Man Who Claims To Be ''Working In Oil Company'' Tries To Scam Lady On Facebook

A lady identified as Chinaka Anyanwu has taken to Facebook to share her displeasure after chatting with a scammer online. The scammer who claimed he works with ''Chaverlom oil and gas'' company in Lagos - tried to woo the lady with sweet talks before trying to dupe her by telling her to call his mother because she's not been picking his calls.

His prospective victim, Chinaka who apparently knew the game the scammer was playing - showed him that she's smart and really from Imo state.

She took to her Facebook account to post the below;

Pls girls be careful with all this b*tches they're everywhere now oooo.....this stupid fool thinks that am one of those desperate girls he can scam but God pass him! Pls share and save other girls from this mess...