if the eggs are released in a non controlled atmosphere then the cycle has come to naught. So in all, I've taken the first set on injection for eight days, today will be the ninth and tomorrow I have another appointment with the doctor. I started the injection that will control the eggs release yesterday. So tonight I'm taking two sets of injections, Follitrope and Cetrotide. I can't wait for the estradiol test and final trigger injection that will signal the end of this cycle.

Pictures attached:

The cetrotide injection


Yesterday was Valentine's day and it was really boring tbh. I didn't get gifts and I didn't see anybody getting either. Anyways, yesterday, I went for another transvaginal scan at the clinic and the people I met were more helpful than the ones I've been meeting so far. They were easier and more fun to approach and ask questions. First was Nurse C, the hilarious Igbo nurse I met on the first day I came to submit my first test results. Her sense of humour was wonderful and she told me how many egg follicles I had when I asked. For the scan, there was Dr S, I dunno whether his being genial was part of easing the atmosphere of being a female patient with a male on/gym but he was really friendlier and warmer than the Margret Thatcher female doctor I've been meeting. He answered my question on why I started super ovulation without down regulation (ie short protocol). I stood a risk of OHSS if I'd been down regulated and super ovulated (ie long protocol). So I did short protocol with less injections and hormonal therapy because of my body. It was really nice to know they had my interest at heart, they were not just after my eggs but watching out for me. I think I'll do all my egg donations at this clinic just because of this. As to my body, my ovaries are cooperating with me, just fine. My left ovary didn't react too much to the super ovulation but my right reacted just fine and they both produced a nice number of egg follicles. One thing I've really been scared of throughout this whole cycle is maturing too much eggs. I didn't want to feel any form of pain or discomfort and I'm getting that with this short protocol. No much use of injections, just thirteen days with the trigger shot on the 13th day. I didn't overreact to the drugs and judging from the afc (antral follicles count, 22), I didn't under react either.

So I'm healthy fit and fine and I hope my eggs are the answer to someone's prayer.

Pics attached:
The trigger shot