Author's Brief Biography

Gbenupo Oluwafeyijimi Cadmus popularly known as JimCaddy is a Nigerian blogger. Born in Badagry in Lagos State, he is the author and writer of one of the newest and exciting news blogs in Nigeria.

Early Life & Education
JimCaddy was born in Badagry, Lagos State in the Western part of Nigeria. At an early age, Gbenupo was brought to Surulere, Lagos State, Nigeria, where he grew up from infancy. 
JimCaddy attended Hefshiba Children Home School in Surulere, and then his hat-trick of secondary school education began. First, he attended the prestigious Atlantic Hall School in Poka, Epe, before proceeding to Supreme Education Foundation High School, Magodo G.R.A, Lagos State. Then finally, he attended Rainbow College, Surulere, where he was one of the outstanding members of the famous Class of 2005, where he obtained six distinctions and two credits in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination. 
JimCaddy would later proceed to the Redeemer's University, Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria, where he obtained a B.Sc in Business Administration in 2011.
In 2015, JimCaddy obtained a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Management from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Nigeria.

How Blogging Came To Be
JimCaddy started blogging on the 3rd of March, 2013 after a series of developments. Some couple of years back, precisely in 2004, back in his secondary school days, on a particular weekend, he was going through his school work, he found out that he had an unused exercise book of 80 leaves. Grabbing his pen, he started designing that exercise book. He started scribbling down a particular design that depicted a FISH. He now decided that it was time to give his new 'book' a name, so he decided to name the book 'FISHY INC'. After classes, he would sneak up on some of his classmates, and listen to the gossips going on in school, and scribble them down in his book. Gossips about the dirty things going on in school, or important things that go on in the school for the day, for the week or for the month.
He wrote all of them down in his book, as no story that happened in school escaped his preying eyes.
During classes, he made sure the teacher wasn't looking, when he wrote in his 'book.'
'FISHY INC' grew popular by the day, it gained massive reputation as everyone looked forward to his stories.

He had some form of childish agreement with some of his classmates back in school to be his 'correspondent.'
But an unfortunate incident happened in school where he almost got beat up by one of his seniors because a story written by JimCaddy was found to be offensive, and that senior wanted to 'sue' (in his own case, beat up) the publisher of the story.

In his words:

"It took the timely intervention of some other readers to prevent the raging senior from unleashing blows on me.
"That incident, I must confess, really affected me, even though I still wrote in my book, but the passion I once had, reduced."

"Eventually, the book was laid to rest after I left the school and moved over to another school to complete my Secondary education.

"Fast-forward nine years later, I started a blog about news and events happening in my country."

"Starting a blog was the last thing I thought of doing. I never wanted to do it. I enjoyed reading from other notable Nigerian bloggers, but it wasn't what I intended on doing.

I went to the University to study Business Administration, I wanted to work in a telecommunications company, I wanted to become a marketer, I wanted to become so many things in life. But I never knew that I would become a blogger.

"Maybe if that talent hadn't died back then in secondary school, maybe I should have studied Mass Communication instead of Business Administration in the university.

"Maybe I would have been a super blogger by now.

"Maybe I would have been running my own publishing firm by now.

"Maybe I would have owned my own media firm by now.

"But the bottom line is that in life, you need God in everything that you do, there must be a reason for doing something. If there is no reason for you doing something, then you will most certainly do anything that comes your way."