Couples Can Now Have An Open Marriage If One Of Them Fails To Meet Sexual Expectations- Says Female Twitter User

A Nigerian lady has said couples can have a open marriage if one of them fails to meet their sexual expectations.

The lady identified as @makispoke took to Twitter to share her views. She wrote;

Question for the timeline: if you clearly communicate your sexual expectations with someone before marriage, and they agree to it, but then after marriage they don’t meet their end of the bargain, are you within your rights to request the marriage be open?

My thoughts: yes you are. You’re within your rights to request an open marriage, but first discuss your dissatisfaction thoroughly and look for every possible solution. If your spouse still doesn’t want to meet your expectations, you’re within your rights.

I don’t think you’re within your rights to cheat though. Cheating should absolutely 100% be off the table at any point in your marriage. Just don’t cheat. If you have said what you want and they’ve agreed to it but aren’t doing it, it’s not on you, it’s on them.

@the toolsman then replied;

The only way this can be explicitly communicated is through a contract which should also include actions/consequences if there’s a breach. If not, it’s still subject to interpretation.

She then responded

Fully agreed. It should be through a contract with clear terms and consequences stipulated, and under which scenario one can ask for an open marriage.