President Muhammadu Buhari will finally sign the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ bill on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

The president had revealed during his Democracy Day address on Tuesday, May 29, that he would sign the bill soon.

“In a few days I will be joined by many promising young Nigerians to sign into law the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ Bill,” he said.

The president took to his official Twitter account (@MBuhari) early on Thursday to announce that he’ll be joined by a group of young Nigerians to sign the bill at the Presidential Villa.

He posted, “Today I look forward to welcoming to the State House another group of young Nigerians, as I sign into law the #NotTooYoungToRun Bill.”

The ‘Not Too Young To Run’ bill seeks to reduce the age limit for those seeking elective positions in the country.

The bill will alter Sections 65, 106, 131, and 177 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended), as it seeks to reduce the age of qualification for the office of the President from 40 to 35 years; Governor from 35 to 30 years; Senate from 35 to 30 years; House of Reps from 30 to 25 years; and the House of Assembly from 30 to 25 years.

Barely one month after Obafemi Awolowo Univeristy, Osun State was embroiled in a 'sex for marks' scandal, a female student of the University of Lagos has reached out to LIB to share her sad and depressing story of molestation in the hands of one of her lecturers who according to her is a proffesor in the English Department.

The student (name withheld) managed to get nude photos of her molester in one of their 'encounters' and according to her;

I have been suffering this for months now. Whenever students go to his office for anything he is always trying to touch you. I took pictures of him on one of the days I entered his office. He has made molestation a part of him. I’m even scared for my life in Unilag. That’s why I’m reaching out to you so he can be stopped.

She went on to add that;

He is a professor in the English department, Faculty of Arts. I am not his first victim. He does this all the time to students. I have completely given up when it comes to academics he has failed me on tests before. When I talked to him concerning it he told me I should know what to do, I am an adult. I feel so dirty for even allowing such an old man touch me. But he doesn’t even care.

As long as you satisfy his wants. I’m tired of everything. He should be stopped before he ruins the lives of other innocent girls in that English department. When he touches me I am always in tears but it doesn’t stop him. Please this is why i am reaching out all I want is for him to be stopped. He is destroying the mental state of girls in Unilag.

I just want him stopped. I reached out because I don’t want him to continue molesting girls. The English department is like a cult. The lecturers have information amongst themselves. They talk about the girls they have slept with and the ones they plan to sleep with. It has been going on for years.

Below are some photos of the professor allegedly molesting her and several other innocent girls in the English department of University of Lagos. We have nude photos of him that we will not share at this point.

We hope with this LIB report, the school authorities will look into this as a matter of urgency!

The Chairman, Punch Nigeria Limited, Mr. Gbadebowale Wayne Aboderin, is dead.

He died on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 6.05am after a heart surgery at the age of 60.

He was also Chairman Punch Commercial Printing Limited and Lukahed Properties Limited.

He attended the Government College, Ibadan and trained as a pilot in the United States.

A sports enthusiast and philanthropist, he was the founder and chairman of the Dolphins Female Basketball Foundation, and also a former chairman of the Lagos State Basketball Association.

He was a one-time vice-president of the Nigerian Basketball Supporters Club.

He is survived by his wife, Titilayo and two daughters, Nicole and Cherelle.

Zinedine Zidane has quit as Real Madrid manager just days after becoming the first coach to win the Champions League in three consecutive seasons.

Zidane, 45, replaced Rafael Benitez in January 2016 and despite his European success has come under pressure for winning only one La Liga title during his two and a half years in charge.

He told Real president Florentino Perez he would be leaving on Wednesday before informing captain Sergio Ramos.

"I know it is a strange moment for everyone involved," said Zidane. "But it had to be done for everybody.

"This team has to continue winning and need a change. After three years they need a new voice, a new way of saying things - possibly another way of working.

"That's why I've taken that decision. I love this club, I love the president, he's given me the chance to come as a player and a manager. I'm eternally grateful to him but today for me and for everyone we have to change.

Perez said Zidane's decision was completely unexpected after the club's 13th Champions League title last weekend.

"It is a sad day for me and will be for the fans, the players and everyone at the club," said Perez. "I wanted him to be next to me forever. But I know it is his final decision.

"I would have liked to convince him to stay on but I know what he is like."

The Nigerian jersey has been voted the best jersey out of the 32 nations ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

In a poll conducted by Sky Sports, the Nigerian shirt garnered over 40,000 votes to beat world champions Germany to second place with 21,000 votes.

It will be recalled that the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and Nike who are their official kits sponsor unveiled the official 2018 World Cup kits for the Super Eagles in London on February 7, 2018 to much fanfare.

Speaking on the jersey, Nike said:

“With a culture as vibrant as Nigeria’s, the collection had a lot to live up to.

“The central design theme is an abstract feather pattern inspired by the team’s “Super Eagles” nickname. Last seen during Nigeria’s 1994 appearance on the world stage, the design has been enlivened to capture the energy of the 2018 team.”

The home kit pays subtle homage to Nigeria’s ‘94 shirt, worn by Nigeria’s first team to qualify.

It carries a familiar badge modelled after the 1996 gold medal-winning Dream Team while honouring the 1994 shirt won by the national team.

Nike’s Football Design Director, Dan Farron said in designing Nigeria’s kit, the goal was to tap into the attitude of the nation while keeping in mind the full identities of players.

The American kit maker revealed that demand for the lively jersey had hit over three million worldwide before it officially hit the shelves last week.

According to reports, A teacher and mother of two stabbed her husband to death during a fight at their residence in Ikorodu, Lagos.

According to the wife, she stabbed him in self defense, after being pinned down by the deceased, who was notorious for always beating her.

When interviewed, the sobbing suspect said: “I didn’t kill him intentionally. He was always battering me. Today, he pinned me down and started beating me again.

I picked the knife to scare him, but I mistakenly stabbed him. I couldn’t have killed my husband intentionally. In the past, I used to run out of the house when being beaten, but today, he locked everywhere to prevent my escape.

My family have told me to divorce him but I didn’t want to, because he is the husband of my youth and we already have two children together. You can ask around, everyone knows he beats me always.”

The wife has since been arrested by policemen attached to the Igbogbo Police Station.

According to Tosin, while he was on his way for a job, he got confronted by a police officer who after asking for his identification, said he looks like a girl and then got him arrested.

Tosin said he was taken to a police station and was then told that he looks like a gay.

He shared on his page:
THE MAN THAT ARRESTED ME… So this morning by 9am, I was on my way to style someone at Ogudu, I entered a public transport and was stopped by a guy at Ojota who asked me to introduced myself I asked why he said his police, they asked for my ID card I showed them, then he said I look like a girl and that was it they started yelling and calling me names then they took me and put me in their bus,

took me all the way from Ojota to IWAYA POLICE POST then I asked what my offence was, they said I look like GAY, INDECENT ACT and I’m too SLIM.

I was locked up from 9am – 4pm before they release me. Please since when did been slim become an offence in LAGOS. I was unjustly maltreated today by the POLICE and I demand justice.

An evangelist is asking his "disciples" to pray for him so that he can buy a $54milllion private jet as God instructed.

Jesse Duplantis, who already has three private planes, said that God told him "I want you to believe in me for a Falcon 7X". He said this to his followers during his weekly video address.

Duplantis, 68, says the three-engine plane would allow the ministry to fly "anywhere in the world in one stop," reducing fuel costs while maintaining a global reach. He added that Jesus Christ "wouldn’t be riding a donkey" today – "he’d be in an airplane flying all over the world."

He said: "You know I have owned three different jets in my life and I use them and just burning them up for the Lord, Jesus Christ. Some people believe that preachers shouldn’t have jets. I really believe that preachers ought to be able to go on every available voice, every available outlet to get this gospel preached to the world."

He continued: "We’re believing God for a brand new Falcon 7X, so we can go anywhere in the world in one stop. Now people say, 'My lord, can’t you go with this one?'. Yes, but I can’t go in one stop. If I can do it for one stop, I can fly it for a lot cheaper because I have my own fuel farm. And that’s what’s a blessing of the lord."

Listen to the preacher in the video below.

Nigerian businessman and owner of Sapphire Perfumes, Adewale Aladejana has taken to Instagram to praise God for using COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo to enrich his life.

He also used the opportunity to pass a message to people who insult their pastors just to join the trend. Read below...

The Holy Spirit inspired to start writing about what He has done for me in the past because the day you forget what God has done and the people He has used is the day you begin to go down.

The bible says in Hosea 12:13 "And by a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved." There are certain people you MUST meet in this life or you will remain on a spot.
Around April or May of 2010 I walked into a church called Commonwealth of Zion Assembly on a Tuesday service and my life changed forever.
Fast forward to 2015, I told Pastor Biodun about my perfume business and then he travelled to Dubai. I met him again and he brought out his phone and began to show me pictures of perfumes and by August 24, 2015 he put a million Naira in my hands and said these life changing words "this money will not finish, go and explode and takeover"

Ladies and gentlemen from that day, I began to experience high finance, there is no single day in the last 3 years that I don't get credit alert on my phone because a man of God commanded it!

Some people forget who their man of God is and the people who helped them when money comes but I will never forget and I must never forget Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo if I want to retain the anointing. I must keep celebrating and honouring my man of God.
For those of you who use your man of God as toothpick and chewing gum and listen to Daddy Freeze and co, keep it up. As for me, you dare not talk bad about my man of God in my presence because you will be insulting the grace on my life.
God will not come down from heaven, He will use a man and God has used this man of God to change my life. Till date, I NEVER make a move without my man of God.

@biodunfatoyinbo I remember the exploits God has been using you to do in my life and I will never forget sir. I love you, I honour you and I celebrate you.
You too can be a social media evangelist. Please share so that others can be blessed as you have been blessed.

#YearofTheNew #BillionNairaMark#JesusDidIt #ThankYouJesus

Motorcycle riders in Lagos, aka Okada men, burnt a police patrol van in Ikorordu today in revenge for a colleague who died while evading police officers.

A statement released by the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Chike Oti stated that the police patrol van was burnt at a spot in Ibeshe, Ipakodo area of Ikorodu, Lagos state, by irate motorcyclists at about 10:45am.

The okada riders carried out the attack following the death of one of their colleague. The colleague in question was conveying a passenger on his bike at about 10pm when he was stopped by police at a police pin down point. The police noticed his passenger had a bag so they flagged them down, but rather than obey, the okada man sped off and fell into a ditch. He died on the spot while his passenger escaped.

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, other okada riders came together in their numbers and tried to burn the Ibeshe Police Post but met resistance from police officers so they burnt a police patrol van instead.

The Lagos state police have now warned that henceforth the Command will be forced to use all lawful means including the use of firearms to protect its properties and defend its personnel.

Below is the full statement from the Lagos State Police Command.


The Lagos State Police Command notes with regret the unfortunate burning of a police patrol van stationed at a black spot in Ibeshe, Ipakodo area of Ikorodu, Lagos state  by irate motorcyclists popularly called okada riders, today, 30/05/2018, at about 10.45am..

The incident was occasioned by  an encounter between  policemen manning the black spot and an okada man plying the routes way beyond Lagos state  approved time  of 10pm.

As he approached the police pin down point, the police team observed that he was carrying a passenger with a big bag  placed between him and the rider an so they flagged him down but instead of obeying the police hand signal, the okada man  increased his speed in order to evade police scrutiny.  Sadly,  he ended up in a ditch and passed on. Meanwhile his associate with the suspicious bag vanished into the  thin air.

However, today, 30/05/18, at about 10am, Okada riders sympathetic to their late colleague,  mobilised in their thousands and attempted to burn the Ibeshe Police Post. They were resisted. So they moved and found a softer target which was a police van stationed at a known black spot in Ibeshe and set it ablaze.

In view of this incident, the police authorities in Lagos state wishes to warn all those with the penchant to burn, destroy or loot its property/armoury, that henceforth the Command will be compelled to use all lawful means including the use of  firearms to protect such properties and defend its petsonnel.The police in Lagos will no longer standby and watch hoodlums destroy government property worth millions of Naira for whatever reason.
Any group of persons with complaints  against the police action, must toe the civilised option of registering their complaints with the  police authorities for appropriate action.

The CP Lagos has directed that the sixty three okada riders arrested for burning the police vehicle should charged to court for arson. He has also directed the OC Legal to file a motion to a court of competent jurisdiction to surcharge the suspects for the purchase of another police patrol vehicle. 

SP Chike Oti
Police Public Relations Officer,
Lagos State.

Justice Adebunkola Banjoko of FCT High Court Abuja finds former Taraba State Governor, Jolly Nyame guilty of fraudulent approval of about N1.64 Billion. He is sentenced to 14 years imprisonment without an option of fine.

According to TheCableng, the federal capital territory high court gave him no option of fine. The court blamed him for financial recklessness and brazen display of executive power without following due process.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had charged Nyame to court for allegedly diverting N1.64 billion while he served as governor of Taraba between 1999 and 2007.

Premium Times's Account

Mr Nyame was found guilty of 27 out of 41 counts of alleged diversion of public funds while he served as governor of Taraba State.

He was charged by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for allegedly diverting N1.64 billion while he served as governor between 1999 to 2007.

The judge sentenced the defendant to four different terms in prison, after finding him guilty of receiving gratification, obtaining public funds without due consideration, criminal breach of trust and gratification.

The various sentences include a time of prison for two, five, seven and 14 years respectively.

The judge Adebukola Banjoko however noted that the terms are expected to run concurrently, meaning he would serve 14 years in jail unless the conviction is upturned by a higher court.

In the lengthy judgement that lasted over four hours, the judge narrated how several witnesses brought to court by both parties corroborated the allegation of fraud against the defendant.

The EFCC presented various witnesses who alluded to the fact that Mr Nyame approved the diversion of various funds amounting to over N345 million to a company, Saman global, within five weeks in 2005, among other allegations.

Despite claims by Mr Nyame that he never knew the said company, the court found him guilty of breaching public trust after noting that the ex-governor confirmed approving the memo wherein the order for the transfer of the funds was made.

The court held that Mr Nyame is guilty of over half of the charges.

According to the judge, Adebukola Bankole, the actions of the perpetrators under the watch of the ex-governor can be likened to the story of Alibaba and the 40 thieves.

An 'Atlanta public school teacher' has caused an uproar after she released a video of herself twerking up a storm in a white figure-hugging strapless mini dress.

According to Flyheight website, who first published the video of the woman twerking, the lady is a Public School teacher in Atlanta, Georgia.

It was also reported that dozens of parents are threatening to pull their kids out of the school over the disturbing video which has now gone viral.

Watch the video here.

The President of Mali, Ibrahim Baoubacar Keita, has allegedly asked "spiderman" Mamoudou Gassama to forfeit his newly given French citizenship and firefighter job and return to Mali to become a captain in the Malian Army.

Gassama was made an honorary French citizen and was also given a job in the French fire service after he scaled the outside of a four-storey building in just 30 seconds to save a boy hanging off a balcony in Paris. Following the heroic act, he met with French President Emmanuel Macron and was rewarded.

When the president of Gassam's home country heard the news, he met with him and there are allegations that Mali's president now wants the brave 22-year-old to return home and work for his home country instead.

Dubai-based Nigerian big boy, Ray Hushpuppi has reacted to Self acclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo post, begging him for money for her medical check up.

He wrote;

"It was brought to my attention the posts of one of the great journalists of Nigeria which I have carefully gone through and I must note that I never made mention of Madam Kemi Oluloyo's name in my video that I made at the airport lounge where I gave a general observation as to how the rich tend to mind their business and suggested if we were all doing same, maybe Linda ikeji's fruit of the womb just wouldn’t be a problem as people are making it. I do Appreciate madam Oluloyo's taste in my fashion and as well Appreciate her works, just like most of her writes up often carries constructive criticism and lash back , I believe it is safe to say her request to beat Linda's 100k donation which I could have said was from a sarcastic point there after accompanied with a bank details puts me in a dicey position. I wouldn’t consider it a wise move crediting the account of a woman that just openly lambasted a fellow female benefactor that was there for her when it mattered regardless of how little the amount now seem to her after her ordeal. Before my money becomes blood money in future, maybe I should reconsider the alert part plus Aunty Kemi herself would have called such a person an Ingrate.
Besides I had my fair share of experience from Mr Jollof in the past, when my act of kindness became a public show as to how he doesn't need my dime and I should Chanel it on more philanthropical use.
Let there be one LOVE. Linda and Madam Oluloyo as females are in a better position to understand that precious Grace of the fruit of the womb and should share the female joy as ONE... let Peace Reign. STAND Together, support each other in the Good and bad.. all we need is One love. I urge madam Oluloyo to write an apology and appreciation letter to Linda openly as we all see you as a role model and a great example of women empowering women for our younger females in the nation to become better people and learn to appreciate each other in our nation. If this is done I promise to give all necessary support and provisions in my power to you ma to get better health care and treatment. God bless us all"

Merseyside Police are investigating death threats made to  Liverpool goalkeeper  after he conceded three goals in the Champions League final in Kiev on Saturday, The Telegraph reports.

German-born Loris Karius and his family have been the focus of hundreds of threats and hate messages on social media after making several mistakes that resulted in goals for the Real Madrid.

Posts from Liverpool fans included a comment saying, “I’ll murder your girl I’ll murder your girl”.

Others said his “sons deserve to die of cancer” and “I hope your whole family dies”.

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police told The Telegraph officers were investigating the vile abuse, and added,  “The force takes social media posts of this nature extremely seriously and any offences identified will be investigated.

Merseyside Police would like to remind social media users than any offences including malicious communications and threatening behaviour will be investigated.”

During the game, which was won by Real Madrid 3-1, Karius threw the ball directly towards Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema who promptly scored.

He also fumbled a shot from the Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale, which resulted in another goal for the Spanish team.

After the game Karius apologised for his two mistakes.

“Today I lost my team the game and I feel sorry for everyone – from the team, from the whole club – that the mistakes cost dearly,” he said.

“If I could go back in time I would. I feel sorry for my team. I know I let them down today. These goals cost us the title basically.

It’s very hard right now but that’s the life of a goalkeeper. You have to get your head up again.”

When asked how his team had responded to his performance he said,  “Of course everyone tried to cheer me up.

A retired army general who allegedly pulled a gun and threatened to shoot some workers of the Eko Electricity Distribution Company will be prosecuted for attempted murder.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the company’s spokesman, Godwin Idemudia, said this and explained on Sunday that the retired general on May 24 allegedly forced EKEDC officials who disconnected electricity supply to reconnect power to his Ikoyi, Lagos residence, at gunpoint.

Idemudia said EKEDC officials had disconnected power supply to the general over unpaid electricity bill.

He added that the company’s disconnection crew cut off power at the general’s house on Lugard Street, Ikoyi, when produce proof of payment could not be produced.

He added that the disconnection crew was still in the neighbourhood when the general drove down in a Toyota Avalon car, waylaid the crew van, brought out a loaded pistol and shot into the air.

“The crew members were forced to reconnect the general’s house since he threatened that he would shoot the leader of the team if his house was not reconnected,” he said.

The Eko Disco spokesman said the company would not fold its arms and allowed its officials to be harassed while performing their lawful duties.

Many were were killed in a fatal accident which happened on Saturday, May 26 along Ohafia Abam in Abia state Nigeria. According to reports, the tragic incident which caused a scene in the area - claimed the lives of 7 passengers in a Passat car and 2 persons on a motorcycle.

Two persons who were trapped in the car were later confirmed dead after they were brought out by rescuers.
According to information gathered, the driver from Asaga whose wife reportedly gave birth to a baby girl was killed in the crash including a newly wed lady who just did her traditional marriage few days ago and was on her way going back to Umuahia, Abia state capital.

The accident was said to have caused a sorrow in the community with many coming to see the victims for themselves.

May their souls rest in peace.

A new born baby went missing in Peniel Maternity and Clinic popularly known as (Mummy's hospital) Anyigba in Dekina LGA - Kogi State. According to Fitumi a relative to the husband, the baby was delivered early hour on Sunday and got missing after few hours. She added that, the child was under the care of the nurse on duty before the sudden disappearance of the child.

When the nurse was reportedly interrogated, she couldn't explain vividly how it occurred as she was taken to Anyigba Police station for official investigation.

The mother, Joy Idah Mudi disclosed that, she didn't see her child before she got missing because of the improper arrangement of the Maternity. She added that they put her in a separate ward and latter heard this shocking news.

Hundreds of people gathered at Anyigba Police Station demanding the transfer of the maternity nurse to the vigilante officials for torturing.

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