Trending Audio Of Nigerian Prophet Who Predicted Tragedies On Specific Dates Including Thursday's Petrol Tanker Explosion

An audio of a pastor purportedly predicting yesterday's tanker explosion tragedy and more tragedies to come is trending online.

In the audio, the pastor is heard giving his congregation certain dates on which tragedy will occur and the transport companies to avoid entering on those days. He also warned his congregation to avoid traveling into Lagos or out of Lagos using those transportation companies on the days mentioned.

The pastor said the dates on which tragedy will occur are on:

23rd of June
28th of June
12th of July
24th of July
30th July, and
1st of August
He asked his congregation to write those dates down and be extra careful on those days. He also warned them to avoid traveling with certain transport companies on those days because those transport companies "have been marked".

He said: "You can travel with them on any day but on the days called, don't travel outside Lagos using any of these vehicles and don't travel inside Lagos because these vehicles have been marked."

He went on to predict that the accident that will occur on July 30 will be the deadliest. He said it involves a luxurious bus and it will be attacked by armed robbers who will shoot every single person inside the luxurious bus dead and blood will "rush like water".

The audio began trending after yesterday's fuel tanker explosion which killed many and injured even more on the Otedola bridge along Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Yesterday's date, June 28, was one of the dates mentioned in the prediction.

Listen to audio below: