Early this morning, a video of a clergyman allegedly predicting yesterday's tragedy in Lagos, went viral with some christians praising the man of God. Freeze has taken to his IG page to react to the video and took a swipe at the clergymen. He wrote

''I listened to that bescumbered broadcast bereft of spirituality and with no recourse to God.
Yet I know that with the problems Nigeria is facing, combined with our gullibility for ‘men of god’ whoever made those predictions is now fast on his way to becoming a ‘god’ himself.
The first set of dates he mentioned are 23rd June, 28 of June, 12th of July 24th of July, 30th of July and 1st of August.
His exact words were “These dates I have mentioned do not travel out of lagos using the following transport....” and he proceeded to mention names of transport companies, claiming they were marked for blood.?
Before you guys start jumping and lapping this poo up, let me ask you; does this look like a prediction for Saturday’s Plateau massacre or yesterday’s tanker explosion? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
He clearly mentioned transport companies going out of Lagos, listen to the audio clearly without sentiment or emotion and you will see what I’m sayin.
Yesterday’s disaster involved a tanker and vehicles within Lagos going about their normal activities on a Thursday, NOT LUXURIOUS BUSSES GOING OUT OF LAGOS that were ‘marked for blood’?
Nigeria has become so hungry for prophets that we jump at anything with spiritual semblance without analyzing what they are saying critically.
Before you leap and start believing anything, drop your emotions, prejudices, sentiments and inbred gullibility on the floor and listen again, this time carefully!
P.S. If I owned any of those companies he mentioned I will sue his ass for billions! ~FRZ

Photos of a 3-year-old boy went viral this morning after he as declared missing by a family member.

According to the lady who shared his photo, the boy, Eyitayo was involved in the unfortunate fuel tanker accident with his mother, twin sister and the Driver at Otedola bridge yesterday evening.

They were a few cars away from the tanker when the explosion occurred.

The Driver (Mr. Joseph) carried Eyitayo while the mother escaped with Eyitoke (Eyitayo's Twin).

The whereabout of Eyitayo and Mr. Joseph is still unknown as all attempts to trace them at the scene of the accident proved abortive.

Actor, Yemi Solade shared the story on his Instagram page, and he got a response from a friend that the boy is dead.

According to the person, he saw the corpse of the boy on the floor.

A woman (name unknown) delivered a cat during a deliverance service at the God of Action Liberation Ministry, a.k.a, Shallom Embassy in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State.

It was gathered that the woman had not menstruated for the past three years since she became pregnant.

She delivered the cat which reportedly died minutes after it came out from the woman’s womb.

An Ughelli based Journalist, Ode Williams who claimed to be a member of the church said,”It’s not fake. I was there live and I witnessed it.”

When contacted the General Overseer of God in Action Liberation Ministry, a.k.a, Shallom Embassy, Prince Ovie Emmanuel to speak on the miracle which has left many in doubt, he confirmed the report saying,”It happened yesterday at about 8pm during a programme”

The General Overseer who spoke through a cleric of the church, Pastor Great Otejiri said,”It is a spiritual thing that cannot be explained. It’s a supernatural occurence by the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of light took it out of the woman.”

The cleric who could not give the full names of the woman in question, however, invited our correspondent to attend the ongoing programme to get more details of the development so as to quench the doubts from the public.

Nollywood actress, Yetunde Akilapa, has again been arrested for trying to gain unlawful access into a house in Magodo Shangisha, Lagos.

This is coming 3 years after she was arrested while breaking into a beauty lounge with a master key, after closing hours in Yaba, where she worked and four years after she was beaten to coma for a similar offence.

This means this would be the third time the yoruba actress would be caught stealing. The actress was in the news in February 2013, when it was reported that she was arrested for robbery by the police in Alade, in Somolu area of Lagos State. She was sent to the Kirikiri prison and after a few months there, she regained her freedom, precisely in November, 2013.

On Sunday Morning of January 12, 2014, she was again caught trying to steal with a bunch of master keys hidden in her brassiere at a house in Magodo phaseII.

Akilipa was arrested this afternoon with a bunch of master keys, while trying them on the door of a house in Magodo, not knowing that one of the occupants was around. She has since been handed over to the police after being battered a bit.

Watch video of her being caught below:

Switzerland has repatriated over $1billion Abacha loot to Nigeria, its Ambassador Eric Mayoraz aid yesterday in Abuja.

He added that his country is collaborating with the federal government to trace and repatriate looted funds stashed in foreign lands.

Mayoraz said “All fund hidden in Swiss banks by Abacha was fully repatriated and so we don’t have any of such fund in Switzerland again. $752m was returned in 2005 and we discovered more and more in other banks and that involved the $322.5m that was repatriated earlier this year.”

He spoke at the Forum on Asset Recovery hosted by the Swiss Embassy to discuss issues surrounding the Abacha 2 asset recovery between the two countries with many non-governmental organisations and representatives of international agencies in attendance.

Although the envoy declined to reveal details of the funds that would likely be repatriated back to Nigeria, he explained that the ongoing efforts are geared towards getting a positive result in line with the Mutual Legal Persistence Request agreement signed between the two countries.

Decrying what he termed lack of transparency in the Nigerian government’s handling of the funds, Mayoraz said the Swiss government insisted on the involvement of the World Bank in the management of the $322.5m to ensure that money was spent to alleviate the sufferings of the poor.

“Unfortunately, some of the assets that were returned, there was not so much transparency in it. So, we have to introduce the World Bank to get involved in this so that this particular one can be used by the Nigerian government with the monitoring of the World Bank”, he said.

Special Assistant to the President on Justice Reform, Mrs. Juliet Ibebaku-Nwagwu, said the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari has done a lot to engender the confidence of the Swiss government and other partners that the recovered assets would be deployed judiciously and transparently in line with the agreements reached.

She said the money would be deployed to service the Social Investment Scheme which is also an existing World Bank project.

“Let me just say this, we just want our money back. By this administration’s commitment to open government partnership, we want the people to be involved in the monitoring of the stolen assets that were returned. We also came up with the open budget process so that Nigerians would know every budget details and they can be checked online too.”

Executive Director of African Network for Environment and Economic Justice, Mr. David Ugolor, said there was a need to monitor the deployment of all recovered assets to “ensure that they are properly used for what they are meant for in Nigeria.”

Nine persons and over 54 vehicles were burnt beyond recognition in the petrol tanker explosion that occured at Otedola bridge in Lagos yesterday, 28th of June 2018.
An eyewitness, Otunbakush took to Twitter to recount his experience.
According to him, the deaths could have been avoidable as those involved had time to save themselves but instead chose to save their vehicles with attempts to reverse, while others made videos of the incident while still seated in their vehicles.
More of his Tweets below...

An audio of a pastor purportedly predicting yesterday's tanker explosion tragedy and more tragedies to come is trending online.

In the audio, the pastor is heard giving his congregation certain dates on which tragedy will occur and the transport companies to avoid entering on those days. He also warned his congregation to avoid traveling into Lagos or out of Lagos using those transportation companies on the days mentioned.

The pastor said the dates on which tragedy will occur are on:

23rd of June
28th of June
12th of July
24th of July
30th July, and
1st of August
He asked his congregation to write those dates down and be extra careful on those days. He also warned them to avoid traveling with certain transport companies on those days because those transport companies "have been marked".

He said: "You can travel with them on any day but on the days called, don't travel outside Lagos using any of these vehicles and don't travel inside Lagos because these vehicles have been marked."

He went on to predict that the accident that will occur on July 30 will be the deadliest. He said it involves a luxurious bus and it will be attacked by armed robbers who will shoot every single person inside the luxurious bus dead and blood will "rush like water".

The audio began trending after yesterday's fuel tanker explosion which killed many and injured even more on the Otedola bridge along Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Yesterday's date, June 28, was one of the dates mentioned in the prediction.

Listen to audio below:

Earlier this morning, a young man, with the Twitter handle @UcheDandyMUFC was accused of rape by one Damilola Marcus who stated that her friend @B_moree was the victim.
She had sent a message to Damilola Marcus (@OmogeDami) telling her that Uche raped her after she transported herself from Berger to Ajah to visit him.
See accusation below:
As expected, the accusation spurred an endless conversation on social media, both negative and positive.
The accused young man however got wind of the reports and released a series of chat with all conversations between himself and the supposed rape victim.
His series of tweets below:
First things first...i hate drama so i like to keep my private life private....but when your name gets dragged for no reason...you blur the lines and face the drama you were trying to avoid.

First things first...i hate drama so i like to keep my private life private....but when your name gets dragged for no reason...you blur the lines and face the drama you were trying to avoid.
Secondly, someone should tell @b_moree_ to unblock me because the drama she sought has found her.

And as such...i am going to address the allegations...
Secondly, someone should tell @b_moree_ to unblock me because the drama she sought has found her.

And as such...i am going to address the allegations...
Thirdly, i want to apologize to my friends because of this drama...but there is nothing worse than being called a rapist and it cannot be left to speculation.