Tonto Dikeh: God Will Answer Your Prayers Even If Your Fashion Sense Is Worldly

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has given relationship advice to religious people concerning how to impress each other. In a social media post, she spoke of how they need to improve on their sex life as well as much as they focus on spirituality.

The actress who divorced her husband last year after a child together advised couples to engage in MouthAction without regards for their religious beliefs.

See screenshot below.

An earlier post shows her stating that God doesn’t put into account fashions sense before He answers prayers. According to Tonto Dikeh, even if someone’s fashion sense is worldly, it doesn’t stop God from answering the person’s prayer.

''Did you know that there is something like praying the wrong way??
Did you know that your praise and worship is also a form of prayer and some challenges wld only bow to that?
Did you know that there is nothing wrong with been wealthy,Fashionable and trendy(well Dressed)and still be Born Again?

Did you know that God will still answer your prayers if you weren’t wearing a worn out shirt with black armpits stains Or worn out shoes with chopped heels?
Did you know that God will answer your prayers even with 90inchs long wig on,10inchs fingers nails and a painted face as you please?