Muslim Man Calls For Arrest Of Two Muslim Ladies In Hijab Doing The Viral 'Fainting' Dance In Kano

The ‘fainting’ dance craze has taken over South Africa and is now infecting Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania – and has already hit China.

King Monada's hit song 'Malwedhe' which has inspired the #IdibalaChallenge, is now spreading beyond South Africa's borders, and has been spotted as far afield as China.

The star says he has since been invited to perform in the UK.

A Nigerian Muslim man shared this video of 2 beautiful young ladies wearing hijab doing the trending fall down and die dance challenge in Kano and immediately called for their arrest by Kano Hisbah (Moral police enforcing Sharia law). He wrote:

"If know where they live, in Kano, hisbah should arrest them and send for mental evaluation. Very disgusting act. Subhanallah."

Some supported the young man's call for their arrest, while many didn't support him. Many claim they are exercising their rights and any call for their arrest is an infringement on their rights.