After Ignoring Me, She Contacted Me Years Later For Financial Assistance, What Should I Do- Guy Asks

Here is a story culled from Nairaland about a guy who likes a girl but not sure if the girl likes him back in return or just there for the money.

Read his story below:

There is this particular girl I met on social media. She is extremely beautiful with lots of guys trying to woo her. I am a financially stable dude with a good business that brings in steady income and continue to expand.

Though she never asked me for money I sent her money willingly because I was really having it. I was more concerned about her attention though I got very little of it because she was in a relationship at the time.

I guess she started having problems with her boyfriend and I really needed her attention so I could win her over to my side but she started dating a new guy immediately from what I saw in her post and pictures. I met her for the first time and tried to make love to her but she refused, I didn't feel bad about it because I really wanted her for myself and wanted a chance to access her character to know if I can build a life with her. She was willing to come sleep with me the next day but I left before she made the call that she is sorry about yesterday and will come spend the night with me.

After that anytime I sent her a message she hardly reply so I got fed up and stopped talking to her and changed my phone without updating her. I was surprised she contacted me again after a long time and we got talking. Within a couple of days she started telling me about her financial difficulties that she needed money urgently to solve some personal and family issues, but the way she dress in all her recent pictures doesn't tell of one in need of assistance though I don't care because I really like her. She has been showing concern and always check on me ever since.

Presently I am in a position to give her more than what she requested for but what I want is love but she is more concern about the money. I have been painting a picture of someone who is struggling and I expected her to have deleted me by now but that has not been the case. With her beauty I am even wondering why she came to me when she could easily get countless rich dude to give her all the money she wants by offering herself to them.

I did a little investigation and found out some of the things she told me about herself and family are true but I couldn't get anything relating to her financial status. I have now concluded to continue acting poor to see if she will go away because I can't make a financial commitment without getting anything back in return. I can't really tell what is on her mind and why she really came to me.