LAGOS—best graduating student at the faculty of Engineering, Lagos State University, in the 2017/18 academic year, Ola-Gbadamosi Ridwan Oladotun, yesterday, told a courageous story of how he had to do menial jobs to educate himself.

Oladotun, at the 23rd convocation ceremony of LASU in Ojo campus, held the audience spell bound with his story of breeding chickens before attending classes just to gather enough money for books and school fees.

The 22-year old Mechanical Engineering graduate, who made a cumulative grade point average, CGPA of 4.88 to emerge overall best graduating student, said in his valedictory speech that he was determined to succeed and therefore did not mind what he had to go through.

Oladotun, who disclosed that he lost his mother at age 12, expressed happiness that his achievement has wiped off all his hardship in school.

His words: “Precisely, I attended Federal Government College, Ijanikin in Lagos where I finished as the best graduating student in 2013. My flair for Physics and Mathematics was at its peak, driven by my inquisitiveness to unravel what was behind the functioning mechanisms of structures and systems. I found for myself, an academic niche in my area of strength and interest. Hence, I decided to study Mechanical Engineering. With God’s guidance, this is how far my zeal has brought me.

“Worth mentioning is that tuition of LASU Engineering students as at 2013 (N284,750) was a big task, considering that two of my younger siblings were getting ready for tertiary education and my dedicated father had the onerous responsibility to shoulder our financial requirements. Meanwhile, my late mother, Mrs. Aishat Adejoke Ola-Gbadamosi died while I was 12 years old.”

Poultry farming

“Eventually, my father was able to pay the full tuition, while I had to take charge of other associated obligations. In order to assist him financially, I decided to invest the cash prize I received at my secondary school Speech and Prize Giving Day in the production of 150 broilers which I successfully raised from day old chicks till maturity during the 2013 ASUU strike. I remember using bandage to wrap their broken talons and straws to administer drugs on one of the birds not because I cared about its health but because I was determined to succeed. The return on the investment was used to cater for my personal and academic needs.”

While thanking those who played significant role in his life, he said: “My story is that of zeal, passion, inquisitiveness and sheer determination. It typifies passion for success, a recipe in every degree award recipient in this hall that I have been chosen to represent today.”

In his speech, Vice Chancellor of LASU, Professor Olanrewaju Fagboun said this year’s ceremony was unique as 57 graduated in first class.

Another UNN student Nnemelu Shalon has been declared missing by friends and family after she posted suicide thoughts on Facebook.

According to reports, members of her department – Library and Information Science – are frantically looking for her.
UNN student Nnemelu Shalon reported missing after posting suicide thoughts.
UNN student Nnemelu Shalon reported missing after posting suicide thoughts

Before she went missing, Shalon an 100-level student of the University in Nsukka, has always been posting weird quotes and poems that bothered on death and how sweet the after life would be.
Most of what she wrote were clear indications that she intended to take her life.
Even more, on May 15, 2019, she dumped her previous profile picture and started using the same photo serving as the profile image on Chukwuemeka Akachi’s page.

According to data received from the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Nigerians are now the largest nationals seeking refugee status in Canada with 12,138 pending applications as of December 2018.

The Canadian authorities, however, pointed out that two out of every three Nigerian applicants claim to be victims of homophobic attacks. The Federal Government led by former President Goodluck Jonathan had in 2014 signed the Same Sex (Prohibition) Act which outlawed gay marriage and prescribed a prison term of 14 years for persons found guilty of such. 

According to the RPD, which is in charge of hearing and deciding claims for refugee protection made in Canada, Nigeria has overtaken crisis-ridden Haiti which was number one the previous year. The total number of pending applications from across the world stood at 71,675 which implies that Nigeria represents about 17 per cent of total pending applications from amongst the over 170 countries. 

Haiti comes a distant second with 6,811 pending applications while India has 5,175. Mexico has 3,525; Colombia, which ended a civil war barely three years ago, has 3,056 while China has 2,105. Jawad Kassab, who led the refugee and immigration programme at Legal Aid Ontario in 2017, said the agency had identified an unusual pattern in sexual orientation claims filed by Nigerian refugee seekers.

Kassab told CBC News that he was concerned that if claims were fabricated, refugees with legitimate claims might have a harder time getting the help they need.“ It galls me because of the potential impact it could have on the refugee system and the Canadian public’s perception of refugee claimants and refugees in a very vulnerable time globally,” he said.   

Kassab said Legal Aid Ontario, which covers the legal costs for most refugee claims heard in the province, became suspicious after a routine review of refugee applications showed that 60 to 70 per cent of about 600 Nigerian claims made in Ontario since April 2017 were based on persecution because of sexual orientation.

The National Orientation Agency has therefore cautioned Nigerians against desperation while seeking asylum abroad, saying even though the body could not stop anyone from seeking better life somewhere, Nigerians should not do it by all means.

ALL is not well in the IT Department of Covenant University, Otta, Sentry can authoritatively report. A guru in information technology (IT) attached to that department is in the police net after he was found to have devised a means by which he diverted funds meant for the university into his private pocket. By the time the university woke up to his antics, he had succeeded in siphoning a whopping N180 million!

Before the bubble burst, not a few people were said to have wondered how the loved and trusted official was managing to get the funds with which he maintained a lifestyle the Chancellor of the university and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, would call “riotous living.” He was said to have bought some flashy cars which he kept in a mansion he bought with stolen funds in highbrow Lekki part of Lagos, even though he had a house in the school where he lived with his wife.

Every Friday, he would cruise with his wife to the posh house in Lekki to enjoy the weekend. But what really gave him away was the habit of flying back to his duty post in Otta in a chopper that landed at the premises of The Bells University, which is only a stone’s throw from Covenant University.

Tongues began to wag from onlookers who started to wonder who the big boy could be. Word about his lifestyle soon got to the authorities of Covenant University who decided to put him under surveillance and realised that he had stolen the university’s money amounting to more than N180 million. The funds were mainly school fees paid by students. The fees were paid into the accounts of the university in designated banks but the disingenuous inventor found a means of diverting the money into his private account. The discovery alarmed the authorities of the school. Oyedepo, sources said, was flabbergasted.

The IT guru was promptly reported to the police, who arrested him. Covenant University authorities expected the police to fast track his prosecution but that was not forthcoming. Words got to the university that the suspected fraudster was greasing the palms of the police. Again alarmed by the development, the authorities sidelined the police and handed the suspect to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Upon interrogation, the suspect admitted stealing the said sum and even agreed to refund N56 million in cash immediately. Sentry will keep you posted on further developments....

No young man or old man would pray to be in the shoes of Elias Audu. The accursed fate that has befallen him is terrible and a huge blow to his ego.

Last year, one month before he reported at the NYSC camp in Osun State, Audu had married his young wife. The graduate of Nasarawa State University Keffi, an indigene of Keana Local Government Area of the state, then patriotically proceeded to Osun State where he is presently serving his fatherland. In the meantime, the wife he wedded 10 months ago, Tessy, continues to live in their rented apartment in Lafia. The native of Akwanga Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, a Second Year diploma student at Nasarawa State Polytechnic, had embarked on and completed a three-month industrial attachment.

The couple agreed to put on hold pregnancy till he completes his national service and return to Nasarawa to find a good job. Then they can turn their attention to the critical matter of giving his aged and anxious mother a grandchild. Now, three months to the end of his national service, Audu’s world came crashing down. He returned home last week to find his wife pregnant. Guess who impregnated his wife: His best friend.

The crisis before marriage

Audu, still dazed by shock, recounts the sequence of events leading to the scandal in an exclusive chat with our correspondent.

His narration: “I got married 10 months ago to my wife after we resolved our differences due to my discovery that she was going out with someone else. Initially, I did not intend to go into a serious relationship after that discovery I mean, I was so much in love with her only for her to have jilted me. I vowed never to have any serious relationship with any woman until after my service year. But we got over the episode. She convinced me and proved to be a different woman. She loved me genuinely, and despite my resolve, I found myself falling in love with her again. It began gradually and with time, I could not do without her. She made me forget the past. In no time, all I could think of was to be with her for the rest of my life.”

The pressure to marry

“The pressure to get married from my old mum was overwhelming. My father had put pressure on me to get married and bear him grandchildren before his death. Unfortunately, he died six years ago without seeing my children. Being the only son in the family, my mother understandably also put me under pressure, that her time is almost up in this world and she would want to see me bear children before her final exit. That was the pressure that pushed me into getting married before my NYSC. When I took her to meet my mother, she fell in love with her on the spot and told me she was the very woman who would give her grandchildren. We got married soon after and look forward to a happy family with our kids. But we both agree that she will not “take in” until after my service year, little did I know that the devil would use my best friend to destroy my home.”

The man who got her pregnant

“I grow up together with Mike Agu in Keana. We are childhood friends. We attended the same primary school and also the same secondary school, Government Science School Lafia. He was fortunate to have gotten admission into the university before me. Nonetheless, we were very close friends. When I joined him at the university the following year, we were like brothers. Our relationship grew beyond ordinary friendship.

“When my name came out for the 2018 Batch B NYSC, I proceeded to Osun State immediately. My wife could not visit me in Osun because three of us who are corpers lived in one room. There was no need for her to come around since accommodation will be a problem her coming around means I have to rent my own apartment which is beyond my means. Since I did not have the means, I decided she should not visit. I was not happy to leave my new wife all alone for one year, but she was equally in school and we needed to understand ourselves; more so, with my close friends and relations in Lafia, I felt she was in safe hands.

“While in Osun, I kept in touch with her as much as I could. My friends I spoke and chatted with also told me she was doing great. I had told Mike Agu, who was the closest to me, to always check my rented apartment in Lafia to see that my wife was doing well. Mike had finished his service year and was teaching in a private school in Lafia. How could I have known that I was putting my wife in harm’s way?”

The shocking discovery

“Throughout this year, I have not visited home due to the tight schedule of my duties at my place of primary assignment. My last visit was in November 2018. I had got some break and decided to visit home again. I arrived home with so much joy. The first warning sign was when I got to the park and my wife was not around to welcome me as usual.

“It was her next-door neighbour that came to welcome me at the park. Even Mike, my friend, whom I have been communicating with since I left Osun State, was nowhere at the park. When I asked why my wife was not at the park, her neighbour told me she was not feeling too well and they advised her to stay at home. I did not buy that explanation but I kept quiet and could not wait to get home. When I got home, I met the shock of my life. There stood my wife with a protruding stomach.

I was transfixed, trying to recall if there was any time she told me she was pregnant, but I could not remember any. Her neighbour was in an unusual hurry to leave. After her departure, I asked my wife what was going on. She broke down and confessed that Mike seduced her, they had sex and the pregnancy resulted. As for Mike, I have not called him since I came back home. I leave him to his conscience.”

My dilemma

“When I visited my mother in the village, she was so happy that her son’s new wife is pregnant. The news has reached her! My mother believes that I am responsible for the pregnancy. She is not aware of the arrangement we had to wait until after my NYSC programme. I am still in shock and confused about what to do at the moment. But one thing I know is that she can’t be my wife again and forever. I want her to take the decision herself instead of waiting for me to push her out. I am not even going to tell my mother. From here, I am going back to Osun State and I will not come back to Nasarawa State until after my passing out. I intend to settle down in Abuja or Lagos to look for something doing. Between me and her, it is over. I will move on with my life.”

Tessy’s story

When our correspondent contacted Tessy after her lectures at the Polytechnic, she burst into tears wailing that what ought to be a family secret (and hopefully settled internally) has been exposed to the media by her husband.

“I had never cheated on my husband since I got married to him,

I never even contemplated it, but the temptation of sex pushed me into it. I consider it the devil’s work. I am a victim,” she cries.

Tessy makes a clean breast of it: “The truth is that before I got married to him, I had four abortions from unwanted pregnancies, and I almost lost my life in the last abortion. The doctor warned me not to do abortion again, that it might damage my womb. I can’t explain actually how Mike, his closest friend, find his way into me. He actually lured me to his house after an outing. And truly, he was good in bed, which attracted me to make it regularly.

“Mike was so good in bed he soon wiped the memories of my husband’s touch from my mind. I lost control of myself. We had sex every day after he closed from work. I always joined him after I closed from my place of work where I was doing my IT. We had sex daily, including weekends for two months; I soon forgot that I was actually a married woman.

“As the second month, I began to notice changes in my body. I later found out from a test that I was more than a month pregnant. I told my neighbour that I had been doing it with Mike all these while. She asked me the way forward, and the answer till date is difficult because I didn’t want to lose either my life or womb due to another round of abortion; this child might be my last opportunity.

“For several weeks, I slept and thought over it; I was in turmoil, I never knew what to do, because how will my husband react to this when he got to know after we both agreed to hold ourselves until he completes his service? On the other hand, I prayed to God that when he eventually knows, he should allow me to keep the pregnancy because it might be my last opportunity to have a child. At the moment I am not prepared to abort it. So, I am waiting patiently for his decision.

So what about Mike Agu, who put her in the family way?

“He has left Lafia to an unknown place since he discovered that my husband is back,” Tessy says. “And since the sad development, his two lines have not been going through. I can’t reach him.”

Currently, she is distressed, at a crossroads. Says she: “ I don’t know what to do, I am waiting for his (Audu’s) final decision on me. But I have told my parents to seek a loan to pay my husband back his pride price. I know I have disappointed him, but I am pleading with him to forgive me.”

Mike Agu, the villain

An effort was made to reach Mike Agu, the man who got his friend’s wife pregnant, for his own side of the story. Eventually, our correspondent got to him through the Vice Principal of the school where he is a teacher.

Without mincing words, Agu blames Tessy for the misadventure.

Here is his response: “The girl demanded sex from me after I took her out; she actually begged for it and temptation overtook me. When she made it a regular thing without contraceptive, I raised the issue of pregnancy but she said she knows when to get pregnant and that she doesn’t enjoy sex with a condom.”

He is nonetheless ashamed of his conduct. “I feel so ashamed and disappointed with myself,” he laments. “This matter will linger long in our village and it will affect the cordial relationship between myself and Elias, including our parents. It is too bad that the devil has used me. I don’t know how to apologize to him. I have betrayed his trust and confidence in me. May God forgive me of my sins.”

Actor turned politician, Desmond Elliot, has been trending on Twitter for nearly 14 hours after inaugurating a toilet in his constituency in Surulere, Lagos, on Thursday.

While inaugurating the project, Elliot said, “Commissioning (sic) of a public bio-fuel toilet in Love Garden field, Surulere, Lagos which was facilitated by Hon Elliot. It was donated by Ladi Lawanson, the Commissioner for Transportation.

“This isn’t just a building neither is it just a toilet but one that converts waste to manure so nothing is wasted as we keep the environment clean. Sincere thanks and gratitude goes to Ladi Lawanson for making the bio-fuel toilet a reality. Thanks to the Australian Government for sponsoring the project.”

However, Elliot, who is a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, was accused of doing too little for his constituents as his followers asked him if constructing toilets was the best he could do in his four years in office.

Some of his followers said Elliot’s action showed that youths may not necessarily perform better than the older politicians when voted into office.

Offor Cyril wrote, “We wanted ‘Not too Young to Run bill’ signed. We wanted more youths in governance. APC gave us Yahaya Bello and Desmond Elliot, the toilet commissioner.

“We have the power to throw the APC and Desmond Elliot into that toilet with our PVCs. Vote wisely.”

@Ilynem tweeted, “People like Desmond Elliot is the big part of the reason we doubt these new generational not too young to run politicians. They are mostly younger versions of the old ones. The man is smiling and commissioning toilets. Tufia!”

However, some of Elliot’s supporters came to is defence, explaining that he did not build the toilet but merely inaugurated it.

@Ak_cute tweeted, “Desmond Elliot didn’t build the toilet. It was donated to his constituency by an organisation. Read the notice on the wall for more clarifications. We are quick to spread bad news. The good ones will never go viral. Negative energy everywhere.”

A Lagos-based landlord, James Onuoha, who was accused of raping his tenant’s 14-year-old niece, has denied the allegation, but said that the N1,000 he gave her was a Christmas gift.

Onuoha is standing trial before a Lagos State High Court in Igbosere on four counts bordering on defilement.

The prosecutor, Jide Martins, had told the court that Onuoha wilfully had an unlawful sexual intercourse with the victim without her consent.
He said the offences contravened sections 134 (2), 135 (1), 137 and 258 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.

Martins had called several witnesses, including the victim, to prove his case.

At Thursday’s proceedings, Onuoha, while being led in evidence by his counsel, Victor Olowonla, explained to the court how he visited his house at No. 25 Samuel Amoore Street, Idowu Estate, Oke-Ira Nla, Ajah, Lagos, on January 4, 2016, to inspect the premises and meet his tenant, Kenneth, who he said owed him two years’ rent.

He stated, “I called Kenneth on several occasions but he did not answer his calls; I decided to visit him at home but when I got there, Kenneth was not there.

“I knocked on the door to Kenneth’s apartment, a young girl came out and said Kenneth was not around. I asked the girl her age, she said she was 16 years old and she granted me access to the apartment so that I could carry out an inspection.

“In the past, Kenneth used to hide from me, so I thought he was hiding. I got into the apartment for inspection; I did not touch her (the girl); it was during the Christmas period and that was why I gave her N1,000 as a gift.

“Two days after my visit to the house, I got a telephone call from my office that my tenant (Kenneth) had reported that I raped a girl.

“I was also called by the police from the Lamgbasa Police Station and the case was transferred to the Zone 2 Police Command.”
Onuoha, during cross-examination by the state counsel, admitted that he did not inform the tenant before visiting the house.

He added that he never knew that the victim just came to Lagos to stay with her uncle at the time of the incident.

The presiding judge, Justice Adedayo Akintoye, adjourned the case till March 28, for the continuation of hearing.

The prosecutor had earlier told the court that Onuoha allegedly committed the offences on January 4, 2016, around 11.30am at No. 25 Samuel Amoore Street, Idowu Estate, Oke-Ira Nla, Ajah, Lagos.

The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, CP Zubair Muazu mni, has called on eligible voters in the state to come out en masse on Saturday to vote in the Presidential and National Assembly election.

The CP restates that the command, as part of its commitment to a peaceful conduct of the polls, has adequately deployed men and officers to different parts of the state.

He assures Lagosians that the command in collaboration with other sister agencies has put in place all the necessary security measures to ensure that the exercise is free, fair and credible.

The CP says eligible voters have no cause to entertain fear or feel intimidated in performing their civic duty, urging them to conduct themselves in a peaceful and orderly manner.

He appeals to the residents to promptly report any distress that can hinder the smooth running of the exercise to the Command through the following emergency lines: Control 1: 08127155132 and 07035068242
Control 2: 08127155150 and 08065154338
Control 3: 08127155071 and 08063299264.

He warns violence-minded people to steer clear from engaging in acts capable of truncating the election, noting that whoever is caught will face the full weight of the law.

45-year-old Aderonke Ayinde, pictured above, has been arrested by men of the Ogun state police command for allegedly dumping the corpse of her lover, Asimiu Abiodun, in the bush.

A statement released by the state police command spokesperson, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said the deceased had spent the night at Aderonke's apartment located at No. 1 Asalu compound in Abeokuta. Sadly, he died inside her house and out of fear of being accused of killing him, Aderonke took his corpse out of her house and attempted to dump it in a nearby bush. However, she was caught in the act by one of her neighbors, Makinde Ishola.

“The arrest of the suspect followed a report lodged in the Oke-Itoku Police Station by one Makinde Ishola, who reported that he received information that a middle-aged man, whose name was later known as Asimiu Abiodun, came to visit the suspect at her No. 1 Asalu Compound, Abeokuta, residence. The said man died in the middle of the night in questionable circumstances.

“He (Ishola) stated further that the suspect took the dead body to a nearby bush that night and dumped it there, unknown to her that somebody nearby was observing the whole thing.

On the strength of the report, the DPO, Oke-Itoku Division, SP Olatoye Kotonu, led detectives to the scene, where the suspect was promptly arrested and the corpse evacuated to the mortuary for autopsy. Upon interrogation, the suspect claimed that the deceased was her long time lover, who used to pass the night in her place, but on that fateful day, he came as usual, but suddenly developed a strange illness in the night and before she could call for help, the man gave up the ghost. She further stated that she decided to dispose of the body out of fear.”

The case has been transferred to the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department for proper investigation and possible prosecution of the suspect. Meanwhile the family of the deceased has been notified about the unfortunate incident.

Ahead of tommorrow's presidential election, President Buhari this morning had a National broadcast where he challenged Nigerians to come out and perform their civic rights to vote for any candidate of their choice. He said eligible voters were duty bound to participate in electing a government that would lead Nigeria to its finest destiny.

The President said that Nigerians should not allow anyone to discourage them from exercising their rights as citizens and voters on Saturday. He asked Nigerians not to be afraid of rumours of violence and unrest, saying that the nation’s security agencies would ensure that adequate security measures were in place.

“Tomorrow is an encounter with history in which you, the people, shall affirm your collective belief in our national greatness and in our future. I ask that you embrace and hold on to the importance of the moment soon to be upon us. As citizens there is no greater duty than this and no greater honour.

Tomorrow, I know you will once again make Nigeria proud of its people. Do not allow anyone to discourage you from the exercise of your rights as citizens and voters tomorrow (Saturday). No matter our political leanings, we all believe in Nigeria, in the noble principles for which it stands and in the values we strive for our beloved nation to uphold. All who are able must vote so that we may better perfect this democracy and continue to build the greater nation we seek.’’

Read the full text of his speech below

Dear Nigerians,

Finally, we have reached the eve of the rescheduled first round of this year’s general elections.

2. Tomorrow, the polls open. Tomorrow, we affirm that Nigeria stands as a democracy and that no worldly hand can deter us from this wise and fitting path we have chosen for ourselves.

3. While democracy is the most beneficial way to select a nation’s leaders, it is far from the easiest thing to achieve and maintain.

4. It requires a combination of patience, tolerance, compassion, diligence, wisdom and hope. These traits exist in us the Nigerian people. Because of who we are, democracy has the chance to flourish in this land.

5. Thus, I commend all of you for your patience and peaceful conduct so far during this electoral season and especially during this intervening week following the postponement of the February 16 elections.

6. Many were worried and thought the worst might happen. You proved them wrong by showing that you are a great people with an abiding love for peace, democracy and the unity of our country.

7. According to the daily INEC public briefings given this week, the Electoral Commission says it is ready and fully prepared to conduct the election in a free, fair and transparent manner.

8. I believe INEC realises the profound and weighty duty that rests upon it.

9. We must cast aside doubt and have faith that INEC will rise to the occasion. We must believe and encourage INEC to fulfill and honour this responsibility it owes to our country.

10. As your President, I hereby ask all Nigerians with voting cards to participate in defining the future of our nation by exercising your democratic rights tomorrow. I urge you to go out and vote.

11. I say this because elections are the cornerstone of representative governance. And voting constitutes the highest and best expression of the sovereign will of the people to choose the government that best represents them.

12. It is only upon the freely expressed will of the people that government truly dedicated to the welfare, rights and interests of the people can be founded.

13. Do not allow anyone to discourage you from the exercise of your rights as citizens and voters tomorrow.

14. To vote means that you believe in Nigeria and the excellent things the future holds for this nation and its people.

15. No matter our political leanings, we all believe in Nigeria, in the noble principles for which it stands and in the values we strive for our beloved nation to uphold.

16. All who are able, must vote so that we may better perfect this democracy and continue to build the greater nation we seek.

17. Do not be afraid of rumours of violence and unrest. Our security agencies have worked diligently to ensure that adequate security measures are in place.

18. You will be able to vote in an atmosphere of openness and peace, devoid of fear from threat or intimidation.

19. International and domestic monitors and observers are assured of their safety and freedom of movement needed to perform their important functions.

20. As we thank domestic monitors and observers for their contributions to our democracy, we also thank the international groups for the friendship and concern they have demonstrated to our nation.

21. We appreciate their efforts in encouraging us to further entrench and strengthen our democracy.

22. Tomorrow is an encounter with history in which you, the people, shall affirm your collective belief in our national greatness and in our future.

23. I ask that you embrace and hold on to the importance of the moment soon to be upon us.

24. Honour your civic duty as voters by going to the polls tomorrow to vote for the government of your choice, for the government that will lead Nigeria toward its finest destiny.

25. As citizens there is no greater duty than this and no greater honour. Tomorrow, I know you will once again make Nigeria proud of its people.

May God bless our democracy and forever bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Chelsea have been banned from signing players for two transfer windows after being found guilty of breaching rules about signing minors by FIFA.

The Premier League club have also been fined more than £460,000, while the FA face a £390,000 sanction. The FA will appeal the fine, citing "concerns" with FIFA's disciplinary processes.

The club were found guilty of 29 incidences of breaching article 19, which relates to the transfer of players aged under 18.

FIFA have given the club 90 days to rectify the situation concerning the players signed.

Chelsea say they "categorically refute the findings of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and will therefore be appealing the decision".

Sky Sports News understands the punishments are a result of a three-year FIFA investigation related to the signing of more than a dozen players by Chelsea.

One of the main contentious signings was that of Bertrand Traore in 2013. Chelsea also twice breached regulations relating to third-party influence, article 18bis, FIFA said.

Chelsea will be able to sell players, but not register any new signings.

"This ban applies to the club as a whole - with the exception of the women's and futsal teams - and does not prevent the release of players," FIFA said in a statement.

The transfer of Christian Pulisic from Borussia Dortmund to Chelsea should not be in danger as the player was registered in FIFA's Transfer Matching System (TMS) in January, according to Sky Germany.

Previous instances of similar infractions involving other clubs have seen the clubs involved appeal against the penalties, delaying the implementation of a registration ban and allowing them to sign players.

Chelsea were given a transfer ban in 2009 after there was a complaint about the youth player Gael Kakuta joining illegally two years earlier. Chelsea appealed that and had the ban reduced.

Chelsea said in a statement: "The club wishes to emphasise that it respects the important work undertaken by FIFA in relation to the protection of minors and has fully cooperated with FIFA throughout its investigation.

"Initially, Chelsea FC was charged under Articles 19.1 and 19.3 in relation to 92 players. We welcome the fact that FIFA has accepted that there was no breach in relation to 63 of these players, but the club is extremely disappointed that FIFA has not accepted the club's submissions in relation to the remaining 29 players.

"Chelsea FC acted in accordance with the relevant regulations and will shortly be submitting its appeal to FIFA."

A JSS 1 student of the Dennis Memorial Grammar School Onitsha has died after one of his classmates reportedly threw a stone at him yesterday Tuesday February 19th. Facebook user, Mizta Nnamdi, who shared the sad news on his facebook page, said the deceased was a super intelligent student. Read what he wrote below:

THIS is Emmanuel Chukwuebuka Nnanna , a Jss 1 student at Dennis Memorial Grammar School Onitsha, A native of Oburo Ogwa in mbaitoli LGA, Imo state. He died on Tuesday 12th February 2019 by a large stone thrown to crush his head from the school dormitory window by his fellow envious student. This happened after school hours, the victim was said to finished eating in the school cafeteria, fetched water with his gallon kept the water in his corner and came outside to play football. He met two students playing football, asked if he can join them and the two boys playing the football told him to wait for they are playing turn by turn . While waiting and watching them a mischievous student carried a large stone they used to hold the dormitory door, targeted the victim from upstairs and hit the large stone on his head. The victim fell down immediately and become unconscious. The two boys playing the football carried him to the school clinic, there was no equipment to handle his case there so one of the clinic attendance carried him out the school gate and started looking for keke, he got one took him to general hospital Onitsha where no treatment was given to him. They latter took him to iyi enu hospital when he has already bled to death. While all these was going on, they did not contact his father, Kanayo hospital and other private hospitals are very close to DMGS, instead of them to take him there as his case is emergency, they rushed him to general and then far away iyi enu because it's Anglican hospital. Just like that an innocent boy that lost his mother when he was only three years, a super intelligent boy with multiple talent died because of his fellow students envy and school management carelessness.

RIP junior blood.

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC ), Yakubu Mahmood, has said that the commission is fully prepared for this Saturday, February 23rd and March 9th elections.

Speaking at a press conference in Abuja today February 20th, Mahmood said that the deployment of voting materials to the 774 Local Government Areas of the country will be completed on Thursday February 21st. Mahmood also added that the commission has completed the configuration of the Smart Card Readers (SCRs) which will be used for the accreditation of voters during the elections.

Yakubu denied claims that election materials are missing in som states. He said all the materials that have been transported to some state are in well secured places.

The elections was postponed last Saturday February 16th due to logistics.

Five domestic workers have been docked for stealing jewelry from their employer worth N105million after breaking into her room in the highbrow Banana Island area of Lagos.

The defendants, Segun Akintola, 49; Tomisin Alade, 28; Felicia Musa, 23; Amaka Irozuru, 38; and Zakara Yau, 38, were arraigned on five counts bordering on conspiracy, housebreaking, stealing and possession of stolen items.

Inspector Raphael Donny who represents the prosecution said the defendants hatched a plot among themselves to break into the room of their employer Mrs Oluyemisi Wada while she was out of country and steal her gold jewelry valued at N105million. Donny said the defendants committed the offences with others still at large on November 23, 2018, around 9pm on Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The prosecutor stated, “The PA to the complainant received a phone call from the complainant from the United Kingdom to retrieve her bedroom keys from one of the defendants, who was a cook, in order to check the room.

“The PA met the complainant’s bedroom door ajar and upon entering, he discovered that her safe containing her gold jewellery valued at N105m had been carted away by an unknown person.

“On the same day, the said housemaid called the PA with a foreign phone number and told him that she did not know how she found herself at the Ghana-Togo border.

“The police saw other defendants from the CCTV footage watching the premises to know if the coast was clear for the housemaid, who is the prime suspect, to come out from the house before exiting the main gate.”

The defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges and were granted bail in the sum of N500,000 with two responsible sureties each in like sum.

On Wednesday, Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo gave the sum of N1 Million to veteran actor, Babatunde Omidina, better known as Baba Suwe.

Osinbajo made the donation through the Office of the Youth Organising Secretary, APC Lagos, Aregbe Idris who was also in the company of popular Nollywood actress, Remi Surutu and other musical acts.

The donation was made as a kind gesture supporting the treatment of the comic actor who is reportedly battling with diabetes amongst other ailments. While making the donation, the vice president offered prayers of quick recovery and further urged well-meaning Nigerians to lend their support to the actor.

“God is to us a God of deliverance; and death has no power over your life. I am positive that his healing hands will restore your health and cast out every form of infirmity in your body,” Osinbajo added.

A police inspector, Babashola Afolayan, on Monday, explained to a Lagos State High Court in Igbosere that a Danish national, Peter Nielsen, was the principal suspect in the killing of his Nigerian wife, Zainab, and three-year-old daughter, Petra.

PUNCH Metro had reported that Nielsen, 53, allegedly murdered Zainab and Petra at the family’s residence at the Ocean Parade, Banana Island, Lagos, on April 5, 2018.

Zainab’s younger sister had reported to the facility manager of the estate that Zainab was being assaulted by Nielsen.

 The 13-year-old girl, Gift, who lived with the family, reportedly told the manager, Mr Kunle Kukoyi, that she heard her sister crying around 4am.

The manager was said to have reported to the police at the Ikoyi Division and a police team was mobilised to the residence around 11am and found Zainab and her daughter dead.

At Monday’s proceedings, during cross-examination by Nielsen’s counsel, Olasupo Shasore (SAN), Afolayan told the court that he only investigated the defendant as he was the principal suspect in the murder of the deceased.

He added that the defendant was the only suspect because on July 18, 2017, his deceased wife, Zainab, had come to the Ikoyi Police Station around 2am and made a report against Nielsen about how he allegedly assaulted and beat her up around 1am on the same day.

He said, “On July 18, 2017, the defendant’s wife came around 2am and complained about the defendant that around 1am, he pushed her to the bed and pressed her neck and beat her up; it was a case of assault occasioning harm against the defendant. She further reported that that day was the third time he would be beating her.

“She also added that she suspected that Nielsen was a drug addict, stating that whenever he took drugs, he beat her up; all these made him (Nielsen) to be the principal suspect.”

Earlier, at the conclusion of his evidence, Afolayan told the court that when he went for investigation, he made sure that nobody went in and out of the compound.

The presiding judge, Justice Bolanle Okikiolu-Ighile, adjourned the case till February 20 for the continuation of trial.

A Karshi Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja, on Tuesday remanded a 42-year-old businessman, Timothy Onwumere, in Keffi Prison for allegedly intimidating and duping his girlfriend of N840,000.

The judge, Aliyu Kagarko, ordered his remand in prison and adjourned the case until March 22.

The defendant, of Nyanya, Abuja, is being tried for criminal breach of trust, cheating, criminal misappropriation and intimidation, offences he denied committing.

The prosecutor, Ayotunde Adeyanju, told the court that one Silas Agbara on February 13 petitioned the Police on behalf of one Happiness Iheanacho of Karu, Nasarawa State.

“In the course of Police investigation, it was revealed that sometime in December 2016, the defendant employed the complainant, Happiness, as a salesgirl in his shop located at Power International Market, Abuja.

“They had an agreement that the defendant will be paying the complainant N25,000 as monthly salary and N800.00 as daily allowance.

“In the course of performing her duty, the defendant promised the complainant marriage and deceitfully lured her to allow him to be saving her said salary, amounting to N840,000.

“The defendant assured her that he will add money to the savings and establish family business after they are married.

“However, the complainant, after discovering that the defendant was already married with children, demanded for her money, but the defendant refused and instead threatened to kill her,” Adeyanju told the court

The prosecutor said that the offences contravened Sections 312, 322, 309 and 397 (c) of the Penal Code.


The Nigeria Police Force says it is investigating the authenticity of a photo showing some policemen endorsing President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term.

In a photo which has since gone viral on social media, three policemen are seen throwing up eight fingers, a sign that has been adopted by the Buhari campaign organisation to mean ‘four plus four’.

In a Twitter post, the police said, “IGP M. A Adamu has charged the Digital and Forensic Unit of the police to investigate the authenticity of the photo to ascertain whether it is real or photo-shopped. The outcome of the investigation and appropriate actions will be made known to the public.”

In a related development, another photo of soldiers endorsing Buhari surfaced on social media on Wednesday.

In the photo, four soldiers clad in camouflage wielding AK47 rifles are seen holding up eight fingers signifying continuity of the Buhari administration.

The Acting Director, Defence Information, Brig. Gen John Agim, said in a terse statement that the photo was being investigated.

He, however, maintained that the military would remain neutral during the elections.

Agim said, “The Defence Headquarters wishes to disassociate itself from the pictures of the four armed men dressed in military camouflage doing a ‘four by four’ fingers sign connoting a campaign symbol of a political party.

“The Armed Forces of Nigeria is apolitical and remains apolitical. The pictures are being investigated to ascertain the true identity of the men in the photograph. If it is found out that they are military personnel, they will be sanctioned according to extant rules and regulations.”

The Police Special Fraud Unit has charged an ex-manager with Ecobank, Ifeanyi Azike, with an alleged fraud of N561m.

Azike has been arraigned on two counts before the Federal High Court in Lagos.

The police accused him of fraudulently obtaining N150m from one Mr Okafor Kelvin, a customer of the bank, on the claim that he would help him purchase the Federal Government Treasury Bill in Ecobank.

The police further alleged that Azike converted a sum of N411m belonging to the bank and its customers to his own.

The prosecuting counsel for the police, Daniel Apochi, told Justice Ayokunle Faji last week that Azike committed the offences between 2016 and 2017.

He said the defendant acted contrary to sections 1 (1) (a), 15(1)(2) and 15(2)of the Advance Fee Fraud and Other Fraud related Offence Act No. 14 of 2006, and was liable to be punished under Section 1 (3) of the same Act.

However, Azike pleaded not guilty to the two counts.

While adjourning till March 8, 2019 for the hearing of his bail application, Justice Faji ordered that Azike should be remanded in the prison custody.

The N4.9bn fraud trial of a former Minister of Aviation, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode, resumed on Wednesday with the prosecution tendering 115 cheques as exhibits against him and his co-defendants.

Fani-Kayode is standing trial in connection with the funding for the failed re-election bid of former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015.

He is being prosecuted alongside a former Minister of State for Finance, Nenadi Usman; one Danjuma Yusuf and a company, Joint Trust Dimensions Limited.

The four are answering 17 counts of  conspiracy, unlawful retention of proceeds of theft and money laundering before the Federal High Court in Lagos.

Fani-Kayode, who was the Director of Publicity of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential campaign organisation for the 2015 election, was accused of conspiring with the others to, directly and indirectly, retain various sums, which the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission claimed they ought to have reasonably known were proceeds of crime.

At the Wednesday proceedings before Justice Rilwan Aikawa, the prosecuting counsel for the EFCC, Mr Rotimi Oyedepo, sought to tender, through a witness, Shuaibu Shahu, a set of 115 Zenith Bank cheques, which the EFCC claimed were used in illicit transactions.

Fani-Kayode’s lawyer, Mr Norrison Quakers (SAN), however, said he needed time to study the cheques to decide whether or not to oppose their admissibility.

Justice Aikawa, as a result, adjourned the case till Thursday (today).

Earlier in his testimony on Wednesday, Shahu, an investigator with the EFCC, told the court his team discovered that the Ministry of External Affairs sometime in 2015 transferred N350m into the account of Joint Trust Dimensions Limited.

The investigator said there was no trace of any contract between the external affairs ministry and the firm to warrant the payment of the money.

In one of the counts, Fani-Kayode and others were accused of conspiring among themselves to “indirectly retain the sum of N1,500,000,000.00 which sum you reasonably ought to have known forms part of the proceeds of an unlawful act to wit: stealing.”

The four were also accused of indirectly retaining N300m, N400m and N800m, all proceeds of corruption, according to the EFCC.

Fani-Kayode was accused of directly using parts of the money at various times, including a N250,650,000.00, which he allegedly used between March 20 and 25, 2015.

The Benue State Commissioner of Police, Mr Omololu Bishi, has said the command has arrested two suspects, Tersoo Joseph, aka Adikpo, and Demenenge Iorwa, for allegedly raping a married woman and robbing her.

Bishi said, “On February 9, 2019, around 6pm, some armed robbers operating on a motorcycle behind the Bem Hotels, Ankpa Quarters, Makurdi, abducted a woman and took her to the Quararafa Quarters, Wadata, where they raped and robbed her of a phone and N2,000.

“During investigation, Tersoo Joseph, aka Adikpo, and Demenenge Iorwa, of Logo 1, Makurdi, were arrested in connection with the case. The suspects have confessed to the crime.”

The CP said the command had also arrested Justice Agada, 25; Emmanuel Patrick, 21; Emmanuel Atoju, 19; and Stanley Ugochukwu, 20, of different addresses, for involvement in cultism and armed robbery.

He explained that the suspects were arrested by policemen on patrol at their hideout along the Onitsha Street, Wurukum.

He added that policemen recovered two locally-fabricated pistols, two live cartridges, one knife and seven wraps of leaves suspected to be cannabis sativa from the suspects.

Bishi stated that preliminary investigation revealed that the suspects belonged to various cult groups and were responsible for robbing members of the public of their money, phones, handbags and other valuables.

He also said one David Nule of the Buruku Local Government Area was intercepted and arrested by policemen with an English-made double-barrelled gun concealed in a haversack, adding that the suspect was apprehended for armed robbery and illegal possession of firearm.

According to the CP, the command also arrested Johnson Ekoja, Emmanuel Ogiri and Anthony Ojela in connection with a robbery incident at No. 24 Jokpama Street, Otukpo, on February 18, 2019, adding that the suspects robbed their victim of N275,000 and a Samsung phone.

He added that the suspects were arrested with two locally-made pistols, one cartridge, live ammunition, knife and two phones.

Ikeja Electric (IE) on Wednesday warned that it would not hesitate to discontinue service to hostile customers and communities attacking its field staff while on duty.

The company’s Spokesman, Mr Felix Ofulue, gave the warning following a rising spate of assaults on some of its field staff.

“While we understand that issues surrounding electricity services can be emotive, we maintain that wanton attacks on our staff are completely irrational, unnecessary and unproductive.

“Ikeja Electric has provided multiple channels through which our customers can lodge formal complaints with respect to our service or bills.

“Where responses from these channels are deemed unsatisfactory, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has also set up a robust Forum Office for the redress of customer complaints.

“We have escalated the recent attacks, which went viral, to the appropriate authorities and we are currently exploring every legal channel available to us to ensure the offenders are brought to book.

“Ikeja Electric will not allow its personnel to suffer intimidation, assaults and other bodily harm or threat from anyone who hides under various smokescreen for the unwarranted attack of its staff,’’ Ofulue said in a statement condemning the attacks.

The IE spokesman said that it would continue to deliberate with stakeholders in flashpoint areas to find ways to amicably resolve all pertinent issues of concern to its customers and communities.

According to him, this is in the interest of the safety of its employees and members of the public.

“However, where these attacks persist, Ikeja Electric, will as a matter of course, continue to escalate such matters to law enforcement agencies.

“We will promptly withdraw our services from communities and customers that prove too hostile to operate in.

“We, therefore, urge all stakeholders, community leaders, leaders of youth groups and all persons of interest to remain mindful of these matters.

“We want them to adopt a more civil approach to engagements as all parties are deserving of reciprocal respect and regard as espoused by all laws.

“While there may be concerns and disputes arising from time to time, we remain committed to finding long-lasting peaceful resolutions in the equitable interests of all parties,’’ Ofulue said.

Former Governor of Edo state, Lucky Igbinedion, lost his second son, Osaretin, to the cold hands of death this morning February 16th. According to family sources, Osaretin died in a fatal accident in Dallas. He was driving with his cousin, Esosa Oyemwense, when they collided with an 18-wheeler at about 3am. They both died.

Osaretin graduated from the University of Pittsburgh's College of Business Administration with a degree in marketing, and a minor in economics. He also bagged a Masters degree in International Management from the Northeastern University.

May their souls rest in perfect peace Amen

FUTO student arrested for allegedly killing her estranged boyfriend
A 20-year-old undergraduate of the Federal University of Technology Owerri, Chitere Okoronkwo, pictured above, has been arrested by men of the Imo state police command for allegedly killing her boyfriend, Johnmark Osigwe.

Parading her before newsmen at the command's headquarters on Tuesday February 12th, the state Commissioner of Police, Dasuki Galadanchi, said investigations by the police, showed that Chitere and Johnmark were lovers and after they fell out, she allegedly masterminded his kiling on August 8, 2018, and afterwards fled to South Africa.

“Chitere Okoronkwo, 20, of Umualumaku village in the Ehime Mbano Local Government Area of Imo State, was arrested at Ama-Wire Uratta in Owerri, Imo State by SARS operatives on Monday. She was arrested in connection with the murder of one Johnmark Osigwe, 24, at Nkwo-Orji in Owerri on August 16, 2018. It is important to note that the deceased was a boyfriend to the suspect.

“When their relationship got sour and ended, the girl demanded compensation. The deceased, due to persistent threats to life before being assassinated, had paid N1.8m for shop rent and N2m for interior decoration of the shop to the estranged girlfriend. Not done with the threats, she demanded N3m, which the deceased gave through a lawyer. Before the money was finally paid to the lady, he was murdered inside his Mercedes SUV.

“After his death, the lady fled to South Africa. Okoronkwo has confessed that she told a guy that she wanted the victim dead due to their misunderstanding'' she said

The police boss said more investigations are currently going on and that the suspect would be charged to court soon.

The management of the Ambrose Alli University (AAU), Ekpoma in Edo state, has suspended the Chairman of ASUU branch of the University, Dr. Monday Igbafen over alleged gross misconduct bordering on sexual harassment and threats of sex for marks.

Leadership reports that Igbafen's suspension order was contained in University’s News Bulletin, dated 13th February and signed by the Deputy Registrar information/Public Relations Officer, Edward Aihevba, titled “Suspension of Dr. M.L. Ugandan, associate professor in the department of philosophy.”

The statement reads in part:

“The university community is hereby informed that Dr. M. L. Igbafen, Associate Professor in the department of philosophy, has been suspended from duty, following his arraignment before the Senior Staff Disciplinary Committee (SSDC) on allegation of gross misconduct bordering on sexual harassment and threats of marks for sex.

He had earlier been accused of this offence and an investigative panel set up, which found him culpable and indicted. Recently, there was petition by the family of the female student involved, asking that Dr. M. L. Igbafen be brought to book, failing which the university management would be reported to ICPC for failure to act.

On receipt of the petition, the University management asked for his comments. His response was found unsatisfactory. He was therefore arraigned before the senior staff disciplinary committee (SSDC)…As due process demands, he has been suspended from the university, pending the determination of the allegation leveled against him.

He is therefore not allowed to participate or be involved in any university duties, activities or functions, except those related to senior staff disciplinary committee (SSDC) during the period of suspension''.

Reacting to the allegation levelled against him, Igbafen said he was being framed by the school management.

“If you have been monitoring development in AAU, Ekpoma, you will not be surprised that a paper like that is coming from the university administration. It is the climax of a desperate Vice Chancellor who has so many things to hide, which we will bring to the press. We have been battling the Vice Chancellor who wants to impose himself to the University. I am doing my job as ASUU Chairman, there have been several attempts to compromise me, but I refused, and when they discovered that they are unable to compromise me, the next thing is to resort to blackmail.

Ask the Vice Chancellor, when did this issue of sexual harassment happened. The issue at stake is an attempt to cow the ASUU Chairman. We will address a world press conference to address the issue.”

A 57-year-old man, simply identified as Ismaila, has died after an alleged sex romp with his married lover in a Lagos hotel.

PUNCH Metro gathered that Ismaila, who was married to two wives, had gone to the Ace Bar in the Akoka area of Yaba, Lagos, with his alleged mistress on Sunday.

It was learnt that around 7pm, the mistress called for help when her lover reportedly slumped.

A source, who preferred not to be named, said by the time Ismaila was taken to the hospital, he was confirmed dead.

The source said, “The incident happened around 7pm on Sunday. The man came in with the woman. After some time, she called for help saying that the man had slumped. As soon as the hotel management was alerted to the incident, the man was taken to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

“Immediately the man was confirmed dead, his corpse was taken to the police station in a taxi together with the woman, and the case was reported. It was from there that the police took over the case and the body was deposited in the morgue for autopsy.”

A resident of the area, who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity, however, said the mistress was also married and a nursing mother.

“The woman is a seamstress at the Sabo Market. She left her six-month-old baby to meet the man after church service on Sunday. Her husband had been warning the man to leave his wife alone, all to no avail, and her husband had to bring the child to her at the police station after she was arrested.

“The man also had two wives and one of his daughters got married last year. He was a retiree and had just received his pension.

“The news going round is that after the sex romp, he took two bottles of water and while he was taking his bath, he slumped and foamy substances came out of his mouth. It is hard to tell if he died of cardiac arrest or due to unnatural circumstances,” the source added.

When our correspondent visited the bar, efforts to speak with the manager proved abortive. The attendant claimed that the manager was not available and she refused to put a call through to him.

When the state Police Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti, was contacted, he said investigation into the incident was ongoing.

“I can confirm that there was a case of sudden and unnatural death that was reported. We are investigating the case. The Commissioner of Police has directed the homicide section of the State Criminal Investigation Intelligence Department, Panti, to look into the matter and come up with its findings,” Oti stated.

Friends and family have been left heartbroken over to the death of a lady identified as Ezeobi Oluchukwu popularly known as Luchy Belle.

It was gathered that the deceased, a popular makeup artist - was stabbed to death yesterday during an early morning exercise/jogging in Awka, Anambra state capital.

Though the main reason for the attack on the beautiful lady is yet to be determined, but it is alleged that her phone was collected by the killers. She passed away instantly after being stabbed. Her corpse has been deposited at the mortuary.

A Facebook user Chibuike Igwe posted;

What a wicked world. Can you believe she is no more. The pictures attached to this post is my friend, a smart hard working lady with great sense of humor .. She was stabbed to death while doing early morning exercise. The persons/people that did this to you will know no peace forever. #Blackmonday . Am still shocked after confirming you are no more. RIP OLUCHI
The latest attack is coming days after six people were killed in a renewed cult clash in Awka.

National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adams Oshiomhole has questioned the morality of former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s alarm over alleged plans of the ruling party to rig the election. 

Speaking in Ilorin, Kwara State, during the APC rally on Monday, Oshiomhole said he had evidence of Obasanjo’s use of policemen to snatch ballot boxes. However, he didn’t say if this happened during the election that made Obasanjo President in 1999 or the one that secured his re-election in 2003. 

He (Obasanjo) said he was warning that INEC, Police, Army, every government institution, should not be destroyed. I have the pictures where Obasanjo used policemen to snatch ballot boxes, even here in Kwara State.

In Kwara, they used arm robbers to terrorise the people on election day. Those who have been arrested for killing 32 people have confessed who gave them the arms. So, who is using the produce or unarmed armed robbers to terrorise people other than PDP? 

I want to assure the international community… our victory will be transparent; we do not need to steal what belongs to us. We have travelled round the country; we have seen the people; they want Buhari” Oshiomhole said.

Former Secretary General of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Taiwo Joseph Ogunjobi has passed on.

NFF confirmed his demise with a tweet that reads, 'we are sad to announce the shock demise of former Nigeria Int'l, Ex-NFF Gen. Sec., former NFF Executive Committee member, and current chairman, Osun State FA, Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi after a brief illness. Our prayers are with his family, relatives and the football family in Nigeria'.

Late Ogunjobi was the Osun Football Association boss before his demise.

Here is a moment a popular Instagram slay queen and twerker Tarah Dulzurah, was spotted teaching in a secondary school.

The grauduate of Physics, who doubles as a teacher and an Instagram tweaker, got tongues wagging.

Reportedly, the slay queen served in the school during her NYSC days in Delta State and was eventually retained as a staff.

Some internet users who reacted to her side hustle, applauded her for not just shaking her bum for a living, while some slammed her due to the way she dresses on IG.

Alot of Lagosians are angry online after all the tankers and containers that usually cause traffic gridlock on the bridges on Ikorodu road mysteriously disappeared for the second time this year.
The first time they were cleared was for the Lagos City Marathon last week and now, the road is once again clear and free ahead of President Buhari's visit to the city for the APC rally tomorrow.

See all the rections below....
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