Search For Missing Footballer Emiliano Sala Called Off

The search for missing footballer Emiliano Sala and his pilot David Ibbotson has been called off after rescuers failed to locate their plane.

28-year-old Sala and his pilot Mr Ibbotson, from Crowle, Lincolnshire, were on the aircraft that disappeared from radaron Monday.

After three days of scouring the English Channel, authorities made the decision to abandon the search.

But Sala's sister Romina pleaded with rescuers to keep looking for him.

Guernsey Police tweeted at 15:15 GMT to say rescuers were "no longer actively searching" for the plane.

Harbourmaster Capt David Barker said the chances of survival were "extremely remote".

"There has been over 24 hours of continuous searching, with 80 hours combined flying time across three planes and five heleicopters.

"Two lifeboats have also been involved, as well as assistance from various passing ships and fishing boats.

"We reviewed all the information available to us, as well as knowing what emergency equipment was on board, and have taken the difficult decision to end the search.

"The chances of survival at this stage are extremely remote."

MySportDab report As the news was announced, Sala's sister Romina pleaded with the authorities to keep searching, saying: "I know in my heart Emiliano is still alive."

She said: "Please, please, please don't stop the search. We understand the effortbut please don't stop the search.

"For us, they are still alive. It is difficult to express our feelings at the moment because everything is really hard."

Guernsey Fresh Police Update: “The island of Burhou has been searched by foot.

“No trace of the aircraft or those on board has been found.”