"OAU Professor, Richard Akindele, Also Asked Me For Sex" - Graduate In Ireland Speaks

AIT newscaster, Lara Owoeye-Wise, shared the direct message she got from a former OAU student who alleged that the accused lecturer, Professor Richard Akindele, had asked her friend for sex when she was his student 20 years ago.

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"Good Morning. I didn't want to react to the piece you posted on the OAU case because of notifications after I do so. I left Ife twenty years ago and I remember one of my part two accounting friends telling us to pray for her because one of her lecturers insisted on sleeping with her before she can pass his cause. She did not give in and we prayed over it. The man changed his mind and said he was only testing her. I sent this latest clip to her to tell her how things have not changed over twenty years later in the same department. She currently lives in Irealand. She responded to my message that this professor in the news was the same lecturer then who was pestering her. I have had a few chats with people who finished from that department and they said everyone knows about him."